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Ab to Leg Connection

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Kara Wily teaches a Wunda Chair workout designed to find a connection from your abs down through your legs. Through her excellent cueing, she finds ways to get you more into your core so that the exercises work for you. In addition to the many exercises Kara teaches, she includes challenging variations to the Pull Ups.
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Aug 31, 2013
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Hi, I'm Carol Wiley and I'm a teacher in Los Angeles. And today I'm here working with Mary and Sarah and we're going to be doing a one to chair workout. Um, kind of the premise behind this workout is the fact that I see as I'm working with kind of my, um, kind of middle, I don't want to use middle age, but, um, you know, uh, my forties and 50s and 60 year old women that their lack of abdominal strength I feel is very much connected sometimes to also the lack of their use of their legs. So I'm, we're gonna use the one to chair today to kind of connect those abdominal muscles down through the legs, down through the feet, get a nice, good, strong standing position. And I feel like it almost helps to kind of create like a funnel, um, for the body so that we keep those nice, strong, tiny, tight waists, um, especially during bikini season. Right. So, uh, we're going to start with just some foot work and we have two kinds of chairs here. We have a growth's chair and uh, one of these, um, two level chairs, uh, the manufacturer is bounced body balanced body. Um, so also that will give you the opportunity to see how the exercises are done on the two different pieces of apparatus. So having a seat, we'll sit right at the edge to start guys, and we'll start with just some foot work. I just Kinda feel like this is the fundamental key connector, right?

To start working out. So we'll start on the ball of the foot. We'll put the heels together, toes apart. If you're rib the person and you need to connect and control that, we're going to just hold the hands out in front of the chest. If your sunken chest person, you can put your hands back behind the chair to keep that nice and broad. So let's give the bottom of pinch a straw and the muscles in and up 10 times you're gonna pump the pedal pressing down and lifting with your abdomen.

So right away we will gonna start kind of creating that idea. Good. And a lot of us get a little bit shallow in our upper back. So if we draw the ribs back into the upper back a little bit more, that's it. And good for both of you guys. Go ahead and press down. Hold down. Good. I feel like this is kind of one of those things that happens as we sit in our cars too much and drive around too much.

So pinch your bums a little bit guys at the bottom there and draw those navels in and up like everybody knows that cute in an app and just really to simply think of it is so powerful. So now connecting with that scoop in up. Use the abdomen to bring your thighs up. [inaudible] so that's how I want it 10 times. So it really connects. Yes. So right away our legs connect to our centers. Awesome. You guys good, good. And then you can put a little hot sauce on it sometimes and go a little faster and up and up and up and up and up and up. And I'm just going to pick on Sarah for one little second cause this is a common thing where you see a little bit of the shift in the back.

So that's why we have that high chair sometimes to really connect and keep strong in the back. And let's stay at the top good guys. And let's go on the arch of the foot, knees and feet together, and same ideas. Let's go ahead and press it down that first time and hold it down. Good. And you can even kind of use your toes to really wrap around and like, yeah. And then it's like that whole Claus going to help you draw your size and belly in and 10 times we'll lift the pedal and up and up. Good.

And just because I also see this range of motion as being really big, I'm going to kind of stop her, not let her go down so far and have her concentrate on picking your knees all the way up to her forearms each time. Right? Scoop. That's it. Strong Dukkha. Good. Now let's add that hot sauce and go for it. Five more. Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh and up with your abdomen each time and stay at the top. Gorgeous. You guys aren't your heels flexing your feedback. Nice work. Good. And we'll go again 10 more times.

[inaudible] good. So why don't you feel that strong connection? Your working, your abdomen is lifting the pedal all the way to your forearms. Then we can go five fast all the way. Like when we tried to pull the reformer carriage all the way in, we try to bring the pedal all the way up cause that's the juicy best part. And stay at the tippy top. Good you guys. Next variation. Let's spread the feet apart. We'll go parallel on your tippy toes, right?

