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Advanced Reformer Flow

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Adrianne Crawford teaches an advanced Reformer workout, complete with flowing student transitions between the exercises. Her detailed tactile and verbal cueing takes you through traditional exercises such as Overhead, Horseback, Swan on the Box, Breaststroke, Snake & Twist, Balance Control with dismount, and much more.
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Mar 11, 2014
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Good afternoon. This is Colleen. I'm Adrian. I'm going to be teaching and advanced reformer today. Hello, wonderful student. Let's get started. We're going to start on the reformer and we're going to stay on the reformer to call and go ahead and have a seat. Get yourself into your position for foot work, good and nice, long wide turnout and let's get a nice anchor in your spine and [inaudible] lengthen. Begin to extend out. Good.

Now she's doing an advanced workout, so we're going to pretty much move. I do want you to control it though on the end. Sorry, a little more control coming in, four and no wider than your hips. Five. So knees stay line with your hips, six or shoulders and make sure you keep the wrap. Eight nine Coleen's on poor springs. You listened to what works for you, either three or four springs.

Now move a little bit to the right call and continue on to pulling in and up. Three little smoother on that. That's it for five. So you stay in control of the spring. Six seven she's going into ten eight warming up, nine 10 transitioning to her heels extend out and one long neck. Soften your shoulders, but working three, four with the beauty of the springs is they help you to find where that resistance comes from. Six, 7:00 AM I miss counting?

Eight. Okay, two more. Nine and last one. Like she has a smile on her face. Go to your toes, into a tendon. Stretch out. One, two, three. Down. One, two, three. Up, three counts down, three counts up. Don't skip those. They really help you to get that extension and from the hips and the ankles. 10 Times five, pulling up. Six, deepening the powerhouse, pulling in and pulling up. That's it.

Eight on looking graceful and 10. Now she's ready to transition and take her bar down while she grabs the strap simultaneously next time. And Go ahead and actually call and take your headrest down as well. You're going to go to your hundreds so you want to bring the bar up and because she's advance, she's going right into position with the legs long and burry. Five.

Let's bring those arms up a little bit higher above the hips and stretch them forward playing in 20 now she's breathing and working hard. 30 a little less energy in those ankles, but stretching 50 I want you to lift your legs a little bit more. That's it. 62 three five concentrating on the length, the spine and the scoop of the belly. Still squeezing those in her thighs. 90 I had her put her head dress down because she was going to be prepared for the next exercise.

100 you're going to bring herself in or you're going to drop your springs. So she'll take the handles in one hand. She'll sit up and drop two springs. She's getting ready for overhead and I usually like to take two springs from the middle. Now she's working hard in her teaser position. Very nice. Alright, so because she's going into her overhead, I'm going to help spot that. Coleen, start with your legs extended out long or great. She's already there.

Ready for me. And Begin. Take your legs over on one and then lift onto a little bit more. Lift your seat and lower down three, four, stretch your arms. Five. Lower the legs. Six over one. Not so far here. I want you only to hear just about 60 degrees.

That way you don't get into your neck up and now lower three, four, stretch your back. Five, six. So control it. Don't go all the way over. That's better and lift. Beautiful. Nice hip correction there and lower. One of her hips was hiking and she knew what to do because she's advanced. Now you're sliding down a little bit. Holt calling, come back down.

If you get too far away from the shoulder pads, that's not good. You don't want to get into your neck, so get yourself back into a good position that you're not too from far from the shoulder pads, but you're also not squished. All right, arms down, legs over one lift. Way Up there. Now push your right hip forward a little bit. Beautiful. Now keep stretching up. Reach those toes to the ceiling and then roll down. I'm going to have you do one more and arms down, legs over Jack. Knife up. Big Lift right there. Now. Can you hold that?

So she has to really reach those arms out to continue that lift and now bring herself down, down, down, and arms up. Beautiful into her coordination. Great. Elbows are in and begin stretching away. Open close knees, arms in with the open close. Oh was e. Exhale. Now I'm going to grab you. I want you to squeeze and then Oh, push me away and the pool and, Oh man, strong. Start again. Bend through you off there. Inhale, reach the legs and arms.

Open-Close knees in, arms up. Do One with Chris Cross beats. Inhale, stretch. Cross the leg. They can't do three crawling to at six, seven, eight. Neesan arms up and arrest. All right, she's going to go ahead and put her straps on the pegs. She'll now need a box, a pole and a pad. Well actually let me correct that. She needs just the box cause she's going to set up for her.

Her Swan on the box had the pad is good as well because she'll maybe need that for the padding. Puts that in front. She's got her straps prepared for the next exercise. After that she, she's on two springs and she's going to go ahead and lower herself down into a bit of a frog position. There's a couple of different ways to do get into this position, but I'm going to have her knees on the outside of the carriage. You can also have them on the inset. I prefer the outside hips are curl down. She's prepared to go.

She's going to begin with an arch. She can lift her arms, flip the palms and exhale arch back lift. Try not to move the carriage and now she's going to extend out long reach. Take a nice inhale and exhale arch back. I'm going to have her take her arms and circle them back. Deep breath in. Re Circle back up, reach for the ceiling, scoop through ribs and exhale, come on down. So now that you kind of have an idea of what you're doing, begin inhale up, exhale back, lift the powerhouse. Inhale, stretch your legs, reach your sides out. Long, exhale back, take their arms back, big circle up.

