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Axial Elongation Cadillac

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In Amy's Cadillac workout, she gives a full body workout focusing on axial elongation and mobility. She adds the Wunda Chair and Moon Box to give a little variety, and then does a great series with the Leg Springs. She completes the workout with Ballet Stretches which feel so good after all of that hard work.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Cadillac, Moon Box

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Aug 03, 2013
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Hi, I'm Amy and I am here to do a Cadillac workout today and I've got lots of fun things planned working at both ends. Um, we're going to do a lot of different things, a lot of mobility. I'm kinda today's trying to focus more on axial elongation, uh, shoulder girdle, pelvic girdle, you know, just a full workout. So I hope you enjoy this at what we're, we have a few things to set up. So I've got my push through bar right now set with one red spring from the top. You could do blue red's pretty nice.

I've got my trap piece set up about halfway across and we are gonna use the arms springs and the legs springs today. And I've got the short arms springs that were the rollback bar springs. So I'm using those legs, springs and then at the other end on my tower and I've got the Combo chair set up with the stick in. In a minute I'm going to take the stick out to utilize the split pedal. Now if you don't have the high chair with the Combo split pedal, that's okay.

You can use a regular load chair and just put a pillow or something here, a couple maps to what you do want us to try to level this surface. Um, that'll be for swan and swan with rotation. And again, if you don't have the split pedal for the rotational piece, you can do a single arm swan and then you can modify or uh, vary it with some of your own spinal rotation. So kind of a lot if you're going to have some fun, I hope and maybe an intermediate level is what I'm shooting for. So what I want you to start with is sitting nice and tall upon our sit bones. And I'm going to read through the swing and put my hands right up on the pads. And I want to use this as a way to just lightly pull with my hands on the padding here and lightly press my elbows down onto the strap to kind of right away. Get my body tall or my torso up. And um, right on top of my sit bones and being careful not to let the shoulders start forward of the ribs.

So find your shoulder organization and let's take three breaths here together and aim hale wide through the ribs and the exhale. Yeah, so starting out with some awareness of shoulders on the back, ribs and the relationship to the upper body and then also into the pelvis. So I'm going to ask us to now move the shoulder blades forward, protract and then move them back into retraction and slightly pulled down on the track pease and slightly keep that pulled down as you protract and retract the Scapula. So this is really just to kind of build some right away, wake-up, some awareness to your shoulder blades and that they're moving forward and back of the ribs. We want the glide and then one more time back, just a little bit of pulling down on the springs here and then find a place right between and steady. Now the breath, I'm going to work on the pelvis and real small role off this at bones is pulling the hips back and then inhale on top of the sit bones. And again, I'm slightly continuing to pull down on the trapeze springs there. Couple more and finding those low abdominals inside the hips. Pull the hips back and couple more.

And one more time just pulling the hips back, finding those abdominals. And then one more kind of combining some of the press down on the strappy swing. Lift the sternum a little bit like I'm trying to pull my sternum up toward the trapeze and find the balance of center. And then pulling the pelvis back, getting a little bit more movement and forward and lift by pulling down center and rocking back just to more it real small movement. Get getting in deep into the center of the body. Sure.

It's a beautiful day out here in Santa Barbara. A Lot, a lot of beautiful waves outside. So I'm gonna use that, uh, energy that I see here and here on the water and the waves to kind of move that current through me. So see if I can pass that along to you. And so grab a hold of your bar, bring it down. You're going to set yourself up with your arms a long in a straight line, legs inside the trapeze and Per Yai. Go parallel. On some of these things in my legs, but feel free to do external rotation. And we're going to take three articulations to the bridge.

So in the inhaled of start setting the shoulders and rolling the hips, peeling up and just establish that long line. Take a nice breath in as we roll down, sinking the back of the chest, curling, keeping the curl in the lumbar spine, in the hips, and finding level. Exhale again. So I've slightly pressing down on the trapeze swing or that strap to find those hamstrings to support my knees sale and start to roll down without losing the placement of the shoulder blades on the mat. One more [inaudible] finding that fluidity, that wave like motion through the spine. Now this time I'm gonna stay up and ask the external rotators to kick in. I am going to flex my feet and I'm going to move into this a little frog [inaudible] and finding a little deeper portion of the back of my legs.