So feet straight down from your hips. Not Too wide. Right? Good. Good ladies always make their hips too wide. There we go. So just write down, that's it. Good. So now, 10 times. Once again, give the bottom of pinch and let's go up. Here we go. Train. And uh, good. Keep that active bottom. Keep that connection like your abdomen is lifting that Spring and fire fast. Going to the town up. I'm going to stop you even a little more, Sarah.

I'll pick it up, pick it up, pick it up and hold it at the top and pick it all the way up with your tummy even deeper and all the way up. Good. Keep your RIFing on. Stretch your left leg forward and just six times on a single leg and up and up. Good. So still with that theme in mind, we want to connect that feeling down through the ball of the foot. All five joints of the foot up through the align with the ankle into the hip, into the abdomen and just six and we'll do the other side. Gorgeous. You guys good?

Good, good. [inaudible] your bottom up. Good. Sarah and up. Grow Tall. Amy. Mary IUI and staying at the tippy top. Super guys. Good. Let's step off. Good. We'll face the chairs. Good.

So now into the tendon stretch. You're gonna stand on the pedal. Let's put the hands over the front edge of the carriage or the chair. Good. Good. And heels together. Toes apart. Good. So just good. Yeah, whatever spring setting you were just on is good.

That's it. Super. So dropping the head, lifting the heels. Let's just stay in this connection. So once again, I sort of think about a candy cane. That's my image. Okay, so that that top of that candy cane is going to round forward. And I want to draw them again, my ribs and my abdomen and strongly into my back. Good. And those legs can stretch down long below you. And we'll lower the heels down. One, two, three and raise the heels up. One, two, three. Good. And again, one, two, three, and rise up, up, up. Good. Now one little thing I was, I'm always going to have shoulders over hands. And once again, lowering the heels down, down, down. Stay right here for me. Can you draw your ribs up into my hand? Good.

And press those heels down deeper and scoop the abdomen enough to find my fingertips. Oh, there we go. Find that stretch goods. You connect into that upper back and again, rise up, up, up. Good. So we're still kind of connecting the whole body here. It's definitely a connection of arms down into hips and then legs up into the hips. So we're connecting both sides of the body, but you can really work to draw those ribs and tummy muscles in, right? And then stretch those legs down, down, down, away from you.

And lift. Lift, lift. Let's do two more. Good. You guys good? It's like you find where you can find space. Can you find it in your neck? Can you find it in your upper back, middle back, lower back. Can you find it in your legs, your ankles, your knees, and use it. Good. And then from there guys and wants you to push some extra weight down into the hands. Push some extra weight down into the feet.

And as you're pushing down through the hands and down through the feet, lift up in your trunk and raise the pedal for pull up, up, up, up. Good. Let's stay at the tippy top there. Let the head fall and again, push down into the hands and push down into the feet and lift your waist higher. And do three small lowers. Go down and live from your trunk up one good and up two and really push that battle. Push with your feet and lift three and on the final one, keep lifting your waist and push the pedal to the floor. Push down, lift, push down, lift, push down, lift and take a little stretch. Good. Let the heels drop down. I'm going to hold the chairs.

You guys can hang back and just let those hips take a little stretch. Yeah, how was that? Great. Let's bring your way forward and then carefully take one foot to the floor. You'll let the pedal up with control. Good. And kind of now that was sort of like the whole ball of wax, right? So we'll take it back now and just do a couple push downs. Yeah, so let's start a one foot length away from the edge of the chair.

Good heels together, toes apart. And once again we can have all that nice strong connection of arms to the back. We'll stretch the arms, draw the stomach muscles in and again you can think about that it sort of candy cane curve. Good. And we're going to press the pedal down. And once again, I'm going to stop Sarah up a little bit here with the pads and hold you guys good. So I love that image. If you push your hands down and if you push your feet down and you lift your rib cage up, it's your elephant, it's your roll up. It's lots of exercises all together. So keeping this, we're going to keep also hips over heels, right?

