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You only need your Mat and a Magic Circle for this quick Mat workout by Adrianne Crawford. She teaches a quick class designed to get your blood moving on those days when you don't have much time. She includes fun variations with the Magic Circle to give you an extra challenge on exercises that you already know.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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Welcome, I'm Adrianne, and I'm gonna be teaching a Magic Circle Mat today. And this is Alison, she'll be joining me, and us, on our video, let's go. We're gonna get up on our mat. You need a mat and your Magic Circle. And we're gonna try, or attempt to, sit down without using our hands.

Roll Down Preparation

So let's go ahead and, one leg can go behind, and during, you can go ahead and sit down. Good. Very gracefully, very nice. And let's start with the Magic Circle between our knees. We're gonna try to move through the series pretty quickly.

Short, quick Magic Circle Mat. So hands behind your thighs, your head is forward, gonna round into a C-curve. Shoulders relaxed, you're gonna begin by squeezing the Magic Circle using your seat, not so much your knees. Make sure it's at comfortable level, and you're gonna begin to round backwards. All the way, till your hips are down.

Stop, without pulling so much with your arms, you're gonna squeeze that circle, come forward, pull your navel in, release the circle, and sit up tall. So let's do that four more times. Squeeze the circle, drop your head, pull in your navel as you start to fall backwards. Re-squeeze that circle, keep the knees pulling in, and then once again, sit up tall as you release. Three more, going back.

Pulling in coming forward. Sitting up tall, two, back. Forward, stretch, one more time, then we're gonna add a little more to this. Back, forward, stretch. You're gonna bring your feet a little bit closer.

Make sure that circle feels like it's well within the knees, it's not gonna pop out. Grab your ankles, drop your head, and roll like a ball. And up, we'll do five of these, one, two, three, four, one more time, and back up. Place your feet back down, and keep the circle where it is. Reach your arms forward, now, we're gonna squeeze that circle and go all the way down.

Rolling Like A Ball

Rest your head and arms, begin to release the circle. Now re-squeeze it, begin to come up, reach forward. Grab the thighs and sit up tall. Let's do four more, squeeze. Pull in the waist, all the way down.

C Curve w/Magic Circle

Breathing in and out. Sit up tall, you got three left. Rest, up. Lift, stretch the back, two more. Make sure you squeeze, add that resistance as you're moving.

Up, lift, you got one more. Back, lower, rest, let's go ahead and slide you're feet a little bit closer, bring both knees into your chest. Change the circle to your ankles. Going right into the arms forward, arms, legs straight. hundreds breathing in, and out.


Two, three, four, five, you can challenge yourself as much as you want on these, by lowering the legs to a comfortable level. And out, two, three, four, five. Let's actually add a step. You're gonna bend the knees. Stretch the legs.

Bend the knees, stretch the legs. Keep that breathing going. Long inhale, long exhale. And last one, in, and out. Both knees in, grab your thighs, keeping your head lifted, arms and legs stretching to the single leg, double leg stretch.

Double Leg Stretch

Exhale, reach, in two. Eight times three. Good exercise to just get the body moving. Four, five, try not to lose that circle. Six, seven, and both knees in, hands behind your head.

You're gonna lift into a crisscross, come down, stretch the legs, but keep your head up. And, other side, rest, stretch, in, up, lower. Stretch, in, so try to get that shoulder off the mat without moving the legs. Stretch, in, lift, lower. Stretch, in, one more set.

Criss Cross Variation

Stretch, in, last one. Stretch and in, go ahead and sit back up. Let's go ahead and still hold that circle between the ankles. Lift your legs into an open-leg rocker. Legs are up, you're gonna roll back.

Open Leg Rocker

All the way up. Lift and stretch and back, forward. Lift, stretch, three more, so about five of these. Stretch, two. Forward, lift, and last one.

Lift, stretch, now we're gonna keep the legs up. But we're gonna lie on our backs into a corkscrew. Keep the hips still, circle legs and center. Chest is open neck long. Keeping those hips down.


Circle, round, circle one more to each side. And then let's go ahead and sit up. Grab your circle, legs apart. Palm on top of each other, on top of the circle arms length away. Sit as tall as you can with your feet flexed.

Spine Stretch Forward

Take a nice inhale. As you exhale, you push the circle down, get those shoulders to drop scapula down. And then go back up. Deep breath in and exhale. Really getting those ribs pulled in.

I think I need to move my circle forward. And, so gauge where you are and that you get some resistance on that push down with the shoulders. Two, left and Weimar keep flexing your feet. Stretch, and down. We're gonna bring legs together, reach forward with the arm.

Now let's actually keep our feet flexed for this, going all the way down into a roll down. Take the arms back, arms up, pull in, stretch forward. And back down. Curl up, stretch, three. A little bit quicker now, up, over, stretch, down, two.

Roll Up

Keep those feet flexed. And all the way down, you got one more. Way up, hold, place the circle down. Add one leg on top. Curl yourself down and the legs kinda go up.

Single Leg Circles

You're going into a leg circle. Chest is open, circle leg up. Keep the leg that's on the circle pushing down. Three, four, trying to kinda keep it still, reverse. One, keep that resistance pushing down with the leg that's on the circle.

Three, five circles, four, and five. Now, you can move your circle over, switching legs. Other leg is up. Push down, circle, one, two, three, four and reverse. One, two, three, four.

One more time and five, we're gonna sit up. Grab your circle. Reach forward, go back. You're gonna take the legs with you. Up, over the head, come up into a teaser, hold.


And two more, back, forward. Up into your teaser. And last one, back, up, stretch. All the way down with the legs. Reach forward, legs head width apart, lie all the way down.

And, up, forward, so the legs are a little bit different than the roll up we did a few minutes ago. They are now apart. And all the way down. And last one, up, pulling in, forward. Place the circle at your side away from you, finishing stretching forward, good.

Roll Up Variation

Pull in the waist, sit up tall, legs apart. And once again, forward. So you're rounding. Come back up, arms shoulder height. Two more like that.

Seated Stretch Forward

All the way up and last one. Forward, you can grab your arches to give yourself an extra stretch. Good, and the knees. Grab your ankles, find your balance and just stretch one leg up. Rest, other leg up.

V Balance Ending Stretch

Rest, both legs up. Close, together, rest, one more time. One leg stretch, bend. Other leg stretch, bend. Both legs up together, open, bend.

Both feet down, stretch forward. Pull your waist in. Sit up tall, lift your arms. Open your chest, place your feet at your hips, flex your feet and stretch forward. Round into a sitting position into your front rowing.

Rowing Front

Lift your back, exhale one more time. Stretch, lift, up, and now keep growing tall. And we will finish. Very good, that's a quick mat that you can do in less than 10 minutes and it really gets the blood moving, good job.

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Doing it again right now. Just stopped long enough to put it in favorites!
Beautiful 😊
Lisa V
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Short but challenging. Appreciate these shorter choices!
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Great class! Thank you x.
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Nice! I added some squats and pushups for a fast full-body boost.
Nice quick one to do before starting a busy day!
Great class. Loved the intensity and the length. Thank you!
This is my 10 minute back saver Adrienne Lots of computer work has made my low back achey and stiff. The rowing at the end felt sooo good. More of these short Pilates tea break workouts would be very very welcome.
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Short and sweet and perfect. Thank you
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Great quick mat class. Thanks!
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