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Balance and Proprioception

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Tracey Mallett teaches a short but powerful class on her favorite piece of equipment, the Wunda Chair. She uses her rhythm and energy to teach exercises that challenge your balance and proprioception. She even finds a way to get your heart rate up by teaching a running exercise which she called the "Pilates Elliptical." Welcome back, Tracey!
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Knee Pad

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Apr 08, 2014
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Hi, I'm Tracy manners. I'm so happy to finally be back at plays anytime with all my friends. And today I wanna do something a little bit different. So normally what I would do, I'm doing one of my favorite pieces of equipments, which is the chair. And I feel that the chair gets often very much neglected in a studio setting.

We always seem to gravitate to the lovely secure before mommy forgot about our little friend in the corner. And this is my little friend and I love him very much. So today even have fun with me. I'm me do a short powerful class with some of my favorite exercises. All right, so we're going to get onto the chair. What does start off with a nice warm up. We're going to inhale here. Exhale, we're going to roll down, draw the knees into the chest, hands onto the [inaudible]. Nice. From here, we're going to go into single leg stretch. We go, Ooh, rich.

Yeah. Now I'm going to ask you something a little bit different. I'm going to ask you too, is this though as needs resist. Cause every time you resist you're pulling your scapular down, you've got more intrabdominal pressure and you're going to feel those abdominal start to tremble and that's a good thing. We're looking for that earthquake. Okay, now keep going. We take it eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

Bring the knees in, take the hands, wrap them around and lift up just a little bit higher. Okay, so you really resisting those hamstrings. Now I can get up just a little bit higher. From here, we're going to go into double leg stretch. We go to an inhale, reach. We're going to access our lifts and get that beautiful openness. Inhale and hold Axon a. Draw those knees into the chest in how each exhale.

Lengthen all Penelope in. How? Hold, hold, hold, hold. Excellent. Drawing with this, those hamstrings, we're going to go a little bit faster now. Inhale, lift and an reach around. Lift and in three more. Reach around. Lift one more. Reach. Oh hold it. Bring the knees into the chest.

Lift up a little bit higher. Hold it there. Take the hands. We'll wrap them around. Cradle the head. You ready for that rotation? We're going to bend the knee and rotate and hope that's switched to the side and hoe keep lifting up. We're going to go a little bit faster now. We axo we remembered your shoulder. Let's go and go over to the knee, not the elbow. Good wreath, Bri. Formal and full. Three, two, one.

Brewing those knees in. Lift yourself a little bit higher. Look down towards your pubic bone and drew up that tail bone down. From here. We're going to reach and extend that leg into that beautiful split and we hold it there. We do a little pulse, pulse, pulse switch. Exhale, Xcel. Inhale slow. Okay.

Keep used to have lifting up. Use the resistance on the leg to pull up a little bit higher. Really focusing on rounding through that thoracic spine. Bring the knees and lift just half a little bit higher. From here, we're going to gently roll yourself all the way up. Sit Up, stand up and lengthen in. How here, open your feet and let's do a roll down through the spine. Keep the way on the balls of your feet. Slowly articulate, roll yourself all the way out. Let's sit back onto the tap.

You've got about light resistance. Place the hands out to the side. We're going to reach up and over to the side in that beautiful sideband, lengthening over and then come back using the outside of oblique right here to come back to sense. It's just a nice stretch, reaching up and over and using that oblique to depress and come back to center. Just give me one more Xcel back to center. Stand yourself up. It's turned around so the other side stretch out. Before we get to our real work, we kicked you out and it's lift up and over.

Press down on the pedal and lift up and over. Using those obliques to accell and come back to center. And again, lift depressed that Scapula lift. Progress down on that pedal. Try and get both sit bones on the chairs and which as you can get that gorgeous stretch. Let's do one more lift up and over into that stretch and then back to center. Good. Are you ready to work out now? Okay, let's get up.

We're going to get onto it. Once again, keeping it light resistance. Right now I've got one spring going. Light resistance. Okay, we're going to stand up. We're going to work a little bit on proper separation and balance. So from here we're going to take your right leg up. We're going to press it down in how here we're going to lift that leg up and then exhale and press down.

What I want you think of is priced in your hands on your hips. We want this big length from our hip to our lowest rib. Placing your hands on the hip and depressing and think of lengthen out through the crown of the head. It's going to keep those hips level. Okay, let's do about four more just to get a little bit of balance before we go into something more, a little bit more challenging breeze. One more time. Hold it here. Now I want you to press midway so it's midway, not the top, not the modern. Midway from here, we're gonna reach those hands out to the side.

