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Rael teaches a Mat class for Men using the concepts he taught in his workshop Pilates for Men. This is a basic class with a special focus on what men need in Pilates. Rael shows great modifications for tight hamstrings and rounded backs, plus he shows where you can increase the intensity of certain exercises when it is appropriate. This class is perfect for anyone who wants to work on their precision and power.
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Jul 26, 2013
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This is going to be a more basic math class with a special focus on what I feel men's needs are and using modifications that will probably be valuable for men who are typically, of course we know men are tight in the hamstrings. That's the most typical. Tighten the hamstrings, rounded in the back. Uh, just your typical, uh, male issues. So, um, bed where I can make it more intense, I will make it more intense. So we all know really the whole thing of basic advance, somewhat of, um, somewhat subjective because you can make a basic clause so intense and you can just go through an advanced class and really not break a sweat.

It's all about what you've put into it. So please try and be as focused as possible. There will really be no need for anyone to stop today. But I will say, as I always say in my classes, in a, in a Betsy mat world class, we never stop. Meaning that if you need to find an alternative, do an alternative. You Ready? Last, you think of an alternative? Do Pelvic Coles, but no one just stops. Okay. It just breaks the energy of the room. The important thing is, you know, I used to start with a pelvic co, but I really start like to start with something where people can see.

So we're starting sitting upright. Now remember, the closer the legs are, the more the person is going to have to round. If it's someone that's tight, take your feet further away from your pelvis. Use your arms. You can see how much I'm using my arms to lift me up. Just this, it's going back to what a master Brookman was saying, how you can hold a position and it can become such an intense workout.

So holding this position, putting Debbie, putting more energy into that back, more energy into that back lifting up, lifting up, get your male kind to simply feel the muscles here. You, they hold this for a minute or hold it for 30 breaths. This is going to be quite an exercise in itself. So inhale, okay, and exhale. Ah, and inhale and exhale. Ah, and inhale. And this, um, as we exit, we pull in the abdominals, leave the shoulders where they are, but we just round the back slightly without rolling back.

And then inhale to lift up and up and up. And Yeah, exhale. In fact, lean forward slightly. Lean over your pelvis. Xcel to round the back, round the back and inhale as we go up. And exhale, rounding, pulling in those abdominals, feeling the stretch of the back. Good. Inhale. Okay.

Rounding and XL, we reach the arms forward and interlace the fingers so you feel that stretching of the back. Inhale, come up above the head and open and exhale, reach forward. Inhale up, reaching up to the sky and around, and exhale, boom. Feel that stretch in the back. Feel those shoulders done, Debbie. Be the shoulders are coming up. Thank you. And inhale up, up, up, up, up. Use the back. Use the arms more power in those arms, more power in the arms and then around and XO.

Boom. Find that power in the abdominals. Lifting up, taking it up, protecting it up, feeding those arms. More powerful. Pull. Put more into those arms, reaching up. Thank you. Thank you. I want to see the triceps working and I'll take the arms back a little. Take them back so they right opposite the is right opposite the is.

And now we just go straight down, chop down and lift up and chock down and lift up and chump down and lift up and Chubb down, down, down, who did it the and start rolling down slowly. Slowly roll down, roll down, roll down. Rhoda reached the point where you feel you can't go any further and then roll forward and up and round and down and forward and up and down and round and forward and up and round and roll and forward and Nagina. Keep your arms forward all the time. Now forward. And so you stay forward. So you feel that power, they feel that, feel that power. Feel that power lift one day, just a little and a and feel that power, nothing changes. And down to I go a little lower, Cynthia and, and lift and already stay there. Stay there, stay there. Stay there.

Just five little posters, one and two and keep your legs down. Three and four and hold, hold, hold, hold, hold, hold, hold. Lift the arms a little one and down and to just finding that center. Three and down and four and down and five. Do you think we can roll up? Yes we can. We found our center.

