Ideas for Pilates Professionals to Keep their Businesses Alive

This week I held three live webinars. You can watch the recordings of the webinars with Cara Reeser, Jared Kaplan, and Katie Santos. These are some of the themes I noticed.

General Insights

Pilates Studios Around The World Are Closed

During the webinars we ran a poll asking if the attendees' Pilates Studio was closed. The results were that all over the world Pilates Studios are closed.

Pilates Teaching Has Gone Online

Over 50% of Pilates Teachers are now delivering their classes over the Internet (the other 50% are looking into starting). Pilates professionals are using a variety of tools to deliver their classes. Zoom is a very popular.

The video equipment being used to teach online classes is generally a laptop computer.

Pilates Revenue Has Vanished

Despite the rapid switch to delivering classes online the average Pilates professional is making less than 25% of the income they made before the pandemic.

Price of Online Classes

The advice from the webinars is to charge the same price for an online class as you would for an in-person class. Pilates professionals still have the same bills and most clients want to support their teachers.

Communicate with Your Clients

Reach out to your clients via email, phone, and social media. Stay in touch with them and help them learn the technology to take online classes. Older clients may have their own favorite technology for video calls (that is how they talk to their grandchildren), e.g. Facetime.

Studio Owner Insights

The following are ideas specific to studio owners.

Understand Your Cash Flow

Model your cash flow to understand how many weeks you can continue to operate. Which costs you can eliminate? Which bills you can defer or renegotiate?

Negotiate with Your Landlord

Your biggest expense after staff is probably your rent. Talk with your landlord and tell them what has happened. Ask them what you can do to help each other.

Borrowing Money

Does it make sense to borrow money when it is unclear if the business will survive as a result?

Webinar Schedule

Tap below to see a schedule of upcoming webinars, as well as recordings of past events.

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Please stay safe and healthy.

John Marston
About the Author

John Marston

John co-founded Pilates Anytime with Kristi Cooper and Ted Johnson in 2009. He enjoys the great outdoors, music, food, and new experiences.


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Thank you John!  you are bloody awesome!
Thank you for  supporting the community.
 I started on day 1 live on instagram a 30' free session. Now i do 2 times a week and i have my clients on zoom everyday. 
But as EVERYBODY is giving free sessions on media, there is a big competition between free sessions and paid sessions. 
I am trying to stay positive and keep up the spirit !! 
Wishing you a lot of strength and patience. 
Christina - Greece 

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