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Join Meredith for this Level 2 BASI Flow class designed to create strength as well as awareness. Learn fun variations to Spine Stretch with Extension, Twist, and Rollover. Allow yourself to go deeper in simplicity. Enjoy!
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May 15, 2013
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Anywhere. Hold your legs, walk your feet in parallel to each other and sit close enough to your feet. But not so far away that it's not a little bit of a challenge to pull yourself up straight. Lift the back, close your eyes. Take just a minute. We're just going to have a few breasts here.

I want you to feel that as you breathe in, the rib cage expands outwards towards the elbows. The elbows get wider because the rib cage is moving and as you exhale, feel the rib cage now and connect and feel the elbows come closer to each other. Now the shoulder blades, the elbows, and inhale, reach and feel the whole backside of the body expanding. And as you expand, lift taller and then see if you can keep that taller with ease. As you exhale, you're going to open your eyes as soon as you want to add any other again. And now we move. We move the pelvis first. Keep the shoulders where they are.

Just tilt the tailbone under and around the spine so your shoulders are going to go a little forward and your spine goes back and inhale. Build the spine back up and exhale. Draw deeply through the abdominals who look at your knees as you're going backwards there. Are they pulling away from one another? All they're facing straight up. They should be facing straight up. Inhale, lift the back and we'll do that one more time. Exhale, flex the spy. Inhale, lift the spine. Exhale, flex the spine again.

This time, continue past that c shape and round the spine towards the floor. Let your arms slide down the outsides of your thighs. Inhale as you come about your middle back. Lift your arms, take your arms around to your sides. Reach forward and exhale to roll up. As we lift the back, we're going to open the arms. Inhale, press the arms back through center and curl the spine back as the spine curls back the arms. Reach forward. Find your way to your middle back in her lithiums up.

Challenge the height of the spine. Take the arms around to the sides, reach forward and curl the spine up, shoulders over pelvis, and then as we lift the spine, we reach out. It feels like a yon to me. Open the chest, take the arms forward, round the spine, curl backwards. It's going to be our last one like this. And then take the arms up. Go further back with your arms. If you can challenge that, reach around arms reach forward, roll the spine up. Find the rounded shape. You don't lift the back, reach the arms, push out.

Take the back arm to the front arm. Inhale, exhale, curl down that side of your body. Let's bring the legs together. Late call, but let's do it anyway. Squeeze the legs together. Stay right there. Open. Reach across with the opposite arm. Roll up that side of your body. Use your legs for help if you need to. So you could do hold if you wanted to. And then open the arms and then we'd go the other way. We inhale to reach across the hands can be parallel.

They can touch whatever makes you happy. Exhale, roll down. Open the arms away from one another. Find Center, rotate the opposite direction and roll up that side. If you get stuck, help yourself up with your hands. Lift the spine, putting the arms and inhale we come back across this way we take the body down, we open the arms, stay here, we're gonna lift the right leg. Reach across it with the left arm. Yes and center. Or I'd said No. Funny Business did and I cross opposite arm, opposite leg and down. One more time. Each side. Opposite arm, opposite leg and dad, you could even use the bottom arm if you want to on the ground to help yourself get higher. And now we're going to take that outside arm towards the front or the back.

However you see it. We're going up the way. We didn't come down. We were all off all the way. Yeah, funny business. I promise. No funny business, but it appears that I can't keep my promises. Roll down. Find Center, fund the Middle Back. Open Up. So now opposite arm, opposite leg reach across the body and touch. Come Center opposite arm, opposite leg. Reach across the body.

You could use the bottom arm to help you and center come across to find center. The leg just hinges from the hip joint. No change in the knee and center. We take that back arm, bring it across towards me. Roll Up. Oh away. Live the spine. Bring the arms out to the sides. Lift your arms up over your head, round your spine. Start to roll back. Go slow. Keep the arms reaching up. Start to slide your feet a little closer to you.

Start drawing your arms down. Your feet are going to separate as they drag in to reach and touch your ankle bones with your hands. Yup. And then place the feet all the way down and lie your body down. I'm gonna Scooch. Okay.

Inhale there. Press down or just feel that the arm bones are heavy. Then peel the pelvis up. We roll the spine up, lifting the hips, keeping the arms heavy towards the floor. Pause there at the top and roll down. Linking the bones of the spine like a train is linked together. One bone at a time. Following the next in here.

Feel the heaviness of the pelvis. Lift up off the floor, peel the back up. Inhale, reach the arms further towards the fetus. The spine down into the ground creates space between the bones of the spine as you place it back into the floor and reach the pelvis down. And one more. Inhale. Feel the feet heavy on the floor. Also, as you lift the pelvis, feel the feet trying to reach the fingertips in their fingertips, trying to reach the feet. Pause there, lift the arms up, reach the arms overhead. Feel the arms reach away from the spine. As the spine reaches away from the fingertips, come all the way down through the spine. Bring the arms out to the side.

