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Creative Reformer Variations

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Melissa Connolly teaches a fluid Reformer workout inspired by Julian Littleford. She uses the traditional Reformer exercises as a foundation and includes challenging variations of Coordination, Teaser, Downstretch, Elephant, and the Short Box. This fun full-body workout will make you sweat!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Dec 26, 2013
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Hi, I'm Melissa Connelly here with Ginny and Jessie, and we're going to do a reformer class inspired by Julian Littleford. Um, just to give you a heads up, what we'll need for class, we have our boxes. We also have a wooden dowel. I have the spring tension at two red springs and the head rest is flat. So we'll start lying on our backs. So lying all the way down, shoulders up against the shoulder ass. You're going to place the balls of the feet on the foot bar.

Your heels are together, your toes are slightly apart. Before we start, let's just check in with the form. Your shoulders are down, your chest is wide and open. Your abdominals are pulled in tight. Take a deep breath in to prepare. And as we exhale, prs the carriage out. And inhale, bend, exhale, press the carriage out. Inhale, bend. As you press out, feel the back of the thighs working, searing, engaging in your glutes and your hamstrings. As you press out and in feeling those heels are down, it's like you're standing on the floor. The heels are not high, they're low. And let's do two more exhale prs out in last time. Let's stay out. Really feel those inner thighs and glutes.

Engage your heels lower below the foot bar and left lower and left. Inhale, exhale, lower and lift as you raise your heels, dry your abs deep into your spine. Tie in your bottom. Last two, last one. Lower the heels. Bend the knees. You're going to go to second position. You're on the outside edge of the heels. Arches are lifted. Exhale out. Inhale, bend, pressing out. And Ben, feel those inner thighs draw in towards each other as you push out.

Resist the tension in per us out, resisting in. Give your glutes little tight. Squeeze prs out and in inner thighs, glutes and hamstrings are working. Last two and last one. Come in, stay in second position. Go onto the balls of the feet, heels up high. Exhale out heels high as you come in per assessing out and bending in.

You want your knees to be wide and open. Julianne always said, pressing the knees and down towards the floor on the way in, getting that maximum inner thigh stretch and in Shariah to keep your heels stable. So the height that they're at bay stay at and in last time, press out and hold it tight in your bottom. Lower the heels below the foot bar. Exhale, left lower and left. Inhale, exhale. As you raise your heels, tighten those glutes more. Pull your belly deeper to the spine. Last three and to keep the heels lifted, bend the knees all the way in. From here. Go to your heels.

Hip distance apart. We'll do a semicircle prep, so we're going to exhale. Pull your stomach and roll the hips off the mat. One Vertebrae at a time. Inhale, press the carriers all the way up to a straight. Push through your heels. Push back through your shoulders as you roll down one vertebrae at a time.

Bend the knees to return. Exhale, ABS, engage. Roll the hips up, harass the carriage out length in the spine. Lift the chin off the chest as you roll down. Ben then means to return. Exhale, scoop your belly. Tighten your bottom. Rola.

Push out length in the spine as you roll down one vertebrae at a time bend. Keep the hips down. Press the carriage out. Exhale, rule the hips up off the mat. Bend the knees, close the carriage fully. Roll down one vertebrae at a time, and for us the carriage out. Scoop those abs in tight to rural out. Bend the knees into the carriage and roll the spine down. One more time. PRS The carriage out. Curl the tailbone under. Roll Up.

Come in, touch the cares of the soccer. Stay there. Exhale. Press the carriage out. Inhale, bend. Exhale out. Inhale bad. Feel your abs are pulled in tight. Supporting your back. Feel that work in the back of your thighs, squeezing in your bottom and your hamstrings. And exhale three.

Squeeze your bottom two last one. Close the carriage says stoppers. Roll down one vertebrae at a time. Take your heels wide. The arches are lifted. You're in second position. Roll the hips. Now stay lifted. Check that your abs are pulled in from your buttons. Tighten from exhale.

Press the carriage out. Bend the knees per us. Sing out. Bend the knees, feel those glutes working. Feel the inner thighs engaging and feel the tension. Relax out of your neck and shoulders. We have four. Exhale three last two, last one. Bring the carriage in, but stay lifted in your hips.

Take your left foot and just slightly take your right like off of the carriage. The knees are bent and turned out. Hips are square, straight in both of the legs at the same time. Bend the knees, exhale two and bend. Exhale three. And then that pelvis stays nice and steady. So you may need to lift the right hip just a bit higher. Drop the left hip a bit lower to square off your hips.

