Pilates Anytime TV Episode 1: Bloopers

When we're shooting our class videos for Pilates Anytime, everything doesn't always go exactly as planned. We hope you enjoy this selection of bloopers presented by Amy Havens.

This is the first episode of our weekly web series. You can subscribe on iTunes or Youtube to be sure to catch every episode.

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ohh I love Brent Anderson singing!!!
Krista O.
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Thanks for the lighthearted insight behind-the-scenes! :)
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Thanks for this Amy. So great to see that all of us have our days, or moments and all we can do is laugh. Brent continues to surprise us with his "fun" side.
This was a really fun project for me to do!! We ALL flub up sometimes, but it's great that we can laugh and see the fun in it! :) Glad you enjoyed watching!
Sharon O
So fun! Laughed out loud watching this--thanks for sharing :)
please please please get me the words for Brent's little rap song.. my son loves it..:) awesome! thank you for sharing!
Our video editor just informed me that this is the Rapper's Delight by the Sugar Hill Gang (lyrics) from 1979. You can hear the whole song here in this video. Pretty fun :)
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awesome video!! bloopers are always the best part of making a video!! :)
I need help as a new teacher of Pilates. Is there a blog or an area where Pilates Anytime teachers can support fellow creatures?
Hi Josephine.....what specifically do you need help with at this time? I'm always interested in sharing ideas, advice, holding conversations etc. This site is extraordinary for that....and these forums are a great place for support. In the forums section here, Instructors and General Discussion are good places, but if you have other specific questions to ask......ask away! I'm happy to help!
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