And you're going to start to roll up in your spine. And then let's press the pedal back down and let's do three little pulses with the elbows bend and stretch the arms. One, two, three down. Find some more resistance. So press down those feet pressed on those hands and scoop the waist and roll up again. And see like if we were rolling up a wall, you would want those last bones to roll. Then the middle ones, then the upper ones, and go down again. And let's do three more little pulses and oh two, three, good. Sarah, squeeze those inner thighs together. Hold the pedal down. Nice work. And let's roll up. Good Mary. And one more time.

We're going to go all the way down. Nicely down you guys and again, and one I got to get a little more perspective over here. Two and three. Good. Dropping the head, filling up your ribs. So again, that little spot we found that didn't want to be full on the um, foot work. You can full fill it up here better. And let's roll up bone by bone. Good. Scooping your tummy and seamlessly lift those hands off the pedal and continue rolling up as you press down into the feet, lift up into your tummy and let's stretch the arms up with us. Awesome. And take one hand behind the head and now we'll go down with one hand.

Do that same sequence. So pressing down, connecting. Good. So back to our idea of our theme. Yes, we're using our arms. Yes, we're using our spine, but using the legs. So we'll press the pedal down. Hold down. Good, good, good. Now I see Mary's feet getting like really purple here. They're working hard.

I want you to relax your feet a little and let that energy travel up there. That's exactly what we're trying to do is get that energy to travel up and connect those legs into the trunk. Good. So here we go again. We're going to round the spine and begin to roll up and again, out those feet into the trunk and back down and we'll pulse the pedal and one connecting that right arm down. Two and three goods. Who still feel that shoulder connect to the hip? And once again, let's roll up. Oh my God. Where are you working on this many sprays?

Are both you guys doing okay? Students sometimes think teachers know everything. Okay, so [inaudible] go, oh my goodness. And started again. Yikes. Those feet. Now I understand and press down again. Okay, good. So let's take a breath. Good. Relax the feet.

Rock forward both you guys a little bit more. Good. Okay, so Mary scoop up in this. I'm going to push on you and I want you to come. Oh right. When you feel like you're about to fall forward on your head, that's a good place because you know what? If you don't grab in your shoulders in your neck, you're going to grab in your tummy, which is what we want. So now let's start to roll the spine up, keep those hips over heels. That's it. And Trust, trust, trust and to go back down again and let's do the three pulses and you're going to trust more and more and a one.

And usually I won't grab people on their heinies but I'll just kind of lean up against them two and three and then roll yourself up. Good. So I'll show you folks this way. So this is what I'll kind of do is just kind of give them a nudge and once again we'll go down and let's pulse it. Good and a little rhythm. Takata feel that red pulling up and three and curl it up and lets gave one more chance and press down. Good. It's just the a little nudge right? And to keep those heels down three, let's hold the pedal down. Guys. Stay again, try to relax your toes.

See those little joints in the front that like to do so much work. Rock forward, trust those inner thighs. And scoop up and roll to the top. Yeah. We'll bring the arms up and let's change arms and do the other side. Good. Good. You and let's go again. Good, good. And find that opposition right away. Pressing down. Good. And once again, let's roll your spine up halfway or so and then press down and pump the pedal three times at a one and two and three and rolling up. Can you guys, interesting thing too, I was taught not to grab people too much when they're performing this exercise because their spines are kind of in a precarious little place.

So you know you're using your words, you're giving them a little nudge here and there, but two minute stipulate and pull and push on the ribs and so forth. May Not be the best idea in this kind of situation. And then one last time and let's go for it. And I gotta [inaudible] and find that roundness Mary. That's it. Three good. And then find it more and more. More to curl up. Beautiful, Sarah. Good, good, good, good, good. Yeah. Good, good, good. Very nice you guys. Let's take a small step forward.

Good. Let's turn out the feet a little bit and rise up on your toes. Squeezing your heels together. Good. So for the frog, yeah, we're going to bend the knees and open. 'Em Pretty Doggone wide to go down close by your feet. Good. And what I want you to do is just stay right there. Good. Your hands can lightly hold the pedal. It's just hold here for a moment.