Lift one leg at a time and hold the legs at tabletop. So your arms are out in a t position. Yep. Legs are together. We're gonna take the legs towards me lifting that back hip away from the ground. Exhale to pull through center. Inhale as we reach over to the other side, and exhale to pull through center.

So as you go towards me, I feel that the opposite arm, not only anchors, but also reaches away from you, creates a resistance pattern and exhale to come back and it creates an anchor. The opposite arm from the knees also creates a resistance pattern. I'll lengthening sensation and come back and we'll do one more. Inhale over and exhale home. Then inhale over. Oh next feel home. Place the feet done one at a time. Reach back, put your hands all the way behind your head. Breathe in here. As you breathe out, keep the head heavy in the hands, but lift the sternum up.

Feel the rib bones come down the front of the body. You can let your eyes go a little forward. You got it. Good. Squeeze the legs together. Hold an inhale and I want you to work your way down. So see the abdominal muscles sync. Feel the hip bones a front of the hip bones drawing towards one another and again in hand, draw down and in through the abdominals, through the hipbones and curl the spine. Not Pause there to whole.

Feel the neck. Lengthen in the hands and feel how that creates challenge. And then lower the spine down. We're going to pick it up the pace a little and change it. So we lift up, we stay there, we tilt the tailbone and roll towards the bottom side of the ribs. Pull the pelvis down, but pull the chest a little higher and take the body all the way. Xcel lift the head and chest.

Feel the bones draw down and in and towards. One another. Pick up the pelvis. Feel the ribs in the pubic bone. Getting closer together. Lower the pelvis. Continue to keep the ribs in the pubic bone, reaching towards one another and lower the body down all the way. One more exhale to left. Nice. Peel the pelvis.

Press the legs together. Press the hipbones inwards. Lift the chest, hold their behind your thighs. Yeah, just give yourself a little help here. Just a little help. So from that place, I want you to make sure you're nice and high. Take the arms just in front of you. Make a pointer, reach your point. You're over your left knee and reach your point.

You're over the top of your knees and over the top of your right knee. Keep the left hand heavy and center and we reach over, but up and center so it's not too far over. It's like you're trying to touch the outside of the knee and center and over and hot and center and over and up and center. Now we're going to add the leg. We reach and slide the leg in the arm together and center.

Lift higher reach and sly the arm and the leg together. Yeah, the one you're turning too. So pick up that leg. Switch life like that. Funny business again. Rotate towards the leg that's lifting and press the leg and the arm that are both lifting into each other and center. Last one, picking up the leg that you're turning to. Come to center. Reach the arm separate. Stretch the legs out. Lift the arms up.

Place the head down. Inhale, lift the spine up. Exhale, roll through the spine. Find the rounded shape in just like we did with our knees bent. We're going to lift the backup, bringing their arms to the sides. Create some energy, like you're pushing something together around the spine, but don't collapse. Stay Long.

Roll down as soon as you get behind your pelvis, start elevating your arms so that as your head comes down, your arms are reaching overhead. Inhale, pick up the head and chest. Reach forward. Exhale, roll through the spine. Stop the shoulders just over the pelvis and then inhale, lift the back, press the arms to the side. [inaudible] reach forward. Roll backwards. I want to get a stop just behind your pelvis and hold and I want us to go jet down just a little and bound. Just a little and down, just a little and just a little and now up just a little, not all the way down forward. Just a little. Nice forward.

Just a little forward, just a little and now down just a little, just a little, just a little stay there. Turn this way and just a little up. Just a little up. Just a little upcode down in three steps. One, two, three funds center. Rotate the other way, Deb, maybe Ben Janiece and up to three and down to not tricky. Just hard hand center and come all the way up and take a stretch all the way forward. Flex your feet as you go. Pull your spine forward. Try to touch your knees to your forehead or your forehead to your knees.

Lift the back long and tall. Take the hands behind your head. Feel the shoulder bones reach forward and down as the rib bones pull back and in. That creates a nice upper back support for the head lift. Pull up on your head to lift taller and twist this way. Exhale. Inhale. As you come back to center. And exhale as you rotate, lifting up, up, up and inhale to center and feel the ribs rotating you. The head stays heavy in the hands.

There's no turning in the neck and we reach over lifting the spine. Good. Flex your feet and reach. Lifting the spy that you're ringing out the spine like a towel and center and reach over and now center. So we've done it with control. Let's make it like sprinklers. So sh center and the true twist center and lifting toss center.

