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Cat Walkover Prep

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Work your way up to the Cat Walkover in this detailed Cadillac workout with Amy Havens. She focuses on obtaining better position in the lower back and pelvis, especially during extension. The length you create between your low back and sacrum will help prepare you for the challenging exercises at the end of the class.
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Baby Arc

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Hi Guys, I have Hailey with me and we're here to do Cadillac workouts. So we've been working on a few things she and I have over time and one being, um, a little bit better sense of lower back pelvis positioning and extension here, which that seems to be a bit of a forte for mine and I need to go the other way. So, uh, we're gonna play and see what shows up and we'll probably conclude with a walkover. So we're building up to that Ariel of skill. So come on down Hailey. I'm gonna have you lie on your back and she's going to put her feet in the strap first. We'll warm up with some articulation.

Let me just test this real quick and see if you reached your hands to the yeah, come down a little bit first. Okay. And then let go. Oh No, I'll have you hold on for now. Okay. So I want you to take a couple of deep breaths and just get centered and feel your body and where it is on the mat. I'm going to just put my hand behind your knees to remind your knees not to lock or drop and pop down. Okay, so that even right away those hamstrings are ready to support you and to connect into your abdominals. I want you to just to feel the width across your lower rib cage and melt these down into the mat. Yeah, and I like to come up and look at this way so I can see that she's really centered right in line with the middle of the table and that her arm bones are just really plugged in to the mat surface. She's going to hold the arms there. I'm going to have you take a deep breath in and let's go ahead and start articulation. So roll the pelvis into that tilt.

Keep going all the way up until you're right between your scapula. Deep breath in here. We're going to do three of these, Haley, and as you rolled down since that your spine is reaching towards your feet long, long, long level pelvis. Take a deep breath and roll right around my arm there. And in this position at right out through your head, out through your legs, get really long. And here Ringo, I can already see what I need to deal. So we're gonna just get that extra reaching extra length for you and level your pelvis. Okay, we may need four. And again, exhale, pelvic tilt.

So feel that lower back at why the back of the ribs wide. Keep tilting. Now there's a point for you because you've got this really good tilt. I want you to just liberate your low back in your sacrum a little bit. It's not that we, you know, just really go into popping him an arch, but just feel like you're getting more space through the like lower lumbar to sacrum. There you go.

And what I did there is just pull on her a little bit and she's gonna roll down. I want you to think of sacrum away from lumbar five kinda there and try one more already. It looks different. So even on the way up sacrum, a little bit away from your lumbar five and four, even if you know you can't feel it, I that wouldn't be super surprising. Good. Inhale and exhale coming down. So bring him down through the chest, down through the ribs. Reach the sacred long in a way. Now keep yourself integrated here and bring your arms and she started working into some upper arm reaching and I want you to let your scapula go up, let him slide up your ribs here so you can feel the difference there to there and then return the bar. Okay, so inhale, elbows wide. Try to almost pause for just a second. Almost.

Get your elbows way back and you can, yeah. And then let me give you a little love and pull. Oh, that's a nice release. Hailey. Now pull away from me just a little bit with your scapula. Exactly. Just enough to take the the springs and keep the shoulders plugged in.

Let's just do one more of this upper arm opening and you near a fine. As soon as you reach, stay there and just do a couple of breaths and I want to just kind of draw my attention to that. So you saw my hand coming at you and immediately and it probably is my cueing rather than me maybe do this. I probably could have done this and just had you get more sense of with back here. Cause what I really wanted to do is get wide there rather than grip down too much in the front. Okay. So just keep thinking of your back being supported by the table and bring the bar back through. That's okay.

Unless two maybe two times all the way through. So you're going to hold the bar right up and take a breath that's articulate, feel the flow from articulation into upper arm opening and take the bar down and reach back. Now reach that way, reach this way and you've got a really long decompressed spine. Inhale, start to roll your spine down and keep it connecting to reaching the bar back overhead wide, lower back sacrum, reaching away from your lumbar and hold it there. Beautiful Haley, and then return your bar. Okay, let's do that whole thing one more time. Breathe. So even on this, as you roll through, your back is getting wide for you. This whole, that's it. Yes. And then taking the bar through. Good hamstrings.

Long inhale and exhale. Roll your spine down. I'm just going to do that. Keep reaching the bar over. Head sacred. Move away from lumbars. You get this sense of here. I know you've been working on that. Inhale. It's been a really good job of it. And roll the up. Bring the a bar back.

