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Strong Reformer

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Dana Santi joins Pilates Anytime with a strong Reformer workout on our Gratz Reformers. She flows through the classical order while taking the time to ensure that you feel the exercises more deeply through her detailed tactile and verbal cueing. Welcome, Dana!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Jan 30, 2014
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Hi, my name is Dana Santi. And today we are going to do reformer class. So go ahead, step to the ends of the reformer. Lie Down. All right, all the toes on the bar. I want you to reach your tailbones long. You have to remember the tailbone is part of your spine, okay?

And now reach the tailbone down more [inaudible] and now pull those abs in an up. And that's what's gonna make that low back the spine and the low back. Get down a little bit further and further by working more internally there. That's it. Now press through the triceps and now take right underneath the shoulder blade.

And I want you to almost think of making that muscle like you would flex the bicep. I want you to kind of make a muscle under the shoulder blade there. So we're going to put a lot of substance in the backs of the arms and through that upper back and we're going to work on keeping that spine nice and long. All those connections. Okay. So from here, take it and push the bar away from you and come back in and push the bar away and come back in. Now push the bar away and push the bar away as you come back in.

Push the bar away and push the bar away as you come back in. That creates kind of a two way energy and push the bar away and push the bar away and press and bring it in, squeezing underneath the bottom so you get into your upper inner thighs, not so much the top of the bottom. Keep it nice and low and let's do two more. Push the bar away and bring it in and push the bar away and bring it in now to the arches toes wrap as much as your heels wrap. Okay. Squeeze those legs nice and tight together.

Give me some substance in the arms and same thing. Push it away and push it away as you come back in too, and pull it in and three and bring it in for and bring it in. Chin down a little five and in, push the bar away. Six and in, keep those arms connected and pull it in. Press and pull it in one more time ladies, and pull it back in now to your heels and push the bar away.

Push the bar away as you come back in too, and pull it in three and in four and in five and six. Squeeze seven and squeeze eight. That's it. Pull those pinkie toes back also. Don't forget about them. Do One more and now drop back down towards the ball of the foot. Let's make sure all the toes are on the bar.

Squeeze Mush those heels nice and tight together. Give them a lot of energy. And now push the bar away. Now stay out there. Reach Nice and long. And now push the heels down. This is where it gets tricky.

Now push the heels down as you come back up and push the heels down a little more. Squeeze right under there and push the heels down as you come back up. So what that does is it takes it and puts it more towards your abs and not just the ankle popping down and up. Yeah, right? Yes. And lift. That's it. And push the heels down and push the heels down. As you come back up and down and up and lower and lift and lower. And lift.

Let's do one more and lower and lift. And then bend your knees. Bring the carriage in. Take the bar down in front of you. We'll move onto your hundred. That's it. Grab the handles, and now as your there, flip your head rest down. Okay. Let your legs go long.

Squeeze them nice and tight together. Okay, so from here we're going to do two different versions. What I want you to do is keep these legs long, keep squeezing these heels nice and tight. Okay? From here, keep every knuckle evenly attached. Every part of your palm or your hand, wherever that handle lands has an equal amount of pressure on it. Okay, so from here, squeezing the bottom, don't lift your legs. Let's just work the upper body. So reach nice and long. Reach the arms up, bring your chin into your chest, and now push those strong arms down through the tricep.

Reach those arms towards the tops of your thighs. All right, I'm moving your carriage and pump and breathe. Inhale and exhale. That's it. Now Curl and reach more and exhale. So now reach those legs to me. Reach a more, so you have to lengthen. Pull the abs away from the hip flexor. Lengthen that out. Now keep the breath going from here.

Squeeze those heels. Lift the legs up to wherever your working level is and keep reaching. Inhale and exhale, squeeze, nice and tight. Inhale and exhale. That's it. Try to curl up more and inhale and exhale.

Lengthen those legs. Let me pull the legs out of your hips and exhale. Take that pump and you use that arm from the tricep. Not so much from the top, not from your bicep reach. And let's do two more breaths. Inhale and exhale, and one more. Inhale and exhale.

And now slowly lower the legs down. Reach those arms back up. Put your handles into one hand. Sit Up and I want you to take your two end springs away. Lie Back Down. We'll weave your straps through for your short spine. So the leather goes in the middle of the handle because that's the part that we want.