So I was taught to go as low as I could and then lift up one inch from that spot. Now both of you guys, what I want you to do is push down into the pads of those feet. Push right and squeeze those heels. Now Scoop and lift as much energy and weight out of your thighs as you can. And then just rise up for now. Oh, it's for your Turkey and lower the heels and take a breath. Good. So sometimes I'll just start with that with people. Yeah, just like get down and get up again. Right? And now we'll do at a little pump.

So once again, let's rise up. Squeeze the heels. Good. So even as you set yourself up, if you are lifting your weight as much as you can up, up, up as you go down, then you don't have so far to go once you're down there. So keep lifting your energy, lifting your energy, lifting your energy. And then let's do similar sequence. We'll press the pedal down and down and down.

And let's scoop and rise up. And one more time around it. Good. Uh, it's almost tucked. Like if you think talked, you'll be in the right position cause it should be straight. But what ends up happening to a lot of people is this sort of thing where their shoulders are forward to their hips. Okay, good. So once again, let's rise up on the toes, heels together, and once again, lift your energy as you go up. Can I see that scoop that we had to use? Yes. In your footwork. Absolutely. Good. So everything's connected. And here we go again.

Let's pump on do three now as you press the arms down your back. Good. We have this lighter spring setting, right guys. So you're okay here for one extra moment. Scoop your tummy muscles in and up, right. There's an opposition. As the arms press down, the tummy lifts up. And now use that opposition to help you rise. I'm scooping and lifting and scooping and lifting and lower the heels.

Delicious. Good. Let's turn the feet parallel. Good. Let's use one foot to press the pedal down. Good. And let's step the other foot all the way to the top of the chair. Good.

What's that? Oh yeah. Good, good, good, good. There we go. Good. How many are you using? Good. I would say for your body like one high, one medium. I'm sorry. One low. One medium. So good. I was kind of taught that that one high, one low was sorta like standard, but I've been working at one medium, one low recently. And again, it's kind of almost that idea again that like if you don't have that much spring, it's like you have to lift your own energy up more. Okay, good. Good, good, good. So I'll help you if you need help. Good.

Good. So what these ladies are trying to do is they're trying to work harder by giving themselves more spraying. And I'm taking some of the spring away cause I'm saying, you know what? Let's use our body. Let's use our positioning to do harder work rather than use harder spraying.

So let's use one foot and press the pedal to the floor. Good. And then let's step one foot to the edge of the chair. Good. So we're doing going up. Yes. Good, good, good. Go all the way to the edge. That's it. Kneecap forward. Good.

And this few arm positionings, right arms could be down, arms can be behind the head, arms could be out. You can take your little genie position, whatever you like. I'm not um, too concerned before you rise up. I want you guys to feel that same feeling though. Let's push down through you guys. Have your right leg on the pedals. Suppress down through that right leg and scoop your abdomen's in and up.

Origins. That's it. So that's strong. Now we want to use that opposition to rise up to the top and lift free. You're going up all the way, all the way to the back light too. Nope. Let's hold that foot on the pedal for now and maintain that opposition to that right leg. I can go like boom. That's like an icepick shoot.

You are sending it down strong. Yeah. And now you're going to press the pedal down. Use that right leg and lift the waist scoop. I want to see this stretch, right? It should almost give a gorgeous stretch to the front of the thighs. Well and rise back up. Good. And Sarah again, I would not go so low. Right?

And then once again, draw the abdomen in and up. Good. And again, it's so easy to sort of flail that pelvis back. So lean forward a tiny bit for me. Sarah. Scoop that belly in and up. Sorry Mary. And scoop the belly in and lift. Lift. Where's your tummy? Where's your tummy? You're too strong not to use it every second of the day. And two more times.

Let's go down scooping and can I see the abdomen lift to come up? Gorgeous you guys. Very nice. One more time. Now press that left foot. Press that right foot down. Both legs. Press down to float up and standard at the top. Let's take a balance for a moment. Just rise with the right leg behind you.

