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Day 1: Active Flexibility

30 min - Class


Welcome to Day 1! Today Tracey's theme is active flexibility. She gets you ready to recharge and rejuvenate your body so you are ready for a great challenge. She encourages you to think about where you the movements are initiated so you can work from the center of your body.
What You'll Need: Mat, Portable Barre

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Hi Guys. It's day one. The theme of today's workout is active flexibility. It's getting you ready to recharge your body, rejuvenate your body, and just get your body moving for the great challenge. So you're ready. We're going to get moving. Just very easy. Just moving right then left. We're going to take it to a little Relevate.

We're going to walk through the feet. Now this section is just all about understanding where you're moving from. We're always going to be moving from your core. Your core is a stronger assets. If it's not, that's what we're going to aim for within the challenge. So really focus farm your Spencer all the way out.

So walk, just give me four more and four d to bring the legs down. It just Relevate. Now as we Relevate the shoulders have over your hips, so I want you to focus on that neutral line. You have Domino's, the lifted, and you've got to feel really strong right in your midsection. And four, three, two. Now we're going to take the legs open and closed. This is a small little first position in Polarez.

We call it the plight is v you all came from your head out and F and I'm far more just like this. Do we from the hips to now this time you're going to hold it here. Hold release. We'll you shoulder blades down. That's traveled to the side, the side side side. Let's take it to the other side and travel and this is opening up the hips. Open up the hips as out of full portal Bra and just open and open.

Feels good just to move. There you go. See you reaching to reaching. Yeah, there's Tom. Just open wide holding here. Contracting, n o n reach and this make it a little bigger. There you go. Contract the belly on Leech. Tight overhead. Can we go a little bit further for that Stuart?

In those hamstring and your hips there, we're going to add irrelevant. We go full with balance. Lift and the arms are going to go to figure eight figure eight take your eights, take eight down. Fifth position you breathe in. The heart rate is itself a little bit more. Can you just give me two more in, in the whole the hit hold relevant. I find that core. Find your center and four and three and two and I want Palo reach.

Stretch Open. Relevant to take it one parallel. Reach Open, lift and down Pella. Just reach forward. Set your hips back and pulse. You see my toes are off the floor. I mean the slight posterior tilt.

Four, three, two never falls itself into a hips and reach. Fold itself into hips. Aback. Think of a lengthy now through the lowest. Sends your tailbone back and reach. Give me a [inaudible] a couple miles down. Reach down and hold it. The whole three, two, and one. Beautiful. Take it down. Bring the legs together.

Round up through the spine to circle the hands open. Now we're going to grab that Bar, Jeff, a balance and a swing. My lovely bar all the way out. You've got a chair or a wall is fine. Just something to hold on to the balance. Okay. Yeah. We're going to walk the outside back we go. Cool. Three, two, one. Up Bend, lift and outside leg.

[inaudible] relevant. Ben. That's the rhythm. So it's fun looking good. That neutral spine, shoulders over your hips. [inaudible] keep it going. [inaudible] okay, let's try that again. One last time. Three, two, one, lift. Now once you Relevate hold here, try and get those heels together and little pulses. Shoulders over the hips. Abs pulled in with the handful. Four, three, two. Come down.

Take it out into first position. Hand in front for the shoulder blades down. Let's repeat that outside deck. Four, three, two, one, lift and down. So there's always the outside leg. Three feel good just to work those legs. Think of those abdominals working really hard, sister. One more.

Please. Now want wants to relevant wholly here. Scuba those abs. Handling Fronts. Now a little post it. Now try not to be too high on that. Relevate we went way over five toes. Don't go too high. No Stiletto heels here. Hold it. Lift all the way up. Squeeze to those inner thighs.

Come down. We're going to take the leg behind going a swishy forward. Ready? Let's go. One, two, hug back, friends. Whoa. He just swinging that leg and holding swing. Swing in. Lengthen through the floor, seeking that Nice movement in your hip socket. Trust me as we age, do we need this? I really need it to be too.

