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Day 2: Cardio

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Welcome to Day 2! Today, Tracey gets your heart pumping by adding cardio intervals to the class. You will feel the heat build as you work your entire body. She also includes a Mat sequence that focuses on the abdominals so you can build a strong core.
What You'll Need: Mat, Portable Barre, Overball

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Hello everybody. Welcome today to today at focuses on a little bit more cardio. Yes, you're going to get that heart pumping to burn some calories and burn some fat and just feeling over general heat in the body. Yes, you're going to work out a little bit harder today. Just that with the hands on the hip ready, we're gonna start from walk through the feet. Now remember, if it gets too challenging in the cardio little intervals, just walk in, play and then piggy back up again. And eventually as you get stronger, you're going to feel fabulous. But right now just go at you own pace, your own level. Okay, I'm going to find that rhythm down. Yeah. Okay for me, tubing the legs down. We go. Open and close and close.

Scooped up half that formal XL four, three, two. Now this time holding here, holes are just going to play down. You're gonna get ready. We're going to pause. Say the leg forward and back. Ready? We go. Bullish fat, fat, fat twist, twist forward, correct. Fold forward, twist and again. Now twist. Good.

Just going to keep going. Cause now you've got that rhythm correct. Three [inaudible] and one [inaudible]. Oh, the here. Now we're going to quit. Ready to go. We go to a little bit deeper now. Relevate you can see the love ion. You lifted the tat up the floor. Not a high relevance. A very small, lower the heel.

Now we go twist a little pulse. They're going to go a little bit deeper and then feel good to open up the chest. Now Look, oh one Randy's down. Check it out for can you do now up and down. Remember, this is your little quick. Mini warm up while you're working. Hustle hypo at the same time. How old are you at home?

Okay, slowly bring the legs together. Oh, by the way, up close and court. Breathing down this time holding here. Ready in that curtsies. Keep it going. You're looking good. Wishing that lifting with the hamstring. Take me forward every two or three weeks.

Then through that leg, you're a woman. Well, you're working on at the same time. Now stepping out, palms out. Show the place down. Now twist your rotating from your toes, your hip. Nice. See we can try.

Relevate your choice a little bit. Hard to challenge both legs, but remember this is a challenge. Lower your heel singles a little bit. You are rotating your torso, the hips, the same square. Now let's see if we can migrate a little bit forward and get that nice rotation. Three, two, one. Take it down.

Open up those hip. All right, just a few extensions. Up and down. Up and down to hold it here. Take your hands. Oh the way forwards. Take your weight forward. A little push up here.

So you're working. The upper body's kind of like a downward dog. Push up with the feet. Turned out. [inaudible] can we get the full notes? What? That upper body or dean's scuba goes up one more guys. Then your hipbones back. Roll yourself all the way up. Good.

Wing the legs together. Now we're going to walk it out. All right. Now we're going to get to the bar now, so you're going to go grab at bar or chow or get by a wall and it brings the bar out. [inaudible] there we go. Just check here. All right. You guys say you guys with me? Beautiful. We're going to face the bar. Ham.

Relevate bend the elbow slightly. POLST now while I'm hoping here, look. Shoulders over your hip. Neutral position. Remember we did this yesterday in your class. Okay, now turn for us position. [inaudible] oh, we that little first position. Let's look at my here.

They kissing each other. They're pressing together. Now I got a ton done. I'm going to flight relevant or not too high. Got It. So within the size or working, not too high on irrelevant. Back to the bar for us. Position.

Close the diamond position. Okay, the heels are pressing against the shoulder, shoulders over hips, neutral position, and we're going to turn to the bat. Once again, the weight is over. Five toes, not too high. Those inner thighs are burning because I'm not going to high on a four. Start keeping it neutral. Now we're going to add on, take the leg, turn it position. Try that with the other leg position that one more open behind OpenAir today we're going to go right then. Left, right sooty heads hold down.

You travel. You travel like a little zigzag down. Fill that Fred. You can hold it just like a little holding Kia arms astray. Crusty bad lately. Yeah. We're going to rotate and look.