So even though we speed it up, we don't lose any precision. Rotate, rotate, center, rotate, rotate. Center, rotate, rotate. Center, rotate, rotate. Center. Last time center reach. Ah, round your spine. Bend your knee as you can. Scooch to your feet. Take your hands across your ankles. Those are ankles. Yes. Sometimes I forget what things are named. Okay, so draw the knees in. Hold the knees and close.

Now we rock back. Keep this small shape in here. Excellent. Keep this small shape in here. Exhale, lift. So neither do the feet lift or the head throw. Everything stays small and it's control. Rock and lift. Last one.

Rock and lift. Hands on the knees. Push your knees into your hands. Hard. Now start to move the spine down, but try to keep pushing the knees into the hands so we create flection. That way we get into the lower back. We're going on a suicide mission and abdominal suicide mission. Are you ready? Let's go. So here's how it's going to go. Your knees come over your pelvis, your hands are on your knees. Don't be afraid to use your arms. Reach out.

Double leg stretch. Exhale round. Inhale, reach up. Exhale, Lara. We'll do five. Reach up. Strong legs. Exhale, pull, reach. Exhale, pull. Here's number one. Reach out. Take your hands to your left knee. Stretch your right leg out and pull single leg. Stretch, pull. Try to stop the sigh at a 90 degree angle and lift the body to it.

Three, four, so less. I'm in Marina Morra away. Hands behind your head, Chris. Cross. One, one, two, two, three, three, four, four, five, five, single legs, straight, hamstring. Well One, Pour, pour, sweat. Keep the body centered as the legs reach past one another pole. Pole, switch, pole, pole, switch, pull.

Pull both legs up, hands behind your head. Yet we keep the buddy. You could go here to keep the body lifted and bring the legs up. Yeah, just as you can be very small. You just go where you can support your back. And we reach out keeping that chest, that sternum, connected to the thighs.

Just two more. And then we're going into the rollover. And here's how it's gonna go. We reach. Ah, we take the legs down, reach forward, lift the legs, lower the head and rollover. Flex your feet, lower your legs as you separate them or separate them lower and then push through your heels as you bring your body down. Keep the leg strong. Keep the arms strong. Keep the abdominal strong. Points your feet. Circle the legs down. Bend your knees, Corolla, hands on your knees.

Number four, reach out. Double leg stretch and around Marina. Don't take your body down. When your arms go up like that, it's getting better to reach out. And three, I'll reach out. Nice for. Take their right knee, reach out and switch and keep the spine lifted. And three, you okay? Candy for hands behind your head. Crisscross one and one and two.

And should we abandon our mission? Okay. Here it is for a single straight leg pull and use your arms to help you stay high to to reaching the leg long and touching the floor. Number four doublings. Both legs that we drift away. We lift back up. We'll go quick. We take them away. We lift back up. Two more.

Lift back up. Last one. Arms down. Roll over, flex your feet, separate your feet and slowly lower the legs. Here I'll just give us a little neck break. So we'll continue our mission. We'll complete it, but we'll have a little break. So at the bottom I want you to point your feet. Bring your legs together, keep your head down on the ground. Lift your legs till both likes towards me. Breathe in, make a small circle around the rim of the pelvis.

Cross the body and center. Tilt both legs to the other side. Reach down, come around, reach up and center again, taking the legs down, holding onto the center of the body for support and go the other way and around Anna and bet the knees and lift the head. Use your hands, pull yourself up nice and high. You can also just keep your head down and just do the leg part. That would be fine. So here we go. Double leg, stretch, recheck and RN and recheck and around. Keep that body up. Marina [inaudible] and single leg stretch.

Left knee in your hands. Reach, reach two to three criss cross on or reaching across two to three. Three stretch out like center, the body, n Paul and Paul and Paul and Paul. Ah, one more. Lift the bottom line to meet the top leg and take the legs away and up. Oh wait, keep the pelvis down as the legs come to you. Last one.

Oh Way and up. And we roll over. Ruling over. Feel the neck is long. Flex the fee. Separate the lanes. Lower. Slide the spine down. Slide the spine down. Control the shoulders, control the arms, circle the legs.

Let's do another roll over how lifting up and over this time I want you to take your legs and turn your pelvis or your legs. Point over the right shoulder, not far, just right across the center of the chest. So as you roll down that side of your spine, your left leg traces the right chest and then you come down all the way to the pelvis on that side. You got it. Marina. Circle the legs around to the other side. Roll up that side. Yep. And unwind. A Nice thing to do here is to watch the bones of your pelvis.

As you shift the legs across. One doesn't drop lower than the other. And then roll down the spine, reach around, roll up the side of the spine and center. And in central we flex the feet. We roll the spine down cruelly. Keep the Armstrong, keep the Armstrong curl the head and chest.