We're going to bend that supporting neck and then lift up and I'm trying very hard to keep this pedal completely still. Okay, so trying to keep that pedal from not moving. That supporting leg is bending and extending, working deep into that glute medius to really stabilize the pelvis looks easier than what it is right there. Emar very and and and, and one pulse with three. We take it three, two, one. Lengthen. Press three, two, one, lift up. Try and keep that pedal still. I'm trying very hard. Last time man. Three, two, one hole. Press it down for four left, down, left, down, left last time. Hold it here.

Lift that leg off gracefully and hold it in that position. And if you can try lift that leg above the chair. If you can't just keep it bent, bend the knee and take it down. You ready for the other side? Hound on hip depress apps for them. Left leg. I'm going to go back just a little tad further. Alrighty.

So let's just press it down. You got to get your balance. You're going to find one side much more easy than the other. For me. This is one of these exercises that really helped me after having recently having surgery. What I found, my balance was very, very challenged for me and this has actually helped me get my balance back. Great. Pro Perception in this. Okay. Four more. Four, three, two, one more.

Now from here, take the pedal midway. Ready for the supporting leg. We bend and back. Now be careful that we have a tendency to start hyper extended. Let's reach those hands out. There we go. You've got that Nice wide balance. Down and down and up. Beautiful.

Let's do four more like this for an elect three Allen two and lift. Now we're going to pause for three. We take it three to one and lift three. Can we add some arms? Now we read, we go three, two, one press. You can see how I added those arms. All of a sudden my balance went off. Three, two, one and lengthen. Three. Two. Can you give me one more for good luck.

Okay. Three, two, one. How did that whole never going to press down again? Are you breathing formal [inaudible] last time and hold weeds, that leg all the way out. Bend it first and then you extended. If you can't extend it, you can keep your like bent. Okay, hold it there. Four, three, two, one and then bring the leg down. Let's reach the hands forward. Take your toes on top of the a chair and I'm going to do some work on those calves. We're going to raise up and then flex down, raise up, flex the heels down so you're on a slight incline.

Working those carbs. Now, big mindful that you're really drawing in those abdominals pressed as two form more and four and three and two and one. Walk through the feet. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one and down. Beautiful. Roll in all the way back. Okay. Now we're going to move onto some lunges, so I'm going to get the resistance up to medium to have it depending on how heavy you are and depending on the strength of your legs. So medium to heavy. Okay, two springs. All right.

Okay. We are going to step forwards onto the pedal. Remember the opposite foot needs to be on the floor or the way we don't want any accidents. We're going to put both toes, get your toes comfortable on the peddle, take your right like forwards, nice and comfortable here. Now from here we're going to lift up and reach the hands out to the side and we're going to extend all the way up into that lunge position and then we're going to progress down. We go up into that lunge position and then down. Now be careful once again, if it's easy to keep your hands on the hips. I find a lot of times with my clients, I collate the hands on their hips to keep the hips level and depressing down.

Obviously if you've got your little handles here, that would be great too. I'm wishing back out again and really think of lifting underneath on that support in hip and just do a couple more last time. Now we're gonna come up and we're going to try and we're going to transfer. Pitch your body slightly forward, lifting all the way up to a straight position. From here. We're going to take the leg and take it around.

Tap back, tap round, tap back test. So he's doing that nice circular motion. Your power versus square and you're keeping your feet power. Good. Okay. This time we're going to take it to the side.

We're going to pulse for 16 we go eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, eight, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, hold it and then come all the way down. Bend your knees, Bend. I'm going to step back the opposite leg down. Then make sure I've got the right leg here. Perfect. Now from here, gonna Press the pedal down midway. Get your foot comfortable, and then slowly lift back up into your position. We're going to lift up and then press down. Exhale, inhale down. Maybe you can put your hands on your hips to keep those hips square.

Lifting up. Think of working that underneath glute here. Okay, for now I'm going to take my arms out again. You have that choice. Three, two more. Last time. From here, we're going to pitch the body forwards. Transfer, lift pitcher forward over that front, supporting leg, lifting up to a straight position. We tap it around top back 10 around.

You're going to find one side a little bit easy than the other. Back. Tap around four more. Four. Breathe very to [inaudible] one. Take it to the side and we there. How can that, yeah, and we lived up to three, four, five, six, seven pole in those apps. Eight ma, eight seven, six, five, four, three, two are you holding it? Beautiful being the leg down, down and bend. From here we're going to take your right leg down, press calm down, and we're going to step off GN play so it doesn't clash. No noise. Okay, you're going to come back down.