And last three, breathe out to last one. Keep your hips lift and lower. That right foot arch is lifted. Left leg comes off. And for us it out and bed fully. Lengthen your legs and bend.

Exhale three and Ben Again, square off your pelvis. Raising the right hip a little higher than the left. May help to square off and for us out and and last four and breathe out. Three last two and one. One. Bring it in lower than left foot. Stay here.

Just notice the tension in your neck and shoulders and rural down, keeping everything relaxed. Good. From here, we're going to take the straps behind us into our hands. We'll go into our hundred works in our and work in our abdominal work. So raisins needs to tabletop. Take a nice deep breath in through the nose. Exhale, curl the head, neck and shoulder blades off the mat. I stay on your belly. Fingertips reach long.

Find the position where your abs are. Challenge and your back is stable. Heels together, toes apart. Squeeze your bum and we breathe in and we breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. Keep going.

Every time you exhale deep in the abs into the spine, it's a challenge, but really squeeze your bottom here, feeling those inner thighs draw towards each other. Good. I'm going to layer in the next exercise, so bend your knees and put your head down. Raise arms, exhale lower. Raise the arms axe, hail, lower. Feel your shoulder blades pulled down into your back. Feel that we're coming from the abdominals now. Either stay with that or curl your chest up and keep the arms going up. Exhale down, challenge and get a little bit more in your apps and up.

Exhale down. Two more. Exhale down. Either stay here or challenge it more by extending your legs. Keep the legs there. Press the arms down and exhale. Lower. The ABS are challenged. The back stays stable. Two more and lower. Last one a.

Hold it down. If your legs are out straight, turn them out if they're bent. Cuba bent palm space in the arms and legs. Open. Axial squeeze arms and legs to exhale. M three exhale. N Make this work for you. If you're feeling it in your neck, place your head down.

If it's too challenging with the legs out straight, bend the knees and let's do four 30 working the side body and your abs. Last one, bend your knees and raise the arms. Lower the head. Take an inhale. Exhale, curl that chest right back up. Reach energy through the fingertips and bend your elbows. We go to coordination. We're used to arms and legs. Long Open. Squeeze the legs, Bend your knees, Bend your elbows, adding on reached arms and legs. Close two times. One, two, bend the knees. Bend the elbows, arms and legs reach three times one, two, three knees bent. Elbows about XM. Long. Close. Four, three, two. One knee is bent. Elbows, pad, reach long.

Close for five, four, three, two, one me as bent, elbows bend, go to four reach long. Exhale, one, two, three, four knees, elbows, reach long. Close. Three, two, one. Knees bent. Elbows reach long. Two Times a, one, two. Bend the knees, the elbows. Last time. Reach Open. Close knees, elbows. The head goes down. The feet. Go into the straps. We'll start with a nice short spine here. So length in your legs.

We'll keep the toes and the heels touching. Feel that length out of the hip sockets. Take your breath into res like so. Sealing hamstring stretch. Exhale, peel the spine off the mat. One Vertebrae at a time. The carriage is out. The stoppers either hold it here or drop your legs back into the well.

Bend the knees, cat's attention on the springs. Roll down. Keep the feet where they are rolled down one vertebrae at a time. Pull the heels to your bottom, length in your legs and heel. Raise the legs. Exhale. Peel the spine off the mat, carriage to the stoppers. Lower the legs in so well with control then than me has catched attention on the straps roll down. Keep the feet where they are rural through the spine.

Pull the heels to your bottom. Extend the legs long one more time and either raise the legs. Exhale, peel the spine off the mat. Lower the legs back into the well. Bend the knees now. Rule down length in your neck and feel every vertebrae one by one touching the map. Heels go to the bottom. Legs extent heels are together, toes are apart.

Feel this wrap in your thighs. Squeeze the inner thighs tight. We're going to do diamonds, which is a very small, I'm frog. So bent knees, barely moving the carriage axle length in the legs. Bend, barely move the carriage length in the legs. Inhale, exhale. As your legs go to straight, you wrap those size around. So concentrate on the muscles that you're working. Feel your glutes, feel your inner thighs. Keep that tension, concentrating on the length of the legs. One more time. Now you're like, stay straight. He wants you to flex your feet nice and strong, pushing energy through the heels. Frog, bend the knees. Exhale. Peress so a bend the knees. Exhale, press so away. Breathe in and engage that core as you per us.