One more time. This is going to show up two more times with this little series here. So little preparation rollback to parallel. Inhale and exhale as we lower down articulating and rolling through the spine. Keep your knee supported. Let's work the upper arm, some feeling the shoulder blades wrap around the ribs.

I'm going to ask us to reach the arms through the frame and allow the shoulder blades to literally glide up the ribs toward the skull. Stretch your labs, give into that lengthening there, and then the return of that slide, the shoulder blades the opposite way. Elbows, Ben, feel the strength in between the Scapula. Hold that strength to float the arms up so it's there for you to bend. Reach the bar and then again, allow the Scapula to glide up the ribs. Let them walk up, stretch your body, and then the return of that they glide down. Feel the strength between your scapula.

Keep that and maintain that as you reach your arms up. So one more with the upper arms, maintaining rib control, stretch and slide and return. So I'm going to put the two pieces together. Pelvic curl articulating up to the bridge and upper arms. So getting down, really the only thing holding me steady, the relationship of my ankles. On the strap and my scapula.

Keeping your arms here. Roll down the back. I'm continuing to reach those arms back through the frame. I'm only going to return the scapula down when it moved the bar. So slide the Scapula, moving the bar and up two more. So that's a lot of contraction in the stomach. Pulling the stomach to the ribs.

Lengthen scapula up toward the neck and shoulders. So I'm doing that so that I can articulate a little, hired my thoracic spine, getting that wave, that mobility, and return. Last plain one. Whoops. Excuse me. Articulate first. So excited to do my arm work and reaching the bar. So I'm going to go back to that little froggy moment. Three times. Pull in reach long.

I'm in external rotation with my legs. I just transitioned. They're gonna swiftly. One more pooling in without coming out of that plank line. Now back to parallel. Let's return the spine down. Long, long Scapula, and now some sit ups. So letting the head come forward through the arm frame, rolling up, looking up towards your toenails, getting that real good sense of lifting through the chest. Now breathe.

I'm going to exhale and try to resist coming down. So I'm rolling my hips as much as I can. Starting to feel the melt of the shoulder blades. Feel the articulation and just placing the head down. Inhale, head through the frame of the arms, allowing the springs to help me a little bit. Looking out at my toenails, which are reaching toward our ocean here. I'm going to lift my heart, lift my lungs, and as they roll down I'm going to start at my hips.

Check the neck and see if that can melt down. Place each vertebrae very intentionally and length. And our last one at the top though, we'll add that frog. Now the as you add your frog externally, rotate the legs, flex the feet. You may not move much.

I don't want you to come out of your nice flat back position. So push the bar up. You might, some of your flexible, you might be able to get your thighs right up to your chest. One more and pull length and back to parallel and melt the shoulders. Strong stomach pooling into the ribs. Shoulders are low and down. All right, so let's step into the trapeze. We'll sit on up.

We're going to take the trapeze down and I'll just lay that next to the table on the floor. So we're going to move into the opposite end of the mat here. We'll want this, the push through bar on the outside. I'm going to use two red springs, I'd suggest to red or red and blue. And then for some leg presses here at this side, I've got my black springs, my legs springs up on the second hook, not the heaviest that I could push. I don't want that really. Okay, so we're going to sit as close to the front of the edge as you possibly can without falling off hands, lightly embracing the bar. We'll do two sets of three on these pieces.

So first piece is a leg press and I want you to squeeze your hamstrings and push that pedal all the way down. Bring the bar down using the back of the shoulders, the back. This is actually a preparation for a pull up. Let the bar of the pedal come up, bringing my stomach up into my ribs. And returning the bar. Many breathe legs and arms. Lot of spinal decompression. I'm pulling my vertebrae up away from each other. Let the legs float up. That's a lot of stomach control.

Pelvic control and return the bar. And again, so legs press, you're staying very evenly weighted on those sit bones. You're not white knuckling the bar, you're embracing that bar. Now we're going to reverse the pattern three times. So arm start first. So it's rear shoulders, lats, upper back. Hold the bar, press the legs, legs stay, arms float up and legs float ups pull from the stomach. So let's inhale, arms down, exhale, legs, [inaudible] and a lot of feeling for me of decompressing.