Okay. Now I want you to do a little teaser here. Okay, so take a breath, lift your head, your neck, and your chest roll all the way up. Now I want you to sense your hamstrings pressing onto the, using that to press down on the strap a little bit. Breathe and exhale as you roll down your spine, keep your head in between your arms as long as you can and all the way down. Plug your arms in and again, so pick up your head in your chest. How much flection can you get before you have to let the bar move? Keep going.

Flex, flex, flex, flex flies. I know. And then all the way up. Yep. And then here's this place for you. My feet, feet. Go get that sacred forward. Good. Inhale and exhale. Roll onto that sacred. Keep reaching up above you. Remember that upward reach is going to help you lengthen that space there.

One more time. So how much flection can you do before you have to move the bar? Let's see what happens. Squeeze yea and picking it up and you can look right up onto your new toes, your new toenails. Look right up. Look, look, look, look, look, Yep. And recognize how you've really put your sacrum in a nice new place. Breathe in. And when you roll down, you keep reaching that sacrum towards your tail up, away from lumbar here. That that, there you go.

Let me add, try to do one thing with you. Go ahead and do it again. We'll see what happens. Good, good. So then this is a fun one for you. If you can externally rotate your legs, try to do like a mini frog right now. Oh good. And not even that far in. So how far can you come without losing this position? Even less.

Even less. Think sacred. This is your main thing right now is your sacred. Where is it this forward? Why low belly? Good. One more time, Haley. Keep reaching up. Yeah. Good read. You can parallel the legs and all the way down. Yeah. Okay. Now I'm going to hold this just for a second, but you stay holding on. Can you bend your knees to tabletop right now?

Okay. Now as you're holding this, feel again your hamstrings are pulling or in contracting. Hold the heels down. Take one hand to do a reverse grip, maybe more in line with your shoulder and other hand behind your head so you know abs are coming. Okay. But as they let go, you're going to hold onto that bar from that nice connection onto your back or we're hoping not to have the ribs translate side to side. So this is a fun one. Let me just have you exhale up to a chest lift. Good. Now rotate toward this open side where your elbow is and just hold this position. Okay. Now I want you to inhale and lengthen your legs.

Exhale, bend in a foothold them in, pressing down on the strap through two more. And I want you to tuck these ribs in. That's it, Hailey. So she just found more centering with her ribs. They were starting to flare a little bit more toward me. Inhale, not face your legs, sorry. And exhale, come all the way down with your chest. One more. So first the chest lift, she rotates toward the side. Now inhale as the legs extend.

Open your hip flexors and exhale, flex them in heel. Press your left knee toward your right knee a little bit. [inaudible] is that different? Left knee in. She was starting to cascade her legs a little bit off that way, so I needed to bring her in. Return facing your thighs. Breathe in and exhale, come down. Okay, two patterns to the other side. Good. Oh right. Yeah. So first in, nice, easy chest lift. Basic.

Yeah. Inhale and exhale. Rotate to the open side. Now same thing. Let these ribs kind of sneak their way back in rather than fan out. That's it. Hayley. Inhale, open the hip joints. Exhale, Clo, inhale, and she's in a nice neutral pelvis and I'm going to have the same thing, right knee pressing against lefting, Justice Scotia whole. Now inhale, rotate towards your legs and all the way down. Let's do one more round trip. Breathe in. See if you stay centered.

Yeah, well, open rib kitchen. Yep. Excellent. Inhale, extend and flax and you're looking straight out using the eyes, looking out. [inaudible]. Okay, out. Inhale, exhale. That's nice, contained position. Inhale, face those knees and exhale all the way down and give yourself a little rest. Good. Okay, do one more thing for me. You can extend your legs or take them out and just do one more chest opener here.

Bring your hands back and I'm just going to give you one more little lengthener. Now if I, as I do this, what happens if you just tip into a slight interior rotation of your pelvis? Does that feel okay? Okay. Okay, so let's move and do some prone shoulder rotation. You feel come out of the strap. Okay. I'm going to keep holding the bar and I want you to turn over onto your tummy and how about yeah, you get yourself over to this side of the mat and put your cheek down and then I'll bring the bar down and you'll put your left hand on the bar. Okay, now can you put it the other way? There we go. That's okay.