So at. Breathe in. Exhale away. Nice and controlled and smooth. When those knees bend, your tailbone stays connected to the mat. Last three and a reach last two and [inaudible] last one. Hold the leg straight. Point the toes. They stay turned out tight. Small like circles. Up and around, up and around, up and around.

We're keeping them small and tight cause I want you to keep that tension in the inner thighs, in your glutes. Squeeze the legs together and our AQI, but tiny squeeze so there's no release of tension in the muscles and your legs. Good. Reverse the legs open together. Lower down, open, end down, open and down as the legs lower through this center. Breathe out as you breathe out. Pull your abs in deeper. Two more. Last one.

Now hold the legs long. We're going to go into the high frog raised legs just to 90 degrees. Pause right there. Exhale. Peel the spine up off of the mat, keeping the carriage Sadie. The carriage will move as you bend the knees. Exhale, lengthen up. Bend the knees. Exhale. Lengthen. The carriage moves per us. So [inaudible] breathe in.

Breathe out. Lift the chin, keeping my attention out of your neck and shoulders. Engage your core for greater stability. Last too. Last one. Legs are straight. Roll the spine down. Lower the legs. Bend your knees and take the straps off of the feet. Good.

Well please slow straps over the pegs behind you. Okay, let's come off of there. Alright, so from here, let's lower the foot bar all the way down. So it's flat. We're going to go into I high repetition, long box arm theories. So whatever your normal tension is, maybe start it out lighter than you normally would. Normally I would use a rat. I'm gonna use the blue for today. We're going to grab our long box. Okay. Place it over the shoulder, right place the long box.

Over their shoulder rafts, and then from here will lie on our stomach head towards the back of the reformer. Okay. You want your chest off of the box. Hold onto the rubber part of the ropes. Depending on what equipment you have, we have balanced body. Your legs are together. Now feel that link from the head to the toes. Pull your stomach in to arms are going to start out in a t position. Palms facing the floor. Again, this is a series that goes up to five down to one.

Pull the arms into your hips and pause. Bend your elbows into a tricep press and press them back. Pause. Open the arms, pull them into times. Pull in one. Open the arms, pull it into stay there. Bend your elbows, press back one and Ben, press back. Hold it to open the arms. Pull it in three times. One, open to open. Hold in on three.

Bend your elbows. Press back one bend, press back to Ben, press back three. Open the arms four times squeezing right under those lats. Exhale. Two. Inhale thery and hold in on four triceps. Bend, press one.

Then keeping that long line from the shoulder to the elbow. One more four. Open the arms to the t, pull it, and five times one keeping the arms parallel with the floor. Exhale three, use your lats length in your neck and hold it. And on five five triceps bend. Press back one bend prs. Back to length in the neck.

Java, belly n two more. Hold the arm straight. Open the arms out. So with t pull in four times. One exhale, pull into as you pull in length and the Mac holds it. And on four bend your elbows per us back for four ab then two and three hold it back on. Four, open the arms out to a tee. Pull in one, open to a t to one more. Three, bend your elbows. Triceps, press back one. Try to open that collarbone. Bring your solar blades together. Hold a straight, open the arms. Two Times.

Pull in one. Pull in to bend the elbows. Press one, press two. Last time. Open to a tee. Pull the arms in Ben Elbows. Press them back and around over the block. We'll play slow steps over that pegs. Okay, stepping off of there.

So with our blue spring, we'll stay there. Let's sit down. I'll face this way first. So bringing the left side of your body towards the back of the reformer. So aside towards the springs, so right on the center of your box and hold the strap that's behind you. Your legs are going to be out in a second position, so open the legs wide and straighten your knees so the thighs are down.

The legs are straight. Now holding onto this drop with your left hand. Bring your right hand on top so you're holding this job. Love both of the hands and we're in a rotation to the laugh. Breathe in as you exhale. Let's pull that right, rude back and rotate to the right. Exhale, twist. Inhale, twist to the left. Exhale, rotate the torso to the right and he'll rotate. So the left exhale, rotate, right and he'll rotate left if you have a navel pulling deep to your spine and feel that right ribs spiraling back.

Getting that deep twist of the torso twist and him. Two more. Inhale. Last one. Rotate and rotate to the left. Place your feet on the carriage. So the heels are you on the carriage. The legs are pressing back there in a second position.

The strap will lower over that pag and hold onto the front strap with your right hand left arm directly up to the side. The elbows bend. We go into draw a sword, so reach that right arm out to a high diagonal. Reach out and then bring it across. And again, shoulder down. Reach out rather this sit across. Feel the shoulder blade flighting down your back and try to feel the squareness shoulders stacked directly over your head. Ups Acts, sail out, resisting a crass and acts heel out.