Have Ben. Nice. Here's number two, this little breaks. We take it out and back and, and single leg reach and reach and reach. And Chris, a cross, a cross, a cross, a cross and single. Straight like one and one. Keep that body lifted. Two and two, both legs in the air. Take the legs away, down. And uh oh yeah.

2:00 AM all the way over. Flex your feet, roll through the spine, going one repetition of everything. And then I'll tell you what and then I'll tell you. So slide down as the pelvis goes and start lifting the head. Bend the knees, hands on the knees. Here we go. This is it. Double leg stretch and Arra. Lift your body up high.

Hold that height and single leg and the crisscross and the crisscross and the single leg and the singally and both legs up and now challenge. How low can you go? Don't lift your back, but just play with your edges there and up and over. That's it guys. We now bend the knees, bend the knees, reach the knees towards the forehead. Start Rolling the spine down. Start lifting the head up and roll yourself up into rolling like a ball.

Yeah, and now we're going to roll that. No. First we're going to tease her. Woo. And then we're going to bend, Tuck and tight. We're going to roll back and kick over and then Ben, dropping the knees towards the forehead. Start Your roll down. Reach around for your ankles rural. Find your balance. Teaser Ben, one more roll back. Lift over in the niece. So there we get a stretch for the spine. Lift a, grab the Li legs and teaser and now separate the legs and catch them.

A little tricky. Sorry. And now we're going to rock back. Open leg rocker. We take it back a with the back round, the lower spine. Just, and then lift and find balance and rock back and up. Um, one more rock back and lift. Oh, bend your knees, put your feet down. Hold the friends of your knees and pull your back. Straighter lift. Really get those back extensors working hard. Stay there with your back. Turn and look over one shoulder.

Keep lifting your spy. Come back to center. Turn the other way. Pulling the knees apart, but pulling the knees in where it, so the NFS pulled the knees in and the upper back pulls them apart. Oh yeah, that works. Let's go the other way one more time just cause I like that and I thought I just pull the knees together. Arms, pull them apart and reaching over and center. And now just stretch to like down and take the arms forward. Okay, so we here, um, let's just do two regular spine stretches.

We're going to be doing some circling of the arms, so make sure you've got some space. Yeah, you should be fine. Eye Candy that, oh, that'll be fine. You just need like this circle, this range of motion. Here we go. If you touch each other, it won't be the end of the world, I suppose. Sit Tall, palms of the hands facing round the spine. Take the forehead down between the knees and then link in the spine, out, out, out, out, pushing through the heels all the time and then feel the heels push away as the spine lifts up. But let the legs be strong. But the spine be light. What does that mean to you? Lean a little forward, marina. Inhale and exhale. Reach forward.

So play with the distribution of energy. Where do you need it? Where do you not inhale and lift? Easy. Easy, easy, easy. Like the spine is just been floating. It's just floating her. Okay, so here's my next idea.

I'm gonna take the arms outside the legs. You can come with me. It's not complicated. Roll down. So do the same motion. Now turn the hands up and you have heavy weights in your hands. Imaginary heavyweights. We're going to bit make a bicep. So pull the elbows towards the legs. Now make a tricep.

Stretch the back long. Straighten the arms. Now reach around through the lifting. Up and forward through this fine and die forward. We go again. Then the elbows hands up. Ooh. Press the arms out straight. Don't let them go behind you. Keep them right next to your body.

So lift your back to straight in your arms. [inaudible] and then cycle through the shoulders. Feel that the, as the arms come up, the spine gets pulled more forward and then dive down. We'll do three more little faster. Ben, the arms stretched the back straight knee, arms. Let's reach the arms forward. Grow the spine, creates space between the pelvis in the bottom of the ribs and dye forward and press the knees into them at last to reach back. Feel that upper back working. Feel the backs of the arms. Reach up and die forward. And last one, reaching back reaching.

And I thought, Oh yes. And then take your hands and just slide them along the mat as you sit up and continue to slide them back so that you're putting a weight on them as you bring your legs together. And I do a little back support. How's your shoulder? Good. That's excellent. Okay. Push yourself away from the floor. I meant to ask you that before class. This way. Yeah, in here. So if you have, uh, problems or or tightness or what it feels better to have all your hands in different position. The ideal is to have the fingers facing outwards, not behind you. So either in or to the sides is the best.

Our best routes. And also bend. Knees do do a lot to help you. Okay? So now I want you to just push your legs into the ground. Don't even lift yet. Push your legs into the ground and lift your chest. Okay? So that's the energy that you want on the way down, right? That's what's going to help you lift up out of your shoulders on the way down.

