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Post-Surgery Protocols

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Learn how you can have a full and meaningful life after a total hip replacement with this quick discussion by Brent Anderson. He shares a timeline you can use to determine what exercises and activities you should be able to do during different parts of your recovery. He breaks it down into four phases so that you can keep track of your progress.
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Apr 29, 2021
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Well welcome back from your surgery, or your client's surgery. And we're now gonna be developing our post-surgery protocol for a total hip replacement. And I've broken it down into four phases, and then most importantly, the return to life phase, which should resonate with all of us that are Pilates teachers. Phase one is gonna be that initial two weeks following surgery. And we're gonna talk about the different objectives in those two weeks and what the client should be doing during those two weeks.

Some of those are gonna be just home exercises that they're getting ready for. And then phase two is gonna be from three weeks to six weeks. And again, starting to increase function, we're always gonna be looking at our functional goal. Phase three is gonna be from seven weeks until 12 weeks. And then phase four is gonna be three months to six months.

And we're gonna be looking particularly at restoring almost all of the function within the first six months of their surgery. And then return to life, is two phases that I put it into, a four to six months and a seven to 12 months. And this specifically has to do with asking that question again, what do you believe you should be able to do that you're not able to do, or that you believe you're not able to do yet because of the hip or the hip surgery? And so that's where we're gonna be developing a program to be able to really get people to return to the life that they imagined. And man, you hear some great testimonials of men and women who have come back from total hip replacements that are doing things they haven't done for 30 years or 40 years.

And that's our goal, is to get people to really have a full, meaningful life. So we'll get started on that with phase one.

Me and My New Hip: with Brent Anderson


Have you ever worked with someone  who had a bilateral hip replacement?

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