Class #3522

Jump Board Flow

45 min - Class


Work on finding the power of your jump with this Reformer workout by Amy Havens. She works the entire body, focusing on the lower body and glutes. She pays special attention to the coordination of your movements so you can keep up your technique and control during each exercise.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box), Jump Board

About This Video


Hi everyone here for reformer workout that has quite a bit of jump board in it. So get ready for that. Put that on, but it'll be full body. I'm a little bit more focused if there is on...


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Love this class Amy thank you! beautiful considered sequencing. A great way to take 'jumping' to a more thoughtful place!
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Thank you Amy! I really liked the clam shell variation to scissors. It really got that hip extended.
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I love the variation of shell to scissor too! And at first glance I thought you had pumpkins on your pants. I guess it’s a “little” early for that. Thank you this was fun!
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Love this sequence! Thank you so much!
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Great class, love the pace!
A 45 minute jumpboard class from my teacher! I cannot wait Amy x In other news - I am teaching a jumpboard segment at a big event we are hosting at the studio - the first jumpboard that I will have taught since you visited us!!!
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Amy, you always take us on a mind/body adventure! The flow of this class, alongside your cues was brilliant!
I always learn something new and dive more deeply into the work when you are leading the way. Thank you, fancy pants! Love the peaches ! 😍🙌🏽
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Great workout and jumpboard variations fun class thanks! Love the peach leggings!
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Great class! I like the mindfulness of the jumping sequences. Laughed at the “nervous system glitch” comment; I think we all have those moments 🧐💕
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Thanks Amanda, Christina , Colette , Shelby , Rena , TripleM , Rachel , Amanda and Megan Macgregor ! Megan Macgregor -- I can't wait to hear about your jumpboard event, make sure you tell me all about it!!!
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