Now we can lift the body. So we feel there that the body comes into that nice long line. Now as you come down, I want you to create that. Push the legs up, lift the chest through the arms and the pelvis just easily comes yet. Keep reaching forward away from your hands. So the spine gets pushed to this way and then lift up feet reaching towards the floor as the pelvis comes down, push the mat away from you.

Nice Marina. Yeah. Yes, yes. I'm excited and left I am shoulder stability is a very exciting thing for me and down. So just lift up out of the arms. You don't want it to change the space between your ear lobes and your shoulder blades. Okay, one more time guys. Reach up, reach up and sit back down. Good. And Bend your knees and face me. Yeah. Were going to lie down. Just face me. Yeah.

Here we're just going to lay right down. Yeah, I think so. Okay, so line your bodies up. When your body's up, head down on the arm, you can use your hands for balance. So we're going to breathe in here and I want you to create a pocket of energy in the middle of your body. And then I want you to stretch your legs away from you so that stretching of the legs away from you will enable them to lift.

And then don't take them to the floor, but just lower them. How about halfway? And then lift up. So not only the upper waist is working, but I want you to feel that there's some focus and energy and the bottom side of the waist as well. And then take the legs away and reach the legs up and then take the legs away and reach the legs up and take the legs away. We'll do two more. Reach out and away. And one more. So now keep the legs in the ear, lifts the top leg up and take it down.

Lift the top like reach out as it goes up, but don't allow the body, the pelvis to change it. I'll reach out and not reach out and reach out enough and pause here. Now take the bottom leg and lift to meet the top and down and left to meet the top and down and lift. Don't lose [inaudible]. Don't move the top leg. Now it's just the bottom like lifting to come to the top and lowering and lifting to come through the top. I'm lowering on one more. Okay. So now we just take the arm off the thigh or off the ground and we hold you make a tiny little scissor with the legs. Tiny little scissor. You have to keep the thighs squeezing towards one another to help you create balance. Tiny little scissor. So I'm losing my balance.

Two more and last one. And then bring the legs back together. Lower the legs down. Put your hand down. Push yourself onto your elbow. So here I want us to feel that there's a a lift away from the floor. We're going to bend in the bottom knee, a lift away from the floor so that this shoulder blade pulls down towards the body and around forward and the rib pulls back. Okay, let's take the hand behind the head. Put the head in the hand, push into the hand, lift your leg up and swing forward. Forward, stretch, stretch, forward, forward, stretch, stretch, kick, kick, back, back.

Can You keep the body as well controlled as you are and give the leg more freedom? I don't know the answer. It's an idea. Yeah, you got use your hip flexes. Something has to move your leg for, you know, not going back to let it go. Oh, I see what you mean. Let Deb's suggesting that if we let our hip flexor relax, as the leg goes to the back, we'll get more range. I agree. Thank you Deb. Last one and a hold the hold the back. So here, let's play with that id even more. Let's let the front of the leg relax. Reach the leg away and just do little backs and back.

So the leg naturally doesn't go very far back at all without the back wanting to art. So you've gotta, you gotta come around, bring the pelvis forward so that as a leg reaches back, we're not arching the back to do it. Let's do two more and one more, and then we're going to bend that knee. We're going to help ourselves up onto the hand. Now I'm going to teach us the side bend. So if you'd rather do that on your elbow, that would be perfectly fine with me. Here we go. I'm going to, nope, I'm going to teach us a side bend on our elbows today. Yup.

I'm changing my mind. Reach this arm on so the knees are bent. So your elbow should be kind of not, maybe not right underneath you, maybe just a little bit in front of you so that when you straighten your legs, your body just over your elbow. Okay. So from here we're going to reach under the body, reach under the body. You could keep the bottom leg on the ground. Watch chair bottom like on the ground works just as well.

So you go like that and then you open back out like that. Yeah, keep the top leg straight all the time. So you're going to push yourself up away from the floor. And now we're gonna. Yep, just like that. Now just move your waist. So there's your modification if you need one and then open back out. If you're not wanting a modification, both legs stay straight the whole time.

Reach under, just keep the knee and back and let's bend and come down. So now take the bottom leg out from underneath the top leg. Sit Up and for the Mermaid we will do the mermaid. So we want you to sit heavy in both hips, arms out to your sides. Okay? You guys go this way? Me and Debbie are going this way. Okay? So we reach away from one another, reach away, but still try to hold on to each other, right? So there's energy in both directions. Put the hand down as you exhale, rotating your spine, bring the arm to the mat, stay there, ease up on the arms and let the chest reach through. Create a little extension, lifting the spine forward.

