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Have fun and move in this playful Mat workout with Cara Reeser! She uses the Fitness Ball to add a challenge and inform you of any instability in your body. She includes many creative variations incorporating the Ball into exercises such as Rolling Like a Ball, Teaser, and much more!
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Hi. Hi Ladies. I'm Kara Reeser and we are going to do mat class with the fit ball. Pretty uplevel. It's Super Fun. Um, I just to work out that I've, I've played with over the years, I haven't actually done it in a while. I did it today. There's a lot of fun. Okay. So, um, go ahead and have a seat and you're gonna put your no, have a seat on your mat and put your lie on your backs and put your feet on the ball. So we're going to start with some bridging. If you know me, you know that I love to keep my booty nice and tight, keep my legs engaged. So we're gonna start with some bridging and we'll move forward. So first of all, find your breath. Okay.

Cause it breath is really the guide here. And if you notice during this workout that you start losing your breath, you tighten up, you want to come back to the breath, come back to your center. Okay. The ball adds a component of stress to the system, right? Cause it moves around and it has this a little heavy. It's challenging. So drop in right away.

I want you to feel the backs of your arms snuggling back towards the mat, but not pulling the shoulder blades down, just using the triceps back of the shoulder blades. So as you go up into a straight leg bridge, you're going to draw with your hamstrings, your tail is going to curl. And I want you guys to lift up into that bridge. Yeah. And the ball is going to give you all sorts of information and I want you to use your scapula to support the back of your rib cage. Take a deep breath in and exhale. Bring yourself down, right?

So see if you can enjoy the instability instead of brace, right? Cause you're going to be like, but just, just enjoy it. Go on up, let it inform you. It'll tell you what side you're pushing harder with it. It'll tell you. Yeah, take a deep breath in and exhale down. Okay, well up the anti little, we do one more and let's just find out a little bit about our hip strength or pelvis right now. So just take your right leg up just a little bit. Try to keep it together. Nice job you guys. And back down. That's right. Laurel and other leg. So notice does your pelvis wobble? Yeah, Jen. So you kind of lost it on that side and then back down. Exhale down.

Good. Yeah. So take your hands are up and interlace your fingers and bring them behind your head. So in my world, I liked the elbows narrow to get the scapula wrapping. If you want to open them, don't cross your scapula. Lift your head, neck and shoulders up please. Good. Let's go into plays. V You're going to do footwork. Pull the bar or the ball in. Inhale. Exhale. Push it out. Inhale.

Pull the ball in. You might have to adjust where your feet are. Exhale out. Three. Exhale. Good. And a little push down on the ball. We'll keep your hamstrings. Active opponent. Yeah. So get up a little higher. Laurel, you have this thing up here. Yes. Good. Now go to parallel. Heels in the ball. Five.

Exhale. Inhale. Keep coming up. Jen. Don't space out. Guys. Stay in the ball with your heels. Yeah, you have one more and stay there. Good. Lie Your head back. Good. I'd like you to straddle a ball with your legs and pick the ball up with your legs in between your ankles. We're going to the plot. He's 100 okay. Straighten your legs. So I like this. This helps me use my inner leg, right.

Organize my ankle to make sure you're not super nading or pronating the foot. Too Much inverting or ebb rooting. And you're going to come up for your a hundred position and start in half, two, three, four, five, six. Exhale. Good deep breath. Now straighten your legs, squeeze the ball and engage your quads. Oh locked. Perfect.

Now get your hamstrings to hold the backs of your legs and lower that fall. One more inch. Oh my goodness. That's heavy. Exhale, keep breathing. Have Fun. Pick the ball back up a little bit. Hold onto a tight and pick the ball back up a little bit. Hold onto it tight. One more time. Ax.

Hail all the air out and rest. Take the ball into your hands. Now take your legs straight out. Bowl over your head for rollover. So now we have the ball in between the arms. I want you pushing. Sorry. I want you pushing into the ball a little bit. Take the ball over your head, right all the way. Let it touch the floor.

Good. Inhale, pick the ball up. Feel the Pinky side. Exhale, roll all the way up. Reach that ball forward. Good. Press him with your pinky side and inhale, take it back, acs. Hell all the way. Nice. Let's do four more. Inhale. Exhale. Take it straight up as Christie. Push that fall away. You guys use your pinky side and then all the way back.