So put it right in the middle and now bring your feet up and over to the leather. Yes. Okay. Reach those arms long. Put some substance in him. Keep squeezing these heels together. Reach your tailbones long now. Press the legs out. Press out now. Keep reaching out and lift up, up, up and over. And now bend the knees.

Aim them towards the shoulder rest and create a little bit of space here in your hip flexor. There you go. And now roll down the spine. Keep the feet where they are rolled down. Keep reaching, keep reaching, and now bring the feedback in. Keep pulling in. Reach that tailbone all the way down. Now press out again. It's a lot more fun if you reach out, lift that bottom up a second before you go to lift those legs up and bend the knees.

Yeah, and roll it away. Reach substance in the arms. Attach that back as soon as you can and bring it back in and press it out and lift. That's it. Now keep reaching. Keep reaching. Push your feet through those straps. Now Bend your knees, keep pushing the feet through the straps. Keep pushing the feet through the straps as you roll down and bring it back home. And one more, and press it out. Now push through the straps as you lift up and over and bend the knees and roll it away. Reach, reach, reach, and bring it back in.

Grab the wooden handle and just kind of sneak your, your foot out of the leather and pull the handles through. And now we're onto coordination so your elbows are down. Okay, nice strong triceps. Lift your head up, look towards your abs. And now we want to start with the arm at 90 degrees. Okay? Again, the whole handle is nice and even on your hand. Okay, keep it there. And now is it stuck? There we go. Do and press it out now.

Reach long now. Resist the legs as you open and resist them. Close. Exhale the knees. Exhale, bend the arms back to 90 and inhale, press strong. Arms Open. Colos. Exhale the knees. Exhale the arms again. Inhale, open, close. Now. As you exhale, those knees reach the tailbone the opposite way and bring it home.

Inhale, hold the breath. Exhale the knees. Reach the tailbone and come back home. One more time. Inhale, hold the breath. Exhale the knees. Exhale the arms. Now put your handles into one hand. Sit Up. Take one of your middle springs away and turn around for rowing.

[inaudible] okay, legs are nice and long. All right. Now from here I'm going to have you start with your hands here. Like you are going to row a boat, right? Okay. Now make them a little bit tight. So bring them in. Now don't move your carriage until we start the exercise.

So make sure that the carriage starts home there. Now you have somewhere to go. Okay, so you're going to pull and roll back at the same time. Pull and roll back. Hold it there now arms out. Okay, now here's where it's hard. Your palms are facing back now with your hand. Nice. And even on that handle. Ouch. Push those arms back.

Ah Huh. Reach hands low to the tailbone. Now stay there. Now open your chest ladies. So you can breathe open more. Yes. Now push and reach up through the triceps. Open and home.

And then right away start up and pull in. Roll back, round. Arms out. Now push those arms. Push and now drop and reach. Keep opening the chest and lift up. Open and home. One more time. Like you're rowing a boat and roll back.

Arms out. Now push even. Get that inside of a hand. That's so hard. And now open chest, reach up through the triceps. Open and home. Elbows are lifted 90 degrees. Okay. Now from here, find your tailbone. Attach the tailbone to the carriage. Okay. Feel it and know, feel it more so, uh huh there.

So you create a little bit of more space here in your hip flexor. Okay. Try to keep that. Come back to me here a little. Yeah, just open the chest. So you released that little bit of pressure there, right? Uh Huh. And now tip back. Tip Tip, tip. Reach through the elbows. Reach all the way forward. Go back to the tailbone. Now do the same ending that we did.

Open that chest lift through the back. And the triceps. Now again, as you do this, okay, let's make it a little bit wider than 90 okay? Now I want you to push into my hand here, okay? So you're pushing, you got to create that energy away from you, okay? Keep that. Find your tailbone. And now tip back. Tip, push me there. Reach up all the way forward.

Go back to the tailbone, open your chest, lift up, open and home. One more time and tip back and reach up and back to the tailbone. Lift up open and home. And then just place your handles down. Turn around so your legs are long in the front, and then grab the handles and we'll do rowing from the chest. Okay, so from here now again, keep that all accounted for on that handle. Okay?

It's hard that pinky just wants to go away, right? Pinched the bottom. Okay. Find your tailbone. The tailbone presses down, energy comes out, the legs, energy comes out the head. Now inhale up and exhale down and inhale lifted up. Now exhale, press it down. Try not to move the carriage and push like you're pushing two magic circles.

