Pilates Anytime TV Episode 27: Pilates Abs Warm Up

Amy Havens teaches a quick Pilates Ab Warm Up which will heat up your body and get you centered. By pulling yourself into the center of your body, you will work deep into your core. Amy works all of your abdominal muscles so you will be prepared before any workout.

This is the twenty seventh episode of our weekly web series. You can subscribe on iTunes or YouTube to be sure to catch every episode.

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nice Amy!
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This was an excellent 5 minutes - thank you!
Thank you Jennifer and Ellen! These are fun little 'ideas' for people to play with! :)
Thanks Amy, I'm going to incorporate this into my Class at Ballys and also LA Fitness next week!!!
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I can feel the fire in my belly warm me up from organ to nerves, thank you Amy :)
Hi John....Hi Taz! Thank you...! John....how did it go at Bally's and LA Fitness? Curious how your students may have liked these variations. And Taz....wow, 'from organs to nerves', that's a real compliment!!! I appreciate you both commenting! :)
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Amy, I taught 2 classes (Ballys and LA Fitness last night/Tuesday). Both classes thought your program was a "big hit. As Taz commented, it was excellent for warming-up from deep-core to peripheral muscles in the abdominal area! Thanks Amy.
Great to hear John! Thank you for the feedback!!

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