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Tendon Stretch Breakdown

10 min - Tutorial


Learn how you can make Tendon Stretch a new favorite exercise with this detailed breakdown by Brett Howard. He explains how he progresses the movement from other pieces of apparatus to the Reformer and then he shares the preparatory exercises he does to get your body ready. He also talks about the importance of making your Reformer your partner so it doesn't control you during this exercise and others.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box)

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Dec 18, 2023
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Wow! What a thorough explanation of the breakdown for the tendon stretch. Explaining how to keep the hips forward of the footbar the way you did is so helpful!
Amy K
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Great tutorial! I really appreciated the preps and will use with my clients. 
Thank you! It changed tendon stretch for me and gave me the control I wa looking for
Cheryl Z
This is not a move that comes naturally , having trouble lifting hips high before the Barre. Will try on electric chair , I have been practicing on chair. Thank you will add this to my daily practice. Thank you for breakdown.
So good!  My overhead and roll over were fabulous after watching this, not just tendon stretch!  Thank you!!
Michele M
I love the Tendon Stretch in my practice! As a teacher, I think you taught this beautifully and will help me teach this to my clients, more often.  Thank you Brett!

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