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Meredith seamlessly flows from one exercise to the next in this Mat Workout. She includes intense abdominal sequences, a challenging Up Stretch series, and much more. Get ready to work hard in this class.
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Nov 24, 2013
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Hi, thanks for joining me for Mat class. Hope you're ready to work hard. Here we go. Sitting up, finding your feet on the mat, taking the hands behind the thighs, closing your eyes, and just taking a moment and lifting the spine, finding the center of your body. And with that, take an inhale. And as you inhale, feel that there's energy traveling up your spine through the top of your head. And as you exhale, just gently support that idea and ends gently engage you the front side on the back side of the body. Let's do that one more time. So just inhale, feeling energy rise through the spine. An exhale, just gently supporting that, allowing the eyes to open. Breathing in. Exhale. Feel the pelvis slide out from underneath you, drugged deeply in through the abdominal.

So we're just curving the lower spine without allowing the chest to be effected. And then inhale, let's tilt upwards. Exhale, again, feeling the pole vis round backwards, but try to keep the chest right where it is. I haven't even changed my eyes. And then inhale to lift. We'll do that one more time. So just maximizing the curvature of the lower spine. Before we start moving the rest of our spine. Inhaling, lift the spine.

Take the arms away from the thighs. Exhale, curl again through the lower portion of the spine first and then just start to slide the spine back down into the mat. Pausing at the bottom. We're going to open the arms out in here. Exhale, press the arms back forward Rola. Find your weight over your hips. Lift and reach the arms out. Again. Inhale, exhale. Press the arms forward as we round the spine, keep the eyes in front of you as you roll down, finding your lower back connected to the mat. Inhale, take the arms out. Exhale, bring the arms forward. Take another inhale and exhale to roll up reaching, lifting the spine tall again. Inhale, exhale, curling the spine down. Oh, I forgot the arms that time, but we'll do them next time. Inhale, arms out. Keep the lower spine connected.

Take the arms overhead and press down towards your hips. Inhale, take the arms out, reach over ahead and press down towards the hips. One more time. Reach out. Take the arms overhead, press down towards the hips. Inhale and exhale. Roll ourselves up. Take the arms out to the sides again and bring the arms forward.

Rolling back, feeling your feet on the mat. Take your arms out to your sides. Reach your arms backwards. Take your arms forward in here. Exhale, curl the spine at, and then reach the arms out to the side. We'll do that one more time. Press the arms forward as you curl the spy rolling back onto the lower back. We bring the arms out to the side. We reach the arms overhead.

We take the arms forward, we roll the spine a lift the spine, tall, arms to your sides. Take the arm closest to me, to the arm furthest away from me. Roll down that side of your spine all the way into your lower back. Open the arms wide. See you're back in that open arm position. Bring the opposite arm across her. Now we're coming up the opposite direction to the direction that we went down.

Lift tall and center and unwind. Rotate the opposite direction on the inhale. Exhale, slide the spine under. Rounding down. Find the low back. Open out to this side. Reach across arms, reach for one another, roll at that side. Lift Tall, unwind. We'll go the other way again. Inhale in the rotation.

Exhale as you start flexing, keeping the knees aligned with one another, reaching across with the arm, taking that back arm across towards the front arm in here, and roll. Lifting all the way to the top and unwind. Let's come to the back. The way we just came here is our inhale. Here's our exhale. Rolling down. Unwind, crossed the body. Reach up, up, up, up, stabilizing. Lift the spine, tall, unwind. I'm going to move myself a little closer to my feet. Reach the arms forward.

Again, take your arms out to your sides and try from here. So with control, lower your body down through your lower back. Arms are still wide holds here. Slide your feet in until you feel that you can touch yourself on the shins and place your spine down onto the mat. Breathe in here. As we exhale, we're going to start a pelvic curl so the feet stay anchored into the floor. We roll the spine arms long in strain, pausing at the top long neck. Inhale, exhale to roll the spine down.

Reaching all the way down, just undulating through the body. Pelvis comes down and then flattens the, or sorry, the low of asphalt flattens as the pelvis changes. Positions. Pause at the top and roll down. Okay, good. Looking for the deep flection of the lower spine. Pelvis down. Inhale, exhale, feel the pelvis changes. The lower spine flattens. Lift the spine up. Pause here, lift the left leg off the ground.