Good. Reach the ball back and stretch. And one more time up there. There's probably two more. Actually. Two more. Good. Great Laurel. Put your head in between your arms, so yeah, yeah, yeah. Right. Exactly. Otherwise your head slumping. Bard. Last one.

Great. And back. Moving through your spine. Okay. Take your legs up. Straddle the ball. So we keep alternating a little bit here in this first part. Okay, we're doing roll over here. So legs are straight. Clamp onto the ball. Now everybody, just take a moment here and pick straight your knees and pick your boat, your up just a teeny bit and put it back down a teeny bit. And tell me how much did you use your arms. Yeah.

So see if you can lessen the work in your arms and really get this with your legs. Here we go. Inhale up and over. Hold that ball nice and tight. Accell bring it down. Keep your leg straight, Jen. This is an opportunity to really find that for you. Write those kneecaps up. Inhale, squeeze the ball. Nice Laurel. Exhale. Squeeze the ball as you come back. Good.

Make sure your scapula are what you're laying on as you go over. So as you go over Christie, tuck that Scapula in a little bit. Yeah, yeah. In towards your back. Yes. And back down. And one more time. Up and over. Good. Super. And roll down. Take the ball into your hands and roll up to seated. Okay.

So what I'm saying, they're actually, and this is important for everybody when you're rolling over in Jackknife or rollover or rolling like a ball, even a little bit less that, but you, you want to make sure your rib cages on your scapula. If your scapula separates, you're gonna fall back into too much loaded flection here. So your scapulas on your, exactly. So when you're up on a shoulder stand, you're in your Scapula, right? So they're just get a little closer together, but they don't get pulled down.

Right. Okay. Okay. We're going to do rolling like a ball with the ball. So I love this. When you're going to take your position, hold the ball against your shins. Put your hands here, find your balance point and push your shins against the ball and pull the ball back towards your shins. Straighten your elbows. Yeah, this is no joke. Here we go. Take it back. Inhale. Push your shins into the ball. Push the ball and dear sheds. Exhale. Good. Watch your heads ladies. Lengthen through the chronic side all the way up. Up, up. Look up the ball a little bit. Yeah, that's better. That was a good cue. Inhale, look up the ball and Bay Laurel, they get you out of that slump.

You want to do two more? Last one altogether and rest. Good. Put your feet down. Hold the ball and roll back. All right. Nice job. We're gonna do a little bit of spine. Siri, ours ab series with the ball. So bring your knees to tabletop. Yeah. Flex your feet for me and lift your head, neck and shoulders. Okay, we're doing, you know, um, single leg stretch, right?

So you're just going to keep pushing that ball. Now check it out. Yes. Push super push. Take the right leg straight out and inhale, go. One, two, exhale. Three, four. Keep pushing. One, two. Keep pushing. Three, four. SCAPULA's. Wrapping. Good. Now don't let your booty drop in the basement here, right?

So don't lose it. Good. Take both knees in. Squeeze the ball into the shins for a second and push the shins up onto the ball and crawl your tail. That should give you a little yes. Now inhale, stretch the ball over your head. Reach your legs. Exhale. Do that close chain. Squeeze again and out. Inhale. Nice job. Exhale, gorgeous. You guys push. Inhale. So this little push should give you a booty lift so you're not dropping your booty in the basement. Gorgeous and good. Take the ball straight up, scissors and go. One, two, switch. One, two, switch. One, two, switch one, two, and rest. Bend your knees in and live back. Can, she's down for the count. Good. Take the ball over your head, straight in your legs and just take a big stretch. Whew.

I know the ball is heavy, so it is, it's, this is actually quite an arm workout. You know, it's really, um, it's, it's no joke. It's good. You guys are doing terrific. Go ahead and roll up to seated. Let's go to spine stretch. So open your legs and we'll do a version. You could do a couple things with this. You could hold the ball, but we'll do the one where you keep your heart. Yeah. Well we'll give our arms a little break. Of course, I listened to my clients.

You should always listen to your clients. They know what's best for them, not you. Right? All right, so straighten your arms and go ahead and start with the crown of your head. Push the ball away and lengthen and then bring it back in and up. And it's great Laurel, because you could think of your head gone down as pushing the ball. Everybody keep going. Right? So that's going to help you keep your head in line, right? Because you have that tendency to drop your head forward there to that slide.

