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Fitness Ball Fun

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Move to the music and have fun in this standing workout with Portia Page! She uses the Fitness Ball to challenge your balance, stamina, and coordination. You will experience a continuous flow of movement as she encourages you to fill every beat of music with movement.
What You'll Need: Mat, Fitness Ball

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Welcome. My name is Portia Page and with me today I have two beautiful models. I have Amy, and Haley. They're going to join me today in a stability ball workout. The workout is about 28 minutes and we are going to be doing it to music.

We're going to have lots of fun. And there might be a few bloopers, we'll see. A few things about the stability ball. First off, it is lightweight. It is nice and portable.

It is a big ball. Hard to keep track of because it likes to walk away. One thing that I'm going to try to do is to remind you to stay in contact with your own ball. Not mine, not her's, okay? Just your ball.

Hang onto it. You want to keep one body part in touch with it at all times. There might be a few time where you have a little disconnect but make it minimum. The other thing is, I'm just going to show you a quick thing. When you come around to the front and take a seat on it, you want the knees at hip level.

If your hips are sinking way down, the ball is too smushy for you. If you're seated way up here, just know that it can be really unstable because that means the ball is really filled with air and you might go propelling away from your ball. Some things to think about. Alright. Are we ready?

Alright, let's give it a go then. Music maestro. (latin salsa music) Here we are, standing. Heels underneath your feet. Heels underneath your hips.

Starting off good. (laughs) Hands to the ball, let's take a little squat. Sit back and come on up. Weight back in the heels chest lifted, abs in tight. I hate that when I lose my words. Stand tall, stay there.

Right foot on. Arms out. Let them lower, make sure the hips are level. You ready ladies? We press out and pull back in.

Extending the leg, feeling a nice stretch in the back of the thigh. Great standing work because we're standing on one leg, if you hadn't noticed. (chuckles) We got a moving ball underneath the leg one more time. Keep the leg underneath you. Now we go to internal and external rotation. Let's keep this flow.

We keep control of the ball, I know it's hard to hang on. Just wait until you see my other side. One more. Now let's pick up the pace, I think we got it. Eight.

A little salsa blend for you. Four. Three. Now get ready, that foots going to come down next to the left. And we push out with the ball with the left arm.

And up. Push. How about with pace, you ready? Push, up. Two more.

We're warming up, yeah. Stand tall. Left foot. Arms out. Level hips, draw abs in and lower the arms.

Extend. And pull in. Press out. Nice and easy and slow. You want to find out what your balance is like on the other leg because I can guarantee you it's going to be different.

I know it is with me. Just for your information this is my tough side. Why do I always do it second? Stay, internal and external. Internal.

External. Oh, yeah I'm feeling it. Yeah, told you. One more slow. You ready?

Let's pick up the pace. (laughs) I know. (giggles) Don't look at me then. I'm having way too much fun. Two more, get ready.

Foot goes down, push out. And up. Slow. Two more. One more time.

Now fast. How we doing? Two more. Alright, let's stay here. We push out.

And to the left. Side to side. Remember always one hand or one limb on each, I mean, I almost said each ball. (laughs) One hand on the ball. Quicker.

Feels good on the legs, we stay low. Eight. Really reach the arm, but keep your eye gaze down and in front. Four more sets. Four.

Doing a little cardio in there where you can stay low impact. Stay here. Reach. Arm reaches forward. Your right leg is bent.

Now we lunge down, lower the left knee. And up. Easy does it, keep weight in your front heel. Back heel lifted. Oh yeah, we're starting to get warm now.

Now stay here, up. Push forward. Lower the heel and lift. Because we're going to be doing some marching, I really want to warm up the ankles and calve. Two more.

And lower the heel down and with the knee, all the way. Reach forward, extend the hips back. Toes tucked under, now reach up, lift and lower, straighten the leg. Reach up, lift, hip flexor. Hamstring.

Dynamic flexibility to get us ready for a nice cardio workout. Stay right here. Feel the stretch. Bring the hand to the thigh, lift up. And we go side to side, you ready?

