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Challenging Tower Variations

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Melissa Connolly teaches a challenging Tower workout inspired by Julian Littleford. Using clear instruction about the setup of the springs and bars for the Tower, Melissa will take you through Double Leg Spring work, Teasers, Swan, Airplane, Magician, Push-ups, and the Hundred, among other exercises. The burn you will feel from this class is a great way to start the New Year!
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Hi, I'm Melissa Connolly and I'm here with Jenny and Jessie. And we're going to be doing a tower class and the honor of Julian little fern. And let me just talk you through the spring setting that I have. I have our arms springs set up high. I have the roll down bar set up for your typical roll-down bar setting, maybe a little bit lower and the leg springs are going to be set up where you would have your supine double leg spring work. So we have them on here.

The third from the bottom. I also have one red spring attached for the push through, so have that set where you would normally set up your pushed through by, we'll be changing the springs also as we go, but we'll start with the setting. Okay. So ladies, we'll get started and we're gonna start with leg spring work. So lying down on your backs first, Take Your hands to the upright metal poles and slide down so your arms distance away. Take your leg springs and place them onto your feets. Okay, so from here, this is what we would consider the standard double leg work with Julian studio.

So let's stretch the legs up towards the ceiling before we start. Get your form. If feel that your core is engaged, your tailbone stays anchored onto the mat. We're going to breathe in. As you exhale, lower the leg straight down, bend the knees, the springs around the insides of the knees and lengthen the legs up. Axial. Lower the legs down. Bend the knees and lengthen them up. This one we call leg circles. Bend the knees and stretch up.

As you press down. You want to feel the work coming from your abdominals and the back of your thighs and lengthen out. Let's do three more in this direction. Lower bend with control. Lengthen up again. Feel the five, the hamstrings and the glutes working. Exhale lower. Then now pause the like lifted.

We'll reverse bend the knees, resell fields down and lift up. Bend the knees, reach the legs down and lift up. Bend via the core, engage in the legs, engage long and bend. Thinking about the hamstrings rather than the quadriceps and reach low. Left and then you take the legs as low as your back stays stable and the abdominal stay pulled in tight. Let's do two more. Exhale, reach, lengthen, bend last one.

Reach and lengthen up towards the ceiling. Legs are parallel. Lower your left leg down. We go into scissors, so wet and so wet and switch and switch. Feeling your pelvis staying really stable and still those abdominals are pulled in tight. And again, press from the back of the thigh. Reach energy out through your toes and switch for four, three, two and hold it here. Turn your legs out. Go into a bicycle so the legs are turned out so the springs can be on the insides of your thighs.

You take your legs as low as your back stays stable. So reaching those legs down and around. Very similar to our double leg circles that we started with. Let's do four, three, two and one. Reverse the bicycle. Challenging exercise to keep the hips stable.

So concentrate on your two hip bones saying, still pull the ABS in tight from hipbone to hip bone. And we circle around with a bicycle for four three, two, one. From here, reach you like to 45 degrees. Heels together, toes apart. Squeeze those inner thighs, raise the legs up slightly. Open and circle. Lift up, open and circle. We call these ones. We'll let her d circles and bring the legs as low as your back stays stable.

Really challenging it with the inner thighs and your hamstrings and axle. Schoolies likes to gather. We have three more and two positive legs down. Let's reverse the legs. Open. Lift. Exhale, Dam through the center. Trying to keep that rotation, your legs so the heels connect.

The toes stay apart and he'll open. Exhale, lower, open. Exhale, lower. We have 30 and two and one. Now bring those like tight together. Engage your glutes and your inner thighs beats your heels quickly and tight. 50 (234) 567-8910 one, two four five, six, 789-TWENTY-12456, seven, eight and nine 31 two three four five, six, seven eight nine 41 two four five, six, seven, eight, nine 50 pause. Keep that engagement in the inner thighs and glutes.

Let's beat the legs up to three, four, five, down to three, four, five, two, three, four, five down to three, four, five, three, two, four, five down. Really getting those inner thighs, lifting up and lowering down. Feel what's your back is doing as you raise your legs, watch or feel the tailbone saying connected to the mat. Abs are drawing in tight. Shoulders relaxed. Find the relaxation somewhere and down. Two, three, four, five last time and down. Two, three, four, five. Bend your knees. Good.

