7 Pilates Moves to Feel More Youthful

You're only as young as your spine. - Joseph Pilates
Feel stronger, energized and more flexible no matter your age with these 7 Pilates exercises:

1. The Hundred

Start here to increase breath control by inhaling and exhaling fully. The more oxygen in your lungs and bloodstream, the more energy you'll have.

2. Swan

Open up your chest and release tension in your Thoracic (upper) spine (the area just below your neck and between your shoulder blades). This move helps keep your shoulders out of your ears to avoid feeling hunched.

3. Shoulder Bridge

Your glutes are your tires. Keep them inflated to help you move through life strong, supported and stable. Strengthen your hamstrings and glutes while increasing the flexibility of the front of the leg.

5. Spine Twist

Keep your spine flexible so you can bend, twist and reach further: do everyday tasks with more ease or be more agile in your tennis game.

6. Rolling Like a Ball

Feel like a kid again and challenge your center of gravity. Massage and open the back to feel and keep a youthful spine. Note: this exercise is not recommended for anyone with osteoporosis.


Swimming is fun! Create that feeling of being weightless in the water while strengthening and lengthening your upper and lower back, engaging your abdominals and working your entire body.

7. Bicycle

As we age, keeping our hips strong and flexible becomes more and more important for mobility. Feel the freedom of riding a bicycle while you engage your core and strengthen your hips with this exercise.

Kathy Schader
About the Author

Kathy Schader

Kathy currently teaches Pilates in Manhattan Beach, CA, and she loves sharing the transformative power of Pilates. When not in the studio, she enjoys spending time with her family and being active outdoors in Southern California.


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