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Standing Foam Roller Burn

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Tash Barnard is back with an intense Standing workout. You will work on balance while working on your entire body. With exercises like Standing Legwork and Push Ups on the Foam Roller, you will definitely feel the burn!
What You'll Need: Mat, Foam Roller

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All right everyone. You can stand with your feet together and extend your arms so that your hands are on top of the foam roll and as we inhale you're going to sit back into a squat, pushing the roller away. Inhale, so you get the stretch through your legs and then just exhale, stretch back upright. Inhale to reach. Push the hands down into the foam roller and exhale to extend.

And inhale, reach. And exhale up, we'll do two more. And inhale reach and exhale, push through the feet, through the knees and then one more inhale, reach and hold it there. As we exhale, bring the pelvis into a posterior tilt, so think of your pelvic core, and then release back to the neutral and again, exhale, draw the abdominals, round the lumbar spine and inhale to release and four more, exhale and inhale release, so no movement in the shoulders. Exhale and inhale release.

And two more exhale and inhale release. And one more exhale and inhale release to neutral and then extend and stand up tall. This time we're going to exhale. Push the roller forward, draw the pelvis in, tuck the pelvis in and ripple up through the spine into an upright position. So inhale to sit back.

Start with the pelvic core, articulate the lumbar spine, through the spine all the way back to neutral. And inhale three more. And exhale, draw the abdominals, articulate and keep pushing the hands down so the arms are active. And we do two more inhale and exhale, draw, articulate, stretching through the spine and back to neutral, one more. Inhale, reach.

And exhale, lift up. And stand tall. So from here I push the hands down, take your right leg out behind you. You're going to lift the leg, inhale, extend through your spine lifting the sternum, then draw the abs, exhale, push down into the roller and draw the knee to the chest. We repeat that, inhale up and exhale, draw, get that deep flexion in the lumbar spine and inhale, reach.

And exhale, draw, draw, draw, draw, four more inhale and exhale, deep lumbar flexion. Three more inhale. And exhale pushing the hands down. And two more lift up, elongate, elongate and exhale core, we're gonna do one more and then we're gonna add some pulses, inhale. And exhale, draw in, hold it here.

Push your roller away from you, keep the arms straight. So it's for the glute, as you inhale pulse down. Exhale two, exhale three and four, keeping the lumbar flexion, five, exhale six and seven and eight and nine and 10. Okay, coming upright, from here the leg is going to AB duct, so you're going bend lift and upright and two. And upright.

And three. And upright. And four. And up. Exhale five, keeping both knees bent as you lift the leg up and back and seven, good.

Exhale eight, feeling the stabilizers working in the standing leg, nine and hold it here. So the top leg goes up, pulse one. Exhale two, exhale three, exhale four, exhale five, keep the knee bent six, and the arms straight, seven. And eight and nine and 10. Come upright, stretch the leg out behind you.

You're going to tilt the body forward stretching the leg out behind you and come upright. And two. And lift. And exhale three, keeping the arms straight, pushing down into the roller, four. And stretch through the standing leg's knee, five.

And up. Exhale six. And upright. And seven. Good Sarah.

And eight. And nine. And hold it here, take your right leg 10 degrees to the right side and we pulse it up one, and two. Exhale three, extend through the knee, five and six and seven and eight and nine and 10, hold and bring the body up, let's change legs. Oh.

All right, stretching your left leg out behind you. Reach the arms forward, extend the spine. Lift the leg inhale and bend the knee exhale, push down. And inhale, reach up. Every time make the movement a little bit longer.

Extend, extend and give me length. And exhale deep flexion in the lumbar spine. And five. And exhale, good. And six.

Make the movements deep, drawing into the abdominals. And seven reach. And exhale. I'm losing my balance. And eight.

And core, core, core, two more, nine. And exhale, good. And last one, exhale, core, hold reach the arms forward and we pulse down one and two, keep drawing the knee towards the chest, four and five and six and seven eight, nine and 10 and come up. From here the leg AB ducts and we lift up and bring it in. And two and upright.

Three, give me eye line when you come up and four, so extend through the cervical spine and five and up. And six. And seven. Lift up. And eight.

And nine. And hold it 10, we pulse up one and two and three and if you want to make the exercise more challenging, you can certainly keep the roller in your hands as opposed to resting on the roller. Nine and 10 and bring it in. So I'll just demonstrate if you want to do the alternative arm position and we're going to the left and up and two and up. So using the arms, not just holding the roller, but let the arms be active.