Reach. Okay. Thank you. Four more. Two more.

Now we're going to stay on this side. Stay. Reach up. Nice long stretch. Arm up.

Lower the knee. Lower. Lift. That's it. We keep our balls in place with a light hold with the hand.

That engages that side of the body. No comments from the peanut gallery. Stay up and hinge forward. Swing the arm and lower the heel. Abs are drawn in tight to support the lower back.

Your front knee is over the ankles. And you just lower that back heel down until it feels comfortable. Stay right here. Bring the knee to the floor, keep the toes tucked under if you can, or you can keep the top of the foot there. And we stretch back.

So stretch and reach. Stretch the hamstrings. Hip flexor. Oh it feels so good. Movement to music.

Such lovely models, two more. One more time. Rise up. Side to side. Easy does it.

Now can you stay a little lower? Start to get a little more rotation by bringing the arm back. Now add the eyes. You got it. Eight more.

Shoulders down. Now right here, stay in the center. Push out. And rise up. This is a squat wide leg.

Try to drive and push the knees out of the center to foot. And those toes are turned at about a 45 degree angle. That will keep the knee in alignment with the way the hip is opening up. Stay here. Little bounces.

Bounce. Draw your low abs in. Four more. Four. We're going to get ready to come into some side leg work.

Off to your right side. Sweep the left leg in. Lower to the knees. Left side over the ball and extend your right leg out. Come right over.

Stack the hips. Use your top hand on the ball. Your other hand might or might not reach here. It's just one of those things but keep the shoulder down. Now lift the leg, flexed foot.

Simple lower and lift. Right from the hip joint. Keeping your waist long. Four more. If you want an additional challenge, just bring the arm out.

Hold up. Point the toe and circle. Or it can be over the hips. Make sure that your neck is not strained so if it's kinked like this it's not going to feel so good later. Make it long, other direction.

Small dinner size plates. Gee, I'm wondering if I'm hungry. Mentioning dinner now in the afternoon. Draw your belly in. Two more.

We go for the bend and stretch, let's use the arm. Keep it there. Reach. Now with this faster pace it makes it harder to balance. Four more.

Four. Last two. Now keep the leg straight, we're going to kick back, and forward. Yes, nice and long to the waist. Now flex the foot when it comes forward.

Feel the stretch. One more. Come right down to kneeling low, push off, sit back. Push the hips in the opposite direction of the ball. Now let's work this dynamically.

Press the ball away. Lift right arm up. Lift. Stretch. Lift.

And stretch. One more. Stay right here. Angle your body a little more towards the ball and push out. Getting that nice long stretch all the way down to the hip.

We work around the world. Bring your knees behind your ball. We're going to come up in a prone position, we'll get to the other side in just a minute. Oh yes. Bring your pelvis right above or just slightly below the apex of the ball, toes tucked under.

Squeeze the bum. Hands here. Now, right arm, left. Just work slowly. Beat of the music.

One more. Now make sure your feet are grounded. Both arms. Lift. Great isometric back extension.

With shoulder flexion. Back of the neck long, lower back strong. Now, hands down, walk forward. Bring the pelvis right above the apex of the ball and lengthen out, draw the belly in, and then flutter kick the legs. Fast, quick and furious.

Building up the heat. Glutes, hamstrings, core. Stabilize, legs straight. Four more counts. Four.

Three, I know I count long. Two, sorry gals. Slow push up, legs steady. Push up, bend the elbows. Straighten.

Bend. Straighten. Getting a little more upper body work. One more. Now push all the way back.

Come to the knees. And off to the other side. Bringing now, uh, this side. (laughs) I wouldn't want you to work both sides. Come right up and over.

Extend out. Reach. Square the hips. Squeeze, you know my motto, you don't squeeze it no one else will. Lift and lower, foot flexed.

Lift. Acknowledge the difference from right to left. If you feel the waist working, calm it. Make the burn happen right here. Wow, really?