And again, inhale up and exhale and inhale, lifted up, and exhale, press it open and now go again. And inhale. Now fight me, push me there, and exhale. Come down. Push me there. Inhale, lift it up. Yeah, that's way spicier. And exhale. Press it. Open. Press, press, press, press.

Do One more. So it's a constant. We're going to fight each other, right? We're boxing. Come down. And now lift up, lift, lift. Use your back, pull those abs. Lift, lift, lift. And now press it open. Press it, press it, press it, and home. Okay, same concept. Now drop the head down from your hips and now push through your heels and reach those handles into the springs. Way more stretch. Now reach to me. Roll Up. Find your tailbone first.

Stack your spine accordingly. And now keep the torso where it is. Reach those arms and press it open and again, and reach into the springs way. Jucier yes. Now roll it up. Find the tailbone, find it, find it, find it, lift and now press. And one more time. And reach into your springs and roll it up.

Reach, lift, and press. Cross the legs for shaving. So lift the arms, bring them back, push your index finger and your thumb real tight together. Now let's open this up a little bit. Keep the shoulders forward, keep that pulled in. And now press up and come back down. That's it. No, pull this back. Yes. And come back down trying to keep those elbows behind your ears and come back down and press it up. That's it. And come back down. Open that upper back and press.

Reach those arms out to the sides. Change the cross and your legs. Okay, nice. Even hand on your handle, right. Inhale. And now push it away. Exhale, exhale, exhale. And again, keep that attached, right? And inhale and exhale. And again, inhale and push x Hale. Now change your and exhale and inhale. Push it away.

And exhale and inhale. Push it away. One more time. Exhale. And inhale. Push it away. Go ahead. The handles back up on the hooks. Step off. And I want you to grab your long boxes and we'll set them up so they're in front of the shoulder. Rest.

So, and then while you're there, go ahead and lift your head piece up and I want you to lie down so your shoulders are in line with the corners of the box. Okay? Take the handles off and grab really far down on the lever. So I'm going to have you place the handles down on the floor. Okay.

And now you're going to reach as far forward as you can with the thumb on top of the leather. Okay, now reach the legs away from your hips. Okay, lengthen long. Now reach those arms the opposite direction. Okay, so the spine is stretching out. You're reaching two different ways. They're not create space to lift the ABS and from here, take those arms, reach 'em down to the floor and long to the back. And now pull those abs in. Release. Push down to the floor and long to the front you can reach even further. Go for it. And reach down to the floor.

Lift and pull the triceps. That's it. Right back to right underneath those shoulder blades. Push down to the floor, long to the front. Nice ladies. Try One more and reach down and lift and release. Push down to the floor and long to the front. Now slide the hands out. Put your thumb right on top of the rivets here.

So if you don't have any shoulder issues, we're going to make it a little bit jucier. Okay. If you do have shoulder issues, you can take it and hold it a little bit further down. Okay, I'll try. Give it a whirl. I mean give it a whirl. Yeah. Oh yeah, yeah. Reach the arms out to the sides. Now, lots of two way stretches here. So the the arms are reaching away from each other.

The heads reaching long. The legs are reaching the opposite direction. Okay, pull those abs in. Now I want you to lift the collarbone up a half inch and start pulling the arms towards the tailbone. Okay, reach, hold it now, release those arms wide. Open wider, wider, wider. And the net goes down a bit. Don't let the arms lower though. And now lift the collarbone up. Now turn the arm back there. Yes. Again, this is that more fun and release.

Reach it open. Open open one more time and lift and pull it back open. And now release it wide away, away, away, and release. Take your handles, place them into one hand. Step off to the side. Gotcha. And I'm going to have you add your other middle spring [inaudible] okay. From here, the back stroke.

So we're going to sit with our tailbones real close to the edge of the box if not off. So you want to just make sure that you have a couple fingers worth of space behind you. Come a little bit more forward. Come forward. Yes, that's exciting. Way Better. Keep going more and more and more. Okay. So really you do you feel like your tailbone is off of that box. Okay, so knuckles above your forehead. Now again, I'm going to say it with the handles. Okay. So you know, keep that whole hand accounted for. Okay. With one breath, make a big backstroke and inhale around and hold the breath.

