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Engaging the Glutes

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What does it mean to "squeeze your butt?" In this tutorial, Diane Severino shares why it's important to engage the glutes without tucking so you understand what this cue really means. She also demonstrates how you can do this in different positions so that you get the most out of each exercise.
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Jun 29, 2018
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Tutorial squeezing of the, but we all hear it in every class all the time, but sometimes you have to acquaint yourself to what? We're actually squeezing the butt. Now I am actually goi...

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Seriously Diane I so look forward to your videos.. Just goes to show you can get a great workout and still laugh and have fun !!! Bravo ....
You are awesome and funny. I remember the tucking of the 70's great explanation and loved it.
Love this. My own teacher has been working with me on this and I didn't realize just how TIGHT my hips had become because my glutes weren't firing. Great explanation and what a great sense of humor! I love your attitude.
I'm squeezing as I'm typing! Love your energy!
Very good explanation. I realize I didn't squeeeeeeze enough or correctly. Thanks, will work on this.
Thank you!! I tend to think of the sides of my butt and not the area you pointed out, where it meets the hamstrings. I also tend to tuck and squeeze. This was very helpful. And entertaining!!!😊
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Love this lady. Super true
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Utterly brilliant!
Love it!
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