So it's this underneath grip. It takes a, it takes a minute. Now bring your legs together and I want to take down the trap piece first. Okay. And all the while I want you to start thinking about shoulder rotation, not so much elevation and depression, so much as internal and external rotations. Because when we do that, walk over, we need that mobility. Okay. Pelvis is level and you can put this hand underneath your head. That looks better to me. Okay, so here we go. Ms. Haley, I'm going to climb up here and I want you to let the spring do a little bit of the work to bring the arm bone away from the scapula bone a little bit.

Okay? Now as you rotate internally with your arm bone there. Ooh, yeah. You may notice that you can get the front of your shoulder toward the mat, but not by elevating the Scapula. There you go. Now as you go the other way, we externally rotate it back towards your back.

We'll just do five total internal rotation like a old fashioned pencil, Mona, old fashioned pencil sharpener and rotate and allow this spring to lengthen and kind of open up the front of that chest and arm relationship and turn in. Arm goes down and feel the rotation. Start the movement there feeling okay. And Haley happens to have really? Yeah, clear to see and easy for me to feel rotation.

She's got pretty flexible shoulders. Good. One more time. Internally rotating. Good correction. She started to elevate and she caught herself and so all I'm doing with my hands, if I had my you in front of me, I'm just using my hands again to guide the rotation. I have the bar and you can peel that hand off of it and Scooch my way.

We'll repeat the other side. So I'm also making sure clear. Sure that direction, that she's right in line with the table, not too far on it and not definitely too far off of it, so other hand on. Okay, so it's really very important. All this setup that your body is this nice cylinder of alignment. Okay, so I'm going to just stay facing this way and then let's go ahead and just allow this spring to do some of the work to pick your arm up. So right in that humerus and the upper arm bone away from your scapula.

Okay, now go ahead and do the internal rotation there. Ms Scapula stays right there on the back of the ribs. It likes to sneak up, but you're doing a good job of holding it right there on your rib cage. Isolating the articulation in the joint. Get inhale, you can internally rotate and exhale for external inhale sometimes helps if I put my hand on top of the Scapula so that it won't elevate good and kind of think ahead in a workout. But this is going to help your cat walk over or any of your inversion, any things to be able to have that looseness. But ability to pull yourself up.

Okay, one more time. Good. And just give you a little more in there. Nice job, Haley. So I've got the bar. I want you to come up to a sitting position facing for some push through, but sits straddle pretty close to the bar. Okay. And why?

I want you to do straddle so that we don't have to fight against your hamstrings. And then we can really see if you're sitting up on your pelvis or fighting, you know, being pulled back or not. Okay. So let's see what happens. Go ahead and hold the bar. Okay. And I think what I want to do for this little part is sitting right behind you and just get my hands on your sacrum. There you go. And here's your pelvis. Now if that's your pelvis, no, just draw your attention to widening your back rib cage.

So you get this whole part of you wide and then your neck nice and long. Okay. Bring Bend your elbows like you're pulling the bar apart. Push that bar toward the bars, the frame. Now let me see you roll down into for reflection. Roll back up.

Inhale and exhale. Whoops. Hold on. Start that again. You clinched your Tishi. So kind of, yeah, that's okay. So it kind of went into a little bit of a habit of gripping here. So I know as hard as this is to kind of loosen, let this be, but if we want to do anything, change it. Bring it wide and can your back. Here we go. Try not to grip.

We're going to liberate this sacred man. Lumbar. Good. Hailey, stay on the sits bones. There you go. And Roll yourself up. Okay. I think that's enough of that one. But I want you now to bend your elbows, bring the bar up and hinge forward. So it's as if you're tipping more to the front of your pubic bone. Good. And lifting your tail up, but not changing your rib cage.

Does that feel different? Okay. Bring yourself to a vertical sit and just go into that forward hinge again. Right? Starting that pelvis red. The change at your pelvis. Stay wide there. That's it. And then sternum up. Good. Okay.

How do your inner thighs feel getting a good, good stretch. Okay. Come to vertical set. Release your right arm to the side. Let's do a little forward, uh, like a saw with your right arm toward the bar. Okay. And then that same thing getting up onto the front parts of your pubic bone, lengthening both sides of your spine and out your eyes.

