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Fundamentals and Technique

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Niedra's Mat workout is a great way to work on your fundamentals and technique. Her clear instructions and demonstrations help so you know how to do each exercise correctly. She adds the Theraband and Magic Circle to give you some upper body work and to assist you in the more challenging exercises.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband, Magic Circle

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I just came from the beach so I can covered in sand and salt. And we're going to have a very nice workout this evening because it sounds so great. So, uh, we are going to do a math class. We're going to work a little bit with a theraband a little bit with the magic circle and we're just going to move and get everything feeling good and juicy and salty because it's the ocean. So let's, um, actually just to start, let's have you all put the magic circle down because some of us have a slightly stiff lower back. I'd like you all to stand facing straight, but I'll turn sideways so you can see with your feet apart and just bend your knees and put your hands on your, on your knees for a minute and to loosen up the lower back, just stick your bottom way, way, way out to you. Arch your back and then talk your bottom under you just to curl a little bit and stick your bottom out and curl your bottom under and stick your bottom out. And now as you're sticking your bottom out, start to think of where your size or and widen them so you literally feel like you're making your bottom nice and wide and then Tuck your bottom under and lift your bottom out and curl your bottom under and stick your bottom out and curl your bottom under.

And I'll stick your bottom out and lift your chest and look out as well too. You stretching your spine a little bit and then curl and bring your head under. See you rounding and lengthen your spine out and stretch your belly if you can as well and curl. And again, send your bottom way out, lift your chest and open it up and curl under, and then come up to a standing position. Bring your feet together, clasp your hands so that the fingers are class. Fit your arms out in front and lift your arms up over your head and just stretch. So you'll kind of let the shoulders go up. See if you can get your elbows straight.

See if you can lift the ribs away from your hips so your waist is nice and long. And then keeping your hip slight bend to your right. So you're opening up the left side of the ribs and come back up. Stretch it up again and send the hands in the other direction. Push your hips a little bit to the right, opening up the other ribs and then come back up.

Stretch a little bit further up and bring the arms down. And before you unclasp your fingers, have a look and see which index finger is on top. Flipping. Get the other in other hand on top. Then the I'm watching you. Yes, you did it. You did it. Okay, send the hands forward. Stretch the arms up, lift the ribs again. And one more time going over to the right as we go over to the right. Start to think of lifting the left ribs up.

Say more than bending to the you want to stretch and open the left ribs and take the arms back a little bit to open up the shoulders and then come back. Lift again way, way, way up. Go to the other side and open up the right ribs. So literally send the right ribs to the ceiling and now feel for your hands and take them back a little bit to open up in the shoulders and then come back up. Bring the hands down, shake your hands out a little bit.

Overhang. Bring your hands out in front of you. Turn the heads back to back. Cross your one hand on top of the other, clasp your fingers together. Bring the hands in toward your sternum, elbows together and stretch those arms out and bring the hands back. So keep going back and forth. If you're doing this easily, think of start stretching, stretching your wrists down and back. And if you still having trouble getting through, keep on going.

You girls can do it. Well it Sandy, bring your elbow, look at you. You almost say bring the elbows tight together, Tim, to now have a look at me. You wanted that your stuff really slouched over and see if you can get those heads. You almost to keep going. Keep going, Sandy. You're just about to make it happen and then come back. So it takes a few times and then one day it just happens.

So have a look at which arm you have on top. A normal weight. Megan flipped the other way. Other hand comes on top class. Bring the hands in. I think you have it right. Bring the hands in. No you don't. So, so, uh, those of you who know what you're doing, yeah, but hey, my two front girls, this is all wrong. Start again. Hands here. Back to back. Do you remember which hand you had on top?

Then do the other one on top. Then you class, then you start to come in and stretch and back. So this is actually wonderful to unravel the wrists, the fingers, the elbows, the shoulders, and it kind of starts to get the glue on stock in the arms. And sometimes it was sticky for while Sandy. That's coming. Yeah, look at that. You're doing it now all the way over and come back up. Okay. Shake your hands out. Let's take the theraband just to start to open up in the shoulders a little bit.

So bring your hands in front of you and you want to stand with your heels together. [inaudible] stance so the toes are very slightly apart. Narrow the hips a little bit and lift the waist up and just pull the, the band apart and lift your chest. Do you feel that widening in the, in the, um, across the chest. Bring the hands back now bring the arms up, take the arms apart and bring them back. Now have a look at what's going to happen. A, B, bring your arms down just for a second. So you, you will be taking the arms wide and taking them back and then bringing the band back together. Taking the band out, taking it lower, letting it come back together. So every time it's going to really stretch across the chest, across the shoulders. If you're tight, you go super duper wide because you won't be able to do it.

So let's just start wide once, just as a test run and just take it back. Just take it back. So you see what your range of movement is in your soldiers go. You can go wider if it's challenging for you, then come back up, bring the arms in front and have a look at the width you have and bring yourself a little bit less wide so you'll have room. You'll actually be able to do the exercise. Now. Here we go. Take the arms up, lengths in the spine, way, way up. Pull the band apart, take the arms back a little bit.

Then let the band come together to all from the chest and shoulders. Widen the band again. Take it further back. Let the hands move towards each other to open the chest, pull the band apart, bring it lower. Pull. Let the band come together. And one more time Banco is out. Bring the hands down, let the band come together.

Check that your rib cages. Wa is long and lifted and then widen the band and we're going to coming back. Take the hands up a little bit. Let the band come together, pull the band out, lift the arms further back, let the band come together, pull the band out, lift the arms further up. Let the band come together. Pull the band out over your head. Let the band come together. Now it's a home run. It's easy. Here we go. Open the band.