Create a round but not a very significantly held round. So just mobile open and lift, lifting the Arma reached to the sky and then stretch over. So what I mean by saying when I say significantly held, that's like just words, right? Um, I don't mean when you go back to Tuck, I don't want you to grab, I just want you to feel that the spine is pliable. So reach out, but keep reaching for one another and yeah, and now rotate. So we want to keep this spine round, but we're done holding with our hip flexes is the bottom line. And now reach out and let the lower spine just respond to the extension of the upper spine and then around the lower spine and let the upper spine respond and open. You know, this is the toughest part in my mind.

We've got a lift off the ground. We reach into the year and stretch over. Let's do that one more time. Yeah. And reach over and down. Be light on your hands. They're there to help you balance, but you don't really need them a lot.

Maybe they gently guide themselves backwards. Still let the spine stretch forward and then a re round open up and just nice and easy over it. No binge your top arm [inaudible] just let it pull you even deeper into the stretch and then help yourself up. Swing your legs around to the other side. Will my down all the way so the head is on the air, the legs are lined up, feet are lined up. Do do what you wanted with your hand, but we're going to reach the legs out, reach the legs out and and feel that there's like a tunnel of energy spiraling through your center, out your feet, and that spiral as it reaches through your center, out your feet, includes the inside bones of your knees.

They are reaching towards one another, right? So sometimes it needs one to turn out. Let's try not to turn em out. Let's try to keep them spiraling inwards, which oftentimes makes it a little bit more challenging to balance. We'll do three more. Nope, four more. Feel that as a legs. Lift their ribs, funnel down the front, creating the beginning of the spiral in the legs. Reach out, pulling the spiral out from the center of the body and a floss cap.

Two more. Do are we even do you think? Yes. Yeah. Good. Thanks Deb. Okay. Oh, and now we did lift the top line and a lift the bottom line to meet the top leg and then just the bottom leg down. Keep the top so you don't want to lift your top like, oh, we did the topic for us up first. Sorry. It might've been a long day.

Just maybe. So we did five here's number four. You can really explore this range, but then when we go to set the lower leg up to lift, we don't want to lift that top leg too high and I don't want to create an obstacle that's too far away. So lift just the bottom, like the top, like just hovers. Here's three of five, four of five and number five. Now what we did here was we just took the arm away and now we turn the knee bones away from one another and then we just did a little teeny weeny scissor, but we squeezed the legs towards one another the whole time. And I'm citizen and scissor and two and two and one and one bringing the legs back together. Lower them down, put your hand on in front of you, push yourself up onto your elbow so these sidekicks can be done lying all the way down if that's preferable to you. So we're going to keep the bottom leg down.

We're going to lift up away from the shoulder and we're going to stretch the leg out, put our hand behind the head and then here we go. We swing forward and we reach back. This marina is going to help you with that. Go forward and reach back. And then here we talked about playing with the idea that it's important to keep the body relatively still, but also to allow the leg to have a little bit of freedom. So what does that mean? It's going to mean something different to everybody.

Last for don't lose that rip for me. Good. We're going to take your hand and put it here and then pull up away from your hand. That's the ticket. So if you feel that dropped down, you've lost it. So to always pull up away from the hand, that's going to help you with your shoulder. Nice. Last one. Uh Huh. And that was, we reached back. Deb's telling me that it's time to move on and I think with her eyes and we reach out and back and out and back and add him back.

It is free up the front of the leg and work into the back of the leg. We'll do three more. Yeah, you've got it. That's it marina. That's it. I love that. And then bend good. Cross the top leg over the bottom. Stay on your elbow but scoot away from it a little bit. So if you want to modify this and just come onto your nam in his saved top leg straight and then the bottom leg will help you up and you'll feel that hip working if you're wanting to go both legs straight. Here we go.

So yeah, I'll go with you. So presa [inaudible] yeah, reach under sale. Unwind and reach under. We can, we reached under, we just stayed there and did the reach and back. Yeah. So you dry in where there's you tunnel under your body and that, that's bothering my niece. I'm going to do one here and we reach under her reach under reach, under reach, under reach, under and back. And Benji needs to come down to the mat. Slide the bottom leg out from underneath the top leg and sit yourself up for the mermaid. Okay.

You get nice and heavy and your hips and the arms reach. Don't hold your shoulders together. Reach your arms away from us. Reach your shoulders out through your fingertips. Reach out. So now he reached for one another, but we still reach into the distance and comes down. He does it as you spiral your spine around.

Keep the shoulders reaching down the back, pull the ribs up into the middle back and then unwind. Well come back. Let the back go into an easy extension. Deb, I promise I will get it together right now around your spy. It's totally too late. I apologize. Yes, and now we just float. You're just flooding. This arm comes up in, this arm drops down and we go up. Then we go over and just enjoy that and then it was float back up.