You're kind of looking out into the ocean underneath your left arm. And I just have a sense we need to bring your ribs back a little bit. Yeah. Cause with this pelvic, um, anterior tilt that I'm trying to kind of encourage for you, it definitely could hinge your, your rib cage forward. So we want to keep that broad. Okay. Now release that right arm palm face up. This armo stay straight, rotate out into the studio and look at the palm of the hand.

Maybe even looking back to that bar right there and just hold okay there. So this straight arm here has some engagement in it button. Guess what? I'm going to have you, yeah. Re-Engage the abdominals and think more about how wide your back rib cages. And it's a little awkward with the legs on the table like that, but generally like a big bronching of a horse, like a bronco. Okay, go forward.

Again, the big bucking Bronco. Have you ever done that? Horseback riding. Horseback riding. Good. There you go. Okay. And then come back. So you just keep this cylinder nice cen organized. You're on the back sides of the sitting bones.

Think of this being broad and you can look in that hand at the hand. Pretty good. Bring your hand onto the bar. Let's do the other side. Okay, so left-hand is gonna release. Let saw forward. Yeah. And breathe some life into the back rib gauge. Good. Long up through your upper back and out your neck and you can look out into the studio kind of out there by your backpack. There's that ribs.

So the ribs are flaring a little bit. I went, that's it. And then the Morehead. Interesting. Okay. You did a little better in here. And then our mountains or the ocean and you can look into it in hinge back, which a little more [inaudible]. Just a little more nice job. Circle. Try to touch me with that arm. She probably, and then I've toured the saw without flaring the ribs up. That's it. Eley good. Get your neck wall.

Good. Good. Nice job. Nice change in the pelvis. Okay. Watch that head. There it is. And then bring your arm out and look back into the palm of the hand. Keep your back wide. Good.

That's right. Okay. Now I want you to bring that hand onto the bar again. One more forward flection so you can go through vertical first. Sorry I didn't Q very well. Bring that bar down. Stay right on the sits bones. Now here's your sacrum and it stays right where it is, right against my hand there. Deep breath in.

And then let's come all the way up. Okay, let's move into a Kat upon your knees. Okay. And we're going to position pretty closely to the bar brothers. Probably do two of these now being real close to the bar. What I mean there is when you bring that bar down, it's going to kind of shave the front of your chest. So let's start again. Come all the way up and look out into the distance. Yeah, so let's just really see that this is elevated, lifted open, okay.

And that your hamstrings are connected [inaudible] without tucking their subtle stuff and she's really long in your lower back. You're going to bring the bar down as you inhale. Now you know what's coming rounding forward. Want to have my hand in my arm right there. You're going to go over me right about there. I bet you're going to have to start making a change to this safe room and the pelvis right there.

Now I think right now you could give your lumbar and your sacrum a little more. Yeah, a little bit more of that whole, not too much. Breathe. Now start to move this part of you good, Haley. Oh, all the way. Where is the tailbone now? And then bend your elbows. Bring the bar up the front of you and gum up against the springs for just a second. Okay. Can you just hinge forward from there?

[inaudible] and then come to vertical. Now let's go Phi stretch without over arching your lumbar pause for me right there. Okay. And just hold wrapping your shoulders. Now, if you were to go a little bit further in your thigh stretch, where would you have to work? Yeah, I'd have to contract through those hamstrings and glutes and going back. I want you to keep your head more this way. Yeah. Okay. Now use your arms pulled down on the bar.

Almost like you're going to pull it apart and come right up on your knees and let's start the whole cat against. You're already ready to push it down. Flex getting nice and long. Stay right there. We could do longer. Not so much arching more, but more less. That's the change. Did you feel that? Breathe. Now here's a fun one. Try to leave the bar where it is and make the change here. Make more flection.

How much fluction can you do without moving that bar more? More. I know more. Okay, now, so we're bringing the bar towards you. That's always fun. And then bend the elbows up and let's go right back to thigh stretch. You don't need to do that forward thing. Yeah, get some, get some quad stretch for yourself. Lean without arching that lumber too much.

I'm gonna keep this less compressed long. That's better. And then all the way up. Perfect. Let's do a little tower. So let me change this up for you. Okay. You're back feeling good. Okay. So with tower going to do our one red, of course.

Yes. Do you need a sticky for your feet there? Thank you. Okay. All right. Yeah, here we go. Baby Lion on the back. Okay, so we're going to do three different, you're going to do, you'll do three versions of this tower and three stages I should call it. So first one, yeah, exactly. Feet apart. A bit. Sits bones with have your arms hands back up on the Poles, full arm length.