Close the band, lower down. Open the band, close the band, lower down. Open the band. Close the bat. Okay, so the shoulders and chest with stretch. Let's come to the floor. Take your magic circle and take the, place it on the outside of your knees, outside of the knees. Have your feet hip with the part or so you can feel the traction of the, of the knees into the circle and hold behind the knees for minute and sit up. So you're lengthening the spine up. And you know what, Tim, come a little bit further forward on the Mat, sandy too. So when you roll back, you'll be, you'll still be on the mat.

Now lift up your spine and widen the knees and see if you can get a sense of lift. So by whining you want from your hips to your knees to feel that area activated, then release and again widen the knees and lift your back up. That's it. See if you can get the shoulders broad. Lift your elbows to the side to almost get a sense of space under the armpits. Release the knees. Now widen the knees, lift up out of the lower back and then look down to your navel and start curling in, articulating, and rolling backwards. Keep why Ning, the knees, because you're making the pelvis wider.

The sacred cow has more room to roll and then roll back and sit up straight. Nice and long and lifted. And again widen the knees. Start curling backwards to the head. Drops down, your stomach rolls in and your lower back opens. Roll, roll, roll. Now let go with your hands and roll all the way down to the mat and then relax the knees for a minute. Adjust your feet. On the mat so that you can feel a nice long spy and your feet have a little traction into the magic circle.

Now widen the band and then release the band and widen the band and release the band. So as you do this, you want to feel that lower back widening and kind of having space on the mat and relax. And why did you feel the sacred kind of long in the mat and why and release. And one more time and widen and released. Let's just get this right here so it's comfortable. Now we will roll up. So widen again. Lift your head and chest.

Feel the lower back long and then grab your size and roll yourself up to a sitting position. Set up nice and tall. Relax the needs for a minute. Widen again. Round the spine as you roll down, pressing into those knees as you go. Wide, wide, wide, wide, wide, nice and long. Relax your knees, widen the knees again. Lift your head and chance and curl up. Grabbing the size if you want to. And sitting up nice and tall. And one more time. Widening the knees. Dropping your head, rolling through the spine and dropping one vertebrae at a time onto the mat till you're lying nice and flat, and then relax the knees and take the legs out of the magic circle and just a little bit of warm up into the lower back. It's a magic circle, goes to one side. Knees and feet are together.

You want to see if you can feel the same, narrow, long, lower back and without anything changing in the pelvis. So is she are you want your knees and feet together? That's it. Lift your right knee toward your chest without anything changing in the pelvis. So the knee floats up and put the foot back down on the Mac and the other knee floats up and put the foot back down on the mat and the first leg lifts and lower back down and the other leg lifts. That's better for you and down and the first leg lifts and down and the other leg lifts and down. Now pause here.

Check that the stomach is lifted. The lower back is long. Narrow the hips together. Lift the right leg up, keep it there. Lift the left leg up with other tail VSD. Stabilizing. Put the right foot down, put the left foot down, reversing it left knee comes up right knee comes up, left foot goes down, right foot goes down, right knee comes up, left knee comes up right foot goes down, left foot goes down, left knee comes up right knee comes up, left foot goes down, right foot goes down a check that this fine as long the stomach is supporting your lower back and your waist and lift both knees all the way into your [inaudible] faster. They come close to your chest for a moment. Feed close to your bottom. Lower back is down past Casey. Yes, you want to feel the sacred down on the mat and feet are close to your bottom so the knees are very relaxed too. She had dropped the knees closer to your bottom. Just let them bend. Exactly. Now narrow the hips.

Press your back into the mat and bring the legs to tabletop. So now the knees are right above your hips. You have this 90 degree angle and without anything changing, drop your feet to the mat. Okay. Bring the knees all the way into your chest when they're in nice and close like that, your lower back is very relaxed and it's the easiest place to find the lengths in it. Now narrow the hips. Bring the knees up above your hips. Come to the table top and float the feedback down to the mat.

Keeping yourself stomach long and you're back on the mat. One more time. Bring the knees into your chest. Bring the legs up to table top with a hips narrow knees right over those hips and float the feet back down to the mat. Lifting the stomach in opposition to the movement. Very good. Now capping. Bring both knees into your chest. Bring the legs to table top.

Take your right foot to the mat. Tap left foot to the mat. Tap right foot to the mat. Tap and left and tap and tap and tap and tapping both knees up. Bring the knees into your chest and put your feet down on the mat. Rest. Now.

This last one is interesting because it becomes very tempting from the, here you have this 90 degree angle, so it's very tempting and easy to bend the knee to bring the leg down. So you're actually not putting more duress on this part of the body. So, but what you want is to imagine your legs on a cast so the knee does not bend and straighten it at all. The only place that there is a change is from the hips. So the more you hold that angle, the more the lower back and waist have to actually stabilize the way. So let's do this again and try and keep those pointers in mind.

So bring your knees first to your chest, check that the back is long. Narrow the hips right here. It's like clamping both legs into each other. Then bring the like tabletop heap, that position and now right foot goes down without, that's it. And up and left knee goes down. Yes, and switch and switch and switch and sweat and switch and switch. Bring both knees up, bend the knees to your chest and put the feet on the mat.

So much better. Excellent. So lift the arms to the ceiling. Keep the back long and reach the arms over your head, reaching through the fingers, keeping the spine long. Bring the arms up to the ceiling. Lift your head and chest and reach your hands towards your ankle to as you do this, the front body hollows out lower back. Reach the arms back, keeping you wasting ribs on the mat.

