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Putting your Vision Together

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Welcome to Lesson 8! Now that you have created a complete vision for yourself, it's time for you to do the work so that you continue growing. Niedra encourages you to look deep inside of yourself so that you can make sure you are ready to receive new opportunities. She reminds you that this is a never-ending journey, but now you have some direction to lead you toward a new horizon.
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Sep 04, 2019
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Welcome back. You've done a lot of heavy lifting so far. You've really done it all. You've created a complete vision for yourself. You've looked in defined so many aspects of who you are, where you're going, and what you want to do and set a gridlock and a ground work for yourself. This inner work, this inner vision is essential to exponentially move it out into the world.

And remember the Ram Zos that part of your brain that's kind of this radar, like where is it? What is it? How is it? How is it going to come into being? The more you are clear about what you're looking for inside, you recognize subconsciously the harmonics of that and the outside world. And you can start across Lincoln, make it happen. This doesn't mean you don't work hard, you work very hard, but you keep this in a growing and inner direction for yourself.

And that is very, very key to thriving as a teacher. And do you see how it's always a state of becoming? It's never ending journey towards that horizon. But knowing where you're going in the horizon is the beauty and the magic. And the dance of this life.

I have heard that everything we want is within six inches of us. In other words, it's around us all the time. Whatever you want wants you, but are you ready to receive it or see it or recognize it? The opportunities are there. Nothing is stopping you, but your own willingness to open to more and see things with fresh, new eyes, kind of like children. Do. They have a limitless imagination. They laugh, they smile a lot because they're not putting themselves down.

They're not square squashing their dreams. They're allowing the imagination to want run wild. And actually they're kind of geniuses in their own way because they learn fast. They change and the master's, so many abilities. We want this too. When we have it within us, this next step we're going to take as a journey.

It's again a vision journey that we'll be taking together. And I would like to, um, she just mentioned here that all of us are different in how we work inside of us. We all have all of our senses on the outside and on the inside. We have the capacity to have visuals, to hear things, to feel, things, to smell, things to know things, but the mix of how this works inside you or me or anybody else's, uniquely our own. Some people have a panoramic view and very strong visuals. Some people have nothing.

Some people hear voices in their head, so they have big long conversations inside themselves and big discussions, auditory capacity. Other people don't. Some people have a feeling of kinesthetic. Many of us, if we're [inaudible] teachers, that's a real strong sense for us. I always say, I got to feel it. I got feel it. Those are usually the people that say it doesn't feel right, feel this feel, feel, feel, or they have to somehow move this concept through their bodies.

And then there's those peoples that don't, aren't aware of this because we all have all of the, all of these inner senses, but we may or may not be in touch with them or they may be blocked, but some of us just know. If I was to ask you to close your eyes and kind of and see your bedroom, maybe you don't see it, but you know that the closet there and the pictures on the wall there and the bed is there. You just know it's like, yes. That's where it is, even though you don't have a visual of it. So we met maneuver in a world in a unique way to us. I mentioned this. So trust this process, trust yourself, trust what's coming up for you. Let yourself be with it and open to it. Because when we go through this journey, it's kind of a step into our future where all of these things that we've covered is now happening.

What's it like just to empower ourselves in the direction that we're going and to acknowledge that yes, you have created a vision and a vision for yourself as a teacher to be esa thriving teacher. This is what you are becoming and moving towards. So please find a place where you can be relaxed and you can close your eyes. Put on some nights music. If you like music, even get yourself a glass of wine. If that makes you feel great, whatever it is, just allow yourself these five, 10 minutes where you can step into this world and just take a journey. This is your creation, your dreams, your vision, your in Spiration inside you the breath of life.

So close your eyes, sit back, relax, and allow yourself, first of all, to know that you've done this. You've designed a vision, and now take yourself forward six months from now, a year from now, and all these things that we were looking at today are now really happening. You believed something when you started [inaudible] it did something for you and now this is richly part of your life, these great feelings in your body, this mastery, the truth of this practice has changed you and you experience all of this and you know, wow, I am so glad I stepped in and started doing all of this because I am physically, emotionally, even spiritually, completely different. I'm so much happier as a person. You have become a teacher that you admire.