Inhale and now we roll the spine down just right through the center of the body. Drop the pelvis all the way and roll the pelvis back up. So we were rounding. We're articulating the spine. Inhale. Exhale. Slide the body down. Feel that the arms are straight there along the neck is long. Inhale. Exhale, lifting back up, pausing to hold more. Rolling down, checking in with the arms, dropping down, lifting, staying at the top.

We reached the left toes down and just float the leg back to the body. Left toes down and flow back to the body. One more left, toes down. Float back to the body. Reach the left toes down, roll through the foot. Here we are. Lift the right leg up in. Inhale, roll the spine down. We'll do three. Rounding all the way down, feeling the arms stretch long and then flattening the spine. Lifting up, feeling the backside of that left, like working so strongly and rolling down and the angle in the right knee never changes as we just move through the back pelvis drops.

Inhale and lifting back up. Reaching all the way to the top. One more time. Rolling down and lifting. Uh, stay here. Place the foot back down onto the ground. Inhale and then roll yourself down. Just undulating the spine down as the pelvis touches. We're going to lift one lay followed by the other leg. Knees together.

Inhale the legs to the left. Exhale, legs back to center. You could take your arms out to your sides. You could take your arms out to your sides. Let's all do this. Actually take your arms out to your sides and just float them off the floor and center and then see about as you're rotating from side to side, not allowing the pressure or the space between that hovering shoulder or hovering arm and the floor to change at all. So the arms would have to reach longer and longer. And then finding center and we reach across and we find center and we reach across. Last tie find center.

Place one foot down, place the other foot down. Slide the hands behind the head. Breathe in here. Exhale, curl the head and chest up. Coming up nice and high pass. Lift the pelvis. Come a roll of into a little mini pelvic curl as your pelvis comes back down to the ground. Lift your chest a little more and then lower your spine down. Here's some breathing cues. Xcel to curl.

Inhale till do a little mini pelvic curls. So we're moving the spine from all directions. Exhale as a spine travels back down, the chest lifts a little higher and inhale we come back to the mat. Exhale, ribs draw down. Hands. Head is heavy in the hands. Inhale the pelvis. Exhale, pelvis down, just lifting and take it all the way back. Exhale, lift the head and chest. Inhale the pelvis, heavy head.

Exhale, pelvis down. Pause there, let go of your head. Reach behind your thighs, guide yourself up a little deeper, a little deeper. Reach up, hands behind your head. And we're going to take it across to the right and center in here and across, lifting up and over to the left and center and lifting up to the right, making sure that the knees don't change. Positions Center and lifting up to the left and center and lifting up to the right and center and again to the left and center. One more time through to the whole right and center and to the left and center.

And now take the arms forward and lift one leg and then take up the other leg and take the arms up, up, up, up, up, and then bring the body all the way back and then the arms reach up, the arms, press to the pelvis, the legs extend. And we're in our hundred. One, two, three, four, five and 10 an hour, two, three, four, curling the chest forward, and three, two, three, four, five. So working on the strength of the trunk and for two, three, four, five and [inaudible] and five, two, three, four, five and n. Now as you exhale, bend journey's in and stretch them out and pull the knees in. Three, four, five and stretch them out. And three, two curling the chest forward to the legs and [inaudible] and two to three, four, five and now. Nice strong arms pumping from the back of the body. Last two repetitions. And now last one, stay there. Inhale, tip the toes. Exhale, stretch the legs along your mats or in your palms to face in.

And we roll the spine up from there or not. Oh, has hard rounding over all the way. Lift the spine, arms to your sides. Bring the arms forward, slide this spine back into around shape. Roll the spine down, lifting the arms, take the head and chest back. Inhale, head, chest, arms Xcel to roll. Find shoulders over pelvis and then build the spine up as the arms reached to the sides. One more like that around curling down. Arms reach, body take goes back. Inhale, head, chest, arms. Exhale, we curl, reach up, and then reach forward with the arms.

We're gonna curl down. We're gonna find the lower back staying there, staying there, and Ben the right knee. Stretch the right leg. Poems down. We're going to do a mini circle here. Reach around in, up one, down across into stirring the femur in the hip joint, using that bottom supporting leg for support. Last two, last one. And now we go the reverse. We reach our round slice. Reach our round slicer anchoring with the leg on the mat. Last two arms are long and straight. Last one, bring the leg too. You catch it with your hands. Take it forward a little.