Bring the arms up, lift your head and chest and only left as far as the tips of your shoulder blade to the front. Body hollows back body gets long. Lower down. Reach back up, lift your head and chest and lower back down. One more time, reach back, bring the arms up and lift your head and chest in reach four. Don't live too high. Casey. Only tips of the shoulder blades coming up. There you go right there. Just front body hollow and lower back down.

Okay. Rest your arms. Very, very nice. So hundreds we are going to do slightly differently tonight. So this is what we'll be doing. I'll just show, you'll start with your legs up. You'll lift your head and chest the way you did a minute ago. When you're curling up and you want to crawl up your legs as high as you can go, even if the shoulders come higher and then you want to notice your back is flat, you'll take the legs as far as you're able to lower them without the back arching or you, you losing the shape you want to be holding the abs in and the backlog, and that's your position. Then you'll go into the pumping motion.

So bend both knees into your chest. Arms will start by your sides. Lift your leg straight up to the ceiling. Lift your head and chest up and reach your hands as high up your shinbones as you can with the leg. Now keep that height in your chest and start sliding the legs out the hand. Slide down till you found your angle. Then take the arms by your side.

Start pumping with the breathing in. Exhale, three, four, five. Keep the shoulders away from your ears. Exhale, pull. Five, three, five. Exhale. Three, four, five, four, three, four, five. X Sale. Three, four, five, five, two, five. Exhale, three, four, five, six, two, four, five. X sales, three, four, five, seven, two, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five, eight, two, three, four, five. X sales. V, four, five, nine, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five, last set, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five bedroom, and your knees into your chest. Give yourselves a little hug. Lower your shoulders and your head to the map. Check that the neck feels long and then put your feet on the mat.

Put your hands down and take a rest. Stretch your legs out and stretch your arms over your head and give yourselves a, just hold your thumbs and give yourselves a good stretch. Let the ribs come up. Point your toe. Squeeze your size and just pull as far apart as you can. And then keeping the legs nice and long.

Bring your arms up to the ceiling right above your shoulders. Start to lift your head and chest up. Press your ribs into the mat, soften the front ribs and peel yourself up to a sitting position and stretch forward and roll back down to the mat. Neison's flow, dropping one vertebra at a time onto the mat and then keeping the backlog. Stretch your arms over your head nice and long and again, lift your arms up, soften the ribs as you lift your head in, chest deep and into your stomach and try and peel off the mat. Excellent.

Drop your head to your knees and reach forward and roll back down. Rounding through the spine, the neck is long, the shoulders are down, the stomach is in, and stretch your arms over your head nice and long. And again, if your arms to the ceiling, lift your head and chest, shoulders away from your ears and peel off the mat. Stretching along and floored with those arms and why your shoulders on the way down. That's it. As you roll back the hands up, Powell to your legs all the way back, feet in one direction, fingers in the other long, tiny waist, long body and last time the arms to the ceiling. Lift your head and chest soften through the spine.

Keep your arms long as you dive your head down between your arms, arms, arap, and then roll back down. Broadening the shoulder blade, shoulders down your back, row, row, row, row, and stretch your arms back and then bring the hands down by your sides. And let's take, I think you all have your theraband bike next to you. So the theraband, place it around your right foot and lift your right leg to the ceiling. And in this position very slightly externally rotated. So your heel is opposite your nose and I would really like you to imagine you're wearing stiletto heels. Megan's got the idea.

So I want the band wide, not crunched up right around the ball of the foot and the toes. So get it higher there, Casey, right around the ball of the foot and the toes. Once you have this position, you want to literally press the ball of the foot up, but the toes back so you have a platform to Kat. The feeling is like you're pushing this part of the foot away from you and bring the heel, the foot right above your own hip and very slightly turn it out to the heels, opposite your nose. Very slight, politely status, just slight external rotation and then narrow the hips toward each other. So you have this lock of the pelvis on the ground.

Keep that. Reach through the toes. Take the leg as far over to your left as you can without the right hip coming off the ground now rather like down, around and up and paws. Opposite your nose. And again, cross circled down, around and up. And again, circle down, around and up and cross around and up. And last one cross around and up. So pause here. Check that your heel is opposite your nose.

Check that your right hip is long and down. So both hips are square. You want to take the right waist and lengthen it towards your left hip. So both sides of the pelvis are really squared. And then narrow those hips towards each other. Now reversed without the left hip moving at all.

Take the leg out to the right and then dry down across your body, around in, up, opposite your nose and out, down across your body and up in opposite your nose. And again out a crude Ross' your body up in opposite your nose and last one and across the body to stretch that out or leg. And now lower the leg, 45 degrees, reached through the ball of the foot in the toes to let, not earth shoes, high heels, stiletto shoes, Megan's got it may and then bring the leg as high up as you can without the hip lifting. So you stretch low that I down and lift the leg up and lower the leg down and lift the leg up. There we go. Yes, and lower the leg and lift the leg up right opposite the center line of the body. Yes, and float to like down and change feet.

So place the other foot in this band. Make sure the band is spread across the ball of the foot and the toes lift the leg up. You start with the leg right above your hip. If you have links in your hamstring, if you don't, the lake will be further away. But that's your start point. After that, if you're a more range of movement, you can bring it higher before you start. Take that left waist and left hip and press it down towards your right heel. That's it, Casey.

And keep this slight external rotation at the same time. You almost being too good here. Press the right hip down into the mat. Yes and right with ribs down to yes. Okay, now take the leg across your body. So the left hip is pressing way down and then circle around and up. Opposite your nose crossed out a bit. Yes.