Resisting across. Nothing about your stomach for a moment. Pull the belly in and across. Two more. Reach out and a cross. Last one, using that arm strength and across. Now we're going to keep our hands on that back strap. Turn around. Okay, so we'll start with a seated twist. You're sitting to the center of the box. The legs are long out to the sides. Hold the strap in your right hand.

Bring your left hand on top of it and rotate your torso to the right. Feel that length up through the crown of the head. Take an inhale. Exhale, rotate to the left and he'll rotate to the right spiral around to the left and to the right. Add. Exhale, rotate in him. The belly pulls into the spine and you pull the left rear back. Good. Keep that length through your legs. Energy through your toes. Two more times. Breathe out and twist. Inhale.

Last one. Its wrist. Inhale, place your feet down. That strap goes over the PAG. Take the other strap, the left hand, so heels or on the carriage. Nice prospect, nice, wide open. Second position, right arms massage, shoulders square. And here we go. Reach out and he'll bring it across. Shoulders Square reach too, and occur us.

Slide the shoulder blade down and across. Draw the belly in and a cross. Good. Keep it going. That right arm is reaching out, energy through the right fingertips and across. Breathing out and to more reach resisted, uh, crops and reach resisted across. Good. You're going to place that strap down from here.

Step off and let's just add some springs just for extra supports. So add all three red springs and my blue. You're going to need your wooden bar from here. So grab your bar. Okay, come to seated. So you're sitting facing your foot bar. Okay. And then we'll roll down to the bat.

So find that your solar blades are partly on, partly off of the box knees. We'll start in a tabletop position. Arms are lifted. This is avers and of teasers that we would do with Julian. There were various versions of teasers. So starting here, you're going to start to arch back over the box so the head back and shoulders go back, arm. Stir at now. Curl the Tufts up in length in your legs. Reach the bar to your knees and pulse one time. Now either keep those like straight or bent as you arch back.

Curl the chest up. Reach it by the knees to two pulses. One, two and again, bend the knees as you need to to support the back. Curl the chest up. Three teasers, one. Breathe out to breathe out. Three supporting the back benders. Keep the legs straight. Curl up four times. Deepen your abs. Exhale to lift three, four and roll back. Curl the chest up.

Lift five times one. Breathe out two abs are deep. Three, four energy through the toes and the fingers. Roll back. Curl the tell. Stop. We'll go to four. Lift one. Breathe out to deepen the ABS. Three lift for n or roll the spine back. Curl the shelf. Stop. Exhale, three, two, one. And roll the spine back down. Here we go.

Two Times one, two and rural. Back and last one. Curl up and bend the knees. Arch back. Good. Hold teaser. Come all the way up. Okay, just place the bar down for a moment. We'll use it in just a second, but for now, place a bar next to you. Let's turn our boxes. We'll go to shore bar. Okay, so pull it, tie it next to the shoulder mass.

Now we're going to have a seat with the feet underneath that safety strap. Actually let's do this easier transition. You guys take your bar and place it right in front of the box here so we don't have to come off the box once. Where? In the exercise. Okay, so we'll start with the feet about hip distance apart. Okay. Sitting to the center of your box. Reach the arms out in front of you. Palms facing in fee of that length from the crown of the head down to your sit bones. We're going to inhale here. Exhale, curl your pelvis under. Roll back.

You're in a seeker of pause right there. The right arm goes up so they ear you. Inhale. Exhale, bring it down. Left arm up. Exhale, bring it down both arms up. Exhale down, right arm again. Inhale, exhale, left arm. Exhale both arms. Exhale, keep going. Raise arm now breathe out. As you breathe out, you scoop the belly both arms. Draw the ABS in, right arm. Acts, Ham. Really try to feel that c shaped. Curl the pelvis under two more sets. Lift.

Press the down left, harassing down both arms. Shoulders are down. Last one left. Lower left lower both arms lift lower. Pull the ABS in. Roll up to seed eds. Good. Now we'll take that bar. So go ahead, hold onto the bar and reach the arms out in front of you.

So we're going to curl the pelvis under again. Roll back into your c shape. Shoulders down. Now pull the right red back, navel to spine, twist to the right. Stay there. Feel that twist. Start to take those arms up and around the world. So we twist to the left. Come to the center. Let's go to the left. Exhale, take the arms up. Shoulders are down around the worlds.