And seven, watching the tracking of your femur over the second and third toe, nine. The thigh bone hold it. Move the leg 10 degrees out to the left side and we pulse one, pulse two, finding the stabilizers in that standing leg's thigh, in the hips, seven, eight, nine and ten and come up. Okay, you feel the glutes. Let's have a stretch.

Cross your right ankle over your left thigh, reach forward and just have a stretch. And we breathe in, again, you can place the roller down if you need the support. Otherwise you can keep the arms up. One more inhale. And let's change around and sit.

Ah, that feels good. Inhale and exhale. And inhale and exhale. And one more. And come up.

All right, standing with your feet hip distance apart, we're going to roll down and move the spine into extension. So reach the arms down, we take a deep breath. Exhale, lower the chin. Articulate through the spine and roll your body down towards the floor, bend your arms if you need to. From here lengthen the spine into extension as you bring your body into a tabletop line.

Exhale to lower down towards the floor and roll up into your standing position. Inhale to prepare. And exhale, turn to chase and roll forward. Exhale, exhale, exhale. Inhale.

Lengthen, lengthen, lengthen. Using your back extensors to bring your body into this tabletop line. And then lower body down, exhale, inhale, pause. And articulate to roll up, lengthening up through the spine. And we breathe in.

And we exhale, turn to chest, naval to spine. On the in breath, lengthen out, feel your back extensors reaching the spine forward, holding it there. I need the ribs in. I need the abdominals in. Lower the chin for me, push the back down, push your tailbone away.

Hold it. Chrissy give me a little bit more lift here, thank you. And then lean your body forward down and articulate rolling up, use those hamstrings to bring the pelvis to neutral and then stack the spine on top of the pelvis. Inhale again and exhale, lower the chin. Rolling the body up and over.

And inhale, lengthen out, I need this flat. Higher extension from you Sarah, here, hold it here. Keep the ribs in. Draw the abdominals. The muscles between the ribs and hip bones.

Draw the soft tissue in there for me. We're going to pass the arms up, exhale one. Exhale two. Exhale three. Give me back, give me back and five.

Exhale six, drawing the shoulder blades down seven and eight and nine and breathe in. Lengthen your spine a little bit more and then lower body down and exhale to roll up. All the way. Breathing in. We're gonna add a rotation.

Exhale chin to chest, naval to spine and we roll forward. Inhale, elongate the back, bend your knees if you need to. Give me more elongated spine, we breathe in. You rotate also over to the right side, exhale. Inhale center, relying on those obliques to pivot the body around so Sarah follow me.

You're going to rotate and inhale center. And exhale rotate and inhale center, keeping your knees slightly bent, exhale. You okay and center. And exhale. And center.

One more each way. And center. And last one. And center. Lift and hold and then lower body down exhale to roll back up, all the way.

Articulate, articulate, all the way up. So let's just push the roller to your right side. As you interlace your hands behind your head, extend your left leg out behind you. We're going to extend the hip, extending the leg. And then exhale, draw your abs and pull the knee to the chest, but draw deep into your abdominals and we go inhale, extend up.

And exhale, so you can keep your hands there. An alternative is to elongate, reaching through the lever of the arms and then exhale to call in. And inhale, reach. And exhale, call in. We'll do two more.

And inhale reach, think of the double leg stretch. Exhale, call, draw the abs. And one more inhale, this time resist your hands into your thigh and your thigh into your hands as you use the abdominals to pulse up and down, one. Exhale, so it's more abdominals, two, three, four and five, just eight, six and seven and eight. Change sides.

Hands behind the head. Lift the leg behind you, inhale. And exhale draw, draw, draw, keep the elbows wide. Inhale to reach up and exhale to draw in. If you use the extension you reach the arms and exhale, draw in.

And four more inhale extend through the spine and exhale call. And three inhale. And call around the lower back. And two more, reach, reach, give me spines and exhale. And one more inhale, this time the hands go onto the thigh.

We hold it, we pulse, exhale one, exhale two, exhale three, draw the abs four, exhale five, and six and seven and eight. And place the leg down. So reach your arms over your head, stretch your leg out to the side for me. You're going to lift you leg inhale, working into the obliques, exhale, draw the body over and lift the knee. And inhale up.