Good, good, good, good. Bring the rifle forward. Take the left foot back. Let's do the other side. Good. So press into that rightly even now to position yourself and hold for a moment. Good. So the right leg is pressing down firmly.

That left leg has a tremendous amount of energy, right? And we're connecting those legs back all the way up into your center, making that nice strong funnel. Good. And let's use it to press down and rise up. And we'll do four times. And again, good press down to rise up.

So what I frequently see is people don't use this back leg enough. They're not really pressing them pedal and then floating up. Where'd you guys last one? And let's come to a balanced [inaudible] and draw the stomach in and feel that leg long behind you. Good. Good. Can you fix your pelvis more than that, Mary? Yeah.

Right, right, right. And then try to maintain that as you find the pedal again. So really hold it under your shoulders, right mind over matter and then use the center. There it is. So you saw that little shift? Yeah. And coming down with control. Great, good, good. And placed the hands. Nice, good, good. And let's take one foot to the pedal or one foot to the floor. Sorry. And then lift the pedal up with control. Nice. Good, good, good.

Are you guys PMA certified now? Yes. Okay. Did they have that whole conscious competence matrix and it makes a lot of sense, right? Like sometimes like the first step is just like know what you don't know. And then once you know what you don't know, then you can start to practice doing what it is that you want to be doing. You know? And it makes a lot of sense. It's like, okay.

And then that's a great lesson. Like even if you start to clear up what it is you're not sure of yet, you know. Good. Let's go into one spring and we'll go into the spine stretch. Get, Oh, I'm sorry. I'm jumping on him. All right, so have a seat guys, and let's hug the chairs with the legs a little bit and good. So once again, it's a nice connection with the arms connecting all the way to the back.

We're also today going to press down the heels into the floor a little bit just for a little bit of energy. Good. Now, uh, we're going to take a big breath in and you are simply going to press the pedal down and exhale all the air and press good. The elbows are allowed to bend, so go ahead and let them Brandon, brand t, they're empty. They're empty the air and roll the spine and come up. Good. Now this is a bit wide, so yeah, I'm going to pull it away from you a little bit. And then once again, take a nice breath and again, press down and then do the air. Any inhale and rise it up. Good, good, good. So I'm going to stand on this side and now two more times.

So let's press down and yeah, just hold down right there for a moment. So if you press down into the heels and tense your Tishi a little bit, slide your shoulders down. You want to draw these stomach muscles in and up. Stronger. That's it. And then stronger. And then that will allow you to press the pedal down deeper cause this is lifting higher, better, better, better and rise up. Yay. Yay. Very nice. Good.

So was an idea of the pelvis sort of being like two baskets, like we have like our lesser pelvis and then our greater pelvis. So you want to sort of like lift up through that smaller basket and then that greater one, get the energy to come all the way up. Been to the diaphragm last time. Breath in and breath out. So from that, yeah, smaller pelvis, lift and good.

I wouldn't even go any lower than that. I would just try to scoop my waist and then up, up, up and inhaled. Arise up. Yeah, just sitting tall. Take a breath. So we won't even bend the spine now and we'll just simply press the pedal down and exhale. Good. So hold it down for me a moment. Good. And then right.

Scoop these ribs back a little bit stronger. Right. Good. And almost that similar idea. If you push your hands into it and push your feet into it, can you press my hand away there and scoop your waist away? Right. It's almost similar. That's when we were pushing down with the hands. Good. This is going to help you with your pull up and bring the pedal up. Beautiful.

Good Mary. Good. And once again, good. So Mary, your job is not use all your strength all the time, like get efficient. Right? You don't have to work so hard all the time and inhale and lift. Good. You guys. One more time and exhale it out. Good. And you can sort of think about that and energy, stretching the arms forward, stretching the legs forward and letting your waist yeah and rise up. Good. So kind of energies. It goes right into your center.

Yeah. Nicely done you guys. Let's stand up. Let's go back to the pull up once again. So I kinda like threw that shit earlier. Now your bodies are ready for it. Yes. Good. So hands on edge, chosen the pedal. Uh Good.

