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You've made a commitment to your self to kick it up for the next 10 days! In this video, Tracey explains how you can get the most of this challenge so you feel a sense of accomplishment after completion. She also shares the props and equipment you will need, as well as substitutes you can use for items you may not have.
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Dec 26, 2018
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Hi guys, welcome to tips for success. First of all, I want to say thank you. Thank you for committing to this 10 day challenge. I'm very honored to be working with you for the next 10 days. I want to help you get the most out of this challenge, but the most important part is really you. That's why you're here. It may be to feel stronger. It may be to be more flexible. It may be to push yourself out your comfort zone.

There was so many reasons why you are here for this challenge today. So let's make it about you. This is your time right here. You can see lots of fun toys, love, toys to play with because they challenge you, makes the program a little bit more exciting. So don't feel overwhelmed. Like I said to you before, this is a challenge and we are going to push you just a little bit out of your comfort zone because that's when changes happen. So let's start with the equipment that will help you get through this challenge with success. So we're going to start with a maps.

We all need a mat. Our spine needs support yoga mat or this one is a lovely, thick, thicker politesse mat. Either all is fine depending on what surface you're on. If you're on a wood service, then I do suggest you having a thicker mat. If you're at home on your carpet, that'll give you a little bit more support because we are rolling through the spine and we want to really articulate that spine in some of the polarity sections. Okay, next is the bar. Yes, don't worry, you don't need this beautiful bar, but if you have one, awesome.

If you don't, don't worry. Grab a chair, countertop, a wall, something sturdy that you can hold onto that you feel comfortable. A chair is totally fine. A lot of people use countertops in their kitchen too. They'll put their laptop up there, put it on the in the kitchen and they do the little workout in the kitchen, so either one is fine, just get something that's little sturdy that you can hold onto to do some of the bar section. We then gonna move on to these fun things here called sliders and the sliders are for sliding on the floor and we're going to be working with them to really assent you right and assist to work the quads, the hamstrings, the glutes. You're going to love that section. Don't worry if you don't have sliders, you can use towels, you can use some paper plates if you're on a wood surface.

If you on carpet, then obviously, um, the towels won't work, but some of the paper plates do actually work on a carpet services or you can go and purchase some sliders. But I would suggest you first try in the workout, see if you'll like it first before you go and purchase them. And then if you do wish, and I know you're going to like it, so grab some because they're all some tool to add to your workouts for that extra little Brian Little challenge. So we love this lighters. All right, moving on. We will have dumbbells grab some dumbbells, light dumbbells. These are two pounds. Maximum is going to be three pounds, one to three pounds. Either way, any of those whites of fine.

If you're just starting out with doing some resistance work, then get some two pound weights fail in that you don't have these, get some get a gallon of water or something or some cans of peas or something like that. Anything that'll give you some resistance at home and then you can invest in some ways. But I'm sure a lot of you have probably already have dumbbells at home already. Next we have the squishy ball. Just make sure that your ball is squishy around.

This size is fine or a little bit smaller, but not too much bigger than this. We're going to be using it between the inner thighs, the hamstrings, lumbar support, all those fun things. So it's gonna assist you to get into the correct position, but it's also going to challenge some of your muscles, like the adductors and the hamstrings. So it does need to be swishy. So if you have a ball that's pumped up too much, it's too hard to grab between the legs or grab between the hamstrings. So really, really need to have some squish in there.

So not fully pumped up. The smaller you are, the smaller your ball you'll need because of grabbing it without hamstring. Okay, so squishy ball. Next finally is the band. Love the theraband. I predominantly use green theraband because it's kind of like medium resistance. It's not too hard. It's not too easy. Um, so I would preferably go with, with the Green, um, you do want it to, to pretty long lands.

You would like, I would say around seven feet to eight feet. It would be a great land for you. If it's short, it will make some of the exercises a little bit more challenging and then form your form will not be so great. So we really want a nice long band, at least taller than yourself. Six, seven, eight feet. The longer the better, to be honest, because when a band is long, you can choke it up and you can release it so you can make it harder or you can make it easier. So you have a lot more flexibility with a longer band. Okay.

The most important part of this challenge is to be present every day. Make a commitment to yourself and to me, I'm here for you to guide you through this 10 day challenge mentally. Some days it's tough. I hear you. Some days I just don't to work out, but soon as I work out, soon as I move the body and I hear the music pumping, that's it. I mean my zone and I feel so much better the rest of the day. It's just getting over that hump when some over it and I'm doing it. I'm so thankful there.

I did it and I know you guys feel exactly the same way as I do, so I'm with you on that. So make a commitment to yourself. Plan your workouts. It doesn't matter if he can't do it every day. Maybe you do it every other day. It's 10 days of workouts that really should be done within one month. Maybe you're feeling overzealous and maybe you really want to go for it. Go on. You can do it.

Just designed to go every single day if you really want to, or maybe you do two days on, one day off, two days on, one day off, that's awesome. Whatever fits with your schedule is going to be the right schedule for you. The program is designed to be able to do continuously as one day we'll be a little bit more steady state, a little bit more mellow. The next day will be ramped up a little bit, a little bit more higher intensity workout, giving your heart, your lungs, pumping, burning calories. That's how the program is designed. Find a great space, maybe your living room, maybe your office, maybe your kitchen where there's no distractions.

Do it early in the morning is perfect. Five 30 6:30 AM when nobody's around, just find a time that suits you. Lastly, communicate with me. Modify when you feel applicable. I understand some of these moves are things that you've never done before. You may never have done Bob before. It's okay. Reach out to me. I'm here for you to guide you and make and help you be the best version of you.

Let's command ourself. We're here. We're ready for the challenge. Are you ready to kick off this 10 day Polaris Fusion Bar Challenge? I'm super excited, so grab some water. Go and grab a great attitudes, grab all your props and let's get rocking.

Kick it Up Challenge: with Tracey Mallett


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The visual of someone lifting gallons as their 2 pound weight was kinda funny! Make that a liter or a pint.
Surprised that was not edited out but makes for a more fun visual--LOL-! Enjoy Joni
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Hooray!!!! A ten day Tracey Mallet challenge!!! 👍👍👍👍👍🤗😍
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Let's get started!
I cant wait. Iam very exited.
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I'm super excited for this! Can't wait to get started tomorrow.
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I'm ready!from Italy too!let's get started!Mitica Tracey Mallet👍
Tracey thanks for your positive energy! 10 days of challenge sounds phenomenal 🙏🏼
Cat W
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Tracey Mallett it's dangerous to watch your videos or follow you on Instagram. I feel an insatiable desire to go shopping for activewear every time you appear on screen!
Michele M
Thank you for sharing your amazing talent! Can’t wait to get started!:)
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