Circle around and up. Cross. That's it. Circle around and up. Cross circled around and up and last one cross circle around and up in. Reverse it out without losing the right hip to the floor and up. And so you keep going.

So you only take the leg out as far as you can go without losing the right hip, the right waist. You have to really ground that side. The focus is crossing over your body, so you stretch out the outer hip. And one more time. Circle across the body and up in pause with the heel opposite. You know, so right opposite the center line of the body. Check the boasts. Hips are long, especially the right hip. Lengthen the leg away from you 45 degrees and then reach into the toes and lift the leg up and press your left hip down. As an aid comes up, lower the leg down and lift the leg up.

Lower the leg down, lift the leg up, lower the leg down, lift the leg up, and one more time. Lower the leg down. Lift the leg up. Get rid of the band. Put the leg on the floor and stretch both arms over your head. Just give yourself the nice, good stretch. Get the heels together, reach with the toes, pull your stomach way in, and then row up to a sitting position.

Peel yourself up off the floor. Bring your hands to either side of your hips, deepen into your stomach or powerhouse, and pop your bottom for rolling like a ball. Let's hold the front of the shinbones. Lift your feet up. Off the floor. Needs will be diamond shape slightly apart. See if you can get yourself closer. Your head is coming between your knees. You want to be like a little ball and east your whole lower closer to your ankles. Yes, that's it. Now keep the feet quite close to your trunk.

Roll your shoulders, roll back up and balance like a little ball. Roll back and roll up and roll back and roll up and roll back and roll up and roll back and row up. Two more times. Roll back and roll up. And one more time. Roll back and roll up and put your feet down the restaurant. Okay. Take your hands behind your head, lift your knees and see if you can have your elbows and your knees touch. Pull your stomach in. Keep your shoulders down. See if you can stay in touch with your knees. Roll back, earn.

Bring yourselves up and roll back and roll up. That was balance, balance, balance, and again, roll back. So you control everything from you powerhouse and up and roll back and roll up Debbie. Very good. One more time. Roll back and roll up. Yeah, almost there. I was there. Good. Hold your ankles. Keep your feet in the air. Take your left hand and hold onto your right knee.

This is our fancy and true media transition. Sandy, get the elbow inside. Now can you roll back for single leg stretches with control to rolling through the spine and you're right in position. Good. Pull the knee into your chest and switch and switch and switch to the trunk is nice and quiet as you pull one knee in, you stretch the leg away from you over time. Stretch the leg away. See if you can touch the first person across from you. Stretch and stretch and stretch. Bring both knees in.

Drop your head to the mat for a minute and take a breather. Curled your head and chest up against your very curved up, curled elbows, a wide arms to the ceiling and behind your head. Double leg stretches. Big Circle, tiny little ball. Stretch your arms and legs back. Big Circle and in and stretch and circle and in.

And one more time and stretch and circle and in and put your head down in your feet down and [inaudible]. Now let's kind of break this exercise a little bit because it in all of this, this series we're doing the series of five, we're contracting the front of the body to hold to the trunk is in this contracted shape and the back of the body is nice and long. So same shape we were in when we did the hundreds. You have this contracted front party holding the weight of the legs. So when we do double leg stretches here, it's an easy place to find the shape.

When you go back, nothing changes in the body, just the limbs extend away and you come back in. In gymnastics they call this hollow position or round position. In the old PyLadies text, Joseph is talk all the time about round bat flat back, round, back flat. So if you notice nothing is changing in my trunk, it's just the Liam. So let's have a go again, you want to keep looking in at your navel and then the challenge is to change the shape of the Lens. So let's have another girl bring your knees to your chest, hold your ankles if you can. Casey bottom is down. Otherwise there there's your shape. So if you had in chest up, that's the shape you stay in for the whole exercise.

Now freeze that and stretch your arms and legs away. So the arm, the bike, yes. Big Circle with the arms and hugged those legs in and stretch big circle and in. Now inhale. Exhale. Squeeze the air out. Inhale and good big circles here. And exhale. And one more time. Inhale and exhale. Much better. Drop your head down.

Drop your feet down and rest. That was excellent. This is his snacks. Bring both knees to your chest, stretch the legs up, curl your head and chest up so you lift the chest the way you did before you saw from the sternum to get the lift. Take your right leg with both hands and pull the leg towards you. Pulse, pulse, scissor, the legs, pulse, pulse, scissor, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse. Bring both legs up, bend your knees, put your head down, put your feet down, take a rest. Take both hands behind your head so you gently class of fingers together. And see if you can get the elbows drop right to the side so the elbows are on the floor.

Bring both knees into your chest and now keeping the elbows wide curled your head and chest up. So similar shape. Now the elbows are out. Keep lifting your chest. Lift the legs to the ceiling. Lift your chest. Float the legs a little bit away from you. Bring them up, float them away. Bring them up. Float them away. Bring them up. Lift the chest more. Float them away. Yes, Casey and up. Two more times. Float and lift that chest. And one more time.

Float and up. Bend the knees into your chest. Drop your head down. Put your feet down on the mat, stretch your legs out. Stretch your arms out and reach. Just stretch the fingers. Point your toes. Get as long as you can in your body and pull your stomach way in and then bring the arms to the ceiling and gather yourself into the powerhouses.

You peel off the mat to roll up to a sitting position. Peel off that floor. Very, very nice. AKC. Open your feet a little bit wider than your mat and spine. Stretch forward. Lift your arms straight up in front of you. And I would actually like the feet reaching long so the toes are long. Instead of flax, you kind of stretching through the toes, stretching through the fingers. See how tall you can get your spine.