Circles, front, you know how that happens. Belly in tight, back of the neck long. One more. One more. Other direction, eight.

Draw in the lower belly and reach from the back of your leg all the way up to the heel. Four more. Three, remember you want the challenge, arm here. Bend and stretch. Bend.

And stretch. Reach long. Now we didn't do this on the other side but that's okay, because it's good to have a challenge. Especially since you know it's coming. Four more.

Belly, oh we did? Wow, how soon one forgets. (laughs) It's alright, it's what happens when we get chronologically older. No other way am I getting older. Alright.

And we kick front, kick back. Whoa. I don't know about you guys but I'm starting to feel a little something under that stabilizer leg because it already worked hard. (groans) Four more. (groans) That's it.

Two more. Almost ready for that stretch ladies. One more. Yeah, I don't know about you but I'm ready. (laughs) Yes.

Push the ball. Push the hip in the opposite direction. Hold here for one more second. Get that nice stretch along the side of the hip and then we work rhythmically. Left arm lifts as the hip lift.

Up. Alright you guys look great. This time stay down. Stretch, push out. Reach long.

Draw your belly in, we lift. Let's take a seat on the ball. Your own ball, no one else's. Hands to the side lifting tall, little bounces. Bounce.

This is where you might get a little off the rhythm of the music. No worries. This is more about having fun because I don't know about you, but I like to bounce. It's so much fun. Right leg.

Lift. Lift. Lift. Go at your own pace. It's alright.

Left. Now things are about to get a little crazy. You ready ladies? Jack. Whoo! (laughs) Keep going.

I told you it might happen. Rein it in. Right here. Alright. Oh, you got to laugh at yourself sometimes.

I think it makes you younger. Didn't I just decrease my age by at least five years? Arms out nice and strong. And this back and forth, now floor to back, curl under. And lift up.

Curl under. Let the wrists get soft and really feel that articulation of the spine. Just two more. One more time. I'm still laughing at myself.

(chuckles) Alright. Push up and come around. Feet together, push out and sit back. If this is uncomfortable on the hips you can take your feet a little bit wider and just come down here. Now you'll notice that Haley is coming really low.

If you've got that range of motion and you can keep the heels down, then do it. Stay right here. Let the head drop. Alright. Rise up.

Grab your balls. Feet wide. Squat. Arms stay low, knees press out of our feet. Now plate arc right here.

Arc. Imagine that you're holding a plate and not a ball. Sit your butt back and keep your chest up. One more to each side. Now we go under, watch here.

So to the right, tap the left. To the left, tap right. Feel every beat of music with a little bit of movement. Not reaching the end before the beat. Stay on the right.

Hold it here, reach your left leg out. Square your hips to me. We draw the knee in towards the ball and the ball towards the knee. This takes a lot on that standing leg. Little quicker here.

If it's too much you can straighten more in the right leg. If you want more, you bend more. Yeah. Kiss knee to ball. You ready?

Quicker, double time. Sixteen. Whoa, we're going to start to feel the burn. Eight more. Lift the chest, back of the neck long.

Now come to the squat. Arc, up, down. Pelvis centered right between the two legs. Swing under to the left. Tap the right.

And we do the whole thing on the other side. Stay on the left. Right here. Square. Tap.

Slow knee to ball. Bring it in. And again we have to acknowledge where we are with balance on this leg. Quicker. Eight.

Head up just a little more, Haley. Four more. Draw in and brace through the lower abs. Feel that support through your left leg. You ready?

Double time. Feel your abdominals working. Very dynamic arm work and leg work. Eight. These are nasty.

Here's the arc. Arc. Up, little slower. Arc. Now quicker, pick up the beat.

Make sure that the knees stay pressing out over the center of the foot and not internally rotating. That's the hard part. Especially as we bring the ball to each side of the hip. Side to side. To the right.

And to the left. I feel like this is a big swing dance. Add more rotation and lift the leg. Now, hang on to your balls, don't let them go. (laughs) Oh boy, that sounded weird.

