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Did you know it takes 3 weeks to build a new habit? Join Courtney Miller in her series, Circuit 3, which will help you make Pilates part of your regular routine. Each class includes creative Reformer flows that are broken up by a floor sequence that is repeated 3 times. It's a fun mix of traditional Pilates, cardio, and fitness movements.
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Feb 07, 2022
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Did you know that it can take up to three weeks to build a new habit? Hi, I'm Courtney Miller, and my new series on Pilates Anytime called Circuit 3 is gonna help you make Pilates a regular part of your routine. Each class includes creative reformer flows broken up with floor sequences that we repeat three times. You are going to get some traditional Pilates, some cardio, and fusion into your workout, and you're gonna have so much fun doing it. Join me on your reformer and let's get moving together.


Dayna M
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excited for this program, but at this time is only looks like there are 2 workouts? are there going to be more added?
Is the program designed to be 6 classes a week?
Lisa C
This seems like it's supposed to be a 3 week program? Will there be another week added at some point? A year out, I'm not hopeful, but the more Courtney Miller classes I have, the better!!

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