Class #1035

Arm Weights Workout

20 min - Class


Even though this class is called Arm Weights, you still get a total body workout. Brett Howard teaches the series that he learned from Romana and then he adds a few of his own elements as well. Brett keeps you on your toes by adding lunges, movements with your eyes closed, and more!

Enjoy this class by itself or add it any of your favorite classes.
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights

About This Video


Hi, my name is Brett Howard. And today we're going to do the arm weight series. And this is a series that was inspired, uh, by Ramana [inaudible]. So I'm going to pretty much do how Ra...


very precise and efficient work + excellent teacher ! Merci, Pilates anytime, to inspire me and make my day so often !!!
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Now I have a reason to log on to Pilates Anytime even if I only have 20 minutes. What a deceptively concentrated liltle workout. Sleeveless season about this as an add on to any of your other favorite routines?!
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Thank You so much Brett
I look forward to ANY class you teach :) Love your clear and concise instruction !!
and I agree with Joni, I can add this to a chair or spine corrector workout with pleasure !!
Thanks Brett! Loved it! I do weight training at the gym but this is a different approach and nice work with the 100$ bill.
Great class. Thank you.
how many weight ?
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As one of his lucky students that day, I can tell you all that this short little workout did the trick! For me, the slow and precise movements and focus are what I love the most and I felt fantastic after. A great compliment to a short jump board, chair or spine corrector class indeed. Thanks Brett!! Can't wait to have you back!
Very nice clear, calm, instruction.
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Loved it!! Great to add to my Barre class!!
Fabulous! Love it!
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