Now we're going to take the resistance. We're going to go into some pikes now. Okay, so with the pikes I'm going to take it down to about medium resistance. All right, we're going to step forwards. We're going to get into a v position here. Taking the hands forwards at first pike is pretty simple. In our first position, we're going to accelerate up for two. Inhale down for two hex around into that lumber spine and down XL. This is your warm up to mall one mall and then come all the way down. Staff it off, gently bring it up.

I'm going to add a little bit more resistance cause the next exercise is a little bit more challenging. So I'm going to say this, this, this up just a tad more. Okay, back onto your chair. Step one foot first. Your feet are parallel. Hands Forwards, push away. Depress your scapular round to that thoracic in that deep curve. From here I would take the weight into your hands. Transfer your weight. Now I'm going to release the right leg.

We draw in XL, pipe cat. Inhale down, drawing the knee into the chest and then back down again. Let's try it again last time. Bring it down. Switch. Take your weight to the opposite for it. Make sure you're comfortable from here. Take the away onto your hands. Read a drawing. Those abdominals depressed, that Scapula, the psoriasis holding here.

If your starting point you in a strong position to start. Need to the chest as you exhale up. Inhale, stretch. Ah, two mall last time and back. Move back and stretch slowly. We're going roll yourself all the way up. Come off as, take your resistance up. Two springs at the top. The highest. We've got two Black Sea at the highest it can go. I mean split pedal out.

Now we're going to go from the little jock. Okay. All right. Now your heart rate's up with mine. Within your foot. Jog. All right. Split Pedal. Hands back again. Haba we're in that beautiful harbor position. Rounded. Hide and that's one this minds me of like elliptical machine.

This is the Peloton. Elliptical. Yeah. No, we're going to do a little walking Thea. Draw those abs and keep that rounding and go. She breathe. Three, two, one, lift down. Now we're going to run up and one down and one down. Okay. You Ready? Do Your scapula. Down. Pike.

Hubba. How that, how you ready go up and Dan. Oh, this is fun. Can we one more, I'll push you away. Depress your scapula and then reach back. Show me. Don't have that little dial there to see how many calories we burning. Right.

Come all the way back and release. Nice work. Stretch back, roll all the way back as we've turned the chair falls. We're looking for a very light spring now. Okay. We're gonna work a little bit on shoulder stabilization and spine extension. And of course your abdominals was always, so I'm just going to get on the floor here. I'm gonna save my knees.

Just move back a little bit here. Okay, so we're going to get into a quadruple position. We're going to take your, Bend your elbow and place the elbow on the actual action. I'm going to go a little bit lighter. I'm going to take you down to a one. Perfect. All right, so the hand is obviously directors need to shoulder their elbow is on the a pedal or are we going to do is press down and then brewing it back. So it's up to about shoulder height as you bring the elbow up. Now what we looking for, of course, I'm just adjusting me here.

I want to have a nice neutral spine and I'm thinking of depress in the Scapula. The psoriasis is kicking in here, the lats. And then of course, so my abdominals are working now. My rights are Blake, which is my opposite. Oblique is stabilizing, so really want you to put a focus on that, right? Or Blake? Let's just do a couple more. One more. Now we're going to make it a little bit more challenging.

I'm going to read the opposite leg out. Get yourself comfortable. Parallel. That's repeat it, I think of lengthen out through the crown of the head. Really make sure the elbows in line with the shoulder. Let's do a three more here last time. Now from here we're going to bend your knee. We're going to make it a little bit more challenging.

We're going to take your hand onto the pedal, press down. Let's get those hands level here. From here, we're going to step out into your beautiful plank position. We go into f full push up here, so we're going to transfer lift, press down. Lift now to keep that pelvis as still as you can love this exercise is a lot of abdominal work here. Lara shoulder, Stape, couple mol one mol. Hold it. Drop the knees down for six times. [inaudible] hold it.

Bend your knees slowly take it half the pedal. Charles both beautiful so you can see all progress that you've got your first move, your second and your third. You can do all three if you're strong enough or you just stay with your first one. Then you progressed though your client as they get stronger or you progress yourself as you get stronger. Okay, let's come back or go do the other side. Now get a little bit comfortable here. Elbow in line so you can see where my elbow is in line with a shoulder.