Let's take those straps off of the feeds and places traps down and lets come all the way up from there we'll go to the roll down bar. So turning around, placing your feet against the upright poles. Hold wide onto your roll down by just to give ourselves a little spine articulation. We'll do three nice and easy roll downs. So draw the abs into the spine and take your time really feeling all those vertebraes from the lower back, the middle back, the upper back, this shoulders and the head going down. Lift the head and again, peel the spine off the mat, draw the belly end, and he'll sit up tall. Again. Ax fear. Let's make this work like a spine massage. Really pull the stomach and creating lengths and separation between all the vertebrae. Lifting your head, acts, hail, roll up.

Inhale, lengthen. Last one here. Draw the ABS and lead with your belly button. Curl your tailbone under. Roll the spine down. Inhale, lift the head and exhale. Roll up head. We're going to stay here. I come a little bit closer and bend your knees. Knees are bad, the spine is straight, so focus on that straightness in the back and let's press the arms down like a pump for 1098765432 hold it one with a straight spine hinge back to a 45 degree angle. Elbows wide. Pull the bar to the chest. Resists forward. Exhale as you pull the arms in.

Elbows are pointing to the sides. The abs pull in tight. The next day is long in line with your spine and we have three to hold the bar into the chest. Keep it there. Curl the tailbone under. Roll down, keeping the bar into the chest for as long as you can. The head goes down, the arms go to stream. We're going to arch the spine to come up and still let your head go back and left from the sternum. Bend your knees. Sit up tall. We're going to repeat that two more times. Pump the arms down. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Hold it. 10 hinge, back, long, high diagonal. Pull the bar in.

Resist forward. Exhale. Every time you breathe out, you pull your stomach in deeper. Feeling that core connection to keep your back straight and stable and we have 32 let's hold the bar into the chest. Again. Curl the tailbone under. Round your back, straightening the arms as your head goes down. Lift the sternum and arch the spine to come up last time through. Bend the knees. Sit Up straight and per us down. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine holded 10 hinge back long, high day and I'll belly to the spine and pull and resist.

Pull and resist. Feeling that your back is not to artist, not to round. Visualize that link and energy out through the crown of your heads. We have four 30 to hold it and curl the tailbone under. Roll down the head goes down my arms length and long, and we are the spine to come up. Good. From here we'll go into our side sit-ups. So turning onto your wall.

I'll talk you through the left side. You're going to take your oops on your right side. Take your right foot to the front pole, your left foot to the back pole and your left hand will hold right underneath the bar. Stretch your right arm out and turn your palm up to the cla. Your ear stays on the arm and feel like you're in between two panes of glass. The body is nice and straight. Breathe em, pushing down through your feet.

Ground your feet into the bars. Axle lift and hold for one. Inhale, lengthen and lower axle. Hold for one, two. Inhale, lengthen and lower. Exhale, hold for three two, one. Inhale, lengthen and lower. Lift for four three, two, one. Lengthen and lower. Lift. Draw the belly in. Two, three, four, five. Lengthen to lower repeat five. Lift up for five. Four three, two, one. Lengthen. Two. Lower lift. Really feel as all bleaks. Two, three, four. Lengthen to lower and left. Left, left and lower. Two more.

Hold holds lower. Last time. Hold and lower. Good coming. Apple. Go the other side. Right hand under the bar. Left foot is in front, right foot is back. Good. So from here, lying all the way down on the side for your that length. Fingertips down through the feet. Take a breath in. Exhale, use those. Righto.

Bleaks to come up. Inhale, lower. Exhale. Lift for one to lengthen as you lower. Lift for three to one length into lower. Lift for four. Connect those ribs to the back and lower and lift for five four three, two, one and lower. Lift five again, hold two, three, four, five. Lengthen and lower.

Pull that belly in. Two, three, four. Stretch and down. Lift for three you and two. Three and lower. Lift again, use those o obliques to lower. Last time we left. Lengthen n lower. Good. Coming up from here. Kneeling. We're going to be facing the tower going into the thigh stretch.