Reach for the ocean out there and come back down and keep those heels together. One more time. So three times. Inhale up, exhale back, more energy. Reach forward, scoop those ribs. Exhale back circley arms. Lift the arms, reach for the ocean scoop, then come down or whatever's in front of you, you can reach for it. Then she's going to stand. Drop one spring. Drop her pad and get ready for pulling straps. So you want to make sure the carriage is in and you want to make sure your shoulders are on. The box can move backwards just a little bit.

Grab your straps, you can move the handles, you can hold the handles. Great. Especially with this wood floor. It'll just clank around. All right, keeping herself long, lifting her ribs. Open the chest. I want you to draw up your chest calling even more lower, so keep your chest on, but open your chest up.

Roll the shoulders back and lower the arms so you'll hold for three counts. I had her hold a little bit longer and I'm holding her legs to keep her centered and reached down to the floor. Lift up, open your chest. Little bit lower here, squeeze here, and the lower the arms. And Walmart time. Drop your Chin a little bit less energy. There you go. Now reach with the arms. I'm going to grab you.

I want you to rule those shoulders together. Holt crack that walnut between the shoulders, three and lower. She's ready now for her teas, so whole she'll slide her hands down. Arms are up this side and begin or reach back. Now this one, lift your chest, lift your head, lengthen while you're lifting and bring yourself back in and or reached back. Squeeze your seat and pool that.

Lift the dummy and open all the way and make sure you get that carriage and you're not equated. That's where you want to start is in. Now she can go again. One more time. All the way back. Open up your chest, put a little weight on your left hip, Colleen and open the arms. Bring herself in. She is now going to take the straps. The one hand she's going to set up for backstroke, which means she needs to add a spring, so she's back to two springs. We're working on the grots reformer, which is one of my favorites because of the transitions and because the spring resistance it allows. Wonderful. All right, so you saw how she got into position. She sat down with both hands, straps in her hand, arms and legs are going to follow each other up open.

She's going to reach for the toes and count one, two and come back in. So they count as six counts. You inhale up one, you exhale, two. You inhale, you're sharp on three. Squeeze your seat. Four, five, bend in six. Inhale one. Exhale two. Now together quickly. Sorry, little sharper. Three, four, five, common six. So do that again. Inhale one, exhale two together. Three beautiful reach, four, five, come back and six. Reverse those calling. Reach out long and hold. One, two, open. Take, gather and bend. Inhale, stretch and a hole that, let me see that lift. Beautiful. Open. Exhale and come back. And one more time. Inhale does stretch.

Beautiful. Keep reaching. Got a little more. They're open, left together and then now she's ready for a teaser, so she needs to take the shop's in one hand. Sit Up in a teaser in order to drop a spring. Good. And she adjusts the straps. She lies in a beautiful crucifix position and she's beginning to peel up off the mat nice and controlled. So now let's turn out a little bit. Now just go ahead and come back down. Let's do that again.

So I'm going to have a start again. She whipped up a little too quickly and that's where her, her balance was thrown off. So starting with the arms, get a little tension on the strap. Now Curl your chin to your chest. Fill this in Util Nan. Come up. That's it. Now you're finding the control. Open your chest a little bit slow and controlled.

Lower and lift the arms three times. Don't go past your hips. Just go to the top of hips, one up towards the ears. That's what you're working on. Getting arms up three and then brewing yourself down one vertebra at a time, just like you would on the mat with roll-ups. Now I'm going to have her do some circles. Peeling up. Reach for the toes.

Find your position. Don't tense the shoulders. Relax the Elvis. And circle what and now up and open. I want you to lift the arms. Stay up there. Three. You're going to do one more year and come up, and now you're going to around, back down. That's it. Now she's ready to reverse her circles. Remember, you're pulling in, you're pulling in, you're coming up, you're balancing. Lean back a little bit. Open your chest, pollute, shoulders back now. Arms down, and exhale. Use the breathing. Inhale.

Exhale. Stay in control. You got one more and exhale, and then bring yourself down. Beautiful. She's gonna take her straps once again in one hand, because now she's setting up for her horseback. So she's going to stay on one spring and then she's going to step off. She'll adjust the straps behind her back. Exactly, and then she'll fit close to the back. Maybe a little bit forward, not too far back. Exactly. Start with your straps are actually criss crossing that the common mistake.

Good. And let's start in your c curve. Okay, so your head is forward. Your feet are flex. I want you to Tuck a little bit more in the hips. That's it. Keep the elbows tight. Tier Ribs. Now you're going to come up. So stretch the legs, fall a little bit forward, and really get those hips under and bend the elbows in three times. One, they'll stay up there too. And one more. Three bend journeys and sit back down.

I mean it helps spotter this time and you'll see the difference on how high should she really be. She's working hard though. Okay, so same idea. You're going to stretch out. The legs will start to straighten. You can go ahead and even rotate those knees in so you get a good hug on those inner thigh. I'm going to grab you. I want you to lift up and Tuck more. Get here. That's it. Really. Curl the hips. Now elbows in and lift your hips. One.