As you climb up it, find your way up to the top. Lift the back, pull the leg towards the chest and then fold over yourself with your leg. As you place your leg to the floor. Let go. Reach Ah, arms to your sides. And then the arms. Press the air through spaces. We curl this by drying deeply through the spine. Roll down onto your lower back. Bend your knee, turn your palms down, left knee this time, stretch it up and circle in around in a an in around in a and three of five working, not supporting leg into the ground. Here's one we go the other way. So notice if the arms want to change.

Notice if the opposite side of the pelvis wants to lift. Notice the relationship between the moving of the light and the support that you have to create in your old bleaks. Last two, last one leg is up. Find it with your hands. Walk up at, hmm. Lift your back long and tall and then drop the leg down to the mat. Folding over. As you go from here, give yourself just a little bit more of a stretch and then lift yourself up. Flexing your feet, spine, stretch forward.

We start with a flat back in here. Exhale, take the head forward. We round through the spine, reaching the arms just on the insides of the feet and just guiding ourself as far out as we can. Breathe in. Keep the shoulders depressed on the back. As you now roll the spinal the way back to the top in here. Exhale. Take the body. Well, we're reaching over and over and over and in here, and slide the spine back up. One more to go. He also XL reaching over.

Oh, over over. [inaudible] yeah, yeah. And then lifting a, yeah. And again, so now we round the spine, spine stretch with extension. Allow the tailbone oppressed back. Slide the arms out to the side so we can come up in a nice flat spine. Pause there. Little presses with the arms back for three and one and S. Reach forward to roll in here. Exhale. Take the spine back forward again. A rolling, reaching out, lengthening up through the lower back, and then bringing the upper body up to meet the lower back.

And a long diagonal line. Three arm presses. One, two, three. Dive back forward and lift the back up. And again, inhale, exhale, take it forward. I'm gonna change it a little on this one. We're gonna reach out. We're going to find the long back. Pause there. Take the arms out to the side, press back with your arms from there. One, two, three. Reach the arms forward. Then the ride arm. Reach through the left arm.

Look back at the right arm as you straighten it behind you. Rebound it and reach it forward. Keep your spine forward on the diagonal. Then the left arm reach back. Look at it. Bend and reach forward. Two more to each side. Bend, reach, back, bend. Reach forward long back bend.

Reach active arms so they're not just floating through space. We're pushing against resistance here. Reaching back through last one, reaching back through bend. Reach. Dive down. Roll through the spine to lift up. Bend the knees, bring them together.

Take your hands to your knees. Push your knees into your hands. Lift your feet off the mat. Hello. Ah, let's transfer the hands to the ankles. Just do it for a few. Rolling. [inaudible] a good balls.

Rocking back and lifting and rocking back and lifting. I have just one more like that. Keeping a consistent, rounded spinal shape. Hands to the knees, knees into the hands as he take our body down onto the mat for the double leg stretch. Lifting the shins parallel to the floor. Here we go. We reach up, press the arms in as the knees bent. Reach and come around and reach up and are inhaling the expansion and excelling into the contraction in the body. Keep going and here's five and our round and four Komal round three around last two. Last one. Catch the left knee. Stretch the right leg straight.

Keep the left and change. Press down onto the knee to continue curling the body up, reaching and reaching and reaching and reaching. And Five. Okay. Breathing into the center of your feeling the shoulders depress.

Last two. One more. Hands back, Chris. Cross up and lift. Two up and lift. Three up and left. Good. Continue. Just feeling those ribs.

Rotate around the central axis of your spy. Last four on each side. Twice more. Nice, clean, strong legs. Last time center. Find the center hands on the thighs curl and then just rock. Tiny rocks. Little bit bigger each time. Little bit bigger, just finding your balance point and then all the way setting up, stretching the legs out, straight, reaching the arms back behind the head. Let's take the body all the way down for just a moment.

Take a little stretch. You can even drop your chin into your chest, stretching the whole spine. Roll the spine up, lifting tall in here, going into the twist. So he reached the spine across and then we find center and working through the waist and center. So feeling here that you're not just rotating, but you're lifting the spy and lifting the spine and lifting the spine. Just pay attention to the feet. They're staying connected and still, and I'm lifting the spine and center and the lifting, the spine and center, reaching up to go over and center up to go over and center twist. Now stretch the arms up. Open the arms out, lift the arms back up. Grow the spine. Hands back behind the head.