Perfect. And two more. Inhale. Good. Really think I'm pushing the ball with your head. Exhale home. That looks good you guys. One more time. You could strain your elbows. Chin. Yeah, I know. It's funny, right? Yeah. Yeah. We have all sorts of tendencies that that we don't know about.

That's why we have coaches and friends. Yeah. So let's go to open like rocker. Take the ball in between your legs. You're lucky you don't have to hold it. Open Lake rocker with the vault. So much fun. Take the ball in between the legs. Hold the legs. There you go. And hold. Yeah, I don't just go.

I mean who's going to hold that position on TV? Let's go. Inhale, exhale. Come up. Gorgeous. You guys. Yes. Super Nice with your upper thorax. Good. Yeah. Christie. Yes, Jen. Good. I know. And rest at the top. Bend your knees and put the ball down. Yeah, so it just, it adds weight to different parts of your body.

It just gives you a different sense of what's going on. So go into the supine position again. Take the ball up between your legs again. So supine position. This is our version of corkscrew for today. Let's take your arms out nice and wide. Right? The arms nice and wide gives you a base.

So if you feel like you're going to tip over, this is a lot more weight. Lets Dorsey flex the feet. Squeeze on the inside of the ankles. We're going to go towards the camera. We're going to inhale. One, two, three. Just tick talk. Three, two, one. Inhale. One, two, three. Exhale. Three, two, one. Inhale, go. One, two, three, exhale, go. Three, two, one. Inhale, go. One, two, that's good. Three. Exhale. Three, two, one. Good. Bend, knees.

Plant the ball, right. Straighten your legs or bend your knees. And let's do regular shoulder bridge on the ball. Okay. So this is where we can plot to practice the teaching I just gave you on this calculus. So what I mean to say to you again is that the Scapula does come slightly closer together. Not down slightly closer together. So when you bridge, your back is laying on your scapula. Yep. That's going to be a nicer position for your neck. So you're going to go on up.

This is darn hard guys. So make sure yet it's wobbly and down. Super. Okay. So it's different with the knees bent, right? Cause you have to use that lower hamstring. So think of pulling the ball in towards you as you go up.

As you stay on your Scapula, Chin off your throat. Guys, Chin off your throat. Always exhale down. Good. You know she's flexing her feet. You can flex your feet, you could have him down. It's up to you. Whatever feels best for your body. One more time. It's so nice when my teacher holds the ball for me and then back down and Busta.

Super roll up to seated. Okay. So I want to try this little side sidekicks, kneeling version, gentlemen, to demonstrate this in your mat. Now, it's not the easiest thing I've ever tried, but I thought it was informative. Okay, so we're going to start, this is your sidekick kneeling position and you're not going to go very far, but you're going to pull the ball forward and then you're gonna pull the ball back, right? And it just gives me a little more sense of what my working leg has to do. And then you can kind of come up. You want to do something fancy like that?

You can I practice that. Okay. Um, yeah, so let's try that. I thought it was a really nice teacher. Ching on the working hip. Both of, yeah, let's go all go forward. Okay. So yeah. I don't know about you guys, but I sure have a hard time controlling this bottom leg not to turn out a the dancer than me. Um, so get this hip over and get your body on the level for me. That means you would be, yeah, exactly. All right.

Huh? Smile for the camera. Here you go. Kick that ball forward a little bit dragon, and then push it back. Exhale. Yeah. So it really extends the hip. Flex the hip to come forward. Extend the hip to go back. Yeah. Lex, the hip to come forward. I'm leaving you extend the hip to go back and then do that little move.

Let's see if we can do it. Swinging around. That's right. Personal style. All right. Everybody's got to have a personal style. Yeah. Life's too short to be like each other. All right. All right. Whoo. Yeah. Alright, so again, drag the ball forward with your foot. Do you flex the hip and then push. Lengthen back against? Yes.

Inhale. Exhale. Yeah. Yeah. Right. Really root. The bottom lake. Yeah, I know. Me Too. Mango swinging around last time. Forward and back. Reach that hand up if you can. If not, you can do a, Jen is doing, she's stabilizing her hip and then swing that ball around. Catch it with your hands. Nice and come forward. Great. That super. We're going to do swan and we'll do, let me just demonstrate this one too. We'll do this one, sort of mimicking the swan on the low chair, um, in a certain way.