Hold the breath now. Smush the heels, reach. Pull those abs away from the hip flexors. Exhale. Inhale around and hold the breath. Hold the breath, hold the bereft. Exhale again. Inhale around, hold the bereft, hold the breath, hold the breath. Exhale, do another one. Now don't open so wide. Press down more.

If we get too wide, sometimes we end up leading with that bicep and that's not what we want. Come back in again. Inhale around and hold the breath. Hold the breath. Now reach from there. That's it. And exhale home.

Put your handles into one hand. Sit yourself up and take one spring away. Okay, so now lie down like we would, let's see what we have. So you want to have enough of the least amount of your bottom that you need on the box. Okay? In order to make this teaser happen, okay, I'm going to slide back maybe a little, okay. There. Okay. Okay. Chin into the chest. Now don't pull from your bicep. Okay. Push from the back of your arm. Push up, push, push. Yes.

Now reach the arms down to the hipbones and bring them back up and down and come back up. Don't go so far and go down. Now push from there. Come back up. Now. Keep reaching to me. Reached to me, reached to me. Now roll all the way down. Keep reaching, keep reaching. Get those legs going and come back home. Let's do one more that way. Chin into the chest. Scoop and push yourselves up. That's it. Now, arms go down and arms go up.

Open your chest so you can breathe right down and up and down and up. Now keep reaching to me. Reach, reach, legs, fingers, legs, fingers, legs, fingers, and come back home. Now go ahead, take your handles and drop them in the middle of your reformer and just set yourselves up. Just sit. Okay, so we have this pole and I want you to take your hands here like you would be holding the handles on the teaser. Okay? Keep your feet down. Come a little bit more forward. There you go. Now Watch one time. So take this and push me. Okay, so now keep reaching forward like that. Okay, so I'm going to add a spring just because we're not going to move the carriage.

It's not about that. It's about this reach. So keep reaching forward from your back, okay? And roll down. But keep reaching. Keep pressing those arms, right. Keep reaching. Keep reaching, keep reaching. Now try to go to the tips of those shoulder blades.

Now drop the tailbone a little air. Now Push. Come back up. Push, push, push. Yes. Okay. Try that again. And roll back. Keep reaching. Keep reaching. Keep reaching those arms. Keep reaching to the shoulder blades. Now drop that squeeze. Now come back up. Uh Huh. Okay. [inaudible] even hands on those handles right.

One more time and roll back. Keep reaching. Press through that pinky key. Breaching key breaching. Now come back up. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's right. It's harder than the teaser. That's right. We didn't lift the legs. Okay, go ahead. Uh, bring your tailbones more forward. Lie Back Down and we'll do your stomach series because we can.

So bring your right knee into your chest. Elbows nice and wide. And now reach more towards your ankle and pull. Pull. Switch the legs. Pull. Pull. Two, two. Good stretches. Three, three, reach your tailbones to me the whole time for four pull. Pull strong arms. Five, five pull. Pull six, six both knees in now pull them in hard. Reach your tail bones.

Inhale, reach arms. And legs away. And exhale, pull it in in stretch. Inhale, reach, hold it and exhale and stretch and inhale, reach, hold it and exhale, stretch and inhale, reach. Get there holding, lengthen and exhale. One more time. Inhale. Here is your two way stretch energies out and X. Hail right leg up. Paul Paul, Switch Paul Paul to to now leave some breathing air in that hip flexor, Paul Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, stretch, stretch. Resist the legs. Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, both legs up to the ceiling. Squeeze those heels, double the hands up behind your head, pom on palm and lower the legs.

Reach them out and now lift and come back up and lower. Reach those legs long and pull up and the lower reach and lift. Try to curl higher and lower. Reach and lift and lower. Reach and lift.

One more time and lower reach. And now Chris Cross and bend one knee in. Hold it there. Now make sure both cheeks are on that box and switch and change. Hold it and switch and change. Hold it and just try to reach your upper body up more, more juicy or juicy or jucier and switch. Hold it and switch. Hold it and switch.

Hold it. [inaudible] release. Okay. Step off. Take your boxes, place them in the back. And now we're going to set up for your long stretch. So we'll have two middle springs with the bar and the head rest up. Okay.