Sometimes it's a little bit hard to figure that out in space when you're doing it yourself. Obviously it's easier if you are training somebody, but when you're doing it yourself, sometimes a little challenging to see where your elbow is in relationship to your shoulder. I love this exercise because it really reminds me of where I should be focusing on that. Good shoulder stabilization. Imagine you're taking your scapula down is those little pockets and you'll lend some to the crown of the head. Let's just do a couple more last time and now press down. Hold it there. Beautiful. And then come back. That's reach that leg out. Lengthen and we're going to repeat it again. Okay. XO, think of lengthen out through the crown of the head. My left Oblique.

I am focusing on that left oblique so I'm not rolling through the pelvis and keeping the hip bones facing the floor. I've got those little shining lights on the hip and the hips. The lights are shining down to the floor to mobile last time. Hold it there. Beautiful. Bend your knee. Third Progression and that's steady down so your hands are level from here. Step out into that beautiful pushup position. Ready? We're going to inhale, transfer, lift x out.

Just a couple more. How old is Jura and extent hexa in I think of the low abdominal CEO's. You press the knees down. Just give me cool. Two more last time. Hold it.

Drop the knees gently take it off and come back into your child's pose and we'll hold all the way out. Okay, moving on. We're going to stand up now. We're going to take your resistance up just about medium resistance. Okay. I like to test the resistance for her schools or machines are going to be different. Okay? We're going to sit down, continuing to work on those arms, the elbows at pointing that direction behind you and your feet. I'm in first position or a V position. From here, we're going to lift the Toshia.

We're still in a neutral position and we're going to bend the elbows and then come up your legs. They're really not moving. You're just moving in your triceps. Your elbows are bending. I'm trying to keep a neutral position. Your breath is inhale, exhale, exertion. Can you give me a couple more last time and come back? Remember to keep your lower portion completely still and you just moving from your triceps. From here, we're gonna work on the booty. Now, the hamstrings and the glutes. We're going to take your hands behind.

Squeeze those heels together, lift that pelvis up. Pubic bone is lifted and we're going to progress down and pull back. Now it's important as you pressed down, you're pressing your pubic bone up to the sky. Press your pubic bone up to the sky and you in that external rotation. Squeeze those heels together. Do not separate them.

Of course. This is one of my favorite exercises for more [inaudible] and that's holding up that. Get your buns up high and then release. Nice work. It's reach up and stretch and then release. Okay, let's take that resistance down a little bit. We're going to do light was instance light to medium with one spring. Okay? We're going to work a little bit on their upper back. Again, the rassic extension come forward.

Do you want your hips about a couple of inches away from the end of your chair? Okay, so let's come forward all the way down. Get Nice and comfortable in a thighs connected together. From here, we're going to go into that little hover but a few inches off the floor and we're just going to lengthen up and then back down again. Lengthen and down. This time we are going to hold it there. I'm going to just do a little flutter kick. Tiny little flip to kick here, four, three, two and one and come down.

I'm just going to go a little bit further back this time just to make sure my hips in level on that chair come back up and back to athletic kick again. This time I'm going to release your arm forwards and that extension, you take it all the way around. Follow the arm in that external rotation of your shoulder joint and then come back. Bring the hand down and let them and round. Hold it there. Bring it back. Let's do one more time.

Lengthen. Now we no external rotation. Pinky touches the side of your thigh and lift and down. One more. Keep those legs politically king and your inner thigh as the Cena low to each other. We can get back and then down.

Hold it and come all the way down. Stretch me round through that lower back, extend and around stem, back away, off your chair. Hands come forwards and royal self all the way up. Open your feet. Hit with the path lift all the way up. Reach forward is going to go into extension.

XO, rune, lengthen and extension and then round. One more time. Ian had extension x around Roy yourself all the way up. Breathe and out. Nice work you guys. I hope you have fun. It's amazing what you can do in such a small amount of time.

Get your sweat going, get it pumping. Use your little friend in the corner. Your friend will. Thank you.


Paola Maruca
Welcome back Tracey...we missed you
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May you sustain blessings of beauty and good health. So fun to see you back and a great chair workout! Thank you!
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great work Tracey! Thank you and welcome back xxx
1 person likes this.
Welcome back Tracy! Fabulous class as always:)
love the chair, thanks!
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3 people like this.
Wonderful as always...yes, the chair is my frenemy! Great session...Thank you so much for specifying springs and giving time for us to adjust ours. You rock! Thank you Tracey & PA!
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Yay, Tracey! Love the running, especially the up and down version. Challenging but so fun! You make it look so easy! Thanks for always putting a smile on my face and for being so inspiring.
This was such an enjoyable workout! xxx
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