Find yourself to center twist first. Lift the arms up, reach the arms out, lift back up, and feel the whole spine traveling up in space. Hands back behind the head. Find your way to send her arms up, arms wide, rest on your hands, behind you. Palms facing a palms down, fingers in or facing to your sides. Press up with the backsides of the legs coming into her back. Support in here. We sit down, lifting up out of the shoulders all the time. Exhale, we lift our back, reaching, pressing the chest through the arms and, and lifting up.

Finding that nice long body and we'll do three more. Lifting, opening through the front side of the leg and down and lifting. Okay. And Dan Lifting and Dan staying down, bending the knees. Reach your round through your ankles or into a little rolling variation here so we can do three rolling like a, before we go here we go back and left back and left.

Let go on this one back and lift. So we're going to roll over in a kick over and I'll allow it. So it was to reach for the ground and I lift up into the Jacker, reaching all the way, feeling the back of the body working. We're going to fold the spine back inwards. Fold the spine back in where it's, keep the back Wong, bend the knees. We're Rola. Finding your lift at the top and then reach out into your teaser and then curly and roll and kick kickoff and the legs go down and then reach up.

Feel the back working, lengthening. Fold yourself back in half. Find a knee that rock yourself and [inaudible]. Nice and easy light in your body. Round rock kickoff. Touch left. Folded in here.

When the knees Rola, find the balance. Reach up. Hold here. Separate your legs. Oh, can you pull your legs into your hands? I almost didn't make it. Here we go. We'd do the open lay rock her rocking the spine back and rolling. Lifting the spine long at the top, feeling the lower spine. Round.

Rock back and lift. Reaching one rock back. Lift up. Bring the legs together. Feel the spiny long gate. Open the legs. Let go. Lower them to the mat. I've got a scoop back. Flex your feet.

Take your body forward. Roll through your spine to sit up. Arms out to your sides, twist to the rain, reached down into the Sol, looking for a long flat spine. Reach out long with the bat. Come up with the back arm and century. Inhale, twist. Exhale, dive. Inhale long and flat and center. Inhale, twist. XL Di inhale long and flat and center.

Inhale, twist. Exhale, dive reach Ya. Find Center and twist and a hive and reaching and center. Time, twist and dive. Reach out. Find Center. Lower your arms, bend your knees, bring the soles of the feet together. Arms are behind you and push up out of your arms.

Press the knees backwards to pick the pelvis up. Opening through the front of the hips. Take the pelvis down towards the feet. Take the pelvis away from the feet, say lifted out of the shoulders. As you place your pelvis down to more like that, press the knees to the ground. Lift the hips up. Take the body through reaching for this heels.

Take the body away. Sit down and just pop right back up. Knees open and we reach through and we come away and we sit down and lift up and stretch. Over your legs. Rolling yourself up, lift up onto your knees. What about the little, make sure my clothes are on. Here we go. Take your arms out to your sides. As you inhale, allow your spine to drift to the left.

The arm stays straight across from one another and we just reach over and feel that stretch through there, right waistline and then lift up and reach over to the other sidle on the RMC. Just drift and lift and unreachable and lift and reach over and lift from here, bringing the arms forward, Tuck the pelvis, reach forward and then hinge back into the thigh. Stretch and then lift up. Arms reach out, and we tucked the pelvis. Press the arms forward. Sorry, I don't have needed to have some mat underneath my legs and then hinge back. Hinge back. Find that thigh stretch. Press yourself up.

Reach your arms out to this side. One more time. Curl this finer. Reached the RMS 40 inch back, Perez Yours, shins into the mat. Lift up arms to your sides. Go to the left, left hand down, right leg up in the air. And to take the right hand behind the head, we're going to flex that foot, slide the leg forward and back and forward. Just lifting up, keeping that bottom waistline really strong and back to more forward and glass. Time forward and back.

And now we touched down lift and touch. Front lift higher every time, but without compromising the integrity of the, the spinal position. Up and back and up and front lift to go back and up and front. Last to, up to go back. Ah, pressing the head into the hands. Last one, we lift up. We're going to take it back. I'm going to take that top arm off when, uh, turn ourselves towards the floor.