Hand-Foot. Hand-Foot. Now keep those heels glued together. Okay. All the fingers. Nice. And even right around that bar, pull those abs in. Come as, that's it. Open your chest so you can breathe. Now squeeze those inner thighs and push back. Now pull the abs in and come back home. Try to keep the ankles quiet.

Make it come from the inner thighs, from your guts. That's it. And Ex Hale. And again, inhale and exhale. Squeeze. Now, right there. Squeeze it more, more, more. Yes. And X. Hail. Lift your heels just to, here they are. Now don't move them. I know. Inhale and exhale. Exhale. Exhale, kneel down. Press your feet up against the shoulder. Rest. Shift your hips forward, down, stretch. Okay. Again.

Get those fingers all accounted for. Inhale, push through your heels. Now exhale, push through the heels as you come back home and inhale, push through those heels. Now make those heels accountable. Get them in there. Get them in their exhale. Exhale. Exhale. Again, ones leaving me here. Inhale, that's it. Now hurt me. Push hurt me, hurt me, hurt me. Keep going. Push, push, push. Exhale. Keep them. Keep them. Keep 'em come on more, more, more, more and more. Now Chin into your chest.

Make this pretty. Pull those abs in and now as you go into your up stretch, keep your tailbone hidden and fold yourself home. Okay, from here, press out through those heels. Drop now. Push through the heels as you come forward and high the tailbone as you come back home. Open your chest so you can breathe and inhale, push, exhale. Keep pushing through the heels.

Hide the tailbone and come back home. And inhale, press. Get those pinkies on that carriage. Press into them and hide and come back home one more time and prs it out and come forward. Push through those heels and come back home. Now lower the heels down. Keep that tailbone hidden, lift those abs, but open your chest. You need to breathe and inhale, push through the heels. Make it real small. And now exhale, come back home again. Just small. Inhale and exhale again.

Inhale, open your chest. A little x Hale again. Inhale and ex Haile will forward. Give your arms a break. Inhale and ex hale, and then go ahead and step down. Okay, long back stretch. Okay, so hands on the bar, heels. Press up against your shoulder rests.

Now keep those heels, get those toes away. It's almost like your heels trying to reach underneath the shoulder. Rest here, drop straight down, let the backs of the legs graze as you bring it forward. Lift and come back home. And now lengthen the backout. Long start long and drop down. Push through those heels, get those toes away. Lift and now push through the heels as you come back again.

Lower and press and lift and come back home. Now reverse it, push it out. Lower down, bring it in and up. Push through the heels and down and in and up. One more push and down and in and step off to the side. Yeah, stomach massage. So go ahead, slide your pad forward and attach all four springs.

Okay. Have a seat. I'll toes on the bar. Lift the abs away from the hip flexors and now press it out. Prs and lower and lift. Bring it in to lower lift and three. That's it. Push the bar away. Push the bar away as you come in. And press lower. Lift and again, press get those pinkies on that bar.

Press lower lift. One more time. Press lower lift. Take a middle. Spring away. Reach the hands back behind you. Okay. Lift up and let's try to take our hands back this way. That brings us back to your pole straps with your t right.

And press it out. And Lower and lift whole Lydian. And to lower KIPP, lifting the abs away from the hip flexors, three and for, and five and six. Push the bar away. And seven and eight.

Two more. I know what happens. One more. Okay. Take your middle. Spring away. Now reach those arms to me. Make them strong. Okay, so there's that pole again, right? We're going to fight each other, okay?

With a lot of fighting happens all the time. All right. Now push the bar away from you strong arms and now push the bar away from you as you come back in and push the bar away. Push the bar away as you come back in and push the bar away. Push the bar away as you come back in one more and come back in. Now take your hands, class from together. Okay, stay lifted. And now push and twist to the right.

Keep lifted, keep lifted. Now come back in and push and twist to the left. Keep lifting and come back in. Now go ahead. Open those strong arms and push and lift. Imitate that same feeling that you had with the arms clasped and to the left.

Reach and come back in and step off to the side. Okay, tendon stretch. So very small. Okay, we want to make sure that we do. We get what the exercise says. So I want you to stand with your feet around the edge there. Look towards your knees. Okay. Now from here, both of you, shift your body weight forward.

Okay? Now I want you to again, push through your heels. So keep yourselves forward, make it small, and just get a tendon stretch. So push out. Now pull those abs in and come back all the way home. Push those heels down.