So take your arms. That's the suggestion. Reaching fingertip distance from your metal poles. If that's too heavy, he'll come a little bit closer end. So starting here, pull your abs in. Squeeze your bottom. Let's get that spine straight and support it. Pull the bar to the fas from here again. One long line. You hinge back. Hold for one.

Lift up and resist the arms forward. Pull the bar to the fise again. We hold for two. One, two. We left. Resist and reach the bar forward. Pull the bar down. Keep the chest wide. Hold for three, two, one left. Hurries. Arms forward. Shoulders down. Pull it down. Hinge back for four, three, two, one left.

Arms forward and pull the bar to the five length and hold it for five boy. Three, two, one left. Arms Sore. Let's go straight to four. Pull the bar to the thighs. Tighten your bottom. Tighten your abs. One, two, three, four left almost there. Pull the bars to the fas and lengthen. Head to knees. Two, three left. I'm forward. Two more. Keep watching your back. Abs are tight and lift. Last one here, pull the bar to the thighs. Hinge the body back, lift the body up. Reach the arms forward. Good. Okay.

We go into hundreds. I would suggest taking this bar down a little bit lower. Okay, cause we needed the two hundreds. All right, so lying down facing your tower. Okay, so we're going to start with the legs over the bar. Okay. Again, the more challenging you want it to be, the further back you would go, the less challenging, or I'm more in control. You on a bay, you might want to come forward. Let's start with the legs at 90 degrees and you're going to curl your chest up.

Having that consolable is off the mat energy through your finger tips. Let's pump. We inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five, three and breathe out all of the air for two, three, four, five and exhale. Two, three, four, five, five. And exhale. Two, three, four, five, six. And look at your abs and pull them. And seven to four. Five. Exhale. Two, three, four, five, eight, two, four, five. Exhale. Two, three, four, five, nine, two, four, five. Axial, two, three, four, five laps, one. Breathe out. Two, three, four, and five.

Bend the knees. Good. Head down. Just rest for a moment. Two seconds. That's good. Curl the Tufts up. Okay. This one a little more challenging. The bars on top of your thighs. Your legs need to be a little lower. Stretch the legs. Keep that lower back. Supported. Let's pump. Inhale. Two, three, four, five. Exhale. Two, three, four, five, two, axle, three.

Look at your abs. Pull them in for two, three, four, five. Exhale. Two, three, four, five, five, two, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five, six. Use that axial to dry your abs deeper. Seven. Exhale, two, three, four, five, eight. Exhale. Two, three, four, five, nine. Check in with your backs. And last breath in. Two, three, four, five. Actual two, three, four, and five. Gods. Come on up. Done with a hundred. Alright, let's remove. That. Will not remove, but just raise those bars. We'll get them out of the way.

I'm going to bring them all the way to the top here. Okay. Next spring adjustment. We're going to take our legs, springs all the way down to the last hole. Of course, if you want more of a challenge, they can stay where they are, but we would just want to look in the video so we'll keep it low. Okay, so we're, let's lie down for a sideline legwork. You going to take your hands to the front pole, hips to the back of the mat and legs to the front. Now take your foot into the staff and both of those arms are reaching to that forward pole. Okay? Of course, if you want more stability, bring the hand in front of you. The heels are together, the toes are apart. Pull your ribs and your waist to slightly lifted off of the mat, keeping that core can them. Let's take that leg up. Exhale, lower left. Squeeze like down.

Using the back of the fat, the glutes and the inner thigh. Exhale, lower and left. Squeeze down with that inner thigh and glutes. Lower left. Three more acts. Hell, resist. Two more. Last one. Hold the leg down there. Keep the legs turned out, reach leg forward and circle around.

So hip saying perfectly still in stable. The circle is not too big. Definitely not too small, but keep it in control. Okay. You challenge yourself by keeping the hips still and the circle goes as big as it will go. Let's do three more. Reach forward. Feel the back of the lag. Boward feel the back of the leg. One more like stop in the center.

We reverse back and circle around back and circle around. So again, just keeping the body completely still unstable. The range of motion is big as you can keep the control back and around. Exhale, back and around. Let's go for three more and two last one.