Unwind so that your knee is parallel. In fact, put that foot down. Bring the knee open and then we're going to take the leg backwards. Let the pelvis rotate a little bit. So what's happening here, if you're confused, which you might be, is that the pelvis is in rotation and the leg is lifting and the shoulders are squared. And we're just gonna lift that leg and up and up. And two and one.

And then I want you to roll your pelvis into a neutral position. Adjust if needed. Gonna bend the elbows, take the body towards the floor, lift that back leg to touch the ceiling, and then push yourself back onto your knee. So we start with a straight back, like that leg lifts. We lower on tour Ahrens, we push up and we'll do it again. So here we go. We reach and push up and two more reach elbows nice and tight to the body and left the get a little back extension here. Take advantage and push up. So bring the hand that you are balancing on back to the center.

We're going to roll the hip back into the sidekick position. Reaching the arm out to the side, lifting the leg high, and then allow the leg to come to the mat. Reach into the leg with your Wayne. Roll yourself up. Drop the pelvis underneath. You. Take that balancing that supporting 'em to reach up and over and no lifting back up. Slide that knee in. Going straight across to the other side. I want to get my clothes on.

Here we go. Reaching over windmilling down. Check the pelvis that's nice and aligned and behind the hat or not you could take your arm to here. We're going to take the leg forward and reach up and back and forward and up and back and forward. Keeping that bottom shoulder supported, lifting up out of the lower waist and back last to reach back. Last one, reach back. Here comes our arcs. We're going to go down the back, up and to the front and reach and take it to the back and the lift in. Come to the front and lift to go behind last two and forward and one and forward. [inaudible] and now he lifts the leg. You bring it to the back. Here's our transition.

We're going to try to keep the pelvis rotated, but allow the bottom leg to reach into a more parallel alignment. Shoulders are squared and we just lift that leg up and back and holding the ribs back so we don't get too much extension through the lower spine or so. It doesn't just become a lower spinal exercise. It's a glute exercise. Last to last one. Let the foot come down. Readjust yourself so you're truly parallel to the mat. Lift the leg up again.

So now as we come down into our arms, the leg is lifting, the forehead drops to the mat and then we press away. Inhale, let the Elvis Ben like lifted into the air. Exhale, the leg just comes parallel to the ground again. Reach in and lift up and reach in and lift up. One more. Reach in and lift up [inaudible] and then unwind. So that backhand comes around to the middle.

We find our side peak position nice and high. It's like a supported start. It's a great place to practice to start actually getting a leg up really high. Allow the leg to come down, stand on the mat, lift up, dropping the pelvis underneath, reach up and then slide that arm over. Okay, let's take a moment there. Finding the stretch. I'm going to come onto that same side.

Cross the top foot over the bottom hand on the man for the twist. Here we go. So we inhale into a side playing position. Excellent. As we pick the pelvis up, reach through the arm, dive through, long flat back. Inhale as we come back and exhale as we take the knees to the mat. Inhale till left, keeping strong through the shoulder through route. Exhale, rotate long back, keeping the way back into the legs as you go into that rotation.

And then one more. I'm gonna Transition as somewhere else on the way we're going to reach through. All right. Gonna find our side. We're going to come around to the front and hold here. Press the pelvis up, lifting up into the up stretch position.

Okay. From there, lift the right leg off the mat. Lift at nice and high and then around in bringing the knee into the chest and then reach. And now we're going to take the knee to the outside of the ride and reach and to the left elbow and reach. One more time. Through Center and pressing left.

Heel down, right elbow and left elbow and keeping the legs strong. Lower yourself to over your staff, supporting leg and just down and left down and lift down. Analis two more. Last one. Place your foot down. Bend your knees, turn your body sooner. You're on your left arm, your top foot cross over your bottom for the opposite side. Here we go into the twist, we reach up and then feel that there's a long, strong rotational lengthen spine here.

Reach back and bend the knee and lift and reach across. Nice long lengthened spine back and bend the knee and reach up. Last one. So into the rotation, into the side plank. Forward into your plank, up into your op stretch, left leg in the air nice and high. And now you're around and kick the Lei and reaching any across and kick the way and cross to the right arm and kick the leg. Really feel that you're strong in Oop, center in all of these positions and and Wa and uh, and across and getting the hips nice and high.