So as I pull the springs, I'm lifting, floating my lungs up. [inaudible] internally, any image that works for me and returned enough both three more times, everything together. Let's inhale. So inhale, open, exhale, close. Oh, inhale, opening the springs. Hoping to time your arrival at the same time. Exhale. Ah, last time you absolutely could.

You have your leg springs if you'd like to. I just chose to keep it light so that I had to find my abdominals a little bit more to bring the pedal up. Okay. That's all. So I want to keep this up so it's out of our way. We're going to keep the two springs as is and we'll come down onto our stomach for some swan. So align yourselves where you know to for Swan, chest over the hands. Find a moment to energize the legs, organize the shoulders and pick up those abdominals so you're not just hinting down into that lumbar spine. So you've got that support.

We'll do three repetitions before we begin. Absorb the pedal into the wrists, into the palms of the hands. So you feel that point of contact. We're not, I'm not going to go very high, my upper back or my lumbar spine. I really want to think about more of my mid to upper spine, getting this extension and I'm reaching my chest to this wall that's right here in front of me, picking up those stomach muscles and uh, resisting the force of the springs. And then as I come down, same thing as if I almost want to leave my backup here, but in order to come back up, I have to go down. So we're coming down, make sure those abdominals are staying lifted internally. Here I go again. Here you go again. How much reach forward can you send your spine?

Like there's a spring attached to your chest in one from that wall and that wall is pulling you. The spring is lifting or your shoulders organized. There's energy up the top of the head and down the feet. And as you come down, make sure the stomach is lifting inside, both up, away from the bar, the chair as well as to your ribs. So last time feeling that again, this is an image for me about my lungs, like helium. Balloons is letting me float up and coming down three tricep presses because we're here. Lift that stomach though. Make sure those ribs aren't sagging down. One more squeeze.

Okay, so if you have a split pedal, this is the time I want you to take your stick out. If you don't have the split cuddle, you're fine. You can organize yourself back into swan and then maybe do one arm out to the side and you might have to switch your springs for that. So we're coming into some rotation. Find the starting set up again. So shoulders organized, axial length through the head and out the feet and tail.

Pick aside. I'm going to come towards you and I'm going to turn my ribs this direction. Middle. Let my elbow bend. Not The pelvis motion, it's just spinal rotation. I'm imagining out the top of my head now as a an Arrow head pointing to the wall right there. So I'm going to twisting toward that wall, feeling my back. Really engaged. Press to center. Check your rib cage. Other sides.

Yeah, so I'm inhaling to center, so we're [inaudible] in that nice axially longation and taking a spiral through the rib cage and spine. [inaudible] yes. Slight scapular depression. Little bit of retraction. Take one more each direction and center [inaudible] and again, I'm gonna do three more tricep presses down without the stick. Trying to keep my arms as unified, as balanced as I can too. And three now to isolate more of the upper back, I'm going to scoot back just to the base of the bra line or chest line and do the same thing. So as I reach my chest forward toward the springs, I'm going to do the same activity and now visualize that the rotation is really occurring right around my breastbone.

The elbow may been less this arm that's coming back here, maybe, maybe the scapulas with allowing the spine to twist the movement of the scapula around the back ribs. One more each direction. Getting that nice sense of mobility and length. Sure and find center and rest and you're going to crawl out from there. We don't need the trap. You swing a bar anymore or push ups. I'm going to leave it on that side and I've got my arms spring set up.

I'm going to roll on down now and I've measured my arm springs that they handles right at the base of the table top for me. That works fairly nice. All right. Getting more into some arms and upper body. So I'm going to start myself out on the table. Arms above chest with just the slightest bit of tension here and straight arms to come down. Bend at the elbows, straighten straight arms to come up in three set of three. So here's the second one.

So you've got to maintain the shoulder control and left last time. Lengthen. Bend, stretch. Full arm comes up. Last time. Press down. Hold. I'm going to just start some pumping. Inhale, three, four, five. Pick up a leg. Three, four, five in, pick up the other leg. X, sail three, four or five and in.

Okay. Exhale. Move the legs to the ceiling. Four five he'll turn out through the thigh. So we're halfway there. You can stay here or begin to lower your thighs. Three, four, five and seven. Three, four, five and eight. The three. Four.