And exhale two. Give me backs everyone, I need posture, I need attitude. And extend. We do four more exhale. And extend.

And three, whoo. And two. And one, hold it and the leg is going to pulse up and the chase down one. Sarah bring your pelvis slightly more, yes, thank you. Four and five and six and seven and eight.

Hold and change sides. Thank you, inhale and exhale. Pull up and over and release. And two and release. And three, so pushing the standing leg's knee slightly out towards the baby toe and three more.

Feel the glutes. And two. And one, hold and we pulse one, exhale two, exhale three and four and five and six and seven and eight and relax. Take your roller again for me please. With your legs together, reach your arms over your head for a side stretch on the in breath, you're going to reach over to your right side as we inhale lift and exhale reach, reach and reach.

And resist that push into the roller with your hands and exhale reach, reach, reach and resist up. We do four more, inhale and inhale and bring the legs together and hold. And three more up and over. And resist up. And reach, stretching out the sides, stretching out the armpit and back, one more and reach.

And reach and reach and resist up and hold. Okay. Good. So from here we're gonna do the hamstring and then we're going to go into some front support stuff. All right, so from here, hold the roller in your hands.

You can stretch your right leg out behind you. You're going to lift your leg and hinge your body forward. We're going to exhale. Bend your knee, so contract the hamstring and then exhale, extend the leg back. So try and create your own resistance here, getting more hip extension for me so lift the thigh higher and extend, good.

And four more and reach and there and extend. And two more and extend. And one hold it here, so lift the knee behind you, dorsiflex your ankle and pulse up one, exhale two. Exhale three, good work everyone, four. Great balance, five, and six and seven and eight and release.

Change legs. And we're lifting. Inhale. So if the arms are tired, cross the arms over the chest without the roller, lift the leg, hinge the body forward. And we go inhale.

Contract and exhale extend. And inhale to in and exhale extend. And inhale. And exhale, reach all the way, inhale four more and extend back and there. (exhaling) And the last one hold and we pulse up flexing and two, exhale three, good work guys, four, draw the abs back five, exhale six, and seven and eight, hold and relax.

Good stuff guys. All right. So you can face inwards. You can place your roller down just in front of you and then for a split second you're going to kneel. So place your hands on the roller.

Extend your right leg out for me. Feel the pressure of the right ball of the foot into the floor and the hands. Then you literally just slide the left leg out to prepare for three pushups. We inhale to bend and exhale stretch the arms and hold. And two more, keeping the head in line with the spine and exhale, stretch and hold.

And one more. And exhale stretch and hold. Lift your hips to the pipe, but step your feet in, drawing down into your legs. We hold it inhale and exhale. And inhale.

From here transfer the weight onto the left leg as you take the right leg up behind you as high as what you can and swing your leg forward onto the roller. Big step. If you need to put your foot on the floor, you can, that's absolutely fine. From here. Push into that right thigh as you balance reaching the arms forward, up and over and hold it there for a stretch for me.

Arms up, sorry Chrissy, hold it. Inhale. And breathe out. And one more inhale. And exhale, from here straighten the front leg, place the hands down onto the roll, extending the spine and enjoy the hammy stretch and if you push your heel down, you're get your added calf stretch.

One more, calve. Breathing in, then lower the body down and exhale, be kind to your body. Release it there. In. And one more.

Bring your weight forward back onto the foot. We're going back into the piriformis stretch, which is quite deep. If you want to do this on the floor, go ahead. Otherwise, just bring your heel to the armpit with your shin on the roller, lower the back knee down and then if you need a deeper stretch, just walk your hands forward and relax into the glute stretch where you inhale. And exhale, good.

Inhale. And one more. And roll up through your spine. From here place the back knee on the floor. Bring your heel towards your glutes.

Take the arm behind you so exactly. Bring your heel, your right heel to your left armpit. And sit on your bottom for me. That's it, there we go. And then draw your heel in.

Square the body off. And one more. And then release the leg. Bring your hands underneath your shoulders on the roller, pushing up with your arms, so stabilize already with your arms. So slide the leg back into your front support as we repeat the three pushups.

Inhale and push up and hold. And two you can go onto the knees if you need to and one more and exhale into the pipe, step the foot forward, holding it inhale. And exhale. One more. Take the left leg behind you, lift it up, reach and reach and reach and swing the leg forward, balancing on the roller.