Let the hands go and rolling down all the way. Taking the feet with you, preparing for a pelvic coil so your feet are closer to your pelvis. Now you inhale and you call the pelvis just to the mid back, just to the mid back and then roll down and you say to the person that this is pure abdominal. As you roll the pelvis just to that mid back, just above the lumbar spine and roll back and inhale and exhale as you roll the pelvis. Inhale, stay there, deepen it and exhale down. One more. Inhale and Xcel roll the pelvis.

So you feel that rolling just to the mid back. Little Highest Cynthia. So you rolled it a little higher, a little higher, little higher. That's it. And I inhale and exhale [inaudible] now we add that hip extensors to the movement. So we've got abdominals. Take us to the mid back and then the hip extensors. Lift us up and here you can feel the hamstrings.

Feel the gluteals push a little bit higher. Feel the stretch of the hip flexes. Inhale, exhale as you come down hip extensors and now abdominals. Take over to roll down and inhale and exhale as you go up halfway. Then add the hamstrings and the gluteals. Inhale. Exhale, the arms are quite active. Don't let the arms just sit, the arms are alive and inhale and exhale as you roll up.

Stay there, stay there. The leg closest to the front of the room closest to me lifts up and we do three with one leg. Inhale and exhale as you roll down and inhale and exhale as you roll up and inhale and exhale as you roll down. Okay. And inhale and exhale as you roll up.

Lifting, lifting, lifting, and inhale and exhale as you roll down and inhale and exhale as you roll up. Lifting, lifting, lifting, lifting. Yes. Feel it. Let your male kind use the arms just a little to get higher, to get higher and slowly put that foot down and change leg. Inhale, prepare and exhale as you go down and inhale and exhale, lifting up and inhale and exhale as you roll down and inhale and exhale as you roll up and inhale and exhale as you roll down and inhale and exhale. As you wrote up, lifting. Feel the arms working.

Feel the gluteals working. Feel the hamstrings working, stretching the hip flexor. Gently put the leg down gently, gently, gently take it, the arms up to the seating as the arms come down as the pelvis goes down and take the arms out to a tee position. Okay, squeezing the legs together. Now we bring the legs towards me. Inhale and exhale back to center and specifically leaving the feet down. Men have a hard time keeping the legs up.

Initially the hip flexors start getting very overworked and often the back starts lifting. So early in the session, I'm keeping those feet down, keeping the hip flexors largely out of it. Not completely, but largely. And feeling that oblique work inhaled towards me. Yeah, and exhale and inhale as you go over like one leg, moving one leg together. XL. Keep the arms very active. Don't think of those arms as just sitting. Those arms are active. Think of the power that we saw before and inhale.

Okay, and exhale. Find the center. Keep the legs together for now. Hands behind the head head. Inhale and exhale as you lift up and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale. The reason I'm keeping the legs together is so the legs don't start. Splaying often happens with men. Don't have good awareness. Are they?

Inner thighs? The leg starts playing. Inhale a little higher, little higher. Love your lift here. That's beautiful. And exhale as we go down and inhale and exhale as we lift. Eyes forward. Lift a little higher, little higher. Inhale, put your hands behind your thighs. Exhale, lift yourselves a little higher using your arms. Use your arms so the man, male client wants to feel the arm here. Feel that now stay at that height that a man can understand and take your hands up to the ceiling. Stay there, hands behind the head. Interlace the fingers and slowly down and inhale and exhale as you lift up.

[inaudible] and inhale and exhale. Lift a little higher. Yes. Uh Huh. And inhale up to the ceiling. Up to the ceiling. Little higher. Touch the ceiling. Hands behind the head and down and inhale and exhale. Keep your eyes looking forward. Looking straight at UNIS.

That's where the eye should be. Inhale, hands behind Xcel. Lift a little higher. Good. Molly. Nice height. Inhale, take the hands to the ceiling. Touch the ceiling. Sioux arms a little closer together. Closer, closer, closer. That's it. Hands behind the head. Don't go down my friends. No, no, no. Look towards me. One, reach over with a arm and to reach over with a arm and three and four and feel the grace and the power, the beautiful long line, but the power of your core.

