Pilates Anytime TV Episode 6: Pilates At Your Desk

Learn six Pilates exercises that you can do at your desk in just 5 minutes. Amy Havens will guide you through these exercises that will help you to both stretch out muscles stiff from sitting down from 9-5 and to strengthen your core and improve your posture. Not only will these exercises help you relax but they will also help to improve your focus and productivity.

This is the sixth episode of our weekly web series. You can subscribe on iTunes or YouTube to be sure to catch every episode.

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Great job Amy! So proud of you! Love ya!
Thanks Gary! These are fun little clips we here at PA are enjoying getting out and sharing!! I'm having fun with them too! :)
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Hi Linda, although this isn't really a Pilates session or class per se, it's a short reminder for folks to get up, move, breath, stretch, energize themselves while at work. We've gotten questions from members about what they can do while at work, at their desk, so this is a brief idea for them. Hopefully it will motivate them to seek out other classes on the site and/or a studio where they can learn more about the Pilates Method. :)
Love the desk exercises. What makes it Pilates for me is the emphasis on breathing. Way to go.
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Thank you Patricia!!
Erika Quest
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Great job, Amy! As a fellow PA colleague and Pilates instructor, many of these will be happily shared with my 'desk jockey' clients.

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