Come to the center now roll up and send the ons to the ceiling. Pull the belly to the spine. Curl the tailbone under rollback. And now let's twist to the right. Take the arms up and around to the left center. Twist to the left.

Take the arms up around to the right center. Stay with me. Go back to the right. I'm skull up around to the left. Inhale, center two is to the left, up around to the right. Inhale Center roll up just one more time through up to three. Roll down. Curl that tailbone under. Now twist to the right.

Oh and around Smith to the left center. Exhale left up. Exhale, right center. Exhale right up axial left center. Exhale up. Exhale, right center last time to the right. Arms up and around. Center.

M left up and around. Center rural. I just wanted to mention I'm stopping there. In our routine on the ladder barrel, we went up to five and down to one that we're going onto the next exercise. So let's reach the bar. Pass your fee. If you can drop your head nice and heavy into that beautiful forward bend.

Pull the ABS and roll ups and the arms to the ceiling. I am going to break down the next exercise. Draw your belly in. Curl the tailbone under. Press the bar to the thighs. Just do right here. Pull your stomach in zebra, look at it, see a pull. And as you scrape the bar on your thighs, recent bypass your toes.

Head have v roll the spine operates the arms, the ceiling. Pull your abs in. Roll down the bar, goes to the thighs. Now either stay here or if you can touch your lower back. To the box if that feels okay. Exhale, pull your stomach and scrape the bar on the thighs. Past the knees. Stretch forwards, rural up and Murray's. I'm [inaudible] the ceiling.

Draw the belly and roll down. If you can get the back to the box, go ahead. If you want to add on, start to arch back. Tuck the chin to the chest at fill. Round forward, reaching past the feet. Roll up and send the AMSA ceiling. We'll do two more. Stopping at whatever level is comfortable for you. Adding on further if you want, if it feels okay in your back bar to the thighs, roll back if that feels okay and arch back if that feels okay. The arms go overhead, the Bargo sapphires, it sends the tough act fill, scoop your belly as you ran forward, reaching past the toes. Roll up, raise the arms. I again, go to whatever version is going to feel most safe in your back.

Get the lower back supported before anything else. Arch back. And if that feels okay, arms back. I'm still the fashion to the tests or um, forward stirrups and then roll ups and the arms, the ceiling and bring them down. Good. Okay. We're going to do a side sit up. So again, we'll have two versions challenging and still challenging but lasts. So lie on your right side. Okay. The bar would be more challenging. So bring your right hand down to the head residents. Just a nice start up.

I like to do push the your left heel. Lengthen that leg long. If you have the bar, the bar goes with the left arm over, had otherwise bring your left hand to your head or across the opposite shoulder and then the hand goes to the other side. Now we've lower an inch. Exhale left an inch, exhale left. Keep going. This exercise is more challenging. The lower you go. Don't think about coming high, just coming up level.

Head and arms in line with a whole body in the foot. Inhale. Exhale. Left. Two more. Exhale left. Last one, lift all the way up. I think that was 10. Let's go the other side. So right foot goes under this strap. You bring the left knee to the edge of the box. Let's set it up. So your left hand is down to the headrest. Okay.

Like to start this way because it establishes your highest point. So would that arms straight your head, hip, foot are all in line? This is as high as you'll go. Take the arms where it's appropriate for you. And here we go. Inhale lower. Find that highest 0.2. Exhale, lift three. Exhale left four.

Pull the belly to the spine. Five. Exhale six. We link them. Seven, eight, nine, 10, come all the way. Woo. Very good. Fargo's down from here. We're going to change that by, we do a stomach massage with the box supporting our backs. So just bring that box. Make sure if you have a strap that it's behind you.

Okay. Ran in front of the shoulder rest. Let's lift our foot bar up. Um, on these balanced body ones. I'm going to have it this second. From the bottom, you'll have two red springs attached. Okay. We're gonna sit right in front of the box and we're gonna place our feet onto the foot bar. Heels together. Toes apart. Take your hands onto the bar so the hands are wider than your feet. The arms are on the inside of the legs. Let's close the carriage as much as you can. So drop your head.

Really feel that openness in your hips. It feels great. And now you're going to push the carriage all the way out. As much as you can see there. Your enough. Nice swore. Bend, stretch. Lower the heels below the foot bar. Raise the heels up hat and bend the knees. Lift the chin, lift the chest, the carriage pulls in and for RSA Backdrop your head.