Pull the belly in, press the shoulders down your back, big breath and get nice and tall and now drop your head and start rounding first your upper back, then your middle back, then your lower back. They have this very round shape. Your head is down. You're looking at your naval roll back up and stack your spine up nice and tall and lifted. Shoulders down, lift way, way up, shoulder the down and again, start rounding. Upper back, middle back. The arm are reaching long and you, it's like someone's grabbing your waist and pulling backwards and then roll back up. Roll back up, roll back up, sit up, lift up. Tiny hips, lift out of your bottom and one more time. Drop your head and round your spine. Hands are shoulder height the whole time.

So you're pulling forward and pulling back everything at the same time. Your feet are reaching in your toes and reaching and your ribs supporting back. Nice work and roll back up. Roll back up, roll back up. And right here, right at the end, think of where your hips are. See if you can tighten even more.

So you pop your bottom muscles together to get even more height so you can pull up even more. Pull the ribs up even more, and then relax. Nice work. Then your feet open, like walk. Come towards the front of your own mat, hold behind the knees and take your right leg up and bring it back and the left leg up and bring it back. So you're seeing this slight hollow position. So the front body is balanced, holding the weight of the legs and the weight of the trunk, and you're opening up in your lower back and back and up and down in the other leg. Now both legs at the same time, nothing changes. Extend the legs both together, hollow out your back.

So it's not a flat back. It's a rounded shape. That's it. That's it. These Shia when the feet down and again, so it's kind of like your curved under to bring the legs up and back, pull the stomach in to open up and into your lower back. Bring the legs together just for the fun of it. Take the legs out and bring the legs down. Good work. Bring the hands together inside and hold the front of your ankles. Same thing again. Right leg goes up and back.

Left leg goes up so the feet are off the map. The whole time you're balancing between your sit bones and your tailbone, your little bit back are your sit bones, so you have this slight scoop happening the whole time. Shoulders are down to all the work is from the waist down. Now both legs at the same time. Lift the legs up, bring the legs back, lift your legs up, bring the legs back one more time, lift the legs up, shoulders are down and bring the legs back. Put your feet back on the mat. That is getting so much better now. Open eye dropper.

You have a choice holding behind the knees. If the hamstrings are tight or holding your ankle, if you really want to go for the next level. So, um, make sure you're at the front of your mat, which you all are with nothing. The whole, so we start the same way you come into your v shape, you can be holding your ankles or your behind the knees, make sure the ribs are closed in the front and open in the back and the stomach is rounded. Keep this shape and roll back on your shoulders. Come right back up and balancing. Keep that scoop. You want a round shape, not a lifted back scoop. That's it.

Roll back again and roll up and do not you like a little China doll there. Yes. And roll back and [inaudible] up and balance and roll back and row up and balance. One more time. Roll back, roll up and balance and put your feet on the mat. Okay, so all of these rolling exercises, super, super challenging, kind of something [inaudible] focuses on a lot. What we're doing all the time is we're really elongating this lower area of the spine, which has attempted to get very tight and rigid. And so at the beginner level, we're doing a lot of this c curve and really opening up, lifting the front stomach muscles and opening up the back.

So when we do the rolls, this happens in rolling like a ball. It happens real open like rock and hope and then all the rolling ones. And we do what will often happen. You're in this nice round shape and you start to roll back and then the muscles give out. So what happens is you go into a flat back because it's the back muscles take over in the stomach releases. So the trick is to see if you can, even if you need to bend your knees, see if you can keep this scoop. So nothing is changing in the shape. And even if you don't get up, I would rather see you fall back but not get up by doing that because that's exactly what we're strengthening a whole alternative muscle balance in that lower spine. So we are gonna do it again and focus on that.

So less important is that like straight. If you feel you start with a bit knees bent, if you want to get that scoop, get that tail under the stomach in and the back. Ribs wide. Yes. Now imagine you're a little China doll and nothing changes here. Then see if you can roll back and come up keeping that shape so you roll back and roll up and keep the shape. You got it. Yes. Rollback again, rolling back and roll up.

You got yes, exactly and roll back again and roll up and Megan, shoulders down. Otherwise excellent. One more time, Kim. Excellent up you come balance and see if you can hold your balance. Yes. Ring your legs together, walk your hands a little bit up. Can you send which towards your legs. Keep that stomach into the legs along and now keeping the legs in the air. Walk down your legs like you're climbing down a pole and life flat for corkscrew. Say hands by your sides. Your back is long and anchored into the mat and the hips are anchored into the mat. Press your hands strongly into the mat, bend the elbows a bit and push them down. They will ground you, Tim.

The legs are in the air, legs are in the air. There we go. Now, small circle with the legs going right down, left and UPCEA. Massage around you. Sacred. Reverse it. Left down right and up and right down. Left and up and left down right and up and right down. Left and up and left down right and up.

Anchor your waist into the mat and slowly lower the leg. Straight to the floor. Long legs, strong stomach, tight hips, tight stomach, all the way down to the floor. And then rest. Very, very good work. Stretch your arms over your head, point your toes, let your back arch and reach. And also squeeze your thighs together so you feel this kind of squeezy, stretchy shape that you're in. Bring the arms up as you lift your head and chest, your pelvis changes.

So the hips with a waist drops down, the chest drops and peel off the mat. Opening up that lower back. And one more time. Stretch forward, grab your ankles. And just that the head relax down, come back up and open your legs for saw. So the will be wider than your mat. And again you want. Now you will have flexed feet. So really pull the toes up and push your heels away from you. First of all, just lift up your back strongly.

