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Join Debora Kolwey in a movement experience that will allow you to find your way into your body. She teaches practices that help us cope with feelings of unknowing so that we can retain light, enjoyment, and positivity in our lives.
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Nov 13, 2020
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(gentle music) Hi there I'm Debra Colway. I wanted to create a series or an experience for my Pilates community that would somehow help us find a way into our body, to sustain ourselves, to maybe dig a little deeper into what is fundamentally the true resources that we have to help us all deal with the crazy times that we're in, the feelings of groundlessness, the unknowing, but to retain some little bit of light, and enjoyment, and positivity and life. I'm very excited and happy to be able to do this. And I hope you enjoy it.


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Happy Birthday
and thank you for your magic class😍
Debora Kolwey
I love that you feel the magic!!

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