Stretching the springs as long, strong. Shoulders back. Four, five and last set, four. Five. Exhale, three, four, five. Close and bend. Three. Coordination. So elbows down. We're picking up the chest. Open-Close now I want you to pick the hips up. Then men, the elbows, let the head come down. Why? Just variety. Curl up, open, closed, and you may feel more low. Abdominals rolling your lumbers, buying a little off the mat. Stretch and down. Last one, press open-close. Pull in stomach, two ribs bend and all the way down. Now place your feet. I'm going to do a little external rotation, just an arm hole and I want to hold onto the top of the loop there.

Thumb inside the ring is fine. Certain with your arms in a site, like if you saw yourself from the sky, you've got a diagonal. So what the action is going to be here is this with the arms, that's all. But from the angle of this springs, hopefully you're going to tap into some of your shoulder external rotators. Okay, we'll do six of them and we might use, we'll put our upper legs. So here we go. We're going to exhale. Maybe the elbows get into the side. Ribs, maybe not squeeze and reach out. Stretch.

[inaudible] so I'm thinking about my elbows being a little higher to the ceiling. Then my forearm because of that external rotation of the humerus. No check that the your wrists aren't cocking and bending funky. Feel free to change your hand grip if you need to [inaudible] and wide like you're stretching butterfly wings to more pulling in and reaching wide, wide, wide. And our last one, pulling those elbows in and reaching out wide, wide and y please the feet and simply reach your springs back and rest. Okay, so rock on up. We're going to do some short box, but what I've got is this short box.

If you don't have one of these short boxes, you could probably stack a few pillows, uh, or phone books or something on block. You do want to get up a little higher off just here if you don't have this, do some of the abs without it. So let's try and I'm going to sit down, up. I'm going to use the strap again when, when in doubt, if you have a strap, try to use it. Okay. And I'm hooking my ankles in. I do want to pull outward on the strap there and get up tall and the sit bones.

Now I have some space back behind me so I'm sitting more forward. This is going to allow me to roll back onto the box. Three repetition. Starting the elbows at the waist. Are you as tall as you can be? I'm gonna take a breath first and as I exhale, I'm going to roll my hips under and try to float the elbows up and around through that lumbar and sacral area. See if I can get back and just Kinda let the box support me.

I don't want to lift my arms toward my head. Exhale, bring the arms down and really pull that stomach up to the rib cage. Rounding over restack arms come into the waist, sitting taller. Exhale, inhale round. The elbows move up. They're just coming up shoulder level. I'm going to hold the position steady with rib control and pull it out and the strap is going to help me curl up. Try to reach my elbows maybe to my knees and come back up once again, sitting a little taller, finding axial elongation and I'm looking at that water again.

Visualizing and nice fluid spine fluid. Arms Curl like a wave over oh four over rolling up, just sitting tall, flat back today. Let's take our hands on top of our head so that you can sit tall up into your hands. Easy neck and shoulders three times hindering back. I'm looking at the water. Don't look to the ceiling for me. Exhale, come up. I don't like to look at the ceiling. I want to say looking out.

So the head weight is being, you're in here with your head weight, right? You're not back on your neck. This is what's holding the weight in my skull. That's plenty. Three side bands. I'm coming towards you without lifting me opposite hip and exhale center and I'm pulling out on the strap at my ankles. Open the side ribs, letting air come in and filter the skin. Filter the muscles open when you can.

Drop the shoulder tension once again to the right or left. Lift yourself tall to your other side. And then we'll take six rotation, three each direction. Inhale tallest to you. Exhale, twist thinking that long is going that way. Okay. To the other side, long twisting, hopefully the legs. Nice and still and stable, getting that upward rotation visually center last time, and I'm twisting. Now we're going to twist and hinge. I'm going to twist a little bit.

We reached these ribs kind of to that corner of the trapeze table. I'm not going to able to go very far. I'm okay with that. Curlin pull into the body rather than reach away from yourself and too far away from the apparatus. In my mind, I'm thinking I could to keep turning around myself would not be something and come up and I'm going to drop my shoulders. Once again. Each side I'm twisting, trying to reach to that pole and center. Last one.

