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Back to Basics Reformer

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Troy McCarty goes back to the basics with this Reformer workout. His imaginative and detailed cueing will help you feel the exercises exactly where they are meant to be felt in the body. Great for those who want to fine tune their precision in purposeful movement on the Reformer.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Dec 22, 2013
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Hi, I'm trim McCardy and we're going to do a basic reformer class. So let's go ahead and let's, uh, let's get three reds in a blue spring on this spring. Your bar is up to that middle notch there. Slide the plastic things in and just go ahead and lay down on our backs. And let's start with our heels on the bar there.

Right across from your sit bones right now, let's reach your arms down beside your body. Let's think a lot. So with across the collar bone and nice soft throat. How about the scapulars reaching down in your fingernails today? All right, so let's take an inhale through our nose, the Nice wide breath. And let's exhale in this. Go ahead and push the carriage out one. And I wanna see you pull the spring back in. Excellent.

And push two and pull it back. Press three and pull it back. Press four and pull it back. Press five and pull it back. And let's, let's, let's try something here. When your knees stretch this thing, cub lifting the navel. Okay, so we don't have a static body out there.

So five more to see her inhale again and let's exhale and push out and stretch and lift that navel. Beautiful. Pull it back in and lift the navel. Excellent. And pull it back in. Press out three and pull that spring. Recoil it for me. Press four and pull it back in one more and press five and back in perfectly.

These let's bring our toes down or feet down. Let's place it on the balls of your feet. Let your heels drop down so they match the gear bar. Okay, now with your feet, let's just do a little image of kind of tracking your feet in this a little bit. You want to keep your alignment just a little like squeeze of the bar together, right? Let's prepare a body with inhale and let's exhale and let's push the carriage out and stretch one and pull the carriage back in.

Press two good and pull the carry Jin. Press three and pull it back. Press for good and pull it back. Let's think a both knees, stretching and bending at the same time. Pressed five. Perfect. Pull it back yet. Press six and in press seven pull it back in.

Push it out. Eight recoil that spring. Two more. Press nine back in and 10 good, and back in. All right, so let's lift our heels up once. All right, so still on the balls of your feet. All right, now let's think about placement of the foot. Okay? A lot of your weights can be between your big toe and your second toe. Then you're going to distribute out the weight to the rest of the foot. All right, so I would say 60% of your weights between the big toe, second 40% through the rest, you keep that nice structure of the foot.

So let's prepare a body with the inhale and this exhale. Let's go ahead and press security champion. Stretch one I think of reaching your ears back and pull the spring back in. Press two and pull the carry Jen Axialent. Press three and in press four and knee, lift that naval, pull it in, pressed by, and then good press six. Excellent. Pull it in.

Press seven and in press eight pull it back in two more. Press nine and in on temp one. Let's reach out there and hold and press 10 alright, let's do a heel drop here. All right, so both heels, let's take an inhale is so lure the heels down now softly press back up. Try to reach those heels back up again to excellent and back up.

Go three and just enjoy that lovely stretch. Perfect. And pull back up and go floor. And this, this region that those calves soften and strengthen the ankle. She come back up. Let's do one more and five and pull it back. Bend your knees and return your carriage back in. Let's place our feet onto the arches. Let's wrap our toes around.

All right, so let's take an inhale again and exhale on this. Push the carriage out. Softly. Press now, pull the spring back in. Push out and stretch and pull back in. Press and stretch, and then press up for four and pull it back. Press five and in press six and then press seven.

Pull it back in. Press eight and then two more. Press nine, pull it back one more and press 10 and pull it back in. Let's bring our heels out to the sides of the bar. Now let's put some external rotation. Okay, so we have our knees over that second toe, right?

The pelvis is nice and stabilize. Of course, right now we're going to take the heels and just feel like you're kind of tracking them in a little bit. Kind of like you're trying to shorten the bar a little bit. Prepare your bodies with the inhale. Now let's Accele on, let's push the carriage out and stretch and reach the body out. One, pull the spring back in. Press two and pull it back. Press three and we'll lift and pull it back.

Press four and pull it back in. Press and N, press six Paul it in. Press seven Paul the spring back in press eight. Pull the spring in two more. Pres nine pull it in one more and press 10 and pull it back in. Very good. Let's put our toes on the bar right where your heels where.