And this is where we really start to stretch, you know, get a take a look at her hamstrings and we haven't done a long, long stretch yet, so, okay, you good? Okay. So what can we do about your sacred? Can you know, what do we have to do to get your sacrum a little bit flatter on the table? And I know Haley Wells, I've just put my hand underneath there. I think she's okay with this. I know she is okay. And it's still, I'm still waiting for more weight to come down on my hand, but she is. She'll get there in a minute. And Katie hamstrings are saying, nope, not yet.

Okay, so let's make a change. We're going to take the knees into little bit of Flection, okay, right? There's fine. So can you point your feet a tiny bit there and hold that. So what I want you to do, breathing in first, keep your knees bent, roll from your tail up into a shoulder stand or kind of an assisted shoulder stand. Okay?

Now can you bring your thighs a little higher up away from your torso? Stay right there. So here's what I want you to do. Your inflection, it's gorgeous. Just have more volume in it. More up here, up, up, up, up, up. Little more knees toward the ocean. Back there. Okay. Now this stays as is.

Take the legs up and down. Three times. You good? Okay. And up and down. One more. Up and down. No, I want you to roll down in in this bent knee position. So take yourself down, take yourself down all the way, and at the very end you're reaching that sacrum away from your lumbar. Try to get it more out and extend your legs and see what happens. She's a little closer, she's a little closer. She's bringing those legs into the pelvis. Let's go again. Bend your knees, breathing. Roll up to your shoulder stand.

So I want a little more volume in here and a little more negative space. That's the idea. Now up and down three times with your legs, Healy contract and the abdominals. Use the back. Now that's your third. Run a hold. Once you roll down with straight legs now and you know this one, this feels so good. I think helping you get more length. Good and flex. Okay.

Now the last stage and we need to do is with straight legs. Straighten your knees now. Okay. Slowly Peel yourself up. Tailbone towards the heels. And I want you just to pause there for a breath or two. Okay? So you can really feel you've made kind of some nice changes here.

Broad Scoop, lift, keep all this active. Three knee bends, flex knees and hips. Exhale up and exhale a beautiful Hailey. Now this last one you'd just going to stand, hold, push with your feet up. Not back, but up and hands back and slowly give me this vertebra. Then this one, this one, this one, this one.

And you're already starting to say to your sacrum, hey sacrum, reach away from lumbar. And it did stay there for me. Three or four breaths. So I've got my hand on her thighs and I'm just encouraging them to come away from her abdomen. My hand is still on her sacrum, trying to get it a little bit more away from lumbar. Yea. And she's going to bend her knees. You're going to stay here and let me do this stretch with her. Okay. Yeah, I felt some change. Okay, so let's, we're going to take you out of this position here. Put your feet down. Yep.

Good. Let me take this down and then we're gonna move into some legs, springs, k. And the surprise I have for you are the ch, not even a big surprise, but news a arch. This may take a moment to set up. So why don't you do this before we get you in the springs. Lie on your back. Sacrum on top. Get your arms on the Poles at a full reach.

Do I need to move this under you a little? Yeah, that feel pretty good. A little bit more. Okay. Okay. So can we go, I'll do this for you. Okay. I'm going to have fun with your sacred. So I would love for Ms. Haley to start with her legs in a diamond position. Okay? Yup.

And we're really going to take a look at whether or not she tends to Tuck, which she does or can she get this length. And I have my hands on her lower abdomen right into her hip joints. So I want you to lower your legs now Hailey. Ooh, you didn't hear what I heard some adjustments came into her pelvic region and come back up. Let's do five of those. Can it be a longer diamond? Yeah, and up.

So she's got a good sense of control over her abdominals in this upper part and I wanted to get some length down here because behind her, that's sacred lumbar relationship again. Okay, last two. Good. Haley, last one with both legs and lift. Now just do one leg. The other one will stay nice and still find the use the back of that leg and bring it up other side, bring it down and bring it up and bring it down and bring it up. You're doing great and abdominals to stabilize and up. One more each side. She's doing great. Down and up, down. This is not easy for her. I can tell there's some, there's something happening in her hip joints, but this is nice.

I want one more time. I tried to get a little more length out of the quad. Okay, now bring your legs down a little bit, Haley there. That to me looks like about a good length and just feel that I'm extension here. Now take your legs into straight, externally rotated and just do three open closes. Slowly work some external rotation here and close like you're trying to get the back of your thighs together and open. Remaining nice and broad.

