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Class #3590

Day 1: Active Flexibility

30 min - Class


Welcome to Day 1! Today Tracey's theme is active flexibility. She gets you ready to recharge and rejuvenate your body so you are ready for a great challenge. She encourages you to think about where you the movements are initiated so you can work from the center of your body.
What You'll Need: Mat, Portable Barre


Hi Guys. It's day one. The theme of today's workout is active flexibility. It's getting you ready to recharge your body, rejuvenate your body, and just get your body moving for the great challenge. So...


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Thank you Tracey! Lovely start. Look forward to the next class. Love Katarina
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Really Great. I always had such a hard time doing Ballet during my dance Education and with your workouts and the Pilates Background I understand it so much better and it feels like the legs are flying :)
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Thank you, Tracey -- this was fabulous! :)
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That was a real challenge, very lovely, great for my hips. Thank you @Tracey!
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Loved it tracy..Cant wait for the next one
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Thanks :) so great and really what I needed after the Xmas days !! X
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OK! I'm in! I can tell this is gonna be so amazing! I warmed up before, so this ol'girl was ready to go. I'll do the same tomorrow! Thank you Tracey, see you tomorrow!
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Wow! I feel my legs are lifting three times higher than the beginning.
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This has been just what I’ve been needing! Flexibility is not one of my strengths or likes. But I know how important it is to do. This one I will definitely be repeating! Thank you Tracey! I enjoy working out with you!😎
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