And I'm not going to do climate tree series because I've got some ballet stretches that we're going to do. So come around, Hook underneath your knees though. Round your spine, drop your shoulders and roll yourself back up. Okay, that's all and set. We're going to take this away and we'll come down onto our back for legs springs. I am going to move this. We don't need it. No legs. Springs. I've got the long purple, uh, making a choice right this second to move the bar up a couple inches is all from where I had them set for arms. Feel free to keep it where you were. Okay. And I'm not, uh, we'll see. I'm not going to say anything yet, so I'm going to measure myself. Arm Length.

Woo. I probably should move where my springs are. So those need to go back out to the wide setting. Here we go. Oh, something felt odd. Yeah.

So there we go. I met a long arm link. Now the feet come up and we're going to do a significant amount of ladies' spring work, both supine and sideline. Your choice guys to put your hands up on hold the Poles or not. I'm going to start with mine down. Now. I want you to start with your knees supported.

So a little air behind those knees and a little bit of opening of your springs. Okay. Stomach pulling up to ribs. Hips are strong. Let's start with circles down. Turn out. I'm going to go for a little stretch today and close six times down. Open around and up.

So you're always trying to feel the sense of control. Of course, in your torso, the but the springs last too. You're in control of that resistance and that assistance. Here's the assistance. Let's go the other way. Okay.

And that kind of a believer of relaxed feet these days. Uh, feel free to flex your point directly if you'd like. I'm visualizing if I had, you know, feet up, up my hips, that feet would be here. That's where the energy for me is happening. Upper leg last one. I'm going to stay down there in parallel. I'm going to walk up and down in parallel. Three times a, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight down, down, three, four, five, six and seven. Last one in parallel down to three. Four, five, six, seven, eight. Externally rotated up. Two, three, four, six, seven, eight. Down. How long can that Spring Reece stretch?

Get up to three, four, five, six, seven, eight down. Did four long and away. Last set. Five, six, seven, eight. Walk to four. Five, six, seven, eight. Scissor, long stride and long. Stride and three. Ah, and so keeping energy in both legs.

This one is not dead. It's, you know, you're resisting those springs coming up and up. Two more sets each leg and up. And last one walking slowly. I'm going to move that right into bicycle. So how it's like a slow motion movie, but the loops except for that, the coil should never close. I lost my concentration for a second there. Yeah.

So good for the brain. This one, keeping those springs active. I'm trying to do six each leg. I'm coming up on six, I believe. Now six hold other way. Six each leg. One and too, I love to try finding the mat with that foot and brush and brush so that I'm getting that nice long abdominal hip flexor. Uh, relationship stretch. Two more. Each leg I think. Stretch, stretch, last one. Stretch and stretch. Meet the legs to the center.

We're going to do frog circles, so hold your heels firm for a minute. Unlock the knees so that you can bend them and bring them in. I call it frog circle. I'm sure it's something else for other people down in control. The resistance and no pull in like you're bringing your heels into your inner thighs, your inner thighs up into your pelvis.

Two more, five, six and reversing for six. Brush the mat if you can out stomach strong too. Three be like a dolphin. If I were a dolphin, I might be doing this out in the water. Maybe I'm fine. Six I'm going to stay out there. Shawn. Small, up and down. Six Times. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. I love the eight.

Three, four, five, six, seven, eight to five, six, seven, eight and this is of course turned out for me. And three, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Down, four, five. We're halfway there with the showns mall. Boy. The inner thighs are feeling these spring. Then up. Shh. Down. Wow. One more set and up to three, four, five, six, seven. I'm not quite done. Four, five, six, seven, eight. Flex. He'll beat 16 times a one. Dude. Six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 22, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10.

I changed it in my mind. Okay, well we now let's take this drops off both feet for a minute. So I'm gonna now roll onto my side and I'll face you, which puts my right leg in the front strap. If you're obviously the other way round your left one, but first organize yourself before you get the strap on the foot. It's just harder that way to do it. So I've got my hips back, my shoulder back at the edge. I'm not too far. I don't want to roll off the table.

