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Whether you are a teacher working with a client who is recovering from a total hip replacement or you are going through this procedure, it is important to remember that every situation is different. Brent Anderson reminds us to stay within our scope of practice and to respect the requirements and guidance given by the surgeon.
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Apr 22, 2021
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Whenever we work with special populations, and in this case, total hip replacements, I need to reiterate and make a disclaimer on behalf of all the many great surgeons and therapists and clients and patients in the community, of the uniqueness of every single case. It's incredibly important that we practice within the scope of our practice, whether we are surgeons, practitioners, Pilates teachers, physical therapists, that we understand our role in this long pathway of getting our clients back to fully participate in life. It's also very important that we respect the requirements of the surgeon, especially in total hip replacement. As I mentioned, every surgery is unique, even though they might be doing the same exact procedure with the same surgeon, it might be a little different. In my case, there was no way possible to save the anterior capsule of my hip.

It was too scarred down and the surgeon had to remove it. So, I had certain precautions that somebody who had a healthy capsule might not have. And so, one of the first things we need to do is to really seek to understand, to make sure we have clearance from the physician, that we know what the client can and cannot do. They might have their own protocols. Most of them do for the two weeks, four weeks, six weeks, eight weeks, four months, et cetera.

Become familiar with that information and make sure that the surgeon is aware that the client is gonna be going to you for Pilates. And that you can communicate, hopefully, with the surgeon and the therapist, depending on what stage you receive them, what you would like to do, and if there's any precautions that you would need to be made aware of before proceeding to work with somebody that just had a total hip replacement. And this disclaimer and precaution would be true with anybody coming out of a medical profession or a medical procedure. The other point that I wanna bring up is respecting the fact of working with many diverse practitioners. For example, they might be working with a dietician, they might be working with other types of physicians or nurse practitioners or chiropractors.

And to be respectful of all the different healthcare and wellness practitioners that can contribute to the welfare of your client. And that you are a very important and integral part of their wellbeing. I can't think of anything in a total hip replacement, post-op, that would be more beneficial, even if it's not until four or six months after the surgery, than being able to participate fully in a Pilates program with you. I hope you've enjoyed the programming, and that we always remember the individual and seek to understand and work in a interactive multi-disciplined community that we feel comfortable in as Pilates teachers.


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Hello, I am a Pilates instructor in Flagstaff Az, and I work mostly with older clients with joint mobility issues. I had a posterior approach THR in November 2020 - the second will be in a couple of years. (congenital lateral rotation in both hips). 

For me, this has served as a practical and literal new lease on life. I am now a  big fan of titanium..but beyond that I realized exactly how massive of a difference doing Pilates can make..before and after...a surgery like this.

Being able to learn through the experience has been golden..and the added capacity for understanding what clients are going through with this and similar surgeries ..is priceless.

I much appreciate the reminders set into these videos..very grounding and valuable! Thank you...

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