Close and open. Gorgeous and close. Let's just do three leg circles in one position. You're choice open. Yup. Okay. And there, last time her hips are popping all around. This is the other way. But see where we've, we've added this a lot more focus of space in through her hip joint in her sacrum and her lumbar and all through the pelvis. So there's bound to have some, some change occurring. Now just do maybe just easy like, you know, some walking.

Keep pushing into the Poles with your hands. Nothing too fancy. One more time. Good. Ben. Johnny's in arrest. We could go on and on. I won't, that's enough there. So come off of the baby arc. Ta-Da. Let's do s one.

So I'm going to bring it down first. You stay right there. Exactly. Hands on the bar. Great. Okay. So let's, let's, uh, you're going to feel my hand. This is what I really want you to breathe into me here. Okay. And let's do one swan one nice and slowly.

So reverse articulation, somewhat picking up your eyes. That rolling of the marble. Yep. Keep some control right here in your sacrum. You've had the bar. Okay, well I'm not going to let go anyway and then come all the way down. Rolling through. Okay, now let's go on into the second one. I want you to bend your elbows for me.

Like you're pulling the bar apart and gather the scapula together. Now before you rush and go all the way to big Swan, cause I know you, you know it's coming. Bring your, your head up and meet the bar. Can I feel that relationship there? All right, now start to come up higher with your arms and your spine and you're gonna look right out to the patio right now. I want to give you this sense of reaching up, up, up, up. Good job, Haley. Now when you come down to arms first, get a strong back.

Your head can start going down. Yup, there, there and there. Let's do a one more time. I'll give you a little bit of link. You are welcome. She said thank you. It always does feel good. Okay. Slowly. So get that good arm. Squeeze there. Now slowly pick up your head. Just know this is really important to get that.

Then you can start to externally rotate your arms. Reach Long, deep breath. Now when you come down, I want you to feel your back working. Yeah, feel it working. And then here we go. I'm going to do one s again. Deep breath. Ah, I let it go and then we'll come up for some, uh, ballet stretches. How's that? Okay. I have the bar. You betcha.

So come on up and let me move the fuzzies. All right, so Hailey's up in the fuzzies. As you can see, we've been working a lot with her. I have been on getting some external rotation out of her femurs that are hips without lowering into a tuck. Okay. So I w I'm going to put my hand on her thigh here and I want you to spiral this leg externally. Think of a spiral going all the way out your heel, out the door. This leg is also spiraling and the end result is the opening up of the CELIAC.

This muscle right across the front of the pelvis and into your hip flexors, etc. Now Bend your standing knee, Haley and extend your knee and I'm going to try to keep you in your external rotation. She loves these all the way straight, straight, straight. Yep. And again, bend. She did a good job all the way to Moore and Ben and Streeton and once again bend and straighten. Okay. What I'd like you to do is rise up onto the what we left.

Lost your position a little bit. Why are you going, okay, rise up onto the ball of your left foot, pivot toward the pushed bar side of the Cadillac, walk your hands. That one is on either frame and you'll have to probably hop this foot forward. Exactly. And also in external rotation. Okay, so standing leg externally rotated. Now what's different with this one? I want your pelvis to come all the way into the square. Yeah, there that okay. Now say is definitely putting a great deal of extension here.

So let's get a longer leg and more turnout of your standing leg too. Okay there. Now bend the knee standing knee and straighten. Look out and as you bend and when you think of your knee going forward in your leg, going back. Good. Haley and straighten. It's going to get really fun. Now Bend and hold. Okay, now walk your hands down the Poles.

She has a good sense of balance. So she's okay here. And can you come all the way to the mat with your hands? Yeah, do hold. So she's doing excellent job of keeping the hips square at this point. Sometimes people like to turn this hip open, but she's got a good square pelvis. I would love a longer leg. Yep, she's breathing.

Yep. She's trying to straighten her standing leg. I don't want her to, I want you to keep it bent. That's okay. That'd be harder to straighten him. Don't make it harder on yourself. Okay. Stay Bent. Crawl your hands up the frame, lock up. Use Your Swan, use your swan. That's the idea. And then let's take the foot out and then we'll face the ocean for the other set. So here we go.

