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3 Ways To Use A Theraband

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Join Jo Bezzina in a tutorial that incorporates Therabands in a purposeful way to support and enhance your practice. Discover three ways to use a Theraband, including supporting leg circles, aiding in body rotation, and assisting with the double leg kick. This approach offers a unique dimension to the Pilates method, deepening the connection to your body.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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Hi. I'm Joe Bazina. I'm just here to show you a few little things that you can do with what is my favorite Pilates prop, the Theraband. So join me down on the mat. And the first thing that I love using the Thera band for is to support leg circles. So once I have the band around the top part of my foot, I like to cross the band so that I've got a lot more, control And I'm gonna think about using the band as though I'm flying a kite.

So as the leg goes across my body, I'm actually pulling with my right arm here, to allow more support and to allow the weight of my leg to actually fall into the band. As I bring my leg around, I'm evening up my tension. And now I'm really drawing out to the left so that my inner thighs can release without pulling my whole pelvis over. So when we allow the leg to move with fluidity, it might not look as though I'm doing but I'm really guiding the movement, and I can do that in both directions. Of course, You'll need to make sure that you do this on both sides to make sure you feel nice and balanced through your hips, but I think you get the idea. My next favorite thing is to use the band to support rotation of the body.

So I'm gonna take the band around my mid back And once I have it in position, I'm gonna make sure that I grasp the ends of the band quite close to the body. This works best when you take the time to really open the band up. So as I gently pull with my left hand, I'm gonna feel a little bit of tension on the skin on the left side of my rib cage, and that's gonna help guide my body around into that rotation nice and evenly left to right. And again, now pulling with the right arm, I'm really feeling the way the band is guiding me. So if you're practicing by yourself, some stuff that your teacher may have taught you in class, you're gonna have as close to some hands on guidance as possible.

We'll do that one more time. Rotate. And I can pause here and breathe into both sides of my rib cage And then as I pull a little more, find some more release and range of motion in rotation. My last thing that I really like to use the band for is to help the double leg kick. So I'm gonna go ahead and lie down on my belly and hold on to the band Without too much space between the band, a fairly close hold. And from here, just gently pulling out on the band, not too much just to allow my shoulder stabilizers to kick in.

As I reach my arms along the back line of my body, I make sure to keep that same consistent energy and to straighten my arms all the way. So I'm really plugging the arms into the sockets. Bending the elbows, maintaining the tension, and reaching away, helping to keep that lovely open line across the collar bones, and connect the front and the back of the shoulder girdle so that it's working in a really integrated way. Final one, and then we can rest. So I hope that that has helped you feel like you can use the band in a really purposeful way Join me for more tips on my Pilates Anytime classes.


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