Two more, one more. Back to squats, center. I might have a few bloopers in this one. (laughs) Oh, that's what it's all about though. Now we go alternating lunges right and left. Right, left.

Just so you know, we've got an intense abdominal section coming up. Now hold on the right, hold. Bring the hand to the thigh and turn in. Lower. Quick stretch, keep your toes tucked under.

Come on up. Side to side. Side. Two more. Last time stay.

Come down, keep the toes tucked under. Press forward and stretch. Come on up, hand to thigh. Come center. Keep the legs wide and the legs straight.

We get to come to the floor but it's not going to be easy. Here we go. Oh, that's right. You ready? It's intense but it's short.

Roll back. Knees above your hips. Head up. Eyes look between the thighs. Single leg stretch, front leg be in first.

Stretch. Stretch. Belly in tight, lower back to floor. Knees draw in through the center of the chest. Four more sets.

Four. Three. Two. Up, both knees in, roll up. Roll.

Come to me, but bring the legs to the right. Reach out. Draw in. Not switching yet. Switch.

Hold. Bring the ball around to the other side. Reach. (laughs) Oh well. Where were you when I did that one?

Hold. We come up to the knees. Stand up, face me. I think there's something fun going on behind me, but I'm not sure. I'm not going to look.

(laughs) Stay on the right. Up. To the right again. One more time. I see now.

Come to the center. Hold. To the left, same thing, you ready? Left. Last time.

Now we get to go for a stretch. Keep your legs nice and wide. Come down all the way. Legs are out long, feet flexed, toes to ceiling. Lift tall, push the ball away.

Left hand pushes forward as the right arm goes back. Come on up. Same arm. Push the ball away as you hinge forward. Two more like that.

Get a nice long reach. And a little twist, one more time. Right hand to the ball, ready, same thing. And up, hello. A little twist to the left.

Two more. Sit taller every time. Stretch. One more time. Bring your legs to the side.

Little pinwheel, tuck under the right foot and bring the left arm to the side. We're going to reach up and stretch. Sit down. Lift up. One more time.

And big stretch, hold here. Just circle the arm, front and around. And bring the ball around. Take a seat. Other side, tuck the left toes under.

We sit tall, right hand on the ball. Sweep up the hips and swing your left arm. I was a little premature on that one. (giggles) Lift up tall. One more time, ladies, one more.

Big reach. Big stretch, stay. Circle front. Bring your knees behind the ball. Tuck your toes, push up.

And stretch forward. Roll up. Bring the ball close to you. Bend your knees. Pick up the ball.

Big stretch. Step a little wider, turn the toes to the corners. Stretch to the right, bend the knees, circle around. Again. Side bend.

Now let's go the other way. Same thing. Left. Big stretch, lift. Bend.

One more. Big stretch. Tap down. Big lift, get taller, one more. We bring the ball behind us, and take a seat right on top.

Inner thighs together, little harder stability challenge. Arms reach out. Curl the tail under and let the head drop as the arms open. And then lift up. Soften the elbows as you roll back.

Scoop in the abs. Now open up. Hold, hands behind. Sit up tall, left arm lifts. Now just push up the ribs but try to keep the pelvis underneath your shoulder, so just reach over.

And open up. Left arm down, right arm up, same thing. Ribs reach. Nice job you guys.


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That was nicely done. I really love the music that accompanied.
Portia , loved seeing your personality shine through in this class ! Also it was great to see the ball being used in creative and challenging ways ..Thank you :))
I really enjoyed this workout for an early morning warm up prior to going to work!
Good workout! Thank you
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Good work and fun! Where is the music from?
Francesca M
Love this!
What a joy to be able to work out with you from my living room; love it!
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So fun and funny! I love humor in my classes...I consider it an extra ab workout. ;) The flow was so seamless I couldn't believe 30 minutes was already up. Thank you Portia for a great class to start my day!
Wow you are great! I like your flow. It was very interesting.
Elena I
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Thanks Portia, I LOVED the workout! Would like to have more dynamic and creative classes like this:).
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