All the way around. Heels together, toes apart. We do develop a, you slide the foot up towards the nice jury in the leg and squeeze it down. Bend. Lengthen and lower Ben sliding up and down. So slide the heel along the leg and left. Lower slide stretch.

Lower slide stretching. I really engage Zack Loo and inner thigh. As you press the leg down, we have three more. Stretch, lower, two more. Stretch. Lower. Last one. Hold the leg down. DL beats forward and back. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. We do 50 of course, four five, six, seven eight nine 21 two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine 30 hips, nicest.

L 56789412345 six, seven, eight, nine 50 bend the knee and take that off. Good. Challenging enough on the low spring, right turn around. Okay, so again, set up. You have your hands to the front pole. You have your hips to the back, leg or feet to the front and foot into the strap. Okay. Ideally both of the hands hold onto that pole. Heels are together, toes are part of that set up. Pull your abs in. Ribs together, waist as lifted. Squeeze those inner thighs.

We start by lifting the leg up and press it down. Up. Exhale down. Three exhale down left. Squeeze it down. Five tie in your glute and that inner thigh for 30 [inaudible] to squeeze it down. Hold the down like circles, reaching like straight forward, up and around.

Reach forward up and around three, up and around. Four and around. Again, keeping the body as still as possible. Only with taking that. So glad as big as your body stays stable in your torso and around four more around three more. All around. Good laugh too. Last one stopped with the legs in the center. Let's reverse. So that goes back up and around, back up and around.

A little bit more challenging in this reverse, you want to keep that rotation of the leg as you circle it around back. Rotate circular, round, back. Heel comes forward as you go around and around the last four and three last two and one heels together. Toes apart. Develop a slide to the knee. Stretch the legs, squeeze it down. Slide stretch and down. Slide. Stir Raj.

And for us down sled, stretch and gauging in that glute, hamstring and n by Flad. Stretch. Lower flood. Stretch lower. We have four stretch. Lower. Good. Really feel those glutes. Stir at lower bend.

[inaudible] lower left. This one here. Okay, nice and tight. A little before the backbeat. Forward back three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine 10 0123456789 two one eight one, two three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine 31 two three four, five, six, seven, eight, nine 40 almost there. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine 50 is enough. Bend the knees. We will take those off of our feeds. Very good. Coming up all the way. Turn around from here. We'll go to a push through series.

So taking that spring attachment four push through. Attach your push through bar. Okay, so we'll start with the push through, which you'll feel great after that leg work. So please your feet. I'm on this one. We're going to go a little bit wider than those metal poles. Hold onto the bar. You're going to press the bar up towards the same. Their fingers can be long. Stretch the arms up to a high diagonal.

So stay here from Oma. Just feeling this diagonal line from the hands, the shoulders, the hips. Now Mel the shoulders down away from your ears. Keep your arm straight. Get a good grip on the bar. Slip. Thumbs on the opposite side of the fingers. As you lean back from here, lower the chin to the chest. Use your abs to press the bar forward. Three pulses. Reach one a little further too. For this [inaudible], draw the ABS. Then press the fas into the mat. Roll back. Lengthen the arms up.

Feeling that long mine melt their shoulders away from the ears again. We'll lean back, tuck the chin into the chest. Hold onto the bar. Get a good thumbs on the opposite side of the fingers pulsing. One, two 30 scoop the belly and let your head hang heavy until the last moment right here and raise everything up to a high diagonal last time through. Start to lean the body back. Tuck the chin to the chest. Exhale round and press one abs.

Pull back to three. We're going to roll back and then raise the arms. Lengthen up and forward. Good. From here, stay sitting where you're seated, but just turn around for the reverse. Push through. Okay. You're going to bring your legs all the way together. The feet are flexed. Take your hands on half of the bar and reached behind you.

If you're flexible, want more of a stretch, you can come back or stay put. Pull the toes back, press the bar down and start to lift the sternum up towards the ceiling. Getting that nice stretch in your chest and shoulders from here. Lower the chin, scoop the belly and ram the spine forward and raise the arms up towards the Cla ring. Now press the bar down. Dry Your abs and roll up length in the spine. Open the chest, lower the head down. Pull your stomach in. As you ran forward and raise arms up.