Yeah, getting a good and limber. Cause after this little series we're going to try that cat walk over to finish. So now as I'm standing here, I can kind of get a good look. Her standing leg is in turnout. Yup. She's going to drop this hip. Good.

She's going to externally rotate this femur unless you what you got. Bend your knee and straighten and then keep dropping the hip three more and Ben and extend to more. Good. Haley. Can't forget the standing leg working that rotation and last time and stretch. Okay. Rise to Relevate. Turn to the push through bar side. Hot forward. Okay. Now. Yeah. So go ahead and start with a bend in your front knee so that we can really square you. Exactly.

And then what can we do about getting rid of that bent knee? Yes. It has to really come from opening up your thigh and hip flexors. Okay. Bend your knee [inaudible] long. She's getting up and stretch and bend without going backward. Come forward. Yep. And stretch and then stray.

Now Ben, one more time. Walk your hands down the frame. Stay with kind of a runner's lunge. Keeps squaring her. Yup. Lengthening the leg. Reach past the fuzzy. Good. Haley. All right. Now when you walk back up, thinks one, you know one of those days if we were to do hanging back, but we're not, you're going to do catwalk over instead. Okay.

And release and Wallah, you're going to stay up there. Can you slide your trapeze bar in? Remember how to measure yourself? What we do? Yeah. Arm, arm and then tighten up those bolts there. Okay, so grand funnel they have, let's go for a little split in the air. That's all it is. You've done all the work to get there. Okay. Hey, I pick a leg, my bed. Either this one or, oh wait, you're going to put one foot here. I love it. Okay. Yeah.

So measure where your hands go to your nose, pick a leg and you're gonna stand there. Yeah, both are good legs and you're going to step up there and put the other foot up top. Okay. That foot stays there. Now start to send your sacred map. Split your legs in the air. Now think about your sacred mainly. Can that sacred? Go Up to the sky. Can you swan sacrum up? No. Split the legs. Split the legs. Split the legs. Okay. Put this one on the bar.

Pulled the other one knee to chest and step it through a big step. Swan, your upper back. Swan. Swan. There's that knee extension you had sweetie. Good. Bend your knee and bring yourself down. Piece of cake. She's our athletic soccer player and skier, so she's got great flexibility for this. Getting better all the time. So while she's practicing these things, so right foot up, you got it up. Go.

Yeah. Got It. Girl. That's the idea. I thought it looked us. Nana. It's not enough. Okay. Now where's the, can the pelvis like blossom open? Yes. Pull yourself up. Pull your pelvis up. Put that foot down gracefully. You're getting better at this. Bring this knee to chest. Now go for more. Bring that foot out. Way Out here. Yeah, open up your sternum. You've got it.

Let's see. Those shoulders rotate like they did earlier. Beautiful. Haley, put your foot down on the mat and what I want you to do is just let go, put your hands down, come down onto your hands, and your knees are a little child's pose unless just kind of finish with a nice little rocking. Okay, great job. You're getting better at those walkovers next time we'll do more prep. Maybe some pull up. Be kind of stuffy too, but thanks everybody.


Loved the trapeze bridge, teaser, oblique sequence! Plus lots of awesome cuing/ always! Thanks Amy! :)
Amy Havens you are on FIRE! This cuing is exceptionally precise and informative. I love the way you lead this into the walkover which is completely "doable" with all the prep. Many thanks.
Amy! I learned so much from your hands on cueing. I am appreciative of your model's level of practice, she was very real and identifiable to what we see in a regular basis with most students.
That was great Amy..I remember doing the walkover with you many years back..I wonder if I can still do that??? We should try it next time we meet!
Loved this class.. but why am I so afraid to do the walk over! seems like every time I try to do it I'm in the studio alone I probably need a spotter! Anyway.. loved all of your cueing.. it was so good I did it this morning and felt great all day!
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Hi everyone.....thank you for taking the time to comment on this class. My student Haille is a dream to work with --- she's in the work, present mentally and physically is ready for anything. Cadillac sessions are so specific.....glad you're seeing the specificity of the hands on cueing etc. :)
Jennifer W
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Loved this Amy! Kinda scary to finish the walkover alone. But I will continue to try!
Hi Jenn.....glad you tried the walkover! :) It's fun, huh?! I'll do it with you next time you're up at PA!!
Great prep for the walkover! Made it feel very natural once we got to it. Thank you.
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Thank you Gretchen!
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