Reach out, helps to push the leg into the thigh. That'll help you balance and comes, we spiral around through the ribcage, pull the ribs up towards the center of the spine, lift the spine, inhale round the spine, exhale on one, the back end here. Excellent. Lift up. Start to lift this arm and as the spine lips, the arm comes up and then we stretch over and you can use your arm to pull or you can just rest it on the ground. And then Lyft, last time we reach out and we let the hand come down. We take the back around. Exhale, we take the back longer in here.

We re round the spine. Allow that free arm to just float away from the Mat. Lift up, floating the body. I've said that just like that very idea of floating, just makes it easier in my opinion or mind. Let we just go over into that side stretch and then we bend the arm, just the rest the arm and allow the arm to help you go into a little bit deeper. Stretch [inaudible] and then help yourself up. I'm gonna come onto our stomach. So yeah, a roll yourself over, place you legs along behind you legs together as possible if not just a little bit apart.

Place one hand on top of the other hand and just put your face down on your hands. Okay, so I'm going to talk about some ideas here. So here's the first idea. Feel that the elbows pull so the hands are connected, right ones on top of the other, but see about pulling the elbows away from one another. You'll feel nice. Yes, you'll feel your shoulder blades spread. Now keep that spreading in the shoulder blades and I just want you to start to lift your head up as the head goes up and forward. Continue to spread the shoulder blades wide on the mat. So it's not a big movement guys.

It's just the neck really and the arms pulling away from one another. But it should be a good amount of work and, and good feeling work. Take the head down and again, create that spreading in the elbows, the spreading in the shoulders. Lift the head off the hands and go down. [inaudible]. We need to do that one more time.

And as you spread your elbows in your shoulders and lift, be aware that I don't want you to lift too high cause you're going to have to hold yourself here without your hands on the floor. Okay, so now you to lift your hands to your face. I don't want you to stretch your arms out. They'll separate, rebound. Put the other hand on top, lower the arms to the mat, lower your face onto your hands. We'll do three. Spread the shoulders, float the head. Keep that float the hands to the forehead. Just stay there. We're going to knock it straight in the arms yet we're going to lower the arms. We're going to lower the face. I'm going to change it every single time.

So just pay attention, elbows wide. It's just my way of not having to do at the same way every time. Okay, now we'll lift the hands to the face. Now here we stretch the arms out again. We stretch out. I want you to bend. When you bend over, you need to put the same hand on top, lower the arms, and lower the head. Okay guys, we're going to take it fully into swimming now. So feel the abdominals working. Note, before we do that, we're going to do this. We're gonna spread the shoulders, spread the elbows, lift the head only.

Yep. Not the face so much. Just that. Keep the eyes facing down. Now reach one like out. Don't lift it very high off the mat. Try to pull it away from you. And as you reach out through the leg, pull the elbows away and pull the spine forward and go down. So there's a lot of, um, things to think about here. It's real simple movement, but there's lots of going on. So we're stretching the elbows away. We're stretching the spine forward. We're reaching the leg long.

And as we were alternating legs, I want you to just pick the leg up from right underneath your bum, right where the bum and the back of the leg connect. And as you're doing that, I also want you to please think about what's happening in the center of your body. It should be just supporting you. Okay guys. So that's how the legs work. Lift them both up. Lift your hands, stay low with your body, but lift your arms higher than your body. Lift the right leg in the left or on the left leg on the right arm, and continue that pattern in two, three, four, five out, two, three, four, five and let's speed it up. Two, three, four, five, two, three, four, five in, in. Keep the legs up. Fold the elbows back in. Lower the head down, heels together, toes apart. Click the legs. Ten nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one 10 again, keep the elbow spreading wide. 10 again, keep the elbow spreading wide. Shoulders down, yes and lower the legs and let the back settle.

[inaudible] take your hands out from underneath and put them on the map. Push yourself up. Sit back towards your feet. Come up onto your hands and knees. I feel that the hands are right under the shoulders. The knees start right underneath the heads. In fact, back your knees up just a little bit so they're a little further back than your hips. Okay, so here's the shoulder stability exercise.

Keep your shoulders over your hands. Feel that same, pull apart, that same scapular pull apart that you were doing just a minute ago on your stomach, and then pull your ribs up to create a, Huh? Yeah. So we, there's our [inaudible] shoulders stability. All we're gonna do guys is straighten the length. Yeah, just straighten the legs without moving the shoulders. Feel the shoulders pull apart, feel the ribs. Pull up two to erase the space, the hollowness between the shoulders. Now just bend the knees, roll over the tips of the toes. Touch the mat, but don't lose your shoulders. So the ribs pull up and we reached the legs out straight and now we just bend the knees, keep the body upper body absolutely still and reach out straight arms, pulling apart ribs, a feeling in that space and stretch, delay and one more.