Bottom arm is holding this bar now and you've got this leg. That's true. Put the foot in. Okay, legs together. I am going to have us take your legs in front of the hips by in the stack flying the reach of both sides of our waist. This one and this one, I actually visualize my spine first and foremost going toward my opposite wall. Three repetitions is also ribs are controlled openness and we take the leg just up into hip abduction and lower and I might have these springs attempt. I for me here, one more time, leg up, down front, back for three. Now I'm going to let not let this control me.

I'm controlling that spring. I want to open the back of this hip joint, long muscles, long hamstrings. Use them to move the leg back. Open the front of your hip slightly two more times. So as I bring my leg toward you, I'm actually letting the femur come into the socket and the socket thinking of going back that way. So I've got a real good sense of opposition. And then as I control the opening, dropping my ribs, no, I'm not.

And like forward, forward and back. Stand in the strap of the leg. Spring. Just stand there. Okay. And up now, little external rotation, three times leg up, down. When you bring it down to use the back of the five leg up, leg down. Last one up down. Three small circles. Think magic. Circle two, three together. Other way we have it going back, up and around, back up and around. Really finding the back of the leg. And now Rhonda Jam.

I'm coming forward first now to get the leg up. It's the back of the hip, the back of the thigh. Use now the inner thigh and butt to pull the leg down. Control the forward motion. Lift, draw down inner side glutes. Last one. This direction, really opening that hip joint, reaching long reversed for three. Pick up using the back of the leg, back of the leg. How high can you move your leg, but minimize the extra rocking of your hips and lower. What I want to do now, then the knee step the foot by the thigh. Now chances are this hip joint is behind. Maybe I'm going to move.

Mine is I'm going to move my hip forward so I'm trying to open up. There are like in the regular mat. Feel free to stand in Relevate if you want. I'm going to lift and lower six times the bottom leg. Three trying to open this hip, four and five and six. Three circles one way, one, two, three other way. A one, two, three pulses per six do three, four, five and six and hold.

Now this foot is going to step up onto that thigh and what I want to do is the PA say, hold your PSI for a second. Hopefully you won't roll forward. So the PA, say for me right now, think from your knee up. The side isn't come any closer to the body. The knee stays there, the thigh stays there, you stretch. And we lower two more up. Thigh stays there. It's from the need to the foot and we come down. Last one need to foot lower. Reverse for three. We come up, bend Jethani toes to the knee. Stretch.

Go a little beyond the other leg and we come up, bend at the knee. Find that inner thigh hamstrings right there to bend that knee. Stretch and up. Last time man. Stern [inaudible] go beyond. Stretch it out. Lift. Let's take that strap away. Transition Heel beats on your tummy.

Stack the hands. Lift the stomach. Lift the thighs. Squeeze the booty 20 times one, seven, eight, nine, ten seven, eight, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 last other side. Okay, apologize for having my back towards you. But that's what it is. Okay, so before we get moving, fine length. You're stable here. Your waist is picked up enough. You're not too high. Your legs are slightly in front of your hips.

Your spine is reaching to the opposite wall and here we go. Abduction one, pull down, lift up, reach down, and three and down front, back. So I'm taking my leg forward to the water, my hip back to you all using those rear leg muscles. Hip Extension, the stomach pulls in and up to the rib cage. The hamstring lifts up into the glutes. Last one, stomach pulls in and up to the ribs and hamstrings back and up to the glutes. Turning out for three again, I'm thinking the rear leg, rear inner thighs, small circles, one [inaudible] three all the way. Complete that circle and the other way. One, two and three and complete the circle. Ronda Zam, big leg gesture forward, up, up, up. Now move from the back of the leg.

Find your inner thigh and your butt and pull the spring down. Now again, control as the lake comes behind. You may have to move your pelvis slightly forward just a little bit. Try to stay as tuned in as you can to being on the side of your demanding a great amount of control in your body three times. The other way. That's braiding list assist you lifting your leg.

But pretend that spring's not there. You're in mat work and you're doing Rhonda Zam on the Mat, right? The spring is only there to help a little bit. Find your muscles, pick up your leg and down inner thigh. Adjust your pelvis. You may have to press it forward. And we have six up and down, two, three, four, five and six. Three circles each week.

