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Engaging the Glutes

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What does it mean to "squeeze your butt?" In this tutorial, Diane Severino shares why it's important to engage the glutes without tucking so you understand what this cue really means. She also demonstrates how you can do this in different positions so that you get the most out of each exercise.
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Jun 29, 2018
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Tutorial squeezing of the, but we all hear it in every class all the time, but sometimes you have to acquaint yourself to what? We're actually squeezing the butt. Now I am actually going to ask you all to put your hands. Yeah, in the cracky, but way low. All right? That's what you're pulling together.

I know it's a little graphic, but I want you to really put and acquaint yourself with what it really means to squeeze down low, where the hamstring connects to the bottom glutes. All right? That's what you want to work that drawing together without letting your thigh muscles churn out. This is in parallel. Harder to squeeze in parallel. All right, the image, put a diamond in it. That's a slim piece. All right.

Squeezes seedy. Yes. Put your hands on the side. He hips low here. Notice that when you squeeze that, how that's reducing the sides of your hips. Yeah. Squeeze and n. Now squeeze. Can you keep that dime as you bend the knees in parallel, in parallel and parallel, right? Keep it squeeze. Keep it squeeze and yeah, that's the leg and footwork.

It's not released. As you take your plea a, it's squeezed it squeezed Sierra, look at, okay. That spread you squeeze, it narrows the hips. That'll give you an incentive. All right? It's easier to squeeze and feel the turnout. There's a turnout. There's parallel, but you're not releasing it and give it to the back. All right, squeeze to turn out. Keep it squeezed. N Let's take that turnout.

Keep it squeezed. A little knee bend. Yeah. Okay. Without rocking the pelvis. Forward forward. Squeeze the butt left. Turn out. Squeeze the butt. Pull up the thighs. Parallel. Squeezed.

Think leg and foot work. Right. Squeeze. No, the but is your core too, right? You can work right but left but right, but left but right. But to get that right left to gather together, right, left, right, right, left, right, left flip. Feel you buttocks. So if I go down to the machine, all right, easiest to feel it. You set it up. See I was my bud. See what I mean? Look at all this.

Squeeze. Now I'm not tucking though. You need that. When we do roll up exercises here, it's just that bottom that you had your CD in and then you keep that tight as the knees ban, so ideally stomach, but during all the leg and foot work, right? Squeeze. There's bolts there, connecting side and you really feel that, but drawing you back in. All right. Parallel, like I said, is harder. Put a little energy in your toe. The setup, narrow those butt muscles back and draw so you can sort of relax the butters. You're changing feed position, but if you're doing 10 or 12 reps, don't grab it. I don't even know how to do it wrong. I guess. What do people do? Oh yeah, you lose it on the way in.

You do that, you come back and I see you, which is better than nothing, but if you can get it in your mind, and especially in flex Relevate right. If you can do, sometimes we do these in progression. Here's me losing it and grabbing it. Losing it. No, keep it all tight. All right, I am not talking. Keep that all tight. Now you got everything working.

The whole body is engaged and we always see, like I said earlier about hearing about the bud, but you must feel that. You must feel that in prehensile too, in all of the leg and foot work, right, right. Where that hamstring connects into the glutes, it'll really slim the outside of your thighs. Trust me, they are, everything's connected as you know, all we really feel that, hey, some is coming. You know, everything's going to get shorter and shorter. Alright, now remember I said we're not talking though. You know, in the old, when I first started Joe polarities had everybody talk cause you wanted that back flattened out and you know what, it's not really good and all this, you know, neutrals, Betty. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But, but, but uh, but I keep saying, but now, yeah, cause I'm teaching you bet. But when we do roll a backs and up, we had risk. What?

You must engage the pelvis in a different gear. Squeeze the button. Pretend I'm on the floor, I'm doing mat roll up. There's me. No, but not prepared, not protecting my bed. There's the tilt. The pelvis stays toward your face.

If you wanted to release me, you didn't lose it here. But as soon as I start, see that soon as I start that, you need that to protect your back. You cannot roll up with the back in neutral or you'd be coming up in a flat back, low back. Squeeze it, squeeze it more. Now you'll engage. You were in a thighs to told you everything was connected. Head squeeze. See that tuck there? I lost it. That is a roll up.

You were squeezing that dine. It helps to fill yourself up, didn't it? Cause I can feel okay, where am I failing it? Quaint yourself. Now if I was more of a floor exit, I'm gonna lower this and my legs are a little too high. [inaudible] my, I put my hands here so you can see me. Flex. Squeeze. What's here that lifted me.

That shows you how high that butt gets released. Now it's spread points. Squeeze the bud. Flex, squeeze the bud. Point. I'm not. This is how high my blood gets as they flex. And point. It pulls you away from the floor every time you squeeze it. But you're doing a budget exercise.

So in leg and foot work point squeeze C, isn't that awesome? Please squeeze your butt the knee. Thank you.

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Seriously Diane I so look forward to your videos.. Just goes to show you can get a great workout and still laugh and have fun !!! Bravo ....
You are awesome and funny. I remember the tucking of the 70's great explanation and loved it.
Love this. My own teacher has been working with me on this and I didn't realize just how TIGHT my hips had become because my glutes weren't firing. Great explanation and what a great sense of humor! I love your attitude.
I'm squeezing as I'm typing! Love your energy!
Shaughan D
Very good explanation. I realize I didn't squeeeeeeze enough or correctly. Thanks, will work on this.
Thank you!! I tend to think of the sides of my butt and not the area you pointed out, where it meets the hamstrings. I also tend to tuck and squeeze. This was very helpful. And entertaining!!!😊
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Love this lady. Super true
1 person likes this.
Utterly brilliant!
Love it!
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