Pilates Anytime TV Episode 25: Vintage Combo Reformer by Joseph Pilates

Kristi Cooper visits Balanced Body™ headquarters in Sacramento, California where Balanced Body™ founder and CEO Ken Endelman shows her an original 1950s Pilates apparatus made and used by Joseph Pilates himself. Designed to look like a chaise lounge, this apparatus is actually both a step barrel and a reformer combination machine. Learn some of the history of the reformer apparatus from Ken Endelman as Kristi tries out a piece of equipment used by Joe himself.

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Awwww! That is awesome!
Thank you Ken for sharing this piece of history with us!
Thank you for sharing!
Very cool!
Wendy B
That is completely spectacular!! Thanks for sharing Kristi :)
Wowww! Thank you Kristi, very very cool indeed.
Here is the "classic picture" Ken refers to in the piece. I've seen this picture a million times and I never knew that they were sitting on a reformer. I always thought it was a barrel sitting on top of a mat!
Wish I had one (OK, maybe a LITTLE more padding!) LOVE the color.
Spectacular! Love it!
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