Is a Pilates Anytime Team Membership Right for Me?

Are you a Pilates studio owner looking for a way to inspire your instructors? A Pilates certification center looking for new digital tools to teach your trainees? A family of far-flung Pilates fanatics looking for a way to connect via a healthy activity? We’ve created the Pilates Anytime Team Membership for you.

Read on to discover what a Team Membership is, who it’s designed for, and how you can use it to deliver quality online Pilates and build cohesion and accountability with your Team.

A Team Membership allows a single person or organization (the Team Administrator) to purchase and manage multiple accounts. To start a Team Membership you must have a minimum of three users (including the Team Administrator). The cost is USD $12/month per user, a 33 percent discount on our regular monthly membership ($18).

When you sign up for a new Team account you gain access to our library of more than 3,400 videos with a 15-day free trial. As a Team Administrator, you can add or remove accounts at any time and cancel online any time.

Sophie K. runs an independent Pilates certification program in Asia with 20 trainees at one time. Her Team Membership allows her to ensure that her trainees have access to a library of safe, effective, and fully vetted videos to reinforce their lectures and hands-on curriculum. She can pick and choose from among our library to highlight particular teachers, subject matter, or teacher training lineage. And she can verify that her trainees are watching the assigned class content. For her trainees, the membership offers high-quality videos that can be watched as many times as desired. This is vital because the typical Pilates teacher training covers a great deal of repertoire in a short amount of time.

Amber V. is the owner of a bustling group Reformer studio in California. Her team of six instructors use their Team Memberships to get inspired with new Reformer choreography for their high-energy athletic Reformer classes. By sharing videos with her Team, Amber can demonstrate what she considers best practices for group classes, including effective cues and use of imagery to create a consistent class experience for her clients, no matter who is teaching.

Phyllis R. is a passionate Pilates practitioner in Florida. She maintains a Team Membership for her two daughters, a sister, and a nephew. The family enjoys recommending classes to one another using the playlist feature. Phyllis finds it motivating to work out “virtually, together” with family members. The Team is even thinking of using their Membership as a fundraising platform for their favorite charity, with friends and family pledging a certain amount of support per class watched.

James L. is the human resources lead at a 30-person company in Texas. The company offers Pilates Anytime Team Memberships to employees as part of its employee wellness program. Employees earn points and prizes for completing classes and playlists. The company, as the Team Administrator, is able to verify each team members' participation on the site, providing motivation for the employee and accountability for the company.

If you already have an account with us and want to change to a Team Membership go to My Account > Payment & Membership > Start Team.

Team playlists can either be shared with your entire team, or selected team members. If you're the Team Administrator, then you can add or remove members to a playlist at any time.

If you are a member of a team, your Team Library tab shows all the team playlists that are shared with you. If you're the Team Administrator, you also can edit/add to/delete any team playlists.

In addition to seeing individual video views from team members, there is now also a playlist activity view so that team admins can see the percentage of playlist videos watched at a glance for each member and also see full details on playlist video views.

To add team members to your account, login through our website and click on 'My Team'. Then you will click 'Add Member.'

If your team members have an existing individual account their account information will carry over once you add them as a team member, so their login information and history will be saved. The only difference is now the team owner is paying for their subscription.

If your team members do not have an existing account then they will create their own login once they have received an email notifying them of being added to the team. Let us know in the comments below how you can benefit from a Team Membership to Pilates Anytime.

Alison Manheim
About the Author

Alison Manheim

Alison is a writer and Pilates instructor based in Santa Monica, California. Her Pilates practice has been a springboard to a brand new career as a fitness model and commercial actor at age 50+.


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