Press the Bar dam. Stack your spine, lift up tall and open. The chest. Head goes down, naval pulls in. As you wrap around, raising the arm. Lower the bar, roll at, and lift the chest. Good. Come to the center. We'll let go of that bar from here.

Just come right on your backs underneath the bar. Okay. Take them out. Let's just test where it is. So it's gonna be, um, just slightly behind the upright poles. OK, so not too far back. And then reach the bar right up in front of you. Okay, so your shoulders are behind the bar. Raise your knees to a table top position. So this is a version that we would consider teasers. We had many teasers. This is one. So we're going to curl up, but only to the tapa or just below the shoulder blades. Look at your abs. Get a stretch like that long. Bend the knees, stretch them out.

Keep the legs there. Roll your spine down and send the arms back over hat. Then the elbows curl the chest up to the shoulder blades. Bend the knees two times in accelerates. Reach forward and exhale. Hold the legs there. Pull the ABS in as you roll down and reach the arms back.

Then the elbows curl the shelf subs to the silver blaze. Three times. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, look at that belly, scoop it, and last one. Now keep your abs from to your spine as you roll down and reach the arms back. Bend the elbows, curl the chest up four times and Ham. Exhale, reach. Inhale, oxo. Reach two more. Pull the obs in. Hold those like cerate and we roll down that arms reach back.

Bend the elbows curl that shuts up five times and hail. Exhale. Inhale, stomach scoops in three. Draw the belly in two more. Last one, hold those legs where they are and roll down. Arms. Go back for a lab. We're going back to five and down to one. Just so you know, you can always modify it or just protect your back more by keeping the knees bent as you roll down. I don't know what number on that's probably five and rural back. Well, my bar is stuck rural up.

Bend the knees and reach for four and 30 and two again, legs either straight or by this point they can bend. As you roll down, reach the arms back and left. Three times. Homestretch here we got. Reach to that one. Really focus on the stomach, pulling down. Hold it down, roll back. No pooching ABS. Bend the elbows. Curl up. Bend, act filler. Each one look at that belly. Pull it and hold it in. Rural back. Arms go back, lift the chest one time.

Stretch rolls down. Bend the knees, feet down. Good enough of that torture. Come all the way up. It'll balance out this one. So flip onto your stomach. Okay, so we'll go through the stages of this one here that we would do in Julian studio. So your arms are the bar and your hands are going to be right directly in mind with these upbraid poles. So check that you are arms length. The arms are straight in line with the by your forehead is on the mat.

Your legs are open, hip distance apart. Slide your soldiers down, keep your forehead on the mat as you bend your elbows wide and high forehead stays down, stretching the chest and shoulders. Reach the arms back forward and again, bend your elbows wide and high and then stretch those arms straight out and bend the elbows wide. Bend the elbows high. Enjoy that stretch and reach your arms forward. Will progress a little bit from there. Then elbows wide and high. Now keep looking at the mat as you lift your chest so you don't have to come up very high, just a little bit, a few inches off of the mat.

The bar reaches forward. As you lift into an extension and you lower back down, we'll do that one twice more than your elbows wide and high lift. Very small. Hover off of the mat. Now as the Barb reaches forward, then your shoulders side down. You lift a little higher into your swan and lower down. One more. Here we go. Bend the elbows wide and high. Hover off the mat.

Stretch arms forward. Lift the chest. Keep the neck in line with a spine. Lower down. You have two options. Stick with the one that we just did, or full swan. Bend your elbows wide and high. Start to roll the bar up towards the ceiling. Then from it, lift the chest full swan extension. Keep the arms lifted. Lower their ribs to the mat. Stretch. Bend the elbows and push the bar through. Two more.

Bend the elbows wide has started to rule that bar up. Lift the Chuff Swan extension. Lower their ribs. Then the elbows push it through last time like that. Bend the elbows and rolled up our length in here. Lower the ribs. Then the elbows push through.