And stretch the lay and the knees come down. We're going to keep the feet tucked under. Just like that and sit back on him. Stretch your toes. Why the spine down? [inaudible] I took a class the other day from Ms Tracey Mallet. I'm gonna steal this.

Move off her. So what we do is we bend the arms go wide. Thanks Tracy. Then the arms go wide. Keep the forehead brushing along the ground. Reach yourself up, push up into a down dog or a a down stretch. That's not down dog. This is not yoga. Lift up out of your shoulders. Lift up on your shoulders. Now round the spine.

Draw the knees in warrants and sit all the way back. You could do it with straight arms if you don't like the elbow bend, but your body won't stay close to the floor. So we bend the elbows, we drag the elbows wide, the tip of the nose slides along the Mat. Then you start to push yourself up into the down stretch position and then we round the spine. Bring the knees in and sit back towards the feet. That's good, Huh? Let's do one more. Bend the elbows wide or yeah, or marina.

You're doing it right. You can just come forward like that. It's exactly right. You don't have to do the elbow bend, but if you're going to dip down with the sternum and then reach up, lifting the back, round the spine, sit back from there. We already have our toes tucked under. We're just going to stretch the hips up. Press the heels down, lengthening out the spine. Walk the feet in one at a time as you walk in towards your hands, your legs stay straight if you can. And then as you get all the way and allow your upper body does this cascade forward over your legs. Bend your knees, rule through the spine, lifting up, ruling up, willing to allow the likes of straight and turn and face me.

I'm going to get down off this big thing. So I want you to do this with your arms. You have plenty of space. You have just like this bit with the Elvis reaching just out of the shoulders. So we're not ever going to go behind us. Okay, so now turn the elbows like this. Bring the hands up.

So now just, and I'm going to give you a profile view. I don't want you to hold yourself fairly stable still through this lower spine. Now I want you to reach with your arms and lift your arm. Fine. Only take the arms behind you and up there's our swimming. Yeah, it's just easier to standing up and then then the elbows, why take them away from one another?

There's still in a little bit of extension there. And then as the palms come back down towards the floor, let's just bring our body back up, right? Creating external rotation. You go a little bit in front of you. If it's troubling for your shoulders, reach up and back and try to get the arms nice and narrow, but not if it's causing like neck pain or shoulder pain or shoulder elevation, right? We all have bodies and structures that we've got to work with. So do your best, but we'll work with 'em precision and bring the palms of the hands down.

We'll do one more reaching up, elbows forward. Reach the arms back the elbows forward. Just be easy with your arms. Don't force. If you force, you'll create tension. If you believe it that you're, or go with the mindset of going easy, creating ease. Ease will occur I think. Yeah. And then go like this and stretch out and take the uh, this armor.

Hold your head so one arm can mean this arm or the other. And then just take that arm. Don't let the whole body shift. Take that arm and just start to slide it down and let the shoulder blade be heavy. Let the other side of the head be heavy. Just reach the hand down towards the thigh. Please take away the heaviness of the arm.

A little take away the hand on the head. Lift the head gently. Other arm, other arm on the other side of the head. Yeah, the reach the arm away from you first and then take the head gently drawing it to the side. So it reaching me, I'm away down towards the floor. That's allowing the shoulder blade to move. The bone of the arm is the heaviness of that bone, allows the arm bone to fall and then the arm bone just gets heavy. And then take your hand away from your head.

Lower that arm down as your head left side. Feel a little freedom in your neck. Yeah, take the arms up, reaching up. Feel the shoulder blades fall di forward like you're diving. Dive forward. We're diving into a beautiful ocean rolling forward in. Exhale, Rola [inaudible]. So allow the arms to come with you. The spine stacks, the arms continue upwards there. Easy. It is. Float up there and then we open them out and that my friends is the end of class today. Thank you for coming.



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lovely, as always, dear meredith, thank you for inspiring me so much for my own class tonight, always providing a new clue for making the exercises clearer to the students and refreshing the flows by new variations. awesome!
Great ab workout! Thanks you" But not for those with any neck issues
Thank you Anderson family and Heike for taking class with me and taking time to leave feedback. I always appreciate hearing from you!
i enjoyed parts of this...but too much work for my back. like the side lying series though!
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Bellissima classe!!! As always
I love to feel myself so well after all your classes
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I really enjou your classese Meredith and so inspiring and beautifully presented with ease.
Meredith, beautiful flowing mat class and precise cueing!
Theresa L
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Love all your classes, Meredith! awesome, thanks
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Great class and ab workout!! I really enjoyed this class! Thanks
Thank you everyone for taking class with me and taking time to share your feedback. I appreciate you!
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