Now push the heels down as you come back home. And again, stay more forward. Push. Stay away from my arm here. That's it. And come back up. Yeah, feel it. And push through the heels. Push through the heels as you come back up again.

One more. It's like your elephant. That's all you're doing. Just push through your heels, push through the heels, push through the heels and step off to the side. Okay. Bars, come down. Keep your pad where it is for now. Let's add your short box. Okay.

And we'll use your polls. Okay, I'm going to put it right behind here, so right behind the shoulder rest and then go ahead and stick that pad on. So it's about maybe a hands distance from the back. Okay. We'll use both straps cause you never know. There's always a backup. All right, now from here, sit back a little bit further.

So I want you to push through these heels. Yes, push, push. You'll never push through them enough. And now push your feet wide so there's absolutely no noise with these little hooks. Okay, not up. Put the pole underneath. Take your hands, place them on your low abs. Now push through those heels more. It's never enough for me.

And roll backwards. Roll back. Keep pushing through the heels. Keep pushing. Keep pushing. Now pull the abs away from the hip flexor cause you get a nice stretch. And now Chin in. Come back up. Keep pulling this away. Pull it away. Pull it away. Pull it away. Pull it away and home. No noise.

Go again. Roll back. Push through those heels. Keep pushing. Now pull that away. Push those heels more. Push it does right. And now chin into the chest. Push, push, push. And one more time and roll back. Okay.

And Chin in and come back up. Grab the Poles. Okay. Again, even hand on your pole. Okay, we'll hold a little bit wider. Just go a little bit. Yes. There you go. Now find the tailbone. Okay, so come back just a hair just with the lower part of your body. So sit back here more.

[inaudible] and now bring your shoulders a little bit forward. Yes. Okay. From there, keep that position and just tip backwards. Tip. And now come back up. Lift. Find the tailbone. Don't let it leave you. Yes. And bring the shoulders a little bit in front of the hipbones, right.

Cause we're boxing. We're not going to box towards the back, right? We're boxing to the front. So pull the hip, pull that back. More there. Now go for it. Tip. Lengthen, reach and come back. Find it. [inaudible] one more time and lengthen and come back up. And now reach over to the right and stretch over.

Now as you go to the right, yes, side bend. So reach more though. Reach. Make it more of the line. There you go. Now push through that left heel. That's how you get the hip down. By pushing through that left heel. Come back up and reach over. Reach. Pull this back there. Lengthen. I'll push through that right heel. Nice.

And come back up and reach. So now push through the heel and reach from here. So under, under, under those arms and come back up and other side and reach and lengthened more there and come back up. Twist and reach, twist and reach and lift up and come back home and twist and reach. Push through those heels. Come back up, twisted and center and twist and reach and lift and come back home. One more. Twist and reach length and longer. Come back up and center. Put the pole underneath.

Take one leg out for your tree. Take the leg, extend it and release and two and release and three. Walk your hands up. Now aim the top of the head towards your knee cap. Okay, tip backwards. Take the whole shape back. Now. Push through that heel, walked down the leg, walk down, keep lengthening, and then come back up again. Aim the top of the head towards the kneecap and give that hip flexor a little breathing room again and back down. That's it. And come back up length in the leg. Pull the ABS away, away, away, top of the head to the knee. And one more time.

That's it. Push through the heel and come back and release switch legs. Okay. And now as you do this, sit a little forward, right? Cause we're boxing. And take the leg there. Now extend it and release and two and release and three.

Then you start stretching where you need it and tip back. Walk down in a way. Lengthen and come back up. Keep that space stretch and back down and come back up. Pinch there, push through that heel. And one more time back down. Now push through that heel of that supporting leg. So you get that stretch that you crave. Come back up and release.

Step off. Take your boxes away. Okay. Okay. And we'll set up for semi-circle. Now let's take the risks, the hands, and let's bring them a little bit above the shoulder. Okay? Okay. There you go. Now from here, feeling all those toes as much as you can on that bar. Okay, lower down. So you go towards the springs.

Now push through the toes, push through the hands, and press it out. Now from here, get your hipbones to face that back wall as soon as you can. As you lift up, lift, get the hipbones facing the back wall and now come back home. Okay. So even as you go down, get your hipbones to face the back wall. There you go. They keep facing, they keep facing. Now they face straight up. Now try to push through the toes and keep your heels away from the frame and from here. Hipbones to the back wall and come back home.