Lower the heels. Lift the yes. Bend the knees, shoulders down and low. Left and length them and again around over the leg. Stretching deep. Every time. Heels down, heels up, bend the knees, shoulders down, lengthen the spine. And again, ax heel, stretch over. Lower lifts the heels and then he is bringing it all the way in. One more. It gets harder after this Lauer lift, unless they are very tight in your hamstrings. That feels hard.

Come all the way. M. Okay em, take your hands to the back of the box to open your chest. Keep it and lifted. We're going to pick up the pace of course. Out lower the heels. Lift the heels, bend the knees, push out lower. Lift and bend out. Lower lift. Ben feels abs pulled to the spine. Feel your spine into the box.

Lift and Ben last to lower lift. Ben. Last one. Lower lift. Push out all the way. Stay straight. Okay. Next one is pretty challenging. You're going to keep your heels together. The right foot lowers below the foot part, but if you can see our feet, our heels are touching. Bend the left knee. Push out, lower the heel.

Lift the heel bend. Stretch. Lower the heel. Lift the heel bend. Stretch. Lower the heel. Lift the ELC thinks the work is in the left leg. It's in the right. Bend breath. Lower the heel. Lift the heel. Bend, heels together. Lower. Lift that right quad starts to cramp up by now.

Two more band press. Lower left. Last one. Prs. Lower and left. Right foot on the foot bar. Feel that right? Yeah, we haven't done that in awhile. All right. Bring the left foot under heels connected. Sour the bend. Bend, press lower the heel, lift the heel bend, press lower the heel, lift the heel, bend, press lower the heel, lift the heel, bad, press lower, left. Good. We're striving to keep that left leg lifted and the heels touching a modification would be lower the foot bar and down up to Mach Bend, press, lower lift, bend, press, lower.

Lift on the foot bar easiest I find to come off. Sit on the box, close it. That's just one way. And then step off of there. We're done with the box. Bring it back where you found it. Coming back through. We're on one red spring, the lightest that you can, um, the lightest.

That would be almost challenging for you for long stretch and you're playing position. Okay. The lighter the spring, the harder it is. So your hands go wide onto that foot bar. You're going to place your heels up against the shoulder ras and find a plank position. Okay, so holding that nice strong plank position, shoulders over rest, abs, time, length in the spine. Breathe in as you side the carriage back axil. As you slide the carriage forward. Breathe in as you slide the carriage back.

Exhale, draw the abs in to come forward. Now keep going. Your abs are definitely working. I want you to squeeze your butt so it's an even abs and glutes are both core muscles working to lengthen your spine, keeping you safe, keeping you straight. Two more ex hell, last one. And our shoulders over the rest. Keep your abs tight as you lower the knees down. Good from here, the field of come back against this order wrap, so keep it light.

We're going to do another series, one to five down to one. It's a push up. Your hips come forward and your heart and your chef's are open up, so pull the stomach and tighten your glutes to keep that stability from here. Press the carriage out and just stay there. You have two options. The carriage can move or not. As you do a push up, elbows wide, press to straight. Now lift the chest as you come forward, press the carriage out. Keep your butt tie. ABS tight. Bend two times bed.

Press out, Ben. Press out now. Lift the chest. This is what we refer to in the studio's bow of the ship. That's position three times bend. Exhale, press two. Exhale, press three. Exhale, press sigh the shoulders down. Lift the chest, fly the carriage back four times. Bend. Exhale, press bend. Exhale, press three. Exhale, press four. Exhale, press shoulders down to come in.

Fly The carries back five times. Breathe in, breathe out. Good. Watch your back. You want the stomach to remain tight to the spine, keeping your back stable. Is this five. Okay, good. And come in, push back. We'll go to four. Breathe in and breathe out. Breathe in and breathe out. 30 shoulders are down.

Four and shoulders down. Lift the chest, slide the carriage back three times. Breathe in, breathe. Breathe in. Breathe out. One more shoulders. Slide down. Lift the chest. Here we go. Go back two times per us. Bend per brush. Shoulders down. Lift the shots. Last time.

Push out, bend, [inaudible] and left. Okay. Spreading two red springs total. We'll go on to an elephant. We stand right up on the carriage. Okay. Usually we would do a flap back elephant. So get your feet grounded. Toes and heels weighted into the carriage.

Hips are lifted so you have your tailbone and line with your feet. Now roll the weight into the heels and then to the outside edge of your feet. Shoulders down, neck is long. Inhale the carriage out. Exhale, pull it in out. Pull it in. Three. Exhale en four [inaudible] and five ax n six fill your abs. Pull it in, pull it and yeah, that nice stretch in the back of your legs. Do two more.

