Class #1287

Foam Roller Workout

20 min - Class


Lisa Hubbard returns to Pilates Anytime with a Foam Roller Mat workout. It's a quick class, but she fits a lot into it. Lisa teaches challenging stabilization exercises, a Mermaid Series, and Swan Dive.
What You'll Need: Mat, Foam Roller

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Joni, Keep up the practice :)
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My body appreciated this class!! just what I needed this morning :) thank you!
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Thanks Sabrina, happy your body got in what it needed :) & thank you for tuning in!
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enjoyed class although sadly it was too short !!! hopefully this means you were there to tape yet another AWESOME reformer and mat class ???
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Great class, very chalenging when lifting knee en reach leg out and upper body in c-curve! I will have to practice a lot, although it was funny to see me wobbling !
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Yugonda, Lisa has two more classes scheduled to be released in the next two weeks so look out for them!
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I really liked this class! Thank you so much. Very humbling!
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Thank you Lisa. The stabilization movements were so challenging! Loved it when the train was startling at the end. That was cute & made me smile. :) What a nice way to end class.
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Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. This is a class that helps identify asymmetries and will keep you coming back to master the difficult exercises!
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