Look in the direction you going. Look in the direction you go. Go over further. Go over further, further, further, further. These are you. Open leaks working. Look towards me. Use that arm to push yourself a little further and push yourself a little further and everyone towards me, no matter what direction you will be before. Take this arm. Try Grab your knee and lift up a little.

Yes, yes, but keep the pelvis square. Keep that pelvis square shell lift up. Let me see a and hands behind the head and go. And can you touch that knee? Lift up a little higher. Yes. And come back to center. Stay there.

Stay there. A little pelvic. Cool. As you roll the pelvis up, roll the pelvis up and down and let's see a little more cool Kristen and roll the pelvis up. Curling up, cutting up, curling up and down and roll the pelvis up. Okay. Up and down and roll the pelvis up and down. Hands behind the legs. Lift up a little higher. Hold it there.

Take the leg that's closest to the front of the room, up to the ceiling. Closest to the front of the room. Thank you ladies. And slowly down. Flex that foot. We're doing leg circles going inwards first and one and two and three and four and five and six and seven and eight. Keeping the pelvis nice and still nine and 10 other direction and one and two and three and four and da da seven, eight and nine and 10 point the foot lifting up so you can look at yourself.

Lifting, holding behind your thighs. Lift a little higher. Put that leg down, lift the other leg up, flexing the foot. Now go down, going towards the other leg. You do circle one and two and three and four and five and six and seven and eight and nine other direction and one and two and three and four and five and six and seven and eight and nine and 10. Okay. Point the foot. Lifting up, lifting up, lifting up. Bend the leg, hands behind your thighs.

Lifting up a little higher, a little higher, a little higher, a little higher, a little higher, a little higher. Wow. And hands behind the legs. Nice. Let me change scenery. And from here you're ready and inhale. And XO. So I'm specifically holding behind the thighs. Men notoriously have tight backs.

So we are holding behind the thighs rather than in front of the shins. And inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale. And exhale, stay, stay. Stay slowly, reach the arms forward. We're gonna find our ideal hundred position. Deepa.

Antonio, you're here representing the male breed slowly, slowly the male gender. Slowly we lower our spines into a hundred positions thing. Nice and high. Keeping legs just there. And Cynthia, keep your knees a little closer to your chest. That's it. And the feet nice and pointed. Gosh.

Okay. Okay. Okay. [inaudible] okay. Okay.

Okay. Take one leg out the leg. That's to the back of the room closest to the back of the room and rich. Okay. Slowly bend it in and take the other Liga.

Yeah. Okay. And Bend it back in and take both legs out just for one cycle and bend it in. Hands behind the leg. And again, just roll up. Okay. And straight in the backs. Yes.

Reaching those arms forward. We're going to do a Hoff roll up. So we slowly roll down, roll down just to a, you feel comfortable. Inhale and exhale. But as we roll up, we straighten the legs to round the back, get that little hamstring stretch and then we inhale. We bend the legs and roll back. Inhale and exhale, rolling up, stretching the back, stretching the legs.

Inhale and exhale as we roll back. Inhale and exhale as we roll forward and inhale and exhale as we roll back and take the arms all the way back for the stretch. And inhale, reach the arms forward and straighten the legs. Nice Antonio. Now smooth it out and inhale and exhale.

And so sue, find your position where you can go to and then just stay there. So you work in eastern tree contraction and then reaching forward. And now concent trick as you reach forward and inhale, clearly I'm doing a modified roll up that could be good for men by bending the knees as the difficult exercise for men. I'm using the hand holding of the hands to get that stretch of the shoulders. We come forward here and we utilize the legs to change the sense of gravity and pull us forward and inhale and exhale.

We'll just do one more and slowly back to there and inhale and coming forward. XL Sh and straighten the backs up. Separate the feet and separate the arms just for now. We'll come back to that, sorry, and inhale and exhale as you roll down the spine for the spine. Stretch. Inhale and exhale as we roll up through the spine. Tough one for men if they need to do it. With the legs bent dead, try a few of our legs bent so we can relate to the tight hamstring creature.