Holding it there, push into that thigh as you reach the arms forward. Reach the arms up and back and we hold it, keeping the arms there. Inhale. And one more. And reach the arms forward down, straightening out the spine, pushing the heel towards the floor.

Breathe and one more. Lean the body forward and down. Stretching inhale and exhale and one more. And bend the knee. From here into the glute stretch as you bring the heel to the armpit.

And then if you need a deeper stretch you lower your body closer down to the floor, breathing in. (exhaling) One more. (exhaling) Bring your body upright. Draw your heel towards your glutes. Bringing the leg closer in with your arm.

Breathing in, relax the hips. Good. Release the leg. Bring your hands back onto the foam roller. Push up with your arms, slide the leg back.

Lift yourq hips up and walk your feet forward towards the roller. Take the roller from the side and exhale, roll up through your spine, good. You can face the front. I want you to think of your footwork series. Okay, so with your feet hip distance apart, you're going to reach your arms forward and you can at any time put the roller down if you feel you need to have less upper back work, okay.

Inhale. Bend your knees and reach your arms over your head. Now push your heels into the mat as you exhale and extend. And inhale, reach and hold. Push the heels down.

Activate the glutes and extend up. We'll do four more inhale. And (exhaling). Three more and then the tracking of the leg, hip to toe, very important. And exhale and one more and we hold it for five, draw the abs, four and three, two and upright.

Rise onto the toes. This time imagine you're standing up an imaginary wall, you maintain the height of your heels, the alignment of your spine as we go inhale. Inhale, inhale just before you want to collapse. Instead you exhale, extend up. And inhale.

So see what your range is. Exhale, you want to keep that spine absolutely elongated. And four more, ankle stability. Imagine you squeezing a tennis ball in between the heels and there more, inhale. Inhale upright, upright, upright, upright and exhale, yes, Christy, thank you.

And two more, inhale. Inhale, inhale and exhale up and hold one more and we go inhale, we hold for five and exhale four and three and two and stretch up and lower down into your small V. All right, so reach the arms forward, reach the arms up and as we plie, as we bend the knees, we're going to rotate the torso towards your right side first and we go. Inhale, lift the heels as you go down. And then push the heels down, exhale, as you come forward and inhale bend.

And exhale draw down, use the adductors to bring the body upright and inhale. Inhale, inhale and exhale, stretch up and hold, three more and inhale. Inhale. And exhale, stretch and hold and two more inhale. Inhale and exhale up and hold, last one and inhale.

Inhale and exhale up. And hold, good. Two more to go. Wide heels, you can place the roller down, assist your hands into the roller, so the legs will be wider than usual on the reformer and we bend down, inhale. Inhale, push the heels down exhale stretch and draw the adductors together and we inhale, nice Sarah, and exhale stretch up and hold, good Mandy and three and exhale, Christy, beautiful.

And two more. And exhale, stretching up. And inhale, how can I correct my trainer, huh, how does that work? One more, inhale. Hold for five and four and three, two and push up.

Core. Last one. Rise the heels up, you guys are doing good. It's hot in here. Inhale, inhale, inhale, and exhale, stretch up and hold and inhale, and exhale, stretch and hold and three, and exhale up and hold.

And two more. And stretch and hold and one more hold. Do you know the haka? Cross your arms over your chest and pulse one, and two and three and four and five and come up. Good work.

Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you every one.


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What a great standing workout!! Loved it! Also enjoyed hearing the Rael inflections. :)
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Great class! Hard work...challenge to use core to keep balance! Thank you!
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Love it...plan on adapting some of this to a barre session! Xoxo. Again, PA is my best investment!
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absolutely jennifer, I agree: the pa classes are not only highly professional, but also fun, providing as much diversity as to keep students happy and satisfied.
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Good Challenge ! Many thanks.
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This is a great workout, fantastic cueing. Bottom and legs will burn.
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really inspiring - some great ideas !
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Love the leg work at the end and pushups on the roller- great stuff!
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Wow! I am rehabbing from an ankle sprain and very wobbly from 5 weeks of immobilization. However, this is exactly what my doctor wants me to work on to improve my balance and proprioception. Mastering this workout is something to aspire to.
Thank you Jennifer ... and of course, my "South African Sista" Tash!
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