Let's elevate those heels back up. Prepare your body with another. Inhale. This exhale, push out and stretch and hole. All right, let's let the right heel go down. Left heel lifts up, does a little bit. Go ahead, reach it down. Lift this, hold there. Go here, lid. Come all the way down. This comes in and just stretch this. Breathe into that calf muscle. Let it soften. Hard stick of butter, certain to soften, right this. Enjoy that stretch.

Let's go ahead and push the carriage away. So Push, let's do the other side. Let it soften down this hole, that stretch. Still maintain your pelvic placement. This, try it again and press back. Reach your ears to the back. Drop the heel down. Let the other hill come up, press back and lower the heel down. Let the other hill come up. Jess, enjoy that stretch. Okay, let's press securities back.

Let's bend our knees in this. Bring our carriage back. Yeah. Okay, let's go ahead and sit up. Let's go to two red springs. We're gonna lay back down and do a single leg exercise. All right, so lets start with your heel on the bar right across from your sit bone, your right leg. Can you bring your left leg up to a table top position? Now the table top of this leg, I want it to match that knee over here. So I see you're clear. Placement of the pelvis.

Sometimes as we bring the knee close to us, that buckles the pelvis up. So what I'd like to see my clients do is to have the knee right across from there. Therefore, the pelvis is nice and stabilized. So we're gonna do a little push. And what I want you to concentrate on is that we're finding the back of the leg that we're using those lower glute muscles. All right, so let's just do a little pulse. So go ahead and push one Paul, then push to Pole, then press three Paul, then press four pole, then press five Paul, then press six Paul, then press seven Paul, then press eight and n, press nine in press 10 very good. Let's say the other leg. All right, so place it down.

Bring the other leg up that need matches or that leaves come Arad the hip socket. Perfect. And we go push one Paul lint, push to Poland. Press three Paulin, press four and and press five Paul Lynn, press six polling press seven n n eight and n n nine and [inaudible] and 10 very good. So you're feeling those muscles, right? So we're feeling a little bit of backs and legs. We're feeling a little bit in the quiet. Okay, let's go ahead and just put the toe down. So let's bring your right toe on the bar to spring. That left leg up. All right, now remember the heel matches the gear bar. Let's go ahead and extend it carries all the way out.

Let's bring up a quarter way in. So we go quarter in, push it out in, in, push it out, pull it in, press it out and push it out. And five, push it out. Six and out. Seven and out, eight and out, nine and out and 10 very good as pulled it in. And let's try the other leg. So the tow right your bar and this extend all the way out. Now go ahead and hit spring quarter of the way in and we go in, press it out.

And to press it out. Three, press it out. Four, press it out. Five and stretch six and linkedin seven and reach eight and out. Two more. Nine and press and 10 and stretch. All right, very good. And bring the carriage back. Excellent. Oh, it's reached back and grab our straps. We're going to do our hundreds today.

All right, so we're gonna reach your hands up to the ceiling there below your shoulders. So we're in a safe zone for the shoulders. Let's bring our legs up. One, enter time in a table. Top Position. All right, let's take a big inhale and this exhale and let's pull the arms down. Peel the upper body up, extend your legs out over the bar, stretch your legs out. And we're going to pulse. We go. One, two, three, four, five. One, two, three, four, five, two, two, three, five, two, two, three, four, five, three, two, three, four, five, three, two, three, four, five, four or five. Widen shoulder, 10 days, six, two, three, four, five, six, too tight back here. Seven, two, three, five, seven, two, three, four, five, eight, two, three, four, five, eight, two, three, four, five, nine, two, four, five, nine, two, three, four, five, 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. Now reach and return your body. Lay back down. Nice. Nice. One. Hundreds. Alright, let's bend our elbows and extra body.

Let's make a soft fist, right? Just a soft lip. You know, we know Joe was a boxer, so we know that he had a lot of movements like that. So let's, let's make a soft fist. All right? So let's bring her legs back up to a tabletop position, right? And we're going to keep the upper body down for this and we're going to do with the bottom half of her body. And we're going to do coordination. All right? So we're going to pull the hands down your legs out and hold one. Now we're going to open close the legs. Once you bend your knees, Bend your elbows and return. All right. Now when we return our knuckles back, the spring them back to our shoulders. We get a big range of movement.

Here we go, and we go. Press out and stretch. One. We open, we close, we been return, and three we open, we close, we been return, and four we open and sweets and been returned. And five open. Squeeze. Been returned. Six Open. Squeeze. Been return. Seven. Good. In return, eight open and return. Nine Open. Close, Ben.