All those qualities of mentors and teachers and people that inspired you. You are now the next link on that chain. You are holding so many qualities that they imprinted into you and passed on to you as a legacy and you took that on and now you are embodying it. You are passing on this gift of teaching, transforming other people, making a difference in their lives and this spirit is moving you as much as you are moving your students, you are applying all these practices and teachings to yourself. You take care of yourself, your life is designed around you.

You feel healthy, you feel more capable, you feel vibrant and you are applying all these beliefs and you what you preach and recommend to other people. Your students are being embodied by you. You are living the promise of what you are sharing with other people and it's creating an acceleration because you believe in it even more. It's does make a difference to you. So when you talk about it, teach a charity, you know what's true. So there's no conflict in this. The type of person you have become and grown into has brought to you t students and clients that the are the perfect clients for you.

You love to teach people. You'd never even feel a bit feel that it's like work. You just step into this moment and have the high of your life working with people and whenever there's problems or challenges, it's an extra opportunity for you to grow and become more of who you are. This is flowing and a flourishing business. That's the way of work that is perfectly designed for you to balance out with the rest of your life needs. You love your work, you love the creativity of it, and you're doing really, really well as a money making for profit business in a format that's perfect for you.

You are nicely and abundantly rewarded for all of your hard work and all this creativity, all the services that you are now masterfully delivering to others and you receive excellent income that you manage well. You're comfortable with your income, you feel at peace. You're never worried about money, and you know how to play the game. And what's more than that, you'll have the confidence to know that even if you are ever finding yourself in a situation, we have very little money or a lot of money, you know how to deal with it. You have the skills and abilities to change and maneuver and manipulate that area of life. Master flee and take care of yourself. So you feel this self confidence about being able to survive in abundance professionally and with income. And you're very proud of what you do and you're vape professional at it.

People hold you in high regard. The word of mouth is face strong. People speak very highly of your integrity, your professionalism, your customer service, how you interact with other people. So you want a thorough [inaudible] in your own unique way within your own sphere of influence. And again, you are not in conflict with anything about yourself. You're completely aligned. You have a sense of peace, you respect yourself and you respect others. We're living in a very complex, multicolored world. People are very different.

So there's room for all of us to play and create in our own unique way. So when you, and when you stand here from this point and vantage point of life, you look ahead and you go, wow, there's a new horizon ahead of me. There's a new game, there's a new something calling me that I am going to start growing into that and I know what it's going to take to do it and I'm excited to do it. So allow all of this to be deep in yourselves. This is you. You can do this, you've done it, and it will repeat and change and shift every day of your life, but at least you're wide awake now and awake, alert and inspired to grow further and become more is a motivating force in your life. Take a deep breath in.

Fill yourself up with this vision. It is you. It's who you are. It's who you're becoming. Paul, this vision deep into your own heart. It's already part of you and it's only going to get stronger and fuller even without you thinking about it, looking at it, doing anything. You Are the vision now and exhale. Open your eyes.

Yes, and welcome back. You have a vision. You've designed a life vision for yourself. That is awesome. That is so powerful. People do not walk around out there with a vision and yet it's what we are designed to do as humans. We are visionary creators and that skill and that talent is authentic and real to us.

Our final fun practice, remember, practice makes progress. It never ends for this session to bring closure to this as write out your vision for the future. Some people in different create a vision board of what they want out of it, visited often work on it, and more importantly, take action. Little tiny steps of things that can be done towards it. Remember, there's this balance in a world outer world, inner world, outer world, outer world is action.

In a world is vision. You need them both. They are actually essential for transformation and evolution to happen. So visit your dreams often vision, visit what you've created, acted out in the world. Share with the community. I would love to read and see what you all post about, how you see yourself in six months and in a year. Let's inspire each other. Let's uplift each other.

Let's share with each other. Remember together everybody achieves more miracles. See you on the other side.


