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Taking the Leap

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In this discussion, Niedra talks to Daniela Caesar-Roden, owner of Old School Pilates, about what inspired her to start her studio. As a young studio owner, she shares how she didn't fit within a corporate structure and how she developed a community which allowed her to thrive in her business. She also gives advice on ways you can make this leap in a strategic and practical way.
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Sep 04, 2019
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Welcome everybody. In our last session we covered ethics and professionalism. And today I would like to be interviewing my good friend and peer, Daniella May Zell, who actually just got married three ...

Becoming: The Secrets to Thriving as a Teacher: with Niedra Gabriel


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WOW!  "Take the Leap," confirmed I am on the right track.  I will be celebrating 2 years with my Itty, bitty studio in the next couple of weeks.  With this milestone on the horizon I am presenting my clients with a rate increase off-set with studio improvements that I can afford and my growing expertise. I have 3 clients who have been with me from my very first class.  I consider these ladies my Core Clients!  I have decided to award their commitment to me and their practice by not raising their current rate.  I feel this is the right thing to do. Each of them has brought me new clients, respect my business model, arrive on time and honor their practice.  

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