I'm staying high and you're rotating fat to facing the bar. Shoulders I reaching forth is by your bicep. Rotate guys. You Ready? Fill that rotation. No blacks crying. Once again, we've got the absolute flexibility that we did yesterday. Little bit more power and effort. Now Paulie here, this is just go into a little relevant single single thing. Go.

You're ready. It's coming up. Take it down. Go on, get out holding here or do we want to go into that position? We go left back. This is too challenging. You could do it up the wall. If you've got a fixed box, you can do it on your fixed bar.

A little bit more challenging on a portable boss. 31 you might get away with it, but up a wall would be good. They're ready out. Get your hip in line with your shoulders. Yeah, come on guys. You can do it now. Running down five four, three, two, one. Hey guys, remember this is your introduction to your intensity training.

We have to move a little bit hotter. All right guys. Alright, outside lag. We're going to go now. Triple poll, please. Do you want it to get hot? A little relevant. Your called the balance. The bar is going to help you balance the training tool to be able to do this kind of work without a bar to be able to translate that into functional Fred. Beautiful Paolo last time. Paul, the here lower, slower. They get.

Drop that knee down just to pad. There we go. Feeling good. Kind of now bend this. Floating me. He could take it. Ooh. Feel that burn in your claws. Yes. Threes.

Ready? You repeat. [inaudible] let go. Come on. Come on. You can do it. Feel good to move the body. That on the other side of your body. Ready. Let's go. We go. [inaudible] actually just swinging from that hip feels really nice to move on that hamstring looking good hand and pointed your torso.

Good. Now we're going to add a trooper full. Right. Here we go. Three, two, one. Now when you lift, you need more core support because what we're going to try and do with that irrelevant. That's optional. Should we try it all away so all of a sudden that you've alibi, you abdominals. We've got a balance even more. If you've got a really pulling those abs even more free. When you exert more energy, you need more core support.

I thought you need to exert mine's. You've got an exhale this time. You're going to hold it ts lower. Kick it out. Nice work you guys. Great job you guys. Now we're going to do at a little knee. Repeat it right here, right? Exact Katia. If y'all don't think you've got out of it, give me a little bit of a break.

Yeah, but it's coming up. You're ready. Let go. Me Repeat it. Yeah. Got up that cardio drills. Got to keep that moving. That hot radio stops, right guys, can you do like more chill? You can let go. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. Nice work guys. Yes. Walk.

Sideline elbow on your bar. Just to finish it off. Bring that knee lift up very small. Now the little lifts, teeny tiny, very small. The elbow is on the bone and keeping it low to very low mood stay because as we get stronger, we're going to come further away from the bar. Hold it here, Ben book, keeping the size, just size. Still Open and you extend it out to be too. And while I'm back again, I'm if on your Bob is this team pelvis is open and so we can build on it a little bit more in the next size to come.

Keep that light glow. If is hot enough to do four, three, two, one crust out. Ready, come back. Now we're going to go knee please, please, please, please. Power, power, power, and remember if this is too challenging, do exactly what we just did too. For just the name down the power.

Woo and won. Yeah, back around to the other two behind. You're ready for the sideline. Get close to the bar. Get it out through. Ready. Lift that leg up. Now look down. Elbow in line with your shoulder. You're resisting scaffolds. Pull down, I believe to fire in. The hand is on your head and you're keeping that leg low.

Now Ready, go bend and extend the ice still maze directly to the skull, to the side. Get Group's heel underneath the pubic bone. Ready out again, go lifting to your bar. Your head is a natural extension of your bar, so you are here. You're listening for the bar ready.

The Nixon can go once. Four, three, two, one. Hey, ready? Let's go meet me so you can stay exactly where you are if you want. Whether it's low movement, low impact movement oil. You can add some power with me if you don't feel up to it today.

You can do it later on when you've got the thread. When you're ready. All right, you ready? Let's go. Lit. Come on. You can do it. It feels good. Power.

Power. Let's try for more. You can do hip hop. Oh, hat's up. Three. Woo. All right guys. Awesome job that quick. He put the bottle away or your caraway away. When you get down to the float at the day of testing with some app, grab your math. I'm gonna use the little ball today. I think classic [inaudible].