Last very use with Swan. Feel your legs for a moment. If you had been not thinking about them so tight in the back of your thighs. The knees are straight. Shoulders down. Lift your chest up. So arms straight, tighten your core. We'd go into Swan. Rocking the leg, left MHS lifts, legs lift, chest lift. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

Inhale and squeeze the back of your thighs. We have four and three and two. One lift the chest, palms and with control. Lower all the way down. Good. Carefully take that bar over. Hands.

Let's push back and just sit on your heels. And now from here, let's roll back app. Okay, you're going to be seated. So the left side of your body is facing towards the tower. Criss Cross your legs, hold onto the bar, holds them back of the bar and reach out. So have it so it's just a little bit in front of these upright poles.

Legs were crossed. Stack your spine, reach the arm out to the side. Palm is facing the ceiling in her raise. Arm Up. Get that link. Anchor your right. Sit Bone as you stretch up and over from your road to your torso. Hold on to the bar with two hands. Tuck the chin. Feel that stretch.

Pull your belly back and pulse. One, two, three. Go back to your side. Stretch. Anchor, the right sit bone. Lift and open the arm to the side. Raise the arm up. Get Tall, side stretch up and over. Now rotate the torso. Head is down. ABS tight, pulsing one. Scoop the belly to 30 go back to that side stretch and raise that up and over.

Tig it up. Stretching to the side last time. Rotate the torso, scoop the belly and as you pulse a one abs pullback two and three go back to that side. Stretch and lift up. Good. We'll do the other side, so turn around Chris, passing my legs. Take your right hand to the back and then just test where you are. It should be a few inches away from the upright poles. Fend the left arm out to the side. Palm is up. Any other raise arm anchor the left sip on as you go up and over from here.

Hold the bar with two hands. Tuck your chin, pull your ribs back and pulse one and two and three. Go back to the nice side strokes and see the left arm to the side. Inhale, raise. I'm up. Exhale, we go up and over. Rotate the tour. So scoop your belly back and two with and pulse and two and three. We go back to our side, stretch and lift and open the arm last time here and he'll link them. ACH, fill side stretch, rotate the torso, pull the abs in and pulse of one and pulse two and pulse three back to the side.

Stretch and lift all the way out. I'd let go of that by. Okay, let's unattach our push through bar. Okay, we're going to go into our third set of legs. Spring works, so take these leg springs, we're going to bring them up high for airplane and magician. Okay, so high legs, springs, the lower they are, the more challenging it is. Okay, so lie on your back and again, you're going to be arm's distance away from those upright poles, so get a good grip with your arms. Make sure that straight feet in the straps. All right, we start with the airplane. We would focus on again, glutes and hamstrings. We're working them. We're going to press the legs down now. Bend your knees and roll up.

Good. Stretch your arms up the legs. I mean lengthen. I lower all the way down to more. I bend the knees with control your rolled up. Lengthen the legs regionally and lower. Dan. Nice and easy. Here we go. Bed Up and stirrup. Lengthen. Reverse. Here we go. Lift up.

Then the knees roll down. One Vertebrae at a time. Lengthen down, lifted up. Bend the knees. Rule it down last time and lifted up. Bend the knee. Roll the spine, Dan. We go into the middle. [inaudible] lift up, sir. In a straight line from the feet to the soldiers.

ABS are tight. Frog. Inhale, exhale. Try ideally to keep that pelvis really steady. Find relaxation somewhere. Neck and shoulders. Always a good idea. If you can stare at Ben, sir, at last, three x here to where we feel in the back of those thighs. Last one, hold this straight. 50 beats heel. Then one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, two, two, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, three, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, four, two, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, five, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Let's come out gracefully. Bend the knees. Roll down. Huh?

There you go. Take this Japs off of the feet. Okay. Come on up from here. We're going to turn around. We are going to come standing actually. So you have your handle springs set up high. Okay. We're gonna do a full squat and some bicep curls.

So step back so that you have enough resistance. A hold, you stable. Okay. And then it'll be more challenging in your arm. So feet, hip, distance apart. Check down at your feet. Okay. We're always a stickler for keeping the weight more of the outside edge of the feet rather than the inside, which is more common. So roll it to the outside edge. Keep it way in your heels and all 10 of your toes, palms up, bicep curl.