Okay. Now raise your fields up onto the soldier ass field. Let your hips stay square. Ground your left foot and raise your right leg behind you. Keeping those hips square weight is equal over your arms. Just five times. Press out, pull it in. No, don't swing it out. It's pull it in.

Very [inaudible] and stays straight by. Go there four and five. Now as the carriage personnel swinging like to the outside of the carriage and lift it up. Swing it out, lift it up. Good. And two more. Let it go. Left. Last one left. That feels kind of good. Place of my down carriage. Just closed. Hips are left dead.

Let's send that left like app. We'll just keep that left leg there for five. Inhale out. Exhale n out. Exhale n three exhale n four n five. Now swing the leg, bring it full or lifted up. Bow and swing it up. Three nice and controlled, but you can let it go. That's five. Bring it all the way down.

Okay, so now we'll come down. So step off of your reformer will be on the two outer springs for a semi-circle. So come down to your mats and now trying to get into this most graceful way. Is that possible? Especially if you're sweaty. It is a challenge. You know, place your feet on the foot bar and then just shimmy your way down. Get those arms to straight. Okay. Nothing too graceful about that one.

But once you're there, bring your fields together. Your toes are gripping over the foot bar your pelvis is raise and bring your knees forward. As much as you can be on the foot bar to feel that stretch in your quadriceps. Squeeze those glutes. We're going to press the carriage out to straight from here.

Soften your chest, roll down. Let your hips just sink into the well between the springs. Bend the knees to come in. Curl the pelvis under rural. They hips up, sending the knees forward. Push the carriage out. Lang from the legs. Keep pushing back through your arms and your toes. As you roll down, bend the knee to come in. I can curl the pelvis under. Roll Up. Push the hairs out. Just straight. Feel that link now. Roll down, articulating your spine. Hips into the wow. Bend the knees.

Keep your bottom down. We'll reverse, so scraping the bottom along the springs. Curl the pelvis under. Roll the hips up. Bend the knee. His heels are still together. Stretch. Roll down one vertebrae at a time. Hips into the wow. Push the carriage out. Curl the tailbone under. Rural up bend the knees. Come all the way into stretch.

Rule the spine down one vertebrae at a time. Last one here. Push the carriage out. Curl the pelvis under. Roll up one vertebrae at a time as challenging. Come all the way en and let's roll it down. And once we're Dan will shimmy our way back in the most graceful way we can.

Carrots comes to the stoppers and we'll step off of there. Okay. Arm Work biceps. We'll go to one red spring. You can always use more if you choose. Okay, so we're going to have a seat. You're seated with your feet on the head rest and hold onto your straps from here. Place your elbows onto the knees and lengthen the spine. Of course, you can always do more tension than one red. You want to challenge your biceps. We're going to do 30 bicep curls. Here we go. Curl it in one.

Does that feel too light you guys? Yeah, it's too light. Add a spring. All right, here we go. We'll start over. Keep the spine long. You can pretend to add a spring if you want girl. And I'm just kidding. And again, curl to exhale 30 and curl four and curl five. Good abs are pulled in and breathe out, so get that sense of length. Head to sit bones, one long line, feeling your biceps working every time you flex at the elbow.

Sink the navel deeper to the spine. Breathe out and en. Breathe out and and I last called. Let's do 10 and nine. Exhale, eight and seven. Good. Read out, six and five. Shoulders down last four and three and two ABS.

Then release. Good. Let's go down to a r m red spring. Straighten your legs out in front of you. You want to sit about a hands distance from the back edge. Hold onto your straps.

Go into a forward bend so your head lowers down. Ideally is far into that stretches you can, but scoop your belly in the fingernails. Reach down towards the floor. We're going to pull the arms back, reaching to the foot bar circle. The arms are round again. Pull down and back. Circle our round axle.

Engage your core as I'm circle by their shoulders, away from the ears. Exhale back Rian. Alas, one pull back. Now pause here. We'll reverse the arms. Reach out and around and forward. Shoulders side down. As you pull back and forward, check in with your abs. Pull them in.

Try to stretch a little bit deeper if that feels okay for your body. Pull two more. Last one. Shoulders down, pull back. Reach the arms down and forward. Roll the spine out. One Vertebrae at a time. Sit Up straight. Bend your elbows at 90 degrees so you have palms facing your body.