Return and 10 open. Close, Ben. Very good. Excellent. All right, let's go ahead and sit up now. Go ahead and Hook your straps up. Let's go to one red spring. Let's put our bars down so we get a good clean sweep of the reformer. There we go. Now we're going to sit on the carriage, so put your head rest down and you want to be four fingers from the edge of the carriage. She wants your feet to go through. We're facing the shoulder rests.

All right, reach forward. Grab your straps. All right, now with your legs, let's use our apparatus this a little bit. So with your leg says, press into the shoulder. Rests. All right, so you're doing the outward motion with your legs. You're pushing against the shoulder rest. And we're going to start with a BC movement, which is a bicep curl. All right, so your hands reach up. You're here.

Now let's see the shoulder blades down this scene, the knight's lift of the spine. And what I want to see is that you are pulling those abdominals up so tightly that we are lifting the Lower Lombard, right? All those five vertebrals down there have lots of spaces in between them. So a basic bicep curl and we're going to go axle and curl. One. Excellent. And press too. Good.

And caress. And three good and left. Go Four. And out. Press five. Let's do one more. Press six. Perfect. Now let's, let's do a little sternum curl.

So now your knuckles, your fingernails face into each other. All right, and we're going to curl our on our knuckles, right to our sternums. So here we go, we curl, one, push back out and two and out and three press out. And for good press out that keep on pressing into the shoulder. Refs, five and out, and six, six, two, two and out, and seven and I'll one more please. And eight and out. Now we're going to pull our arms down to your hips. All right, so we pulled back.

We flipped the shoulder back and you return good and too, and back up. Go. Three is a little bit more range of movement coming up there. Go for and reach. Go five and reach goes six. Good. And reach two more. Seven and reach one more and eight and reach.

Very good. Now let's put a sequence together. So we'll start with a bicep, a sternum into your hips, right? So let's lift those abdominals. Let's take a nice inhale. And here we go. And we go by something. One, press out, sternum to press out to your hips. Three, back up and lift and out and sternum and out to your hips. Back up and biceps. Aches. Done, and sternum. Exten and hips. Let's do it one more time. And biceps, extend and sternum and extend.

And hips. Fabulous. Very good. Bring it back in. All right, let's turn our bodies around. Let's face the front now. And you're going to regrab your straps and you can sit with your legs straight out, or we can Chris cross the legs or you can bend your knees so you've got some options there. All right, we're going to start with a basic hug a tree. Right now your arms are reaching out. You want to have your elbows elevated just a little bit and pull the strips. This a little bit further in front of you.

Now when I'm looking for is for you to be able to bend your elbow and elevate it up just a little bit with the scapular reaching down. So these arms are big extensions of your back muscles, right? So lots of back. So I want you to feel like you're filling this whole room up with your back. All right, here we go. Let's stick her in help and that's the lifting quality.

And this exhale. Let's go ahead and squeeze one now. Press out and go to and press it out. Go three, push it out. Go for now. Feel like the walls have closed in on you and you press the walls back out. Go Five.

Now fill this whole room up with this movement goes six and left the body. Good Work and press seven. Let's stop on eight and out and a very good and back out. Let's bring our arms down with our palms right next to our side. It's like we're a platter now. All right, so we're going to reach our hands out with the palms up to the ceiling one.

All right, now let's flip the palms and go down and touch the carriage and lift the spine right there. And let's bring the hands all the way up over the head and out to the sides and all the way and back out, down and bring it back in. All right, so let's watch the spine. When we make that big movement that the spine stays nice and long, that I don't see any deviation in your upper thoracic area. Alright, here we go. We extend out. Why we lower down to we go up three Oh round elbows, Ben back in, press two.

Now lift that body up around a tread to really control the strap in the spring and press one and down and float them up out around. Press one, lower down and up. Out. One more time. Press one. And down and up, uh, around. Very good. Now this is reach our arms out to front of us. Let's flip our elbows.

This, bring your knuckles right to your forehead. All right, so what I'm looking for is this nice long spine. So I'm looking for your ear, your shoulder, and your hip to have a nice alignment. And I see the spine habits natural curve back here and the natural curve here. Now let's take a inhale for prep breath. All right, and let's, during the out-breath us push the palms away and we go push one. We pull it back in, we press two, we pull it it, we pressed three, pole it in, press four, pull it in, press five, pull it back, push the spring pole that spring back in, press seven and in press eight.

