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Fourth Class Summary

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Now that she has completed her fourth class, Meredith Rogers shares how she is choosing to progress Tucker in her practice. She continues to add more choreography to add a challenge while keeping her rib and shoulder injuries in mind so that everything is personalized for Tucker.
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Jun 01, 2020
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So, Tucker and I are excited to have you with us along this journey. If you're following this journey, that's amazing, thank you for being here with us. And if you're only just watching one of the classes or two of the classes, that's amazing too. So, as Tucker and I move forward together in this journey, we are continuing to add more and more choreography. Continuing to work around the rib situation, the broken floating rib, and the shoulder injury.

And choosing exercises that are challenging for her, but also appropriate for her body rather than just giving her just any kind of choreography, just because. So I chose those exercises today in our session quite carefully, and with her in mind as an individual. And I'm really excited to see Tucker's progress. Because what I'm noticing is that all of the details that we spend so much time in that first session, and also in the second session a little bit as well, really honing in on, those are really starting to integrate. So I'm not just choosing to move on because, I'm choosing to move on because Tucker's ready to move on, and she's doing a really good job, she's integrating well.

And I'm excited to see where she's gonna go next.


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