Inhale and exhale as you roll down. Reach forward. Inhale, pressing the heels into the ground. Exhale as you roll up and up and up. Inhale and exhale as you roll down and down and down. Inhale and exhale as you roll up and up and up.

Inhale, exhale as you wrote down and down and down. Inhale and exhale, roll up, straighten the legs. Just three more with the leg straight. Inhale and exhale as we roll down and inhale and exhale. Rolling up and inhale and exhale. Remember, the toes are facing the ceiling. We want this precise movement. Inhale and exhale as we roll up and up and up.

You're leaning back just a little bit. Lean forward yet it and inhale and exhale as you roll down, down and down, and inhale and exhale. Rolling up. Take the arms up again, holding the hand. Why holding the hands is good is it makes sure that the arms don't go too wide. It gives you that power. Closing that loop, lifting up, lifting up, lifting up, bending the knees and bringing the hands behind the legs.

Lifting up in that back. Open leg rocker with legs bent. Ready? Lifting elbows a little wider. I want to feel more back extensor here. Lifting your chest, lifting your chest, man and woman. Jessica, I want to feel proud of, be proud of Cynthia Prowda. You're a fierce warrior. Ready and round the back. Roll up and lift.

Round the back and roll up and lift. I want you to think of these legs as absolutely still as absolutely stable as you roll down and roll up and then lift. Make it better than it is when the legs are straight. Rolling and rolling and lift and rolling and rolling and lift and rolling and rolling and lift. Hands behind the head. I've never done it like this, but I suddenly had the inspiration. Say you there, it's going to bomb or it's going to work and row and row.

Oh and lift. Nice and row and row and lift and row and row and lift and roll and roar. Lifting, lifting, lifting, lifting. Just stay there but put the feet down. Staying ready for the twist and Pu.

Pu and poop. Poop and poop. Pool and pull. Trailing forward and poo poo. Too many of you are leaning back. Pool and Pu. Pu, Pu, Pu. Put your arm here, pull, pull back and pull. Pull. Use yourself with support pool, pool and let's get those backs working. And Antonio back.

Antonio back and Tonio. Backward shop. Boom, boom, shop, boom, boom, sharp, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Come to center, straighten the legs and just rotate towards the front of the room. Stretch the arms over that leg. Bring the hands back behind the head and lift up and then center rotate. Take the body down, stretch the arms out to get more hamstring.

Clearly a modified, so hands behind the head up and Cara. Straight flatter back, rotate. Go down. You're really trying to flatten the backyard round. Reach the arms. I know mine is not very flat, but I'm trying and hands behind the head. Remember I'm a male with all the issues and rotate and down.

Nice. Karen, stretch those on thirdly and hands behind the head and lifting up and sends a one more rotate and stretch. Sorry, I straightened the arms too quickly. Hands behind the head and lift. Rotate. Reach that body far, far, far, far, far. Stretch those arms out. Bring it behind the head. Lifting up and center legs together.

Hands behind you so you can do this one. Grateful pregnant ladies. I assume that's what you are and over that would have been a terrible with all your pregnant and were in terrible. Not, forgive me, I shouldn't have assumed such things, but I noticed you modifying typical modifications. Good, good work. Really good work. Okay. Lifting up the chest. Eureka. That didn't look proud. You're a proud, beautiful woman and lifting up, stretching the hip flexors and down and what I mean gonna do. Of course they're going to do this, so you're going to say no, no, no sir.

Let's keep the chest up even if you only lift halfway. So let's just lift off way for our male clients and lifting their chest. Lifting the chest. Maria, are you lifting your chest? Yes, good and down. Just wanted confirmation. Halfway up. Lifting, lifting. Sue, you've gone too far. We're going to go there in a minute. We're going to go there in a minute. Nice. Nice. I want to see that hinge.

I want to see open the chest more. Lift the chest up. Use Your Rhomboids. Use your lower trapezius. Lift the chest. Okay. Now they feel those Rhomboids, the lower trapezius. Now we can go up, go to town, go to town and slowly down and up, lifting, lifting, lifting and down and up and down and lifting up up the leg that's closest to the front of the room. Bend it and lift up a little higher to stretch their chest.