Now one more time that way. And let's shorten it a little. So lower down and press freeze. Now hipbones to the back wall. Yes. And come back home. Reverse it. So keep it shorter like that and push it away. Now stay here for a second. Push through your toes. Push through your arms. Get a stretch now.

Hipbones to the back wall. As you lower. Come in and now curl. Get those hip bones to the back wall as soon as you can and come home and press it out. Push that bar away. And now lower down and bring it in. And now hipbones to the back wall. Come on. Work at. Work. At work at. Yes. Lift more and more and more. And come back home one more time and press it away and lower down and bring it in. And now come on, curl.

Get the hipbones to the back and come home. Okay. Pull yourself back onto the carriage. Step off to the side. Okay. Lift your bar up for knee stretches. Okay, from here, sit back. Find me that space in the hip flexor, right hands all accounted for.

Open your chest so you can breathe. And now do one slow for me. So what I want you to do, push through the heels now. Push through the heels as you come back in and go for it. Two and in three and in four and in. Keep the heels accountable and six school, the inner thighs.

Seven breathe and eight. Two more. Nine. One more. 10. Now arch the back open. Do the exact same thing. And push and push. And to keep pushing the heels. Three and in four and in five school, use the inner thighs.

Six and seven and eight and nine and 10. Now instead of knees off, let's do one knee off. So take, leave your left leg, take your right foot and bring it forward. So just to the tips of your toes, there's not too much weight on it, okay? But I want all five toes. Nice. And even, and now lift the knee up. Pull those abs in. Now push through that back leg one. Keep the heels to keep the heels. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight and switch.

And now foot back, foot forward and push one in. Go lower. Keep it low. Three. That's it. Push through the heel. Five, six, seven, eight and step off to the side. Okay. And that Nice. Go ahead and lie down. Let's, um, we'll work with three springs and go into running. Okay, so push the carriage away from you. Now all those toes on press into those triceps, right? Remember what we did at the very beginning and now lower one heel and lift one heel and switch and change and switch and change.

So keep that going. Keep pulling the abs away from the hip flexor. But think back to the very beginning where we did foot, um, foot work. And we did the 10 inch stretch and I said push through the heels on the way down. Push through the heels on the weight up. So this is just hard. But again, it's not about ankle popping. It's about how do we do running and put it into our abs.

That's it. And now lift both heels up. Push the bar away as you come back in. And now your pelvic lift. So let's be a little different. Not too different, but let's go onto the arches of our feet and parallel. Okay, so now from here, press into the arms, lift those hips up and go ahead and lift them up higher. Lift them up. Yeah. Okay. So right under those shoulder blades, make that muscle and push it into the carriage.

Now keeping the feet and the knees nice and straight. Push the bar away from you. Squeeze those inner thighs. Now push the bar away from you as you come back in. That's it. And we're trying not push away and push away as you come back in, twisting the foot at all. We're trying to keep it nice and even and push it away and resist the inner thighs as you come back in and push it away.

[inaudible] and now resist the inner thighs. Smoosh me there. Come back again. Push it away and push it away as you come back in and push it away and push it away as you come back in. Do One more. Push it away. Nice and long. Lengthen. Lengthen. Lengthen away from me. Away from me. That's it. Come back in and now, nice and easy. Lower down. Let your spine keep chasing your tail bone.

So your tailbone gets longer and longer and longer and longer and longer. Yes. Step off to the side. Let's work on two springs and we will do your side split. Yes. Okay, so step up on top of the carriage.

I'd go right in the middle of it and now take the outside foot. There you go. And bring it back here a little bit towards their [inaudible]. Now, toe, heel, toe, heel and twist the other foot all the way over towards the shoulder rest. So your toes end up to be as even as we can get them. Okay, reach those arms out. Now, strong arms, right. Push down on two magic circles. Make that muscle for me.

Take the whole foot. So you got to push this whole foot on the carriage. And now press it out. Hold it, two, three and now lift. Squeeze those inner thighs. Hold to three and push it away. Now inner thighs, don't forget about the inner thigh, right? That's on the frame. Squeeze that inner thigh a little bit more.