Whoa. Last time, three, two Ho thing. The legs together. Take it over. Hound am please hold it there and that lovely [inaudible]. Okay, we're going to take you right then left so it goes down. Now the purpose of this exercise is to really close and open the hip. So by doing this, you pressing your pelvis slightly forward. Open up your hips. Good.

So it goes down and back. Down and back. Down and back. Now four with the right. Four, three, two, one more. Thank you. There's your beautiful squats. Now Scoop. Okay.

Paul's four d two ready for scooping that forwards on that leg. Grom bought Mons. We go fronts tab. Front tack. There we go. Swinging that leg. Now this is too challenging. You just put your hand on your hip to keep the pelvis stable up.

Down. They have a gun and try and keep to that rhythm. Up. Four, three, two, one. Hole the here. Step forward. Stretch it out, send it back. I'm going to turn around here in the center. Shoulders over hips, abdominals ready, outside leg four, three, two, one. Ah, down outside leg scooping of the apps. And when you hear my heart rate is elevated, this is a good thing gearing ourselves up.

Take nice deep breath and smile. And I still feel so much better when you smile. Keep going because you look so good and it feels so good, right? Not too high on that. [inaudible] keep the way over those photos. Five toes. Good. Take it all the way up from pole.

I say photos cause everybody forgets the baby though. They don't think the baby toe motto but it really does. Photos for [inaudible] to take you down. Go into first position baby first position. Ready for three outside lecturers. Go lift it up and keep that neutral spine habs pulled in. Shoulders down.

Lift. Really focused on, depressing your hand on the bar, pressing down and pulling those abs even more. We want more intrabdominal pressure going on in those apps. Bye. Depressing miss please. Good job. How are you guys doing? Good. You've got one more myth up. They're relevant. Hold holder here, little pulses count. Forget those little pulses or can those size ready for Hobo? Three, two, and one. Hold it here. Take it down outside leg.

We're gonna switch that leg at some hip mobility. Let's go. We go front, back. Hold it back front. Hold it nice and easy. Don't force your leg. It's really not about heights. It's about just moving their femur in your hip joints and getting some nice active flexibility going on. A lot of people can't get the leg any higher than what I'm doing and that's totally enough. And again, front, back, hole, back front, hold, breathe.

All right, just to keep it going. Boom, boom. That's just a one more wholly here. Bring the legs together. Turn around, ready to go. Yay. Now you're going to really focus knees over your first and second toe.

Okay, I'm going to go with your left internally. Rotate. Let go. We go in and in there, a fuel bar behind you is not very white. You can just put your hands on your hips. Okay, I have a nice long bar. He might have a small chair so you might not be able to do that. He goes, put your hands on your hip, that's fine. Go a little bit deeper. Don't be frightened to work those legs.

Now for on the leg for three to go. The other side too. One. Let's turn it around. There we go. Shoulders over your hips. Alrighty. Scoop out that pelvis, God, and then holy here, we're going to turn it diagonally forward. Ready? Ground, Batman, kick, tap. Remember the hand can be here, but you've got to be actively working your arm. Your arm belongs to your back. Okay, and if you can't actively hold it here and your pelvis is moving around, place it on your hip and depress and it Ilan gate to the upper body.

All right, feeling good. I'm feeling much better. Yeah. Three, tap to tap. Want to take it down please? The hand up. Press the pelvis forward and open up your chest. Hold out, stretch, circle back.

Bring it forward. Walk it out. All right guys, that was awesome. No, we're going to go down on the floor. See has some more active flexibility in work the core, so when she'd gone, grab yourself and man, I'm going to move this out. All right, so grab your mask and put your mount onto the floor sideways like this. Okay, I'm going to roll down onto the floor. Hi, how are you guys feeling? Good. We're going to turn to your side.

I'm going to sit right in the middle of the Mat. I'm just going to deep breath in. Inhale and exhale. Get the heart rate back down just a tad. Send to yourself before we move onto the neck. All right, let's take you leg up. So we go four, three, two. Hold the here. Pull your shoulder blades down, extend the spine. Now we're going to try and roll back and balance.