Feel so good. Now try keep that height in the chest as you straighten both legs again, boom. Then the other leg lift a little higher, higher, higher. Hold that height as you straighten that leg that was better and slowly down. You all face that heads.

Just your heads go that the they all going that way already. You just going to lie down on your right side. You all lie down on your left side. Ready? Yes. Good. Everyone is swimming in the right direction. Excellent. Put your hand in front of you.

This is simple enough for most men to grasp. So put the hand down, squeezing the legs. At least no one can sue me for discrimination and XL up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and, and up and down and up. So we were clearly working the obliques here, up and down and up steps and then stab, stab. Feel this area here. Feel it on yourselves. Feel it, feel it. Feel it.

Am I working? Am I working? Yes. Rail. I'm working. I'm working. Yes, and bend the knees and put the legs down and face the legs just like that. And we try lift. Ah, and we try come up, keep the legs together. Antonio. Up and up. We call this pleading.

Plead with your teacher and both arms over this thigh. Both arms over the side. Hold onto their thigh. Lifted up a little. Yes, yes. Now hold that height, hold that height Laura. Now reach out again and two more. One and two hands behind the head. Lifting up a little higher, straightened out, straits and out and then rotates again and lift and straighten out can give it lifted. Joe, keep it lifted.

You've got to lift year in the side. Otherwise the elbow gets caught and Whoa, this one's easier for ladies and I'm seeing you collapsing and rotate up. Got To credit my dear friend Kathy ground with that one stretch. Stretch the arms out in one foul swoop. We bring the legs to the front of the room. Arms behind you. Sorry.

Just actually nice and open. Nice and open like that. Yes. If your male client has tight hamstrings, an option is bent knees, but I prefer straight legs. We're all going to the right. We go one and around and two and around and three and around and four and around and five and around. Other direction. Lifting up, lifting, no lifting up.

Lift the up and one and up and two and up and three and and four and up and five and ah, up. Bend your knees. Ah, we're going to do a different version of that. Okay? Because you are all acting like men today. You are roleplaying. It was not pretty. So we're going to do a male version. Getting the lower backs down, putting your hands just under your hips. Yeah, you should feel fine with this one. Getting the belly nice and down. Ready.

Going to the left. First one and two. Much more civilized and three and four and five. Either direction and keep your legs high in the center, Cynthia, and two and three and four and five and up, up, up, up, up, up with the legs. I put legs, bend the knees, roll down onto your other side. Ready? Yes, we're excited to do the other side and, Huh?

We've got to keep moving so I can keep on time and lifting up and down and two and, and three and down and four and, and up and down and up and down and reach and down and reach and down and up and uh, and up and those, that home will have to forgive me. I haven't been counting to the side, so we're going to have to just stay up. Feel here, feel it. Lift a little higher. We hope that it's about the same number of repetitions. If not, we keep giving time. He had to catch up and bend the knees and put the legs down. So we rotate the body, taking the arms over the thighs and we go one and two and three.

Nice Pole and four and bom and stay up hands behind the head, lifting a little higher and we rotate to the side and then we rotate and lift. We rotate. Jan, you're gorgeous and you'd so good. Okay. Keeping the buddy high. Yeah. You can't just relax. No, cause then you're calling [inaudible]. You gotta keep it high. You gotta keep it high as you go sideways and then rotate. So you're looking, looking at your knee now, keeping high as you rotate.

Yes. And then keep it high as you lift up. And Kristen, show us what the Bessie reception party looks like and lift up up, up, hands on your thighs. Lift a little higher. Lift a little higher. Oh yes. And take your arms overhead. Okay. Onto stomachs. Onto your stomachs.

Okay, so let's start with a basic back extension. Hands alongside the thighs and tilting the pelvis post sterilely meaning a gap pulling in the abdominals, tucking the pelvis slightly. And now we lift the back arms by your side, Mandy. And slowly down. And if you've got your abdominals in the work should be focused just under the scapula and by squeezing the side with your arms, you getting that? Just the Ms. Dorsey working. Yes. Yes. Squeezing, squeezing and down and lifting up. Lifting up, lifting up, lifting up and down and lifting up.