Lower yourself into your front support. And then just the lay one and feel as a leg presses down, the abdominals are pulling up three and two and one foot down, knees down. Sit back on your feet for a moment. Allowing your back body to open up, allowing your sodas to open up. [inaudible] the rolling yourself through and positioning yourself onto your stomach.

Coming up onto the elbows, interlocking the hands, reaching the legs away from us, pulling backwards through the arms and we are going to feel the backsides of your arms. Turn on. I want you to arise your chest through your arms. Push now down into the mat and hover the legs and we kick the right leg and the left. It's kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick. Just the one leg is kicking. Spine is reaching out all the time, reaching in with the leg, reaching out and forward with his spine. Okay, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, straight and both legs. Little flutter kicks here, so continue. Well, it's like you're kicking yourself straighter and straighter through the spine. The abdominals are working for support. The arms are drawing backwards, holding here, keeping the legs, how high, and you keep your body as you reach out with your arms and then swim.

Inhale an exhale leading with the arms in inhale and exhale. One more full breath cycle in here. And exhale. Taking the arms around to your side, lift the arms, reach behind you, interlock your hands, lower the legs to the met, and just reach the arms out. Turning your head in one direction. He hands come a high up your back. We lift the legs, we kick one, two, three and reaching along the legs of law, the spine as law. Other side. Reach one, two, three and length in the backlog. And again, one, two, three and reach out. And again, one, two C and r h let go the arms.

Sweep them around in front of you. Then the mentors your body, lower your forehead to the mat, your legs to the Mat. Start to guide the eyes forward, lifting through the back of the head. Heal the shoulders. Draw backwards. Lift without putting weight on your arms until you absolutely must. And then press into your elbows and then lift your elbows off the mat and only as high as you can. Keep your shoulders down away from your ears.

So we work with precision. The elbows come down first. We lift the legs and guide the legs up. As the spine travels forward, head comes up next, the leg starts to drop the shoulders, slide down on the back, reaching up, opening up through the front of the body, pressing away from the ground. Ben Kneel, lift the legs, slide out, depressing the shoulder blades. All the time. Legs are nice and high here. And then the hand on the elbows lift off the mat. We reach into that beautiful extension and the Oh was come down and we slide our way back forward and we're going to go up one more time. You're gonna reach up, reach up, letting the legs drop, and then press up onto your knees and just walk yourself back so that you're sitting on your feet. Again, taking off or two here just to have a few breaths.

And then enrolling yourself app. So you're just resting on your feet. You can be all the way on your knees. You can even come up to standing to do this if it's not comfortable to just sit down on your feet. It's gonna end with a couple of stretches. Oh, maybe I'll face you. What a good idea. So from there was taking the arms up. Take a hold of the left, dressed with the right hand, and bend your way to your right.

So you're gonna shift your pelvis over the left heel and stretch your spine to the right. Just nice and easy. Rebound back from there. Change the hold of the hands. Reach up in over, letting the pelvises slide over to the opposite side, lifting up, bringing the arms down, and then just inhale. Reach the arms back out to the side, looking up at the hands, feeling the energy you just created in your body and lower the arms down. Well, the way [inaudible] let the hands rest on the mat. Take your right here towards your right shoulder and just allow the right shoulder blade to depress and be heavy. And then lift the head. Go over the other direction.

No, lift that, and then bring your hands to the center of your chest and closing your eyes. I'm just giving thanks for the time sacrificed, or I made to honor your body today. Hmm. Thank you for taking class.


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Loved this! Wonderful combinations and smooth transitions. Thanks, Meredith!
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Awesome! What beautiful form !
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Excellent as always, Meredith! I loved the combination of rolling like a ball + jack knife + teaser - demanding yet very playful

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Excellent! What a superb practice! Really loved the pace and Meredith's ability to make this quick but not overbearing! Thanks Meredith!
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Great job as always. Thanks.
Meredith you are so inspiring!! I love ALL your classes, merci beaucoup!
Anna L
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That was incredible Meredith! Just what I need to support my own body as I kick it up a notch in my Pilates for Men mat class in the next 2 weeks. So happy I found this. Thanks! I love your cues and the way you teach!!
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Everything this woman does is marvelous. Thank you!!
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Wow! What an intensive workout, I'm left feeling worked but stronger for it! Thanks!
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Loved the fluidity! The sequencing made so much sense for connecting the mind to the body to create smooth transitions.
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