Sit Up Nice and straight. We'll go into back rowing with a flat back, so hinge back in one long line. From here, reach those arms up to a high diagonal. Reach forward to a forward high diagonal. Drop the head fingertips to the floor. Pull the arms back, reach arms up and around. Nice big circle. Roll the spine out. One Vertebrae at a time. Bend the elbows. 90 degrees. Hinge back one long line from here. Reach up, forward to a high diagonal. Drop your head down, fingers to the floor. Pull the arms back. Soldiers data's you.

Circle up and around. Roll up one vertebrae at a time. Bend. The elbows hinge back. Now reach forward. And as you go to that high diagonal, head down, fingers to the floor. Pull back, shoulders down, reach up and around. Roll up one vertebrae at a time. Sit up tall. Two more hinge back.

Start to lift the body. Reach up to the high diagonal. Drop the head fingers to the floor. Pull back, shoulders down, circle the arms around. Roll it up last time. Here we go. Hit back, reaching up and forward to that high diagonal. Drop the head, pull the arms back, circle around and roll the spine up. God placed the straps over your pegs if you're facing your the um, back step off to the left side. So we'll start that way, all the same direction so I can talk you through. Okay, scooter. So as heavy as you can handle, we can do our red, our red, and a blue.

So a medium to light tension. Okay, you have your left foot completely flat and secure against the um, shoulder us. Now the further back your right foot is, the more challenging it is. So ideally the heel is in line with the shoulder rest. Shoulders down. Let's go into a straight back and a straight right leg. Tighten your butt's chic. So feel the work coming from mat glue. Squeeze your bottom and push the carriage back one. Bend me to knee.

Push to bend, knee to knee. Push three need to knee and four in. Exhale five, squeeze the back of the leg. Six and press seven mine on the muscle glue and hamstring two bring it all the way in. Now from here, raise up onto the ball of your right foot. Bend the right knee, bring your left hand a little bit closer in towards your right hand and stretch your right arm out to the side and press the carriage out. Push out Ben. Need to knee. Push to need to the mind, to the muscle.

Work that hamstring and glute. Keep your pelvis stable. Keep the back straight. And axial press needs to knee per us need to me. Last three, last two. Last one. Bring all the weight in. Good.

We'll go the other side. So again, whatever. Tension feels good. I started heavier and then I went lighter. For the um, arm side. Relevant. So bringing your left foot back, heel in mind with a shoulder rest, right knee as, lift them shoulders down. Look forward. Keep that back straight. ABS engaged. We squeeze the back of the right leg and push back. Need to me. Push back knee to knee. Squeeze a bottom.

Feel those hamstrings. Exhale five and, and press six and in shoulders down and exhale eight, two more and 10 bring it all the way in. Okay, from here you raise up on Sabala the left foot. Then that means keeping the heel lifted. Leg stable, right hand comes closer in, left arm goes out to the side. Shoulders Square, abs tight for us out and, and press two and in press three and and engage the core. Squeeze your butt. Lengthen the spine. And we have five and four 30 good.

Two more. Really feel your glutes. Bring the carriage into the stock wares who were on one red spring. Step your left leg forward. Think into a strat. Ah, go. Good. Okay. Stay here. Shoulders are down. Feeling that stretch in the front of your right hip, your so as muscle.

Take a nice deep breath. Inhale through the nose. As you exhale, push back through the right heel and just add a little pulse and pulse God pressing through the heels of your hands and then bringing the carriage slowly. And let's talk. Burns will go the other side. So right foot comes forward by under the foot bar. Left foot is flat against the shoulder. Rats lunge down. Okay. Just sink into your stretch. Find your forms. Shoulders are down.

They ain't that stretch in the left hip flexor letter. Just release down to the carriage. Take a breath in and exhale. Just pulse as you pulse energy pushes back through the left heel and press weight into the heels of your hands. Good last spots, putting the carriage into the stockbrokers and we are dye.


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That was a real punch:)) thank you very much.
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"Thanks angels"!
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Love this workout! I am tight in hamstrings so I have a love/hate relationship of the stomachmassage exercise with the box. Can not wait to do this workout again.
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That was such an awesome workout! Thanks Melissa!
I think you and I must have been working out together Laura! I really enjoyed this Melissa. Thank you.
Loved the flow of this workout and the constant attention to the breath. Thank you.
Loved this Class thank you
Amazing class
Sharon O
Loved this class! Challenging, energetic and balanced :). Thank you for sharing Julian repetition and flow with us--we'll take it in to the New Year!
Thanks for a great New Year's Eve workout!!
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