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We can all stand to care for ourselves a little more and this course, designed by Sarah Bertucelli, will help you find ways to take time for yourself. It is 21 days including 11 movement classes along with 10 sprinkles that will give you an idea to promote self-care throughout your day. Are you ready to commit to yourself? Let's go!
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Jul 01, 2019
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[inaudible]. Welcome to the daily dose, 21 days of self care. Hey there, I'm Sarah Berta Shelley, and I designed this course for you. A 21 day self care course meant to provoke you to care for yourself. There are 11 movement classes, all about 21 minutes. Each movement class was followed with sprinkle an idea to provoke self care. Let's face it, we could all stand to care for ourselves just a little bit more.

Are you ready to commit to yourself? Please join me for the daily dose. Let's go.

The Daily Dose: with Sarah Bertucelli


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Opening up my iPad this morning, I started to type in a news site, then decided I didn’t want to start my day looking at the news and came here instead and was so happy to find this program!  Just last week I did one of your classes and commented that I hoped you would be back for more classes soon, so you made my day in more than one way!  Thanks, looking forward to this!
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Wonderful! Holidays just started and this will be my suprise gift for every day! I already loved your "play"- challenge you did last year! Thank you , can´t wait to start!
Silke super!  I look forward to hearing about your journey. thanks for playing!!

Lori thanks for sharing.  I am so happy you chose to head to PilatesAnytime instead of the news site.  Keep me posted on your progress.  And have FUN!
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Yay!!!  Looking forward to 21 days with Sarah!
When does the daily dose start as I can’t find it? 😃
Caroline ~ You can start The Daily Dose any day you like! Here is a link to the course page so you can sign up for it and choose the days you would like to receive your classes. We hope you enjoy it!

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