Class #1122

Standing Workout

30 min - Class


Tash Barnard is back with an intense Standing workout. You will work on balance while working on your entire body. With exercises like Standing Legwork and Push Ups on the Foam Roller, you will definitely feel the burn!
What You'll Need: Mat, Foam Roller

About This Video


All right everyone. You can stand with your feet together and extend your arms so that your hands are on top of the foam roll and as we inhale you're going to sit back into a squat, pu...


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What a great standing workout!! Loved it! Also enjoyed hearing the Rael inflections. :)
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Great class! Hard work...challenge to use core to keep balance! Thank you!
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Love it...plan on adapting some of this to a barre session! Xoxo. Again, PA is my best investment!
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absolutely jennifer, I agree: the pa classes are not only highly professional, but also fun, providing as much diversity as to keep students happy and satisfied.
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Good Challenge ! Many thanks.
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This is a great workout, fantastic cueing. Bottom and legs will burn.
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really inspiring - some great ideas !
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Love the leg work at the end and pushups on the roller- great stuff!
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Wow! I am rehabbing from an ankle sprain and very wobbly from 5 weeks of immobilization. However, this is exactly what my doctor wants me to work on to improve my balance and proprioception. Mastering this workout is something to aspire to.
Thank you Jennifer ... and of course, my "South African Sista" Tash!
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