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Niedra, this workshop has been incredible! As if by magic, I've had an opportunity presented to me that I would never have thought possible. I'm now working in a brand-new environment where the things that I was envisioning are actually taking place and I fully believe that I am well on my way to progressing toward my vision.

For 6 months: I'm making £800/wk through a mix of teaching mat and equipment classes as well as workshops - and I know perfectly well how to manage my money, to tell it where to go and how to work for me(!) rather than the other way around, which is how it has always been. I'm building an online presence so I don't have to physically be present to earn money and so I can eventually include some travel in my work. I'm feeling empowered (managing a studio?) and I am helping others to find their own version of empowerment through the work that I do.  These are the words that describe me: professional, confident, strong/resilient.
Niedra Gabriel
I love this Andrea ! you are so on it.. Having vision makes magic happen. Keep those visions coming and watch the world around dance with you.... Bravo!
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Niedra, thank you for inspiring us. I now have a vision board and  will tick things off as they become part of my real life, and keep adding to it as my dreams develop.  3 of my vision board 6 month goals are to 1) organize 3 teacher network sessions at my studio for the local Pilates teachers who I currently teach -  plus some whom I don’t yet! 2) To buy some sound panels/ soft furnishings to make my studio less echo-ey - hard floors and Pilates equipment don’t absorb sound well) and 3) to ensure I schedule my Pilates workouts in my diary - it was my love of the method that started my teacher training many years ago and I need to diary in my own practice to ensure self care. I love that my work does not ( as you said) feel like work- but just what I should be doing. Off to decorate my vision board with smiley faces!! 
Niedra Gabriel
Caroline B You can add my smiling face to your decorations.  I love your goals and how you are creating a physical reminder to keep inspiring you. Keep in your own practices, you will stay happy and inspired. 
Flavia D
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the whole course has been brilliant and amazingly helpful, I hope I will be good at keeping all that I learnt and envisioned with me.
In 6 months, I will have my small studio in London, a beautiful bright space with equipment where people can feel good and empowered; I ll be able to afford to take the training I really want to and help people even better; mostly,my life will be true to my real self and balanced, with time for myself and just the right number of working hours to put my 150% into it, with enthusiasm and passion and professionalism :) Thank you, Niedra!
Niedra Gabriel
Flavia Lovely vision. Put it up there in written or visual form to keep you focused. Figure out the cost of the training you would like to take as well as what your rates will be with clients  for that 150% delivery to clients. I hear that Pilates is a high priced sell in London so you are part of a affulent community willing to pay for this service. I am sure you will be a success. Keep taking one step at a time.
Laura E
This was just what I needed right now, thank you for this inspiring video! I drew a vision board a few days back so this has helped me to clarify more detail. I need to remind myself things don't just happen over night but small steps everyday (like you mentioned) will get me there. In the next month I am about to take my pre and post natal pilates exam which I am very excited about. Teaching this is a part of my 6month -1year plan. Thank you x
Niedra Gabriel
Laura well done, I love reading your post.   Yes, one step at a time, and in a year you will look back wiht great satisfaction and with more clarity about your future.
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Dear Niedra, thank you very much for this wonderful journey! It just happened at the right time. I have been going through a big change in my life in the last two years! Started with a big creative, work and personal crises. I always knew, things happen for a reason and without the uncomfortable experience I would have not changed so many aspects of my life.I would have not reflected or asked myself why I am doing things like I am doing them. Or why is this happening! My life worked pretty good, till this certain point in my life. With the support of my family, who always believed in me as an artist and in my work and with a fantastic coach I made myself stronger and started for the first time to understand what was going on. Your course added and accomplished everything! How beautiful is that! I will visit my dreams often and I am more than thankful! 🙏
Niedra Gabriel
Jutta I thank you for sharing your journey so openly.  Personal and Life growth is not necessarily easy, BUT, essential to gain momentum on becoming and living in alignment with the real you.   I applaud you for all that you went through, Keep on going.  Please do post and share how this work has also expanded your career over time.
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