Sit down to the ground. Lift and lengthen. Exhale, curl. Lift. And lengthen. I back stays nice and straight and we've squeezed those biceps. Four and left. Exhale, five and left techs. Hail six and left. Squeeze those biceps. Curl seven and left.

ABS are tight and lift and nine. One more like this, Tad God, go down 90 degrees like a chair. Knees, amount of EBS. All alternate girls. One and two and three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Woo. Come on up. Alright, walk forward. Take both springs down. Okay. Let's bring the springs to where your legs spring started.

So your standard lying on your back like spring work. Okay, we'll come down to the mats again. Okay. You're going to be pretty far to the end of your tower. So grab your straps, take them with you on your backs. The arms are, the straps. Want to go onto your biceps. Okay. If you need more tension, you'll slide there. Okay. Of course, the further down you go, the harder is more of a challenge. It will be. Yeah. Hands go behind your head. Laceless fingers lift your knees to tabletop.

So we're going to just start by stretching one leg forward. Squeeze the back of that leg switch and hold. Keep your chest lifted. So feel those ribs slide down to your bones. Let's pick up the pace right here. So no twisting. Yeah, that's coming. And sweat, sweat, sweat, sweat, sweat, sweat.

Just like this for eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Ben, both of the knees. Let's slow it down. Stretch one leg forward. Bring opposite elbow to the knee. Chris. Craft, switch and hold. Let's pick up. Okay, so one and two and thoroughly, um, four and five really working those little obliques. Exhale, ate mine. Last one. Ben and me is harassed. Good. We'll take those off of our arms. We've had enough of those.

Come all the way up. Okay. Next thing we're going to set up for is the tendon stretch. So coming on up, we're going to take this if these strap, okay. And on this one I'll guide you through where we have it. So if you hook it under here, there's loops. You want it to be the fourth loop from the bottom. Okay.

And then just attach your bottom spring. Okay. One spring is good. You can do too if you want. That's fine. Okay, so let's sign our backs. We'll have our head, um, underneath the top. If your hamstrings are very tight, your head can be the opposite direction over here with your feet up on the bar. Okay, so head back and then go ahead and press that bar. Uh, legs are underneath the bar. Arms are down to the sides. Feet are parallel. So let's start with the heels pressing up to the ceiling and the tailbone anchor down. You're going to feel a great stretch in your calves and your hamstrings.

So keep the tailbone anchor. That's where you feel the most stretch. We're going to just press up through the balls of the feet. So you're pointing the fee. You're flexing 0.1 more time. Now you relax the ankles. As you bend the knees, press up through the heels. You point flax point, relax the ankles.

As you bend the knees, press up through the heels. Point, flex point, relax the ankles as you bend the knees, arrests through the heels. Good point. Like so that's our choreography. Now feel the back of the legs as you press your glutes and hamstrings. Point, flex point, bend the knees. Feel those butt muscles really tie into prs. Point. Full lax point.

Relaxing a band squeezer bottom and per ass. Four more points rural through the ankle and press through the heels, the re more flex point and bend and per us two more shoulders down. Neck is long lifted chin slightly per us last one point. Flex point relaxed the ankle. As you bend and stretch. Let's stick with the right leg. Your left leg lengthens down. The foot is flex.

Here we go with that right ankle. We point, flex point, relax the ankle, bend and harass. We'll just do five point blacks. Point relaxed the ankle, bend and harass. Keep going. Try to feel the squareness of your hips. If you're really tight, that right hip is going to be lifted, so focus on anchoring it down into the mat if you need to. The left knee can also be bent with the foot flat on the Mat. This is five press like two straight.

Let's raise that left leg up and length in the right leg. Down the right foot is flex. The hips are square. Start by pointing flexing point. Relax the ankle. Bend the knee, press through the heel. Point, flex point. Relax the ankle, bend the knee, press through the heel.

Point Flex Point Ben. Again, feel the back of your thigh. [inaudible] up point, flex point bend. Feel the back of the thigh per rs up. One more time. Point to end. Relax the ankle. Bend and press. Good to set up for tower. Just take your foot out of this jack for a moment.