So we'll start with the arms up on the sides and then you're going to pull the ball towards you. Okay? So it's a nice sort of control the arms and then we'll add some legs to that. Okay. So it's mimicking per me the one, the way it feels on the low chair with the pedal. Okay. Alright, so just do me a favor and lie down and do what Cathy grant taught us to do, which was called Baby Bot, where you start, you just stick your butt out for a second and then as you exhale, you let your hips melt down and you inhale, you stick your butt out a little bit, and then you let it melt down. And with that melting down feeling the whole time, you're going to take your arms up on the ball a little and you're going to lift your head and head first and then you're going to draw that ball in to do your swan. So the ball comes towards you. Yeah.

Nice you guys and exhale back out. So super straight arms. Jen, that's going to tell you a lot guys. Really keep your elbows straight externally. Rotate your upper arm bones. Inhale, pull. Pick your chest wall up. Nipples to the ball. Straight up. Exhale out. Yes. Well that cue worked and again, all the way up. Okay, now stay up. Now stay with me. Bend your knees slowly.

Yeah, that's a key. Pulling the ball back. Keep lifting your chest wall. Yes Mama. That's it. Woo. Boy, you guys look like you could be a poster and all the way down. Super, super, super. Last time. Jen, I'm with you. Okay. I know it's hard to get that mid back to extend up. You go pull the ball. Yeah, don't pull your shoulder blades down.

Just pull the ball. Yeah. Now Bend your knees. [inaudible] yeah, a little support. She says. That feels so good and down and it does cause it feels good to move. It feels good to take your body in directions. You're not used to. All right, so come on up to seated please. Bawling your hand per twist. Okay, so you're gonna actually face this way.

We're going to hold the ball here. So this, I'm putting a little, Kathy grant's special in here. This, we did this quite a bit with her. So you'll come to the right and then staying to the right, you're going to lift that ball up. Good. And why don't we also lift her chin up a little. Stretch the neck. That's right. Ball Chin Down Center. [inaudible] twist. That's right. Ball. And lift the Chin a little, open the throat slightly and yeah, so that changes the way the tissue in the chest feels right. Upper chest and again. Yeah.

And then you can lift the chin. Don't be afraid guys. Yeah, your next actually do that in the world. That's okay. You know when you're birdwatching in your spare time. Look mom a Tara dactyl yeah. And back in gorgeous you guys and center. Great role on back onto your backs. Okay.

Gotta do a teaser in a PyLadies class. So we'll do let, we'll do something fun. I think it's fun. Um, we'll go up with the hands. Put it between the legs ruled down with the, between the legs. And so you're going to play catch with yourself. Yeah. And don't try to be good. Try to be fun. It's much more fun to be fun than good. That's the truth. All right, so come on up. Find Teaser, any teaser, we'll do.

Open your legs, take the ball, roll down that down they go. And Ah, with the legs it's a different moment to different moment. Manage it. It's a big ball. I'm sorry. And again. Yeah, it is. I'm having so much fun.

That is fun and stop. Nice job. Nice job. Yeah. So when you have a bunch of weight in your hands, you have to do something different. When you have a bunch of weight in your legs, you have to do something else. Right. So we want to be adaptable. Right. You know, so that's nice. So are you're used to, your teas are always being the same because you don't have any weight in your hands or feet, but when you shift it, you still have the teaser.

Just a different teaser. So that's very nice. Please come to kneeling. Facing me. Holding the ball in front. Yeah, this is, yeah, in front. So this is by stretch, horrible of me to add the ball to this thigh stretch. This is the thigh stretch that I did with Benjamin that I fell in love with. So we're going to start with just coming back first, taking the ball with you and exhale home.

Great. Coming back. You don't have to go very far to make this challenging. I mean like a couple inches is just fine and all the way up. Now we're going to drop that booty to the backyard. So you're going to tip and then you can sit back on your heels. Okay. Now keep the ball where it is and bring your hips through. Whoa, really Kara.

And Ah, good. Let's try that again. I think that's so nice with the ball because you have a landmark, right? You're going to keep this distance and boom, boom. And last time. Not Bad, Huh? Yeah. Sit it down and then poke a pelvis through.