Very good. Pull it in and let's push back out. Let's return our arms back down. And very good. Let's go ahead and hook our straps up. Let's put all the springs on. Let's take our box and put it on short. [inaudible] I used to love doing short box when I was training from Bruce because Bruce was so much about alignment. He really taught me how to roll my spine, where the rib cage went, how the scapulars floated right down into the backs of my hips.

So we're going to put our strap on [inaudible]. Let's make sure that it gets into the players. There you go. Now I want to see knees are bent. Okay. And what I'd like you do is take your feet and reach outwards into the straps we worked through here a little bit. Do a simple cross of the arms here. All right, so the shoulder blades are down. We've got the lift of that spine. Let's prepare our body with the inhale and this exhale and this rule the pubic bone back. So go ahead, roll back softly there.

Very good. Excellent. And that'd be far enough. Now let's take the arms and reach out to the sides. Good. Let's bring the hands behind the head and your elbows a little bit forward now. All right, now we're going to do a little pulse with our upper body, so we pulse one good, and your eye level goes here. Two. Let's do five times. Go three. Excellent, go. Four.

You guys are shaking the room and go five. Very good. Now bring your arms back out. This recross them. All right. Let's rule that spine back up. Lift those, the dominoes, so those vertebrals lift right up to the ceiling. We try it again. Sure. Let's take an inhale. His axle and his hollow out. The belly roll down. Now let's see some energy in the backs of your legs, right?

Take your arms and reach out. There's a challenge right there. Bring your hands behind your head, your elbows come forward. Now the shorter blades are sliding down and we pulse our body one. US. Find that environment where you're shaking and stay there and work. Pull the navel in this.

Pull up through the pelvic floor and just a little little squeeze of the glutes. This do three more. Press one, pull it in. Press two. Pull it in. One more at press three. Good. Now reach your arms back out. Bring your hands back. Endless roll back up. Let's try one more time. All right, so we're going to put one more element.

All right, so here we go. It's a big lift of the body with the inhale. Alright, fill this back up. Those whole room. Wrap with your back, this exhale and this hollow out, and roll the spine down. All right, now you're going to reach your arms out to the sides, right? Bring them behind your head, bring your elbows, this a little bit forward, and we pulse one five times we go to excellent. We go three. Good. We go for, let's do one more and go five. Now let's just hold there. Now take your hands and reach up to the ceiling. Challenge that. Press the floor back down.

Bring your body back in. And let's rule the spine back up and stretch now from your arms here, the slide your hands and grab your wrists. Let's take another inhale. And this acts hell, let's roll the spine down slowly so we rule down. All right, so make sure I see all of this spine inflection. Exactly. Now let's rotate the spine. So we're going to go, you're going to go towards the trap table. You're going to come towards me, so we rotate. All right, now this elbow over here, we're going to do a little dip so we go dip won back up. Now keep this side of your body down to and we go three. Good.

Pull it back in and we go four. Let's do one more and we go five back in. That is springing back into center. Let's roll the spine back up. All right, let's take another inhale and exhale this Hollowell, press those legs into the strap. This rotate the regular direction. Go ahead and we do a little dip so we go one.

They'll take your eye level and look a little bit past your elbow. Two. Perfect. Go three and up. Go four and up. One more and five. Very good. Bring it back into center is take an inhale and exhale this. Roll the spine up. Very good and stretch. Alrighty, let's go ahead and take the boxes off.

Let's put two red springs on and let's get into our leg straps, our footsteps up there. [inaudible] so two reds exactly, and bounce your machine out and let's keep the bar down. All right, so go ahead and let's slip into our leg straps there. All right, so let's just bring our feet up to the ceiling. All right, and let's find that placement where your sacrum was down on the carriage. Yeah, the shoulders are nice and wide. Again, the scapulars are reaching down towards your fingertips. Again, your ears are reaching the opposite direction. Now let's bring your legs too.

We feel some energy and the backs of your legs. A little bit of a stretch. All right, let's prepare our body with the inhale and this exhale, Liz, pull the legs down softly one. Now give me a reaching action. Do you like you're taking your legs and you're reaching them all the way out towards the parking lot there, and then you bring it back up and again, too. Good. Now bring it back up. Excellent. Think of separating your toe from your thigh. Go three. There we go. And back up. Now let's think about the weight.