Yeah. And lift the arms. Just the arms lift. Just the arms a little higher. Mandy. Mandy, stay up there, man. You that all you got to cut for me? Is that it? Wow. Lift a little higher. Give me more. Give me more shoulder extension and then slowly down and then lift up.

Okay. And show the extension. Interlace the fingers. Yeah. Straight ohms. Lift a little higher. Lift a little higher. Lift a little higher. Feel that you're stretching. Separate the arms and down by your side and lifting up. Yes. Yeah. Lift the arms into it. Into the chest expansion.

Bring the hands together. Interlace the fingers. Lifting a little higher. Opening that chest, opening that chest. Ladies and gentlemen, opening the arms, psyche, and then coming down and then lifting. Lifting, lifting, lifting up. Lifting up. Yeah. Taking the arms around to the front of the room. Lift the left arm, right leg, right arm, left leg, left arm, right knee, right arm, left leg and go Dah. [inaudible].

Swimming dot, dot, dot, dot, dot. Swimming, swimming dot, dot, dot, dot. The swimming the thumbs facing the ceiling. [inaudible] thumbs facing the seating. Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh and swimming. Just straight towed it. Taking the arms back to the sides. Bending the elbows, bringing the arms and the hands under your shoulders. Slowly elbows down, elbows down, Kara. Lifting just today just to way you can't go anymore without straighten your arms. You can do back.

Be like the cat Stritch quad repaired position and reaching out with a tip of the head and lifting, lifting, lifting and slowly down and lifting without elevating the Scapula. Try and straighten the elbows. Doesn't have to go all the way. It can be one. Let's go just one inch off the ground, Karen, one inch off the ground. Michele, one inch off the ground and Antonio Scapula. Why didn't you off the ground and then slowly down and then lifting up, lifting up and we take it just two inches off the ground. Maria, you two inches off the ground. Yes, rail. Good and Lori, get those elbows close to your side. Close to your side. Glory. Look out. Straight. Proud Jody, you're a proud woman. Antonio.

You're a proud man and slowly down and let's go to four inches. Lifting and slowly four inches off the ground. The elbows just four inches. That's an elbows tight by your side. Tight by your side to those who can keep the scapula in place and straighten, straighten, activate the legs. You don't have to lift them, but just activate the back of the legs. Hmm.

Elbows go down and pull into a risk position. Stretching those, um, the shoulders out. Yes sir. Yeah, we've got 30 more seconds. We can get two or three more exercises in. Okay. Tuck the toes under and stretch the heels to the ground.

Okay. Up Onto your toes. Now tell your male clients your flat in the back, but he can't. So say bend the knees, flats in the back more. Straighten the legs and heels go down and up onto your toes. Bend the knees and flats in that back and straights in the legs and down and up and bend the knees and straighten and down into a front support position. Every man needs to do five pushups a day. So we've got five pushups. Read Old Mandy, Mandy, Mandy, you're jumping the gun, you're jumping the gun.

We're just finding ourselves here, Mandy. We're just finding ourselves drawing the abdominals. We'll do a tricep pushup and we'll keep the scapula. Nice and stable as we go down and we come up and we go down and we come up and we go down. And Cynthia don't lower the head and up and down and up and one more.

Down and up and into front. Uh, up stretch. Bend your knees. We call this the panther, the Bessie Panther. We flats in the back and we straighten the legs. Oh Maggie, Mandy, Manny into front support into front support. Watch it once we been, this is the Bessie panther and boom, feel the power bend and boom and Ben and boom. Think of Monster Brooklyn in that tire routine and boom and Ben ready for a jump jump.

Yes, the booting is still stable. Nice. Nice. Slowly lower yourselves. And we'll finish with the little seal puppy. All about grace and power. Ready. So we talk, I got to get this thing out of my, Oh, you know what, let's do just a few teases, a few teases. Sorry, give me another 30 seconds. I'm at work. The CEO puppy needs some teases before it tees up prep slowly down.

