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Conversation on Fear

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Everyone suffers from fear at some point in their lives. In this discussion, Mariska Breland and Kristi Cooper discuss how their injuries play into their fear. They talk about how this relates to movement and the times when they have had to face their fears.
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Jun 29, 2018
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I am here in Santa Barbara and, um, mainly came to San rubber this trip to do a workshop on fear. And Christy Cooper and I were talking about how it'd be interesting if we had a conversation about fea...


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I don’t even have an injury and I have all the same fears you ladies were talking about. Keep moving! Keep teaching! Keep learning! I love when I see classes from both of you. Thank you for this awesome discussion!
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Thank you for sharing your experiences.I had a major concussion in 2014 when a tanker truck drove into my car as I was stopped at a stop sign. I was 48 at the time. I thought I was going to die everyday for the next year. Especially if I had to get in a car as a passenger or a driver A year later I knew I was still in a bad way despite medical advice.and psychological counselling and been told there was nothing wrong with me., as I felt so different from my old self. I knew of a Physio in my area that did Pilates and I started going to see her, slowly I started doing Pilates with her. Long story short her gentle training and pilates saved me.
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In 2017 I started my polestar comprehensive training. It has challenged me beyond my wildest dreams, but I love it and can never imagine my life without it. I fear I will not make it through my final exams as I find teaching very challenging and some advance moves are still to be mastered., but I have to remind myself of how far I’ve come from 4 years ago. Your discussion was very timely and interesting.Thank you both and all the very best.
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From my own life experiences, as I aged I was less fearful of judgement by others (so freeing and surprisingly easy) but my ultimate fear producer was ME. I feared not meeting up to my own impossible standards, so influenced by media.
Terri - you basically spoiled the plot. :) Most people's real fear is judgment, and social media is a very interesting construct that we discuss! Antoinette - we wish you all the best in your recovery!
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Just what i needed to hear
Antoinette, I wish I could say that I couldn't imagine what you went through. I'm sure our experiences were different but I definitely understand the resulting fears a major concussion might produce. My concussion was diagnosed as mild. I don't know if that makes me weak given the struggles I had/have, but either way, I can still relate. I am so encouraged to hear what you were able to do in the last 4 years. If you don't pass your exams, I hope you will take them again. You are a testament to healing by your very existence. All the best to you too. Thank you!
Thank you Connie. Thank you Terri. Thank you Poornima. And Mariska Breland, thank you for letting me speak to some of my fears in such a fun and safe way and for revealing your own as well.
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You two are so brave to put yourselves out there like that! You are 2 of my favorites and I wish you both well!
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Hi Mariska
I am curious to check it out
But also I would be very interested in a workshop regarding your personal issue as you mentioned it in your classes I would love to know more about it and how you organise your own practice around it?
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