You've got this thing and rest. Gorgeous. Okay. So the last thing I want to play with, which is one of my favorite things, which is moving into handstand. Okay. So I want you to think of this actually as long stretch or up stretch. Actually up stretch on the reformer. Okay. So Jen, I'm going to demonstrate this on your ball. Um, there's a variety of ways you could play with this. You could, let's just start with some floating back and forth, right? So you can see I'm crooked. It's all good. It doesn't matter.

So Josephson can find that. So a few times, then I want you to find your plank. The ball is about at my knees. Now can I be here? No, not so great. So you get a push and lengthen, and then I want you to pull with your shins, drop your head and come into the best pike and back out. Right? So without falling over, right. So I'm talking my Chin because I've been practicing, right? So if you need to keep your head up for a while, that's okay. But what I'm doing is I'm really using my legs. So, so often we think when we're on our arms, it's not about our legs.

Planks are about your legs also. So let's try it. It's Super Fun. Yeah. Actually, we'll do one more fun thing after this from Kathy. So just dive out a little bit and back in. Yeah. Nice. Right. Okay. So the next good plank. Hold it. Okay. Yeah.

On your plank and it's on your knees or like knees ish. That's a body part. Nisa Ish. Okay, so now in order to invert, you have to really push with your arms who your scapula would go like that. Exactly. Nice Demo Christi. Pick your sits bones up and come into a pike. Ladies, press into that ball. You've got this thing Jen, and push back out. Yes. Woo. Don't hold your breath. Inhale or something. I Dunno. Exhale. Whatever you do in there, but do it straight. You need fib. Straighten them. Yeah. Use Your quads.

You as your quasi. I'm a stronger you are. Don't bend your knees. That loot loosens the weak link too much. Straighten him, straighten him straight and right into my hands. Right into my hands. Be Strong. Be Strong. Yeah. Good. Let's do one more cause I'm in a perfect position to do something fun of Laurel. Go Up, press right.

And there you are in version of your choice. Handstand mania, yoga, eat your heart out. Yeah. Perfect. Right. So you're really learning how to transfer your weight from your feet to your hands. Super, right. Super Fun. So I do that myself on the wall so I can dismount off the ball.

You know what I'm saying? Yeah. So here I'll do it. Okay. Okay. Yeah. So I just, she was up high enough that I could take her into a handstand. Um, on your own. You would just transfer. Let's do with her one more time. Cause you could play with this at home. You could just do it against the wall. I mean, this is the fun stuff to play with at home. So all I did at this point was I just picked her hips off, up, you know, and she's got this thing and then it's your job to get the ball away so they don't hurt themselves. Okay. Let's do this last thing. You know, really in honor of Kathy, I'm going to get this other ball. Um, no, it's okay.

This is just fun. So you want mine? No. Okay. You're going to go like this. You're going to sit I, yeah. This is a little soft. I'm gonna pretend I'm sitting. Let's, yeah. Okay. I'll demonstrate this, that, and then I'll give it back to you. So we're going to go like this.

You can have your arms out and you're going to jump. We're going to work on our feet. You're going to go boom, boom, boom. Okay. Ready? It's hard on that phone. All right. Ready to go. Woo. Woo. Push with your feet. Yeah. Well that tells you something.

No, boom. Push. Push. Nice. One dry. Jan. Ready, set. Go. Push. Right. So that might happen too. Good. Good. So just sit at the top of your ball, feet in front for a second, and be glad you had fun in your body and roll down.

Yeah. Just let it go. Let it go and breathe. So you change. Yeah. You change on your mat, your heart rate, your blood flow, everything. So just acknowledge that change and then you're going to roll up and just find that sense of yourself now. Huh? Bravo ladies. Good job. Yeah.


Liked the high kneeling on the ball. Working that working!
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How excited was I to wake up and find a new Cara Reeser class??? VERY!!!
Fun! a nice change in teaching style - thanks Cara and PA!
So Fun! I'm hoping to do the handstand one day:) Thanks Cara!!
Love Cara's classes! Always fun, always challenging.
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Amazing class!
Ladies, thanks for watching and I am happy for this feedback! Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!
I had so much fun only watching this..cannot wait to actually do it. Really like your fun, natural and energetic style.....and I guess must be liberating to just let go and see what happens..without being scared of making a mistake..applies to everyday life ;)
I love working with ball! Gracias!
Thank you, Cara, I did have a lot of fun! More of this, please.
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