Take your arms to the side and see if you imagine someone grabbing underneath your armpits and pulling you up. Can you get even taller out of your waist? Twig. Let's have everybody twisting in my direction to begin with. So everybody twists as far over as you can. Pull the arms apart and lift and twist them even more. Now handouts in front is going to reach towards your little toll before you go forward.

Take the opposite hip and grounded so left hip and right hip down so the hip you're stretching away from, pushes into the ground. You reach three times, right reach, reach and sit up and lift the waist. Lift the spy, lift the head, twist to the other side. Twist, twist, twist, Wes. Now opposite hip grounds as you go. [inaudible] stretch, stretch, stretch. A little more. Come back up and lift, lift, lift, lift up in the waist first side again, twist and reach three times. Reach and repeat and reach and sit up tall. If the waist, lift the spine, reach those arms, twist to the other side, and three times. Stretch, stretch, stretch and lift. Flex those feet for a side. Again, twist to the first side. Stretch and reach one. Reach to reach three. Sit Up tall, flexos feet and lift and last one, twist and flexibly the lot.

One and two and three. And sit up and lift. Now tighten the hips. Lift up a little more. Pull up the waist, lift up a little more after the crown of the head and then relax down. Very, very nice. Now let's sit cross legged and grab your magic circle. So sitting, you want to look at where your size are.

Take the circle and take the line of your own side. Play some magic circle as an extension of it so it's just slightly long. Slight diagonal to the right with your left hand on your knee. Lift your backups. So you want to see if you can keep your shoulders over your own hips.

The spinal column is tall, your shoulders are down, and your belly is in. Then press down the magic circle and lift up in the chest. And really, so you get taller as the magic circle goes down. So you want to feel this right rib, active and press, and you press down from your belly so you feel you initiate from the powerhouse to get up. So lift the spine, depress and lift the spine. Depress and lift the spine to press and lift the spine to press change sides. So long diagonal along the line of your own STI.

Make sure you're in the middle. So you're just over your own leg. Kim, maybe hold this. Can you hold with your right hand? Your right leg? Yep. There we go. So lift the spine to press down. M press, m press. So every time you push down, your belly should be pulling in and up. So you're lifting your waist, lifting your waist, lifting your waist, and lifting your waist. Take the hat, the magic circle right the side. So you want to think of where your own hips are and it's going right to the side and you place it just under the, the um, section, this part of your palm. So you have kind of a nice sense of pressure there.

So sitting up nice and tall, push down to lift, push down to lift, push down to lift too. Every time the center of the spine gets taller and taller and taller and taller, other side, nice lifted back long arms and pushed down to Lyft and Lyft and Lyft and Lyft and Lyft and Lyft and Lyft and Lyft. Now first side, again, you will take the magic circle behind you, but you only want to go with far back as you can, not to let the shoulder roll in. So for some of you maybe just very slightly find your own place, you want to check that the collarbones are still facing straight forward so you're not twisting towards a circle this thing right or the front. And then make sure your shoulders are over your hips as Sandy.

Get your [inaudible] there. You still want to be vertical with your spine. That's it. Now press down to lift am press am press. Every time the waist is lifting, you want to feel that central part of the spine going straight up through the crown of the head, straight up through the crown, straight up through the crown, straight up through the crown. Other side. So shift, make sure your collarbones are facing straight forward. Your spine is long. And here we go. Press down to lift, press down to lift am press add, press and press and press and press and press. Very, very good. Put the magic circle away.

Stretch your legs out and roll down on to your backs. In a roll onto your stomach for swan and and die. So rolling onto this stomach. Place your hands about in line with your neck or your chin or ears. And you want your hands wide, a little bit wider than your Mat, right?

And get your legs nice and long and ideally together. Now before you start, squeeze your buttocks together and press your hips into the mat a little bit. The hands should have the elbows lifted up off the floor. So you had a why they're not close to you. So each child on the wood, yeah, Tim to the hands should actually be on the wood, not on your mat, but on the floor. Now use your hands to lift your head and chest and just push up to a straight arm position. Just feel this beautiful lift in the chest, the long length in the spine, length through the legs, and then lower back down.

Very, very good. And again, press up again. Nice and lifted, lengthening up, lifting the stomach, lifting the spine long through the back of the neck and lower back down. And one more time. Lifting up, lifting up nice and long with your back, long with your spine and lower back down. Going into this swan dive, you'll be rocking forward to the legs. Go up and then you'll catch yourself in the same position to press up the way you were admitted to go. Lifting up with those arms. Now from your head to your feet, you want to feel like a bow so you squeeze your legs tight, drop your chest and press. Here we go. Drop your chest and press, lift the legs and press. Lift your legs and press.

Lift your legs and press and lift your legs and press and lower back down on the mat. Very, very nice. Stretch both arms out in front of you on the floor. Karate chop means little fingers on the floor. Thumbs are facing the ceiling so the pumps are facing each other. Just just kind of even now from here, lift your head and look between your hands.

See if you can slide your hands under you and come up onto your elbows. This is a nice way to start to engage. So from here you're just lifting up. Now make fists with your hands and press the hands into the mat. Lengthen the chest forward and up and keeping that left. Bend your right foot.

Kick, kick, left foot. Kick, kick, right foot kick, kick, kick, kick. Keep the hips nice and quiet. Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, double speed. Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick and lower the legs down. Lower your head to the mat, lying on your stomach. Take both hands behind your back for double like kick. So one hand holds the other. You bend the hands by your waist and drop your elbows to the mat.

So the hands are right by the waist. With the elbows down. No keeping your buttocks. Press into the mat. Bend both knees. Kick your bottom three times. Kick, kick, kick the legs. Go down the hand, stretch back straight towards your knees. And if your head and chest and up as high as you can turn your head the other way. And here we go.