So let's take that ribbon. This lifted up away without hyper extending through those ribs and go forward. Let's do one more very good and bring it back up and we go five. Pull it down with the backs of your legs again and you bring it back up. Excellent. And back up. Now let's open the legs to the width of our hips.

All right, so let's remember when we're working with our legs is just the legs moving. We're trying to really organize her body. You don't want to pull down so forcefully that you let the abdominal go, you change the shape of the pelvis are change the shape of the spine. And again, give yourself that action that you really reaching your legs all the way out and finding that same reach as you. Pull them back up. Almost like you're separating your toe from your thigh. All right, so now we're in this parallel position, right? So this is like a little bit of challenge for your body, right?

So we've got to keep it in the middle of the hip sockets. And I'm right above you and I'm looking at you keeping the same width. All right? And you're still giving me that stretch, right? So let's prepare our body with the inhale and this exhale, and let's go ahead and pull your legs down, initiating from the back of the leg, right? And then bring it back up an excellent. And we go reach too. Good. And we pull them down.

Nice. Good. Very good. And back up. And we go for good. And back up. Let's do one more and we go five and back up. Let's bring our legs back together now. Now let's make a circle and we're going to change the circle this a little bit different. I want you to make a little circle.

Your next circle is a medium circle. Your next circle is a large circle. All right, so here we go. We draw a circle, the toes, your all circle on the ceiling. Go little circle outwards. So we've moved the legs out and around. Good. Now we're going to include a little bit of the walls. All right, so another circle, including the walls. Now listen, clued the whole room in this movement. All right, so the legs make a large circle. Excellent. Let's bring it back up. Let's try that again so we go a little circle. Excellent.

And back up. Meanwhile, that is absolutely stabilized. Choo, and give me that reaching action. Three back up and little circle and how you open your legs says as important as the rest of the circle, right? We don't want throw away that moon and a big circle. Let's do one more and a little circle. Include the walls now and this.

Fill this whole room up with your legs. Now let's reverse a little circle. Excellent. A little bit bigger and the whole room up with your legs. Good. And a little circle and a little bit bigger and the whole room and a little circle includes some of the walls now and the whole room.

Let's do one more and a little circle a little bit bigger and the whole room, our accident, go ahead and shake your legs out there, right? Exactly. Let's pull our legs down to a 45 degree reach. Let's turn our legs out into a first position. All right, let's do our plays, our frogs, right? So let's stick it in. Hell, alright. And draw the knees into your body. Nice and smooth, and Xcel. Push the carriage back. Now pull the carriage in towards the foot bar and press back out and pull it in and press and pull it in. Very good.

Let's do one more and press. And here's your last one. Pull it in. Very good and press. All right, let's go right into a short spine today. All right, so let's bring our legs back to a parallel position. All right, you're going to bring your legs up to the ceiling. I want to see you stretch those knees. Now you're going to rule the spine up slowly. Exactly. Now as you bend your knees on y squeezed, see you squeeze your heels and draw your heels towards your body.

Now you're gonna Start Your spine rolling. Let's include the heels with that movement. Let's give you a nice stretch through there. Yes. And then laying thin back out. It feels good, right? So we bring the legs up to the ceiling. That's your in breath.

Here's your out breath. You exhale, you wall up. Now let's not get up there in the shorts. Keep that next soft. Now draw your heels down by squeezing your heels and let's give you another little stretch here and then go ahead and draw down and this is, feel that stretch through there. Excellent. Now press your legs out. Try to reach separate that toe from your thigh. Reach your ears the opposite direction. Let's try it one more time. All right, so we bring the legs up to the ceiling.

We're finding this stretch here right now. Go pass that stretch moment and curl up. Roll your spine up. Now draw your heels down by squeezing together. That's still hamstring. All right, now start your heels towards me. Start Rolling down. Pull that naval back. There you go. That's lovely and good.

And press the carriage out. Reach and watch those shoulders, right? Let's keep them nice long lights and white to that collarbone. Last time we go up. You roll that spine up slowly. Good. You bend your knees, you squeeze those, he'll the draw down and then you're going to rule out good. Let it come down. That's it. Excellent.

Push the carriage out and stretch. Good. All right, let's go ahead and bring your legs out of the straps. Let's stick with the same springs and this bring the bar up to a high position. So let's use the middle notch again. Awesome. Okay. Go ahead and stand up on your courage.