Sit down on the pool. Grab the ball. Middle of your thoracic spine. We're going to place the ball. Be Hit with the pot. I'm going to move the ball. This cad here. All right, ladies and gentleman, be hit with the pot. Take the hands, the rounds. Cradle the head. Lift up in that beautiful secret position. Look to what you're ready to go over the door.

We go back. Damn. Hell in half. Easy. Slow it down. Control it. Three. Open the traps. Exhale, curl up. Inhale last time.

Now we're going to release both lipid droughts. Parallel. You will have a time to see open your please turn them out. We don't want to do that. We want to keep a Powell out position. No, we try. First Day in is a little bit challenging.

We're going to try and lift that right like up. Now the left leg up, you're going to feel the lower app engaged as you lift that leg up. It's very small movement to inhale it. Held it last time. Hold the here, bend the knee, lift up. You can try and balance that. Now ride them left, right, left, right. No, it looked pretty easy, but I'm balancing on that ball. But now moving at the hip joints a little bit challenging. If this is too hot, put your hands on the floor to make it easier for balance.

And then when you're ready, don't put your hands behind your head. [inaudible] three, two, one. Ben, let me take my hands down and I'm going to slowly round through the spine. Rambo Brow, lift those legs up. Challenge that love stretch. Reach your hands up the Countess.

Release. Let that leg down. Ready Go. Split. Now we did this yesterday without the bowl, so now you can see how using the bowl changes the whole dynamic of the extra size. I've got a balance to go lift my head up the hill and up. Oh, it's fine to move and I've got to stabilize to even more at failed school at the retreat and one chapter this year. Rotate, rotate, good shot. Come all the way down. I'll just stop into turn around, grab your little bully and to put the ball to the side. All the way down. I'm going to try and lift up, so we're going to go up, up, down.

So you're working into those obliques. Lift the bows just below your armpit. Then you're lifting from your top oblique. So your lowest rib is trying to touch your hip bone and you breathe in and up and bring your feet a little bit further forward than your toes. So two more. One more, Toby. Here, hold it.

Three, two and one down. Bend your knee. Three cow. Great exercise to Oblique. Having the ball that just help to target a little bit more on the outside of bleak. So you're gonna put it right here. And then I'm going to reach the handout palm reaching up.

Now it's going to go up to two counts and down [inaudible] and breeds lists. That's it. Now put your mind the talk of bleeds. Yes, put your mind to that muscle is going to work even harder. Keep your hips facing forward all the time. The lowest rib is going to try and touch the hip bone. One more.

Ah, lift up and hold balance and then come down. Bend, lift. And strat, hold it there and then slowly are going to come full with grab your ball. If you can grab the goal, put it by your toes is, if not just put it here and just set forth that you guys feel good, a little bit more energized. So as we progressed the Kati interval, we'll get a little bit longer, a little bit more intense. Remember you can always bring it back down to base level. You have to start somewhere. Okay and slowly roll all the way up and really at slowly we're going to roll up.

Put your hands forward, be hit with a pot and just take your hands to the right side. Take your hands to the left side. That's the sense that grab hold of it. Clasp your hands and just let your head hang heavy and then release your hands down. Bend your knees and you're going to lower yourself all the way up. Slowly. Penny shopper, the roll down. We're going to roll down to the fines and then Ed [inaudible] all the way up.

How do you guys feel? Feel good. Good job guys. Can't wait to see if of tomorrow. Get Ready, have a great day. I remember every little bit counts. She couldn't keep up with the workout today. That's okay. Cause the next time you're going to get stronger and stronger and stronger at work, at your own level, even your comfort of your own home. Nobody's watching.

All right guys, look forward to see you tomorrow. Have a great evening.

Kick it Up Challenge: with Tracey Mallett


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I felt my age more because of the music than because of the exercise. LOL
Oh my Goddess, what a tough workout, sweat all over. Thank you!
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Nice! Fun with some cardio. Thank you.
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Very groovy baby! See you tomorrow!
Very nice, loved it. :)
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Well I definitely was not in the mood for that kind of cardio today but I did it! Loved the abs! Can I ask where you get your music?
Laurie C
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Boy I felt challenged once again! This is another repeater. Thanks!
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Really enjoyed that session will feel it tomorrow x
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Lots of fun! Loved the ab work with the ball. Thanks for this series!
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Very good
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