Try to go a little higher on each one to three other way. Going up on your inner thigh. Two and three flex for six, squeeze and a two and a three for five and a six and lower passe. So again, your thigh is steady. You move from the knee to the foot, demanding a lot of control of your femur to your hip socket. Leg down, up. So what do you have to find a stabilize the femur could be your hip flexors, can be your abs, your back, your inner thighs. Down last time.

This knee for me tends to hyper extend a little more than the a right one. So I'm not quite straightening it today. If you see that bend, I'm protecting myself using my Palladio's work to take care of my knee. Find those hamstrings and abductors. Shh. Last time a long gate ends going longer, longer, longer, longer and stepping out. Yeah and rest. No other transition. Okay. Move yourself back a bit.

Arms are long arms right here by your shoulders. Tuck your toes. We are going to push ourself up to a front. Support on the count of three, pull your stomach into, here we go. Push up three and hold, hold and hold. So what I want to do as a site then from the mat. So I'm going to turn to face you all. I'm gonna move one hand forward and rotate and I'm gonna use the where the bar where the leg springs aren't. Just use that as a resource. Don't touch. Okay, now just hold there.

Finding the ribs but near the armpit and the vertebrae that are kind of associated there. And let's see if we can lift those vertebrae more up into this armpit. I'm thinking a little translation this way. Hopefully six little lifts. One, two, so I've got a can significant push down on my solid arm here. Three, four and five. Yes, six. I'm going to come off this arm to change sides. Arm over.

We're right over our supporting arm. I want to think about those roots, those vertebrae one, two, mobilizing a little bit, three. It's not that I'm not thinking about the other ones. I'm just trying to get up in those scapular vertebrae and five and six that's come back to the other side. Okay, now I'm going over the regular side Bin. Then from the Mat, I'm going to keep my legs here. Lift this arm, lower the hip. Look to this hand. We use this as a delicious stretch for this underbelly. One time, press up, press.

Let's stack our feet. Hold this bar. Give yourself a little star and a little star. Hold the arm. Doesn't need to be there. Let's hold lower and then challenge yourself. You can put your foot down to rotate up to the ceiling. Ah, I love that feeling. And then other side. Okay, almost done on that arm turning over.

Oh, I just adjusted and cool. All right, here we go. So I've got my legs engaged. I'm looking in this hand letting this sun light hit the palm of that hand, stretching my underbelly, not collapsing in my right shoulder and I'm using that to come up. Hold the bar for a moment. Stack your legs, organize your belly, lift the thigh lower a couple times without the arm one. [inaudible].

Let's lift up and hold [inaudible] and lower. And we're going to come out of that woo into a round back. Okay. Time to stretch our legs a little bit. I'm going to have a slider trap piece are to the push through end, says well out of our way and I'm going to have us use the fuzzy. So as I look forward to the fuzzies, I'm going to pull them forward a couple inches just out away from the frame. And as I stand, I'm going to take my body diagonal to this front one and put my right leg in.

And how I'd like to do this today is that I'm diagonal to the table, but my hips are square to the fuzzy. Okay, slightly turned out. And then walk two arms forward. Feel free to hang on wherever you'd like to be aware. However, the standing leg should not be locked in the knee, so you had still have your hamstring support. I am working with the thought of narrowing my pelvis, so really pulling my hips together so that I'm solid on this leg. [inaudible] and find the top and rest. One more time. So feel free to experiment with arms.

Oh, round those hips under so you can get some length in the lumbar quadratus muscles underneath here and then rolling up to standing tall. I'm going to turn my torso towards you a little it band stretch. I don't feel a lot here, but some of you might. I'm trying to allow this hip to drop but not sinking. Collapse and knock the other hip out. So hello turn might even take the arm and lift. Careful of those. All right, now let's do some adductor stretch. So I want to rise up.

Turn lower. The heel. Hopefully I'm over this leg. If not, and if you're not, just adjust as you look down. You want your hip right above that ankle, this one out, nice and long, you're turned out. And then once again, let's go ahead with this piece in please. [inaudible] your standing knee and straighten. Lots to consider here. This knee isn't just dropped. You've got a little support for these with these hamstrings. And I'm not dropping my body weight.