And we're gonna start with a flat back elephant right now. Check out your feet and make sure you have that structure of your feet. That's you're not rolling. All right. We want to pull the quad up away from the knee cap and let's take our sit bones and reach them back just a little bit. Now think of that rib in that hip long, the navels into your spine. Let's push the carries back one. All right, now let's push down in the middle of the hill and Paul the spring back in press, back, chew good. Push down in your heel and pull the carry. Chin. Press three and Paul, that carries.

Feel like your sit bones are reaching to the wall behind you where it meets the ceiling. Keep that length as, initiate the movement here. Push back, exactly. Push down in that heel. Pull it in a stew, chew more and press and the heel pushes in. The naval, pulls up the opposite ejection one more and press and push down into the heel and press the slipped their heels up. Now right up against the shoulder rest. Now check out the foot of the placement of the foot and make sure that you're not rolling over you. Keeping that Nice placement you found on the foot bar, right. 60% 40% we're going to press security two way again. So push out one good and we pull back. Yeah, push out to and pull it in.

Press three very good. And pull it in. Press floor and pull it back. Press five and extend those sit bones. Press six and pull their muscle up. Exactly. Two more. Seven and in one more and a very good and pull it back in.

Excellent. Okay, let's go ahead and step off. Let's change to a blue spring. All right, so we've got a red and a blue only and this jumped back up onto the reformers with your heels lifted up again. Alright, let's take our right leg and it's extended back behind us with your hips square and it's the parallel leg. All right, now again, we are reaching that toe away from the thigh. All right, so you have a nice long leg here. You have the place, some of your pelvis. As you push the leg against the shoulder rest, this foot is going to come in the knee to the chest. So you push away and you go niche of the chest and drop that pelvis down. You guys lift your chest up. Now go into a little bit of a plank.

Open those shoulders. There you go. Now push back out and return the carriage. Excellent. And we go push and money comes in to have started square. The shoulders are down and you press back out and we press in, we reach the knee towards the chest, we open up the shoulders, the chest is lifted. Good. There it is and we bring it back out. Let's do one more and we go pressed and that need comes in as important.

Now if feel like you're pushing the wall back out, bring the carriage back in. Excellent. Let's try the other side. Check your placement out right now. Let's think about what we're doing with their arms exactly. Fingers around so we're not into the risks and we go ahead and we press the carriage out and we go need to the chest. Shoulders are open, press back out and return. That's it.

And you press the carriage out, knee to the chest, shoulder blades, good. And you press back out and return and go in, press and reach back out. Let's do three more and go knee to your chest. Excellent. And press go to now try to really coordinate that machine with the leg moment and bring it back out. That was lovely. This do one more. Pull it in and reach.

Push it out and return. All right ladies. Very good. Excellent. Let's go ahead and step off carefully. Let's put three red springs on, keep your bar where it is, and let's go ahead and keep that head rest flat and is lay down on our backs. You're gonna put your heels on the bar. Red Cross from your two sit bones. So the heels are right across into two sit bones. All right, and just relax your feet. Place your arms down beside your body, right a lot. So with a cross the collarbone. Nice. Long.

Next we got a navel that's dropped back down towards the spine. Take the naval, pull it up underneath that first rib. All right, let's prepare our body with the inhale. And during your XL, I want you to curl your pelvis up and wall the spine up slowly. All right, so we roll the spine up. Excellent. Now keep our reaching those scapulars, the shoulder blades down in the palms with those hands. Let's get that neck long. Let's take another inhale and let's exhale in this lore, our spine, back down one at a time. So let's let that spine articulate. Let those verb browsers does have a chance to touch the carriage by themselves.

It's almost like your spine is gonna tell a story. All right, so let's make the story nice and light. Set adjectives and nouns and verbs. So it's a very interesting story, right? I tell my clients to make this movement Chewy, nice, chewy movement, right? Here we go. We take an inhale and we exhale. We curl the pelvis up slowly. Bone by bone. Exactly.

Now think of your thighs reaching forward. Your Shins reaching over your ankles, right? So we get that long, lain. Take another inhale. Let's exhale. Let's roll the spine down. Soften the chest, let that melt down. Tried to keep the pelvis above the movement.

Nice. Now let's take a, we're going to put a wheel on your right hip in a wheel on your left hip. We're going to take the two wheels and we're going to spin them all right? And sometimes I tell my clients that I put a crank there and I'm going to crank your of, so we're going to roll that pelvis up. Here we go. So I'm right next to you. I got my Krantz and I'm ruling that pelvis up exactly.

