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In Memoriam - Mari Winsor

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March 11, 1950 - April 28, 2020

On April 28, 2020 the much-beloved Mari Winsor, the woman who paved the road leading to our ability to practice Pilates online, made her transition back to her natural, free, and able-bodied state of spirit, free from the bondage of ALS.

Though Mari is free from the confines of her body, she will always be with us. Mari's influence on the Pilates community and her spirit of friendship shared with all of us at Pilates Anytime is everlasting. Please take a look at this short tribute to her and know that there is so much more to say about a woman who changed so many of our lives.
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Apr 26, 2020
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[inaudible]. I had a wonderful dance career. I have a lot of fun. I traveled the world. I got a job with Michael Jackson and I was like, Oh my God. I was in the smooth criminal and I was a drunk lady on the balcony with a champagne bottle kicking the leg. So let's put some energy into that leg. Let's say that means something.

My mom always used to taste, squeeze the juice out of it. My friend who was at the bloody studio that I was working at said, well, why don't you open up your own studio? We'll follow you wherever you go. I can hopefully still inspire cause that's my, that's what feeds me. And I have a lot to you and I have a lot to receive as well. We're all in this together and life is short and time is short and it's important. This work lives on forever.

The bottom line, if the lobbies, it's here, it's here this day and people are benefiting from it. I'm glad your heart's beating. Mine is home. Woman or maple leaf falls off the tree, uh, turns his bride, his color.


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Thank you for sharing this.
Monica Wilson
Thank you for sharing this Kristi. She inspired and touched all who were blessed to know her.
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oh wow! oh no! this is so moving. what a treasure she was.
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May she rest in eternal peace
Louise T
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She was my inspiration. A sad, sad loss.
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Thank you  for this.  Mari was such an inspiration to so many.  She is now unburdened by her body. May she fly freely in eternal peace. 
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May she Rest In Peace 😇she will be missed 😘what a wonderful soul 🙏
Paola Maruca
R.I.P. Mari...thank you for all you gave to us. Forever grateful. 
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Her legacy lives on. May her life be a blessing to all that knew and worked with her. 
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Beautiful... Mari Winsor, you  touched my heart and inspired me through this short tribute.  Thank you! 
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