Otherwise, Cynthia will say she didn't work in my class and up, up, up and down, down, down, down. I, Sophia. Nice. Feel the back. Yes. And down. And this time we straighten up. Oh yes. Feel the glory of that teaser one. Just stop or body moves and roll up and up and just the upper body moves her roll up and up and just the upper body moves. I enrolled up, up, up, smile towards me to rotate towards me. Yes. And away from me and towards me.

Now seal puppy. Ready? Get the arms underneath. Nice rounding. And we go, one, two, three and up beat two, three and beat two three. I need to see that the side of the room carry on and beat two, three and beat two three. Beat two three. Beat two, three and beat two, three and beat two. Three. Stay there.

Good, nice and deep. Nice and deep. So good. Stretch of the shoulders. Bend your arms, bend your elbows. That's it. Now that's a seal puppy. But now that's the position. What is your name? Isha. Let's do one more. Specially for Asia and what we're all going to do on this one as well.

We are going to show some joy in our faces so that it's not solemn Asia. It's a joyful experience. The CEO puppy. So we go one, two, three and Duh, Duh, Duh. And one more for each. Aisha need you to smile at the end and boom, boom, boom. And yes, Isha should now the last one you gotta to look out and smile and back.

One, two, three, one, two, three, lifting at the back. Excellent. So that's, take the knees behind the chest. Yes. Yes. Even behind Jill. You can do it. Yes. Jen, I love. That's fine. Debbie. Keep the head slightly forward. Don't go back. Nice. Maria. Yes. Sherry looking gorgeous. Oh yes.

These are the ladies. Men take note. Gorgeous movement. Yeah. Okay. Put the down. Take the arms up to the ceiling. You'll just follow me here. Take the arms up, lifting up higher, lifting up higher. Find your center so some of you are not too far forward.

Bring it back. Just slightly. Lifting up to the ceiling, lifting up to the ceiling, take the arms around, up, and then up again. Lifting up. Yeah, and out to the side. Let's take a big inhale in this position. Just stay there. Inhale and exhale and inhale. Ah, and inhale. Ah, bring the hands just to your shins so you can use your legs for [inaudible] port as you lift up in the back, even more. Lifting up in the back, lifting up in the chest.

Okay. And just gently close your eyes for just for breath and inhale and too [inaudible] and three [inaudible] and for, and gently open the eyes. Take the arms out in front of you. Just let them float up. Take them up above your head. Just follow the instructions.

You don't even have to look open out to the side to show die. Lift them again above the head, but push the palms against each other this time and bring the palms down to the chest bone, pushing against one hand against the other to open the back even further. Open the back even further. Open the back even further and a big inhale and Xcel. Thank you very much. Good work.


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Rael . This class could not have been more perfect!
Again, again and again you motivate us. And i remain teachable ..
I absolutely LOVE Rael. It is ALWAYS a pleasure to see and experience his teaching.
Keep up the outstanding work Rael and I see you soon.
Thank you so much for your beautiful words. I am so happy you enjoyed the class. Hope to see you both soon.
Rael, I love your work! I am hoping to do your teacher training, but trying to figure out how from Omaha. Where there's a will there's a way!! Thank you!
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A beautiful class from a great teacher! Thank you for all your energy and knowledge that you share with us!
I can't see video as before, blanc page, i use google chrome(
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Love love love. Can not wait to share. As I watch sessions on PA, I take notes & put asterisks (?) by sequences/exercises that I especially notes for this one are chock full of ?! Thank you. You rock
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Dasha ~ I am sorry you are having trouble watching this video. I recommend restarting your computer and trying to watch the video again. If you are still having problems, you can email us at for more assistance.
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I finish with a smile a light heart and full of energy. Thank you so much.
Rael i honestly enjoyed this 50 ' with you !! Once again" YOU ARE A GREAT TEACHER" and as always your session was amazing. Thank you!
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