Perfect. Now give me that length of that leg. All right, so this is nice and long. Lovely. Now try to keep that length. Take your inhale here and Xcel. Let's hollow out this. Roll that back down. Keep that long. Keep it long. This is nice. Relax that neck and shoulders. There you go. That was lovely. Perfect. All right, one more time.

Take your inhale and exhale this. Curl the pelvis up. Reach it up there. I've got my cranes gone. Re lengthen your arms. Think of Nice, soft shoulders. Think about how you want your chest to look. All right, that long neck. Let's take another inhale and this exhale, this wall, this spine down. Perfect. Lovely. That's spine. Told a great story. Write a story about like, we're going to go get gelato after this.

All right. All right, now let's bring our heels out to the sides of the bar. Your thighs are open now, so I have a little bit of external rotation. All right, and let's take her in. How here, and let's exhale. Let's curl the pelvis back up. So let's roll the spine back up. All right, and come on up there.

This is a little bit more just about the tips of your scapula would be great. Let's take another inhale in this exhale. Let's push the carriage out and stretch, so go reach one now. Pull the spring back in. Push and stretch two and breech and Paul back in press three and Paul the Curie Gin.

Press four and pull it in. Press five Paul the carriage back. Press six and back. Let's do two more ladies. Press seven reach, pull it in and press eight Paul there back. Let's take another inhale. Let's exhale this hollow. Let's roll down.

Building that sternum right down, going bone by bone. All right, very good. Let's bring our feet right across from our two sit bones. Again, let's go down to the base of your toes. All right, let's go ahead and just lift the heels up in this. Extend our body back, so go ahead and push all the way back. Now. Make your body as long as possible. The arms are reaching down towards the toes.

Your ears are reaching out towards the wall. You gently pushing that bar to the other side of the room. One heel is going to go down one hill live. So right now hold there. So that heel should come all the way down. The other heels shall lift and we're keeping our alignment.

So I'm looking for a powerless that is still neutral, like a bowl of punch. I'm looking for this spine, have all its natural curves, and I'm looking for a great opposition stretch here. All right. Running is a great way to like do a cool down, but also a great way to lengthen the spine and still pay attention about the abdominals. So let's go ahead this, push back in this press one and lower down and two and uh, and three. Pull it down. Press four and down. Five and down and six lower down and seven and eight in, down and nine and down and 10 down. Bend your knees, bring the carries back in this.

Go ahead and stand up and let's go to one red spring. And this, finish our class today with a thigh stretch, right? So let's put your foot against the shoulder. Rest. The other foot's on the ground. All right. Now the foot that's on the ground, I'd like to see the foot come a little bit towards the front of the machine. Let's place the hands on the bar, right with the thumbs by the fingers. Let's go ahead and extend the carriage. Press away.

Go into a nice lungs position. Exactly. Now I want you to feel that you have opposition here. This leg is reaching forward. All right, and the other knee is reaching back, so there's like this opposition going on. We still have the naval and we have the shoulder blades down. We have that lovely neck and should feel a stretch in your hips and maybe sometimes we get a stretch over here, which is good.

I won't charge you anything extra for that. All right, let's pull it back. Yeah. All right, let's go ahead and let's go over to the other side and it's, think about the shoulder. Is this place the body correctly, right? Nice alignment. Let's take you inhale and exhale. Let's go ahead and push the Curie Cha. Find that lovely stretch. Think about the naval still in and pulling up.

Think about the back nice and wide. The hands are just wrestling down on that bar. Feels good. This bring it back in. Thank you ladies and thank you. All right.


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Nice first I thought,"oh, this is kinda basic"..oh no... Some great level 2 stuff mixed in. He was just getting me ready! All of it was good & "chewy". Thank you,
Thanks Jennifer. Hope you have a good and chewy New Year!!
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Great video. Simple and easy language, yet completely meangingful.
Hi Maureen:
Happy you liked my class. Thanks for watching!!
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(Clap hands) great session
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I haven't used BB Reformer in months... it was a good class to get me restarted. I feel like I need some more of a workout today though.
Hi Julie:
Glad you liked my class. Thanks for watching.
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I was very happy to find some very intelligent cues in this class. This was a very enjoyable class and shows how you can make basic exercises very relevant and functional thanks to your creative yet safe cues, flow and focus. Thanks !
Hi Claire:
Thank you for watching my class and making the great comment!
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I love all these classic moves with such finite attention to detail....and I love HOW you teach!
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