Good, good. I'm going to put you on that low one again. Good, good, good, good, good. Alright, so using that same idea, now we've done that nice connection of reaching the hands to the back and now reaching the legs down into the waist. So let's go ahead and press the pedal down and lift the body up.

Good. And Go ahead and lift up all the way on the stay at the top for a moment. Good. Now at the tippy top, let's press Preston into those hands and Preston into those feet and lift your ribs up into my hands. Can you find me? Find me. Find me. Good. Now keep finding me and then use those legs and let's press down and pick it up one and press down and pick it up to think about that candy cane.

Fill up the whole thing. Awesome. And then keep the lift and let's come down. Good, good, good. That's it. Merry lifting, lifting, lifting. And very, very nice. Good. You guys. Now do take a foot down. Let's bring the, um, we're going to raise the pedal up for a moment and I want you guys to give yourself more spring for this. So go ahead and like, uh, yeah, good, good. Give yourself a lot more. These are some great variations. Okay. So standing on the pedal, once again, hands over the edge. Good.

So we all know we can do a pull up with one foot, right? So hands over the edge and you can kind of cut one foot in that little, uh, position behind. Good. And then let's rise up. And that same idea. So we're still giving the nice square shape, hips, shoulders, which is tricky sometimes, right? And then three times, let's lower lift. But if you press down into the hands and pressed down into the feet and feel that opposition lift you good. And maybe just halfway down and up. And one more time down and up.

And then keep the lift in the belly to come all the way down. And let's switch feet and do the other side. Same thing again. Good, good. So take a breath. If you notice your neck and shoulders are getting tired, it tells you, Oh, I'm letting too much happen up there. So let the energy float down into your abdomen belly and use that right leg. Now if the right leg is standing, that's it. And push the pedal with the right leg, right.

And let that rig be in opposition to the abdomen. Right? Good. It's like you're single leg stretch almost. Or uh, like, um, splits and so forth. Three times. Good. Good, good, good. Now do know that you can do pull up on one arm. Good. So start at the start at the a lift. But so just that's it. And let's lift up all the way.

Good. And once you're at the top, I like to be here and then move one hand to the middle of the chair and stretch to the other arm. Straight out to the side. That's it. And try a small one again. Down and up. Drop the head and lift those ribs. Who use that opposition? Push down to lift. Cry. Good, good, good, good, good. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Try the other side. Try the other side. Good.

Take a breath. Good. Okay, good. So out of the shoulders, out in the neck into that center, I'm going to just use my center. I'm going to perform this just with my middle and small duck. A duck just with my middle. Did I go down and all the way to the top? Yes. Good. Good. Now's the part where I get to tell you. Usually that's a man's exercise. Okay, good. Good. But it's a good one. Yes. Yes. Yeah. And you know what?

That's the thing too about like a lot of the teachers we take from these days, they always say, okay, these were man's exercises. But the truth of the matter is, is that these days women have to do all the same physical stuff men do. You know, that was back in the 50s when you know, the women didn't have to carry the heavy stuff, then the men did it. That's not happening anymore. So we have to do all this stuff for ourselves too, you know? Good. Now, last variation is something Romana shot at me one time and I'm just going to share it because it's like, it's there. It's there to do so might as well do it right. So pull up once more.

Stepping on. Good. So kind of similar to our one leg exercises on the um, uh, after the elephant, you can stretch the right hand forward and the left leg back. And you can do a pull up here. Good. So press this down almost like you're pushing down again and rise up. Good. Wowwee Cause Zoe. Good, good, good.

So you can use that arm, right? And use your hip and let's lift, press down, baths it, Sarah. There you are. Good. And then keep it, do it. Small Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh. And then find the opposition on the way down. Oh my gosh, you barely touched you other side. Good. How'd it go? You take a breath. Other side. Give it a shot. Here we go. And good. So these are the exercises that when someone like yourself, yeah, if you know, if like if you're, if you're, if you're working too hard, it's too hard, right? You got to make it easy on yourself. Good. So push down on me.