I'm trying to control how I lower myself down. I'm actually really utilizing this hamstring and add doctor work that we just did with the springs is if I'm doing a little frog on that one more time. Might even test your balance with your arms out to the side. And now I'm going to pivot into Arabesque. So I'm going to lift this hip and roll it toward the window. I'm gonna rise up, hop a little bit. Okay, so for me, I'm on a diagonal now to this other bar, which is fine. Um, you can have your hands here if you'd like to use this bar, you may add, tighten it for some security. Let's play a, but open up your right hip.

I'm thinking more about the reach of the hip than I am the bend of this knee and [inaudible] and the chest is reaching toward this corner of the table using the hamstrings, pulling up into those glutes to more, ah, not an opportunity to drop your belly out. Pull in length in that up. Okay. You can stop there if you'd like to or if you want to challenge yourself a little bit differently. I'm going to come all the way down. Hold said steady please on the table. Look upside down. You can see where that fluid is behind you. If you'd like to lunge deeper in your standing leg and straight in the standing leg, I'm gonna do three or four of those.

Wow. Ah, feeling your body in motion. Reaching really intently with that long leg behind you. Last one. And the way I'm going to have us dismount or get out of this particular stretch today is to bend this knee and just take your foot out. Okay.

Slowly roundup, you would move that bar to be a little careful where it is above you. Good. Okay. Other side, left foot up toward your leg. Really feel that precision of square shoulders over pelvis. You're really facing, slightly turned out here and you're supported hamstring up into your Heinie and your forward, neither knee should be unsupported, so your hamstrings actively supporting those joints and coming up again. My knee is a little bit more bent than some, but I have a tendency to lock it so I have to find my hamstrings and all the way up. So I'm going to then turn toward the leg. Spinal rotation. Trying to stand right over. I'm going to show you where it was.

This is a bit of a mistake. I'm too far forward. I'm not on this hip, so I'm on my hip now. Spiral rotation. Spinal rotation. [inaudible] alright, caught myself. Okay. Pivoting. It's a diagonal now to this corner of the table on the hip and apply a lock and controlling how you lower your weight. Lifting the weight up.

Ah, now as I go to standing, I'm thinking quadriceps, inner thighs, hamstrings and glutes. Stomach also invited up into the rib cage. Try a couple with your arms open if you'd like to or not holding on last time. You wipe the sweat from your forehead and then your last one, you're going to pivot. Roll the hip, lift and hop the leg around. Get right over that leg again. I'm gonna use both bars, so as I go to perform the knee bend, I'm also more thinking open and reach this hip to the foot and stand. Continue to bring the chest forward.

Just like you're doing a little swan in your upper back last to just feel so good and straighten. And last time, here we go. Whew. Hold that table. [inaudible] four times his and bend the standing. Me. Lengthen. Breach. Yeah.

Lengthen and reach length and pulling up and rich. Last one for the day. Take the foot out and come down. Last thing I'm going to do is round myself back into just a little, you know what would be maybe a child's pose for some, just gonna do a little rock back and forth to try to feel a bit of centering in my spine. And then just one or two breaths in a still position [inaudible] and we're finishing, so we got a nice full body workout.

I hope everyone enjoyed that. Thanks for taking class. I'll see you next time.


Amy I love, love this workout :) thanks always for thinking outside of the the box!!
Thank you for a beautifully choreographed fluid Cadillac workout Amy! You gave me some very fresh ideas with your combinations, you are always so creative. Thank you again for this!
Thank you ladies...glad you enjoyed the class and my invitation to try some new things, move in new ways (possibly) and workout! I appreciate your feedback!!
Nice, Amy. Love the trapeze and fuzzy work.
Fabulous use of chair with Cadillac . Moon box such a nice gentle way to do short box
Thank you ladies! :)
Amy, love the ideas, the sequence and your instruction. And I loved the warm-up with swing and the chair with push-thru bar.
Once again, great class Amy! You are one of my favorites on PA!! Love the ballet stretches! Thank you!
Hi Karol and Tamara----thank you both so much! I need to tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to not only watch/take class, but to make comments on what you enjoyed. It really does mean a lot to me (and all of us) as well as keep me focussed on what things to keep up with! :)

Great class Amy. Just gives us all a fresh way to look at the exercises.......wish there was a way to do the ballet stretches on the tower....hmmmmmm.
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