We want to slide down so you are arms distance away and from these upright poles, let's place our fee app onto the bar so the knees are bent and line with your hips. Take your hands onto the poles behind you. Arms length away. You're gonna roll your hip subs to the knees or towards the ears from here. Sen the legs up towards the ceiling. Straight legs start to roll the spine down from the upper back, the middle back, the lower back. Pause. When you get to your lowest point, flex the feet, point the feet, bend the knees, rule the hips up. Now lengthen those like stay on. Keep your core engaged, nice and tight. Roll down through the upper, back, the middle, back, the lower back. Pause to your lowest point. Flex point. Then the knees last time. Rule the hips up. Knees towards the ears.

Send the legs to the ceiling. Lengthen the legs long. Tighten your core. Roll down one vertebrae at a time. Pause there, flex the feet, point the feet, and then flex and Ben, hold on to the bar and help yourself out of there. Good. That one always feels good. Let's come on up from there. We're going to unattach our um, spring here. So take the spring off. Okay. And then an your safety chain.

Lift it back up. Okay, so here we go. Let me down onto all fours. Here we go. We're almost done. So we're going to take one foot back so you have the top of the foot onto this. By now it's not so comfortable on your feet. We have a cushion there.

You could always put a pad there if that feels better. So take the other leg up. We are going to do 10 pushups. Here we go. Lift up and see nice and stable. Abs Tight Bend, press one. Then press two. That bar is swinging. You must have a strong, tight left down left. Squeeze your bottom. Good. We have three exhale to exhale. Last one.

Woo. Those are hard. Alright. And Julietta had us, sometimes you up to 50% hubs. Just not today, but go for it. All right, let's take one leg spring. Bring it up to the very top. Okay. Which is not really working, you know, unattached that. Yeah. Okay. So from here we're going to do, um, teasers and other Julian version of teasers. It's okay. You can use that one if you want.

Okay. So holding onto this job hold with one hand, bring the other hand on top. Your knees are bent and your feet are flat on the map. We're going to ram spun back. So you're in this letter c shape. Look at your stomach. Really curl that's held on under and scooped the belly. Breathe in. Exhale, pulse up, one inch, lower nitch, lift an inch, lower nudge. Exhale. Inhale.

Good. Keep it going. As you left your really scoop that naval back to this vibe. Sometimes we would just do 50 but I'm going to vary it for fun. So let's take our right leg length and at long it's at a high diagonal. The knee is the inner thighs are together. Breathe out. Exhale for scoop the belly and five and lift six and lift seven.

The higher you are, the more I'm less challenging. It is. The lower you are. The more challenging to more. I lost count and switch legs. So left leg lengthens. Live one and lift two abs. 4:00 AM 30 draw the belly back for a nice and deep with those abs.

Five acts. Exhale six and hubs in seven deeper and deeper in your abs every time. Two more. Go ahead. Lower that foot down. Stretch your right leg long. Take your right hand behind your head so it's a little rotation here.

Lift one and lift to the knees. Stay together. Breathe up. Three exhale for ABS. Fill in five and lift six left shoulder down seven acts, heel eight. Two more. Let's go through the center. Stretch out. Left leg long. Left your mind head. Pull the elbow back.

Lower lift one lower lift to feel as though obliques. Exhale four. Exhale five and lift six and lifts seven. Greed out eight. Pull the elbow back. This is 10 to make it 15 let go of the strap.

Good Job Lady. We are done.


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That was the best tower class yet! I loved your first tower class as well. So challenging. I'm out of breath. Thank you:)
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Best tower classes come from Melissa!
I know I can rely on getting a dynamic, seamless, and efficient workout in less than an hour. I like the minimal use of filler words too.
Well done! Another great class from you!
Love it!!!!
Excellant! Thank you Melissa, awesome tower class!
Challenging and invigorating class!
Marlisa E
Love this challengIng workout...I keep returning to it to solidify my own work so I can share in my classes. Thanks for being faithful to Julian's precise cueing and providing a great challenge!
Love it!
Great Class Melissa! Thank you!
Thank you, Mellssa. I just did this class again... it's still one of my favs. Love the Tower classes Thank you, PA, for keeping them coming.
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