Pilates Anytime TV Episode 7: The Studio Tour

We at Pilates Anytime are lucky to be able to actually work and film by the beach everyday, with an unbelievable view of the Pacific Ocean through our window. We are located in Carpinteria, California, just south of Santa Barbara and are lucky to get almost perfect weather year round. To show you where all the Pilates Anytime magic happens, Amy Havens wants to give you a tour of our studio.
(Filmed March 23, 2013)

Featuring: Amy Havens, Brett Howard, Monica Wilson, Niedra Gabriel, Lisa Hubbard

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What a beautiful studio, thank you for the tour Amy, I would love to do a class there and meet you all one day!!!
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Hi Marita!! You know you are welcome ANY time and we all would love to meet you too!! Thanks for taking the tour! :)
This is the studio most of us instructors can only dream of having one day. Having been in San Diego twice I know what its like to have that gorgeous ocean and sunshine, and then to have all that space and wonderful equipment, its just fantastic. Maybe one day I will be able to get back and take a private session. Deciding who to take a private with would be such a difficult choice!
Ayse B
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You hiring? ;) In all seriousness, thank you PA team, for this virtual Pilates oasis you bring into my crazy, noisy urban Pilates life!
Mirella Martire
Thank you
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Hola PA! I live in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and teach pilates in my studio, Flying Root Pilates. Your classes have been so great to have access to. Muchisimas gracias!!
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What a perfect setting ! Thank you for sharing :)
Just like Marita, hope to visit you one day :)
Lynn G
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I really appreciated seeing this as I often wondered if those trains were really passing behind and if those people walking on the beach were real.... Honestly thought it was a filled in window! A simply gorgeous studio!
Ted Johnson
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If you guys are ever in Southern California and interested in joining one of our group classes, the schedule is up on the Studio web site:
//www.studioatpadaro.com/clas s_schedule.cfm
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O M G!!!!!! I knew it must be stunning because of the view from the window but now I just want to get on a plane and come for a lesson!!!!!!
Fab job you all do .... Thank you !!!!
Monica (uk)
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