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Sprinkle 9: Moving Balance

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Balance can mean so many different things. For the rest of the day, Sarah wants you to simply work on balancing, whether it's on one leg or something else that challenges your balance. She also encourages you to play with moving slowly while you are balancing so you can practice being both powerful and calm.
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Jul 01, 2019
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When we speak about balance, it can mean so many things in, in this class, we were really exploring the balance and imbalance perhaps in our body and this balance between power and calm meditation and work, um, play and some true [inaudible]. Uh, moving forward for the rest of today and tomorrow, I'd love for you to focus on balancing on actually balancing on one foot and noticing whether that's simple for you to do or whether that takes some focus and take it one step further and see if you can play this idea of balancing on a foot and moving slowly. I'll often say that I'm like playing Tai Chi. I don't actually know Tai Chi, but I want you to play with this idea of moving slowly through space, taking steps and noticing whether you can simply balance and breathe and be both powerful and calm while working on your balance. Thanks so much and I'll see you in a couple of days.

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