It gets lost in the mix sometimes and press it out. Hold it. Two, three strong arms, yes. And lift two, three. Now keep lifted. Toe, heel, toe, heel that foot into the middle of the carriage. Step on your carriage. Turn towards your springs and now to the other side. So use the same shoulder rest. So you're going to come forward. Now here, there you go. Toe, heel, toe, heel. Reach those arms out and now push it away and come back in and push it away.

Hold it. That's it. Now come forward a little just with the shoulders. Cause if we were fighting right, you'd have to be ready. Come back in. And again, tailbone straight down to the floor, press it out, hold it, hold it, hold it and come back in. Toe, heel, toe, heel, step onto the carriage and then stepped down. And now lastly your front splits. So hands on the bar, stand on top, take your right foot, place it up on the bar first and now, toe, heel, toe, heel that other foot back.

And I want your heel to end up to be kind of on the inside of that shoulder. Rest a bit. Okay, so let's bring it in here a little. So just makes it a little bit closer. Brings your legs a little closer together. Okay, sit as far forward on this heel as you can. Open your chest so you can breathe. But relax. You're next. There you go.

And now press it out and bring it back in. [inaudible] and again, press it out and bring it back in Nice and tight and press it out and barring it back in. Now stay in, take the arms, reach them out, up and now double them up behind the head. Then this down here a little bit. Now give me a little space here. Squeeze those inner thighs. Sometimes that helps square the hips. [inaudible] and push the bar away with the front leg only and bend and come back in. So your back legs there for support, but the front leg is what's making that carriage move and come back in.

And one more time just with that front leg push and bring it back in. And now take the hands, reach him up, bring him back down and now lift the back heel. Twist and drop the knee down. Okay, here we go with that heel again, right? All right. Drop your head now. Push through that heel as you go out and push through that heel as you come back in and stretch and again, push it out and come back in. That's it. Push more with your back leg. Push out there.

Give me that space and bring it back in, in, in. Now, take the hands, reach 'em down. Lift up now push through the heel. Let your eyes follow your index fingers and lift up. Lengthen that spine, lengthen it, lift, grow taller, grow taller. And now follow the finger back down. Follow it, follow it, follow it, and then switch legs. Nice. Okay, so do you try to do your front foot first?

There you go. Okay, stretch forward. And now push it away. [inaudible] and push it away as you come back in your right press and bring it back in and press and bring it back in. And now reach those arms up behind the head. Okay, give me that little space. Now.

Push with the front leg only there and bring it back in and push and bring it back in. That's it. Don't forget about the arms. Even though they're behind you and bent doesn't mean they're not working. Push and come back in. Reach the hands up and bring him down to the bar. Lift the back heel, bend the knee and now press the foot.

Press that five forward and now try to just push through the back leg. Okay, so push out. So make it more, yeah. Then the, the front leg doesn't take over and then bring it back in and keep stretching cause you want that hip flexor to get that stretch and lift those abs out of there. And again, push and come back up. That's it. Now lift there, lift, lift, lift. And one more time. And push through the heel. Open your chest and come back. Reach those hands up. Let your eyes follow the fingers. Now lift your waist out of the hips. Lift, push through the back heel. Push, push, push. And now lift up. Lift the arms longer. Follow him back down.

And you ladies are done.


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Thank you Dana, the class was awesome! The detailed cues from Footwork on kept me feeling connected the whole way through.
Jennifer W
1 person likes this.
Fantastic class! Clear and helpful cues! Thank you!!
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way to go, dana! in your welcome video, your description of the learning environment under juanita was right on: i admire your thoughtful, accurate, and heartfelt portrayal. super job teaching - just like i remember you! congratulations all around! xoxoxo
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Great pace, wonderful instruction, awesome workout...Thank you Dana!
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I loved being a student for you Dana! Thank you for a very memorable class---incredible cues, demanding and clear!
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Great class! Thank you!
Your passion for Pilates blossoms in your teaching! Challenging class, thank you!
2 people like this.
Timely detailed flow of Romana's classical Reformer sequence. As students travel from one instructor to another, knowledge of the classical technique is invaluable. Thank you.
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WOW! Excellent class! Very challenging:) Thank you!
Mary L
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OMG Best reformer class on the web. So happy you added Dana Santi to the group Can't wait to learn more from her.
Good job Pilatesanytime!!
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