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Are you recovering from an injury or were you advised to try Pilates to help with a weakness in your body? If so, this new series by Monica Wilson will help you acquire the tools you need to get started. She teaches 4 classes that will address different injuries, focusing on what you can do as well as informing you about what to avoid. By taking this first step, you will be able to build a strong foundation for your practice.
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Apr 14, 2019
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Hello and welcome to my Hope Series. Are you recovering from an injury or have a weakness someone advised you Pilates could help? Where should you start? Who should you turn to? I'm Monica Wilson and I'm here to give you the training tips you need to get started.

Before beginning any exercise program, you should, of course, get cleared by a medical professional. Also, seeking one-on-one instruction from a local Pilates instructor is absolutely invaluable to help you learn your imbalances and how to strengthen them. Being a Romana's Pilates trainer teacher, I can only speak of our training and can confidently recommend any of our certified Pilates instructors. In this series, you will find four classes each focusing on a difficult injury or weakness designed to equip you with the tools you need to begin good Pilates work. We will concentrate on what you can do and, of course, what to avoid or omit in the Let's Get Started Beginners Program I teach on Pilates Anytime.

This series is designed to empower and inspire you to start your Pilates training with confidence. Here are the five training tips I will highlight in each class to help you progress safely. Number one, give yourself an assessment. Check your range of motion. So, I will lead you through a nice little basic routine to help you see what hurts you and what doesn't so that you feel confident about moving your body in each exercise.

Number two, learn your modifications. I will teach you what will hurt you, what you should avoid, what you should omit, and definitely what you should focus on. Number three, it's in the details. When I am teaching the Let's Get Started Program, you wanna listen to all the little nuances that I touch on in each exercise 'cause they really change how you approach the work and you really get to learn the language of Pilates. Number four, use your intuition.

It's absolutely imperative that you listen to your body. You know best what feels good to your body. If it's bothering you maybe that's not the day to try it. Leave it and start again next time. And finally number five, progress at your own pace.

This might mean repeating a class one or possibly five times before you feel proficient and able to advance to the next class. Now let's get started.


Michael Mary S
Really nice progressions in the roll back.  Great tips for weak backs.  Thank you.

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