Get that hip tuck. Stay over the hips. Fall forward to one more. Yes, there it is. Three, bend your knees and come back down. All right, so now you kind of understand where you're working. It's really deep and it's hard to stay up there because you've got gravity. Yeah. All right, so you got one more. Yeah. You could add circles if you'd like, but let's stick to this. The in and out. That's hard enough for now and now up to you goes, that's it.

Get up there. Get that space between your thighs and now elbows in one and get up there again to don't lose that. Rotate the thighs, squeeze your seat. Three do one mark up. Bend the elbows into the ribs and sit back down. Okay, so now she's going to go into her brush stroke and it's a nice little treat after all that. At least I believe so. It feels good and I need a pad so that you don't slip off.

I like to put it right at the end and then you want, when you get on, you want to make sure just the knees are off the back so you'd go ahead and take your strap. She's going to get herself into position by reaching for, we're pulling the bar, the box back a bit, getting her knees just off the back. That's it. Now let's get those straps to the outside. All right, calling. You're going to begin with Surrey kicks. One, two. Sorry. The feet drop. Hey, glass, dad's it. That's it. Beautiful. Control it. Tongue back down and drop your head a little bit in chest two, three and lower.

Now she's going to go a little bit quicker through the flow of the movements. One, two, three and now control in circle and now you're going to reverse. So three sets of three. Two, three, reversed the arms, big lifts stretched to the opposite side of the room and bring herself down. And one, two, three up. She goes, big lifts. This is a wonderful back stretch and reach and strengthening exercise.

And one more time. One, two, three. Lower the legs and up. Reach forward, reach for reach forward. Lower your head, but keep reaching out and lift those ribs. Keep going down, keep going down, keep going down. That's it. Beautiful. All right, so the last one was the best one. All right, let's go ahead and get rid of your straps. Bring yourself. Then you can just, actually what we'll do is put them on the floor and then she's going to switch to her short box here. So here she'll need the pad in the bar. And then call and you're tall enough to be able to put the box over over the shoulder pads and then I'm going to grab your bar for you and we'll put that underneath you and then go ahead and have a seat with your feet underneath the strap and then, yeah, moved back a little bit. So the space and you make sure you have just the hands with turn the back. You want it to be too far forward so you just start with your hugs to give yourself a hug. Good. Let's go ahead and turn, rotate out a little bit in your hips. All right, and I'm just going to square you off a little bit. All right, in your, see she's going to realm back.

She's only needing to go to like a tabletop position just to about right here. Really Curl and now use the arms and exhale, bring herself over the hips and do that again. One more like that. And then I might have you go all the way back and stretch. Inhale, squeeze, exhale, scoop in and over. So you're staying in your seat. Now I'm going to have it go back and stretch. You can inhale her feet, stay flexed. Exhale, take the arms or reach underneath the reformer and give yourself a pool. But as you pull, you're still pulling in those ribs. Yes.

So you have that protection. Now she's going to wrap her arms around her waist. She's in your curl or chanter chest. Squeeze your seat and stretch back over one more. This time you can do a little push up. Have you done that before? Okay. You can go back. Take your hands to the floor. Push up.

Beautiful. And bring yourself back down. Hands around the waist. Curl and scoop. Sorry. Right. All right. She's gonna grab her bar. She's ready for her fat. Flat back. But let's do one thing. Let's move you back a little bit on your box before you do that.

Good. All right, so just three during a hinge. She's working very hard and it's hot out today. Okay. The only thing is make sure your hands are in your peripheral. You don't want your arms back here. You want to always be able to see yourself, your window. This is your imaginary window. A little bit more forward. That's it. Good, nice and strong.

And now let's see some length through your side, not your legs so much. Keep those legs a little softer. [inaudible] that's better. And in restaurants, you're going to go to your side, stretch. Your arms will come up, relax your legs, lean into it, lift up, float over. Now I want your, that's pretty good except for your ribs are out. You're arching your back. Zack coming back up. I want you to go ahead and bend.

Bend to refer now closes, rips though and then come back up. Little Waltz, one, two, three, up to three. Over over. You got a lot more range. They're over. I've got you. Now I want you to lean forward over your heads much more forward and push your left side forward. That's it. Then come up. Okay. Less tension in your shoulder and to the right over.

Fill this up, pull those ribs in. There it is. Hopefully you got to see that to get those ribs back. Now let's see you lick then and up one more each side on your own. Up and over. Keep your hips down as much as you can and then lift. Sometimes you can even go ahead and let your hip lift, hold your position and then push the hip down.

You feel that stretch and then come back up rest. So you bury it as you'd like. Okay. Going into a twist and then we'll just start with a twist and then we'll go to reaching in. Just a moment. Squeeze your seat, twist to the right and hinge. Look up, come back up. Center. Backout twist, left long side. So right and left side are always lengthening center. Now she's going to fish. She can at first hinge, go fishing.

She's got a very heavy fish on the end of that pole and center and left hand. Open up your chest. