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Weak Back Modifications

30 min - Tutorial


If you have a weak back and were advised to start Pilates, then this tutorial by Monica Wilson is great for you. She starts with an assessment so you can check to see if you have any range limitations, then moves onto a demonstration of exercises you should omit as well as modifications you can incorporate into your practice. She encourages you to focus on what you can do so that you can safely strengthen your powerhouse.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Apr 14, 2019
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Hi, today we are going to focus on how we can approach the Let's Get Started Program on Pilates Anytime if you have a weak back. So let's talk about, what is a weak back? Weak back is ...


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You are an amazing teacher Monica; never hesitating to share your great knowledge of pilates with a simple and specific language  and understandable quiet easily for those who have no idea about pilates or still trying to understand more about it like me...thank you a lot...great class
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Thank you Monica for sharing your knowledge
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Thanks Monica for sharing with us lots of very valuable informations. Your videos are clear, precise and very helpful. 
Excellent. Thank you, Monica.  Your advices are invaluable !

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