Take one kick to kick three pull back and lift. And again kick one kick to kick three pull back and lift. And again kick one kick to kick three Paul Bat hands to your knees. Stretch your hands back. You are going to be a gumby girl. Kick one. Kick two, three, pull back and that first side again. Kick two, three, pull back and lift. Megan, you have competition.

K three pull back and lower back down. Put your hands under your shoulders and sit back into your heels and stretch out. Nice long stretch. Take a big breath in here. Breathing all the way into your sacred and then breathe out and walk your hands to the right of the mat to stretch out the left side of the ribs and wrap your hands to the left side of the mat and come back to the center and lie down on your stomach. And then La roll onto your back for bridge pose.

So on your back, you want your knees bent up with your heels more or less under your knees. Check that your spine feels long on the mat and press your hands down into the mat. From here, Tuck the tail. Suggest the tail curls up. You want to feel like a dog with their tail between their legs. Roll up to your hips, come off, roll up to your waist, comes off and the ribs. And then you want to be in this long plank position from your armpits to your knees nice and straight. And then drop the chest, drop the ribs, drop the waist, drop the hips, drop the tail and again, curl your tail under fee to be hip with the part, not together right now. And tail under. Roll your bottom up, roll your waist up, roll your ribs up, all the way up to this nice long, long trunk.

And then drop the chest as you implode to collapse a chest down. Collapse the ribs, the waist, the hips, all the way to the tail. And again, Tuck your tail and roll your bottom up and gently push down with your arms. As you're coming up. Feel yourself lengthening out through the knees all the way from your armpits.

Long, long, long size. And then roll down. Roll down, roll down to flat. And one more time. Tucking the tail. Rolling up, rolling up, rolling up nice and long and roll down. Softening the sternum, softening the rib, softening the waist all the way down, all the way down, all the way down and rest. Okay, let's have you all rolled two legs, a straight roll onto to roll the face, my direction for the sidekicks. So you will be lying on the back part of your maths, elbow, armpit, hips and feet in a straight line.

Lift both legs up in the air, flex your feet, bring the legs to the front of your mat. And put the feet down and feel how you're lining up the bat. You're lengthening the back part of your, of your back, if you will, against the wall. And you would want your whole back touching the wall. Take your top like only a little higher than your hip and lower down, lifted in from your waist. Press out. Lengthen it out. So maybe this waist comes off the mat and lower down so it's almost longer than your bottom leg. Lift and down lift.

Now as you do this, pull the shoulders down and down. Lift and down. Lift and down. One more time. Lift and down in long toes. Turn the leg out and swing it. High. High kicks and flex down and swing. And Dan, so let yourself now be loose. So you just get that hip to start to kick in, open and down and lift. And then press the heel away from you. Lift, press the heel lift, press the heel, lift, press the heel, legs together. Lift them both up.

Lower lift, lower lift, lower and lift and low. And let's have you all rolled the other side. If facing in the opposite direction. Lie in the back part of your maths. Make sure the legs are long. Lift both legs up. Flex. Bring them forward. Lower them down. Yeah, take your top like lift and down.

Only a little higher than your own hip and down. Now as you lift, lengthen from the waist and down. So it's about length through the heel. It's not about height right now and down. And one more time and down a point. The foot rotated out without the hips changing.

Kick it as high as you can. Flex and press the heel away. Lift and down and lift and press. Shoulders down. As you do this, lift and down. Lift and down. Lift and down. Flex the feet. Lift them both up, lower them down.

Lift them up, lower them down. Lift and down. One more time and lift. Very good, endow. Roll onto your backs for preparation for teaser. So bend both knees on the Mat, knees together, feet together. Arms long by your side to check with your backs. Feels long. Take your right leg an extended without your knees coming apart.

Lift your head and chest up so you soften in the sternum. Roll up toward your show your foot and roll back down without letting the knees come apart and roll up again. Reach towards those toes and roll back down. One more time. Lift up and reach towards those toes and roll back down.

Change feet. So before you lift the other leg, check that your knees like glued together and then extend the leg without the knees coming apart. Now from here, move your foot a little further out, Casey, so it'll be easier for you to get up with this angle. Okay. Lift your head and chest and roll up. Using that powerhouse to come up. Good. Roll back down. Hands to the mat and again, roll up and roll down. Very good. One more time. If you hadn't chest and roll up a little higher, 70 you could do it and roll down. Okay. Bend both knees into your chest.

Stretch your arms over your head, lift your legs up to 90 degrees. Take the legs away from you. And here you go. Both reach up towards your tails. See if you can reach up and roll back down and row up. Good, sandy and roll down. One more time.

Row Up and roll down. Bend your knees into your chest. That was good. Teaser is hard. Roll up to sitting position. Seal knees are apart. Hands in prayer pose. Place your hands under your ankles and wrapped them. Hold your ankles.

Pull your shoulders down. Same round shapes again, the ribs are back, your back of your tee tailbone or sit bones. So you want that scooping in the navel. Only thing is his shoulders are down. Yes. Now Clap your feet three times. Clap, clap, clap. Roll to your shoulders. Roll right back up. Balance here, clap, clap, clap. Roll back to your shoulders and roll back up. One more time.

Clap, clap, clap. Roll back and roll up and put your feet on the mat. So let's add on the full c o cause we've been working on this for a while. Each year you're just jumping in the V pen, whatever. It's all good. So you know why I'm enrolling like a ball. We're just in this nice shape.

