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Sometimes, it's hard to activate the area between your thigh and your booty, or what is also known as the Thass®. Join Lesley Logan in her new series that will help you find this connection so you can build strength in your legs and glutes to support the rest of your body. In these 30-minute classes, she offers options so that you can choose your own adventure and make the classes work for you.
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Nov 01, 2022
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Sometimes it's hard to activate the area between your thigh and your booty, or what I like to call your thass. I'm Lesley Logan, and my new series will help you find this connection, strengthen your legs and your glutes to support the rest of your body. In these 30-minute classes, I offer options, so you can make these classes work for you and your thass. Let's get moving.


Hooray!! Lesley!!
Woohoo Lesley!  Let's go Thass (R) 🎉
Melissa H
Can’t wait for this series! Let’s find that Thass!
Destiny R
I have basically a seized piriformis muscle.  I've had it a year.  I used to lift stupid heavy weights.  I got tennis elbow in both arms, a torn rotator cuff and now this.  When I bend down it's a reminder that I have an issue.  Massaging makes it disappear but it always returns.  Is this my Thass?  I have ditched my workout weight life and want to dive 100% into pilates.  I don't know how to get started.
Marchel A
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Destiny R it is the area between your thighs and your glutes. Based on the injury you mentioned, I suggest searching for beginner-level videos for hips and filtering them down depending on what equipment you have and your preferences. I found some for hips HERE. Please email us at if we can help with more suggestions. 
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Destiny R Welcome to Pilates!  I agree with what @marchel A wrote above. The piriformis is a tricky muscle and if you've got a situation with yours I do recommend you get permission from your provider on what moves you can do. Also, this series is more intermediate-advanced. Since you're new I absolutely agree with you starting with some beginner classes and building up your foundations. Then you can be more independent in other workouts on Pilates Anytime because you will know how to replace exercises you can't do yet with ones that you can. 

Like Marchel said its the area where you thigh and your glutes meet. It helps connect your legs to your center. But if you overwork your glutes you could aggravate that piriformis. xx~LL
Destiny R
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I just did #4541 and the release of YEARS of a tight periformis was emotional.  That was simply AMAZING!  Thank you for the suggestions ladies!  There is hope!!!! Pilates was aggrivating me.  I just wasn't finding my groove.  However- I think i see a spark! 
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Destiny R O M G! I love this! I  sooo happy to hear you see a spark! congrats! And thank you so much for sharing!!! xx~LL

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