You're going to go roll and roll. Extend the spine there. If it's too challenging to have that front leg straight, bend it down wholly here. Extend that leg. Rolly down. Paul the here. Now we're going to switch. We go three, two, hold it. Slow, slow, even slower, so slow. Even last time.

Bend your knees, roll back up again and again. Full [inaudible]. Get that lovely stretch to Holly here. Now we're gonna try and extend that leg, the bottom leg. Now roll back, roll down, extension, roll down. Extension C, curve with that spine. Let us see up last time.

Cam, Paul the here, rotate hall that rotation. How are we going to turn so we go turn breech. Hold it, hold it. Thank you. Back extended hold. And we're going to go a little bit quicker now. So we go one, two, three foot thick, fat, two, three, four.

Up and down. Reach, side reach and again, hold back and hold it. Fan. I love this. Stretch. Three Pam. One, come down. Skill yourself up as, what am I going to do with that on the other leg? Alrighty. Take your hands nice and tall for let's go. We go up to three.

Extend that leg holding here. That's rocky back roll down to Hago. You got that beautiful coworking flexibility down last time. Hold it there. Trying to extend that leg. We're going to roll down. Hold that splits ready.

We go slow, slow, even slow, slow, slow. [inaudible] that's it. Feel that for you. It'll stretch. Slow, slow, slow. Head, neck and shoulders up the pool. One more time, Ben. Giannis grow yourself all the way up. Extent. Ready? We're going to go again. Oh two hold a hand. Try and extend that leg.

Let's go. We go back down. Extension Seeker last time. Oh, the here. Take the hand down. Enjoy that stretch. In that rotation. You matter if it's too challenging, bend his leg. Bend his leg. As long as you get in a stretch in that rotation. Ready?

We're going to go slow into our site. Then we go. One holding that pole were going to turn it back, so we're going to go back. Extend those legs. Hold it there. We're going to go a little bit faster. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven pack, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Should we do one more for good luck? I fancy doing one more. It feels good. How we'll be here. Hold it there.

We're going to bend and extend. Extend for three, two. Bend your knees, lift yourself all the way up. I'm going to walk a little bit to the end of my mat. Reach your hands forwards. We're going to slide slinky on down and slinky. Yana I'm going to slinky on down. Yes, we all slinky.

I know we can also link it here. Just moving the hips, but guess what? What are you using those abs at the same time as we slinking on down slick. My new words link. Is that in the dictionary? I'm not sure. Let's do two more slinky on down a little bit further last time. All right guys, we are going to reach pine extended and we're going to round through the spy over your head. Am I going to round and dive into the pool and we're going to lift open again. Ready, round over your head, dive into the pool, extend elongates, feel so good. Ready and open. Round.

Lift up and over into that lovely pool and then finish off with one last stretch. Palms up, blacks. The fee for that further stretch. Open and close. Open. So you're pressing the heel out and you're depressing your scap here. Beautiful. Stretch. Two one lift. Take it down now. Right leg comes up. He goes, one, two, three. Cross over, up, down, seven, eight. Ready? Let's go. We go. One, two, oh six, seven a holy Hugh. In that stretch.

Open up to your hips. Open up to your chest. Slowly come back and lift all the way up slightly on an incline. Now we go right down. Left, right, left up, down. Right now. Left right hips up, right up, right up. Press the buttons up. Woo.

And it's just holding here in that lovely position here. Looking forward. Hips are nice and high. Four, three, two, one. Slowly roll up. It's up nice and tall. Reach up and slowly round. Now we're going to bring your legs together. Come forwards.

Now what I want you to do is walk your hands forwards in a quadrat pet position and we're just going to arch release arch. Release for three, two and one more. Now take your weight over to this side and lift the leg up. Now we're going to circle around. We go circle, circle. So this is about hip mobility. Circling in the hip, hip mobility.