Now we're adding a little more complexity. So we're balancing it both points of the role. And it means you have to control your trunk from your powerhouse. So you clap here. Now when you roll back, you can't lose your shape because you have to stay here and clap three times here. Roll back here, clap, clap, clap, roll back there, clap, clap, clap. So the worst that can happen is you fall over.

So I believe in holding over till that time ago because I think most of you are already really ready for this. And it's a bit of a trick. It just takes a few times and then you get it. So let your feet up, check that you rounded and hold your powerhouse strongly. So the waste is control. That's a secret place to get it to happen. In clap three times. Clap, clap back to your shoulders and C Cup, clap, clap, roll up, clap, clap, roll back, clap, clap. Roll Up. Cap, Cap, clap. Last one. Roll back, clap, clap, clap. Good work. I love it. Come up to standing position. That was good.

Now we'll add how to stand up from this, which I know you all know how to do and we'll have showtime. So stretch your arms in front of his shoulders or down wastes as long. Three little circles without the shoulders coming up. Reverse your circles. And as you come down, think of how much taller and longer you can get you one space in the spine. But the shoulders are nice and broad. Now as you reach the arms up, you want to reach them and reach forward to, they're not above your head.

The little in front cause the shoulders are down. Three circles again, circles two, three, reverse to three. Reach through the fingertips and then as you come down, feel out of your spine gets longer and taller and you get lean. Or as you get elongated now lift the arms right up to the ceiling. How much space can you get in your spy and then drop your head and start peeling yourself down. You're rolling through your spine just like you did. Peeling yourself off the floor, rolling towards the floor.

And if you're flexible, you stopped before the fingers touch the floor. You support your back with your stomach. Drop your head and three circles here with your arms. They should just be gangling like little loosey, Goosey, raggedy and type arms. Reverse your circles the other way. Circle and circle and circle.

Gather into your powerhouses stomach and start rolling up. Rolling up, rolling up. Stretch your arms forward. Lift your arms up through the fingertips. Stretch up one more time. Time, and then again, soften the chest, round your spine and start again to roll down. Roll down the arms. Hang from the shoulders ahead of hands, but the spine controls the roll with your stomach. Three circles. One, two and three. Reverse it. One and two and three and roll back up.

Roll back up, roll back up. Lift your arms up over your head. Feel from your feet through the crown, through the fingertips nice and long. And then start floating the arms out. And as the arms float down, you want to feel the sense of the spine lifting, the crown of the head, lifting. You want the weight of the feet. Somewhere between the heels and the toes. You're not dead into the heels, just a little bit. Four to just gently check that the heels can arise up off the floor.

So there's a lightness into the back weight of the body. Yes. Just up and down and then pause. Take a deep breath in and breathing out. Let it all go. And you all did very, very well. Thank you so much.


se podra traducir al español ,o subtitular?
excelente clase !!!
Fabulous class, as always...thank you Niedra!
Marisa~ We are still working on creating subtitles for our classes and hope to offer it in the future but unfortunately at this time we do not offer them.
Do you really consider the rocking bow and teaser to be for this 1/2 level? Just wondering.
Niedra Gabriel
Hi Jeannene, That is a good question - I've been working with this group for 2 years so they are familiar with mat work and with me. I tend to expect a high level out of beginners - I always teach both teaser and open legged rocker within the first 10 introductory lessons I do with new people.
With this group, we are moving into Intermediate ( hence the level 1 /2) and if I did rocking bow, then yes, I was starting to get them going into that. They could all benefit from stretching out their quads. Levels are different with different schools - for me level 3, slash advanced is pretty advanced. I expect a high level of athletic ability, a mix of stregth, flesiblity, coordination, flow and speed. A slower more detailed class is for lower levels, and can often be harder to do. For me a beginner is still expected to do a " workout" and challenge themselve. This is the persepctive of the classical style. I hope this answers your question?
Great class. Loved the opening of the shoulders at the beginning. Thank you!
Marisa ~ This has taken us a while, but we have added Spanish and English subtitles to Brent Anderson's "Mat for Back Pain" class as an experiment. You can view the video here. The Spanish subtitles can be selected by clicking on the box in the lower right-hand corner of the video player screen labeled "CC," and selecting the Spanish language option. We would love to hear your feedback on whether this is a good, easy to view Spanish translation. We are also curious to know what other videos you would like to see subtitled in Spanish. Your response as a forum post, or as an email to would be very much appreciated! Thank you.
Marisa ~ Esto nos ha llevado un tiempo, pero hemos agregado subtítulos en español al video de Brent Anderson "Mat Para el Dolor de Espalda" como un experimento.

Puedes ver el video aqui. Los subtítulos en español se pueden seleccionar haciendo clic en el cuadro en la esquina inferior derecha de la pantalla del reproductor de vídeo con la etiqueta "CC," y seleccionar la opción de idioma español.

Nos encantaría escuchar sus comentarios acerca de la traducción al español, si es entendible y si hay alguna manera de que podamos mejorar. También queremos saber qué otros vídeos les gustaría ver con subtítulos en español. Podes darnos tu respuesta como un mensaje en el foro, o como un correo electrónico a Estamos muy ansiosos por tu comentarios! Gracias.
Love watching your classes Neidra. I am especially enjoying watching Sandy's progress over the past few years. Go Sandy!
1 person likes this.
My second class of your's Niedra and it was fabulous. The hour flew by. I still have a blockage when doing a roll up and need to either lift my feet up or pull up with my hands on my legs. Can't ever imagine being able to do it like all the people in your class. There is some disconnection in my powerhouse - (which isn't very powerful!) somehow. Thank you for your wonderful instruction.
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