Class #1214

Beginner Series 1

40 min - Class


Karen Sanzo teaches a workout focused on fundamentals. She pays special attention to the neck and the trunk and she makes sure to explain what you should feel in your body. Whether you are new or seasoned, this session will hold your attention and teach you how to self check as you learn your Pilates fundamentals.

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What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights, Pilates Pole, Reformer Box

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Sep 14, 2013
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Very clear visual demonstrations (loved the sand bag demo). Great exercises for fundamental awareness (will be using some of these with my beginners!). Thank you!
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How much I enjoyed this class. How easy it is to learn the basics well. Great. Thank you.
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Karen Sanzo is incredible and knows her stuff!! Everyone should watch this class....many take-away's here! Thank you Karen. As you've probably already seen, we referenced your bag of rice/used it for one of our podcasts already!!! :) Thank you!!!
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Karen this was excellent - so clear and concise - both visually and verbally! Thank you!!
Thank you for these early comments. It's a pleasure to re-visit the fundamentals over and over again. Understanding our own possible substitutions and creating new ways to understand and conceptualize the fundamentals. Yall stick with it, there's more coming.

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Thank you Karen. It has really helped me to find other ways to explain the fundamentals to some of my clients...loved the lemon and "rice bag" ideas.
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Fantastic, Karen. As a physio, it's always great to hear some new ideas for cueing those patients who are weak or have altered/inefficient movement strategies! Thanks for the great ideas! ( helped me with some of my poor strategies,too!!)
I never stop learning something new from you! I'm always fascinated by the intricate detail of your understanding of these basic fundamentals. I love the bag of rice idea in replacement of the sandbag...I'll definitely be using that!
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Karen, your breadth and depth of understanding and your ability to describe nuanced movement patterns--both sought and unsought--is absolutely astonishing! I'm awe-struck. And oh ya .... boy, did I realize I've been cheating! Back to the beginning for me! :)
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Thank you!!!!!
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