That's it. And lift up. Go all the way to the top, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up. You've got this, you got this, you're there. Good. And then small Dakota, can I pull on you? Oh, that's it. And small. Boom and lift. Lift that. Right? Like from your seat. That's it. Here we are. Married. Rise, rise, rise, rise. And that was the exercise. Yes, yes, yes. Good. So one of the tricks, if that leg is behind you and it's dragging you down, it's just going to drag you down. So use it to help lift you up. Very nice.

You guys take a breath. Good. Are you feeling your legs? Nice. Let's try the horseback. Okay. So we're going to grab onto the, um, pads now and wherever you need it for, for your own, you know, dimensions. Yes. Good. Let's go into that lighter spring setting. Yeah, just one good. Let me take a breath. Chair's hard work. Good. No messing around. So we'll straddle the chair.

Good. Good. So let's begin. Good. Good, right? Stretching your arms forward and let's scoop in and up and grab onto the pedal. Good. Well, let's go ahead and put yeah, Nice. Strong palm down.

Good and Whoa. Good. And moved away for a moment. There we go. Good. Good. So once again, let the heads fall from own guys and just kind of let that upper body weight press into that pedal. Good. Good. And then squeeze those inner thighs and lift up into your tummy. Good. And let's just hold the pedal at the top for a moment. Take a breath. Good. And how much can you draw your muscles in and up in your belly?

And how much can you reach down through the feet? Let's energize those legs today. Good. So that's how we're going to energize it today. And then we're going to press the pedal down and press the legs down more as you lift your waist up. Two more and press the legs down more and lifted up one more, and then have a seat. Take a breath. All right, good. Good. So these two ladies are doing a lot of what I see all the time.

They have all their energy in their arms and then they're working so hard to just get that lift from the stomach and the upper body. But Oh, the rest of the energy didn't go down through the legs as well. Right. So boom, use those powerful legs. Go ahead and drive them down into the floorboards. I mean, Ramana used to say to us like, push your point shoes into the floor. You know, cause anybody who had that experience knew what that meant. But for other people, sometimes you know, some you have horseback riders or people who are runners or like lots of people these days are doing like spin classes and stuff.

And so they at least have that feeling of knowing how it feels to put their foot in the cage of the spin bikes, you know? And so that can give him the idea of what kind of force they need. And it's precisely what you want them to be using when they're on their bikes anyway, you know, so they're not just, you know, you know, get them to lift, get them to work. Okay, so try it again. Here we are. Yeah.

And go for it. Good. Same sequence. Oh, go ahead. Drive those legs down to lift the waist. One more. That's it. That's it. That's it. That's it. That's it. Oh, the sweet, wondrous equilibrium. Good. You work those legs. Work those legs. Don't give it up, Sarah, and come up. Awesome.

And have a seat. Nice work. Yes. Brilliant. Good. You guys good? I'm going to call that class. Well done.


Great class! My abs thank you.
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Super good and super tough class! Fantastic cueing for finding core connection and using opposition for control. Thanks very much Kara. Looking forward to challenging my strong ladies!
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Kara, you always inspire strong performance. I have never tried one arm one leg pull up other than, I see why you built is up before putting that in. Fabulous to strengthen weak backs! (and abs but that's always right?) Thanks so much!!
Thank you Holly, Dawn, Angel!
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Great class! I loved your cueing. Thank you:)
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Kara, I have just purchased my first chair and the timing of your class was spot on for me and oh boy did i enjoy the whole experience. Loved it, thankyou.
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Fantastic class. I love your cuing!
Really loved the idea if teaching horseback on the chair. I am going to teach it that way before introducing it on the reformer. I think it will help my clients to connect to the exercise easier!
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Loved it! Thanks Kara!!
La profesora comunica y transmite muchísima energía y positivismo. Explica muy bien los ejercicios. La clase es dura pero muy divertida. Muchas gracias.
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