Girls, so circle in that hip. Now we've versed it to the other side, so who goes in in just moving your femur in the hip socket in. Now extend the leg to the side. Transfer stretch now toes forward. Transfer over a little bit further into that groin stretch in a thighs and cradle. You're going to rock back. You're rocking back your hips. Four, three, two, one. Lift up. Walk your hands back into the center.

When you like back, sit back. Ready? You're going to roll ourself up. Fee. Hit with the pot, lift that knee up, scoop away. Pull those abs in, shoulder blades down which out to the crown of the head, the circle circle, and this is just a real nice and easy circle. You're going to find some tightness in that area and you're going to work through that tightness by focusing on where you feel slightly inability to move as freely as you would like it to move as just do one more. Now let's reverse it. The Amanda, your upper body stabilizing you, allowing you to move at that hip joint. So it's not just about your hip joint right now.

It's about stabilizing your upper body, your core, and of course the hip mobility. Okay? It's just a one more. Wow, that feels so good. Take the leg out, extend it. Don't walk your hands over. Let's press ourselves down. Get your toes facing forwards and it's just rocking backwards and forwards. Gently does it in that stretch. I just do a couple more.

Two and one more. Beautiful. Lift yourself up. Transfer you weight. Come all the way back. Now we're going to slowly call the toes. Knees. Walk your feet, your hands. Roll yourself all the way up. Now we're going to walk through the feet.

We're going to come into the center of your mat. Walk through your feet. All right, now we're going to step forwards for, was it in my mat, so I'm on the floor. I'm going to step right here. I'm just going to finish off. Take the legs nice and wide in that play a position. Now step in taps. We go strand spur, tap transfer. Tap, transfer, tap. Good. Now we're just going to lift and float that like up.

One floated up, one flooring. Do you feel how easy it is to float that leg up? I hope you feel it. Feel a little bit more loose in those hips. Good too. And then reach forward, lifted up, and again, reach forward. Lift it up. Now bring your legs together.

Now feet a power loud. I'm just going to circle this leg and just circle it around this. I want you to get those hips moving. Now remember what you've done today was all about flexibility. If I keep in the shoulders of the hips about working from your core, that stabilizing through the body and now when you're to move at the hip joint, move at the arm joint, but everything is stabilized through your core and your center has got to the other side. It's all about precision of movement.

You control in your body well, you're going to be moving a lot in this challenge. So remember that key phrase, control from your core center. This is strong. The whole body will be. Even when you're tired, you're going to dig a little bit deeper and think about those words that just said, always work from your core. If it gets too challenging, you're going to stop and just walk in place and then pick it back up again. All right, so it's bad to walk into the feet. He did a great job today. Great introduction to what your challenge is going to be because we're going to layer it every day. It's going to get a little difference, a little bit more intense. It might be a little bit more challenging, but all attainable because you are working at your own level. Not anybody else. Your level. Remember that? Okay.

Deep breath. Four, three, two and one. So excited to see you tomorrow. Bye guys. Have Fun.

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Thank you Tracey! Lovely start. Look forward to the next class. Love Katarina
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Really Great. I always had such a hard time doing Ballet during my dance Education and with your workouts and the Pilates Background I understand it so much better and it feels like the legs are flying :)
Monique H
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Thank you, Tracey -- this was fabulous! :)
That was a real challenge, very lovely, great for my hips. Thank you @Tracey!
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Loved it tracy..Cant wait for the next one
Anke M
2 people like this.
Thanks :) so great and really what I needed after the Xmas days !! X
3 people like this.
OK! I'm in! I can tell this is gonna be so amazing! I warmed up before, so this ol'girl was ready to go. I'll do the same tomorrow! Thank you Tracey, see you tomorrow!
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Wow! I feel my legs are lifting three times higher than the beginning.
Laurie C
1 person likes this.
This has been just what I’ve been needing! Flexibility is not one of my strengths or likes. But I know how important it is to do. This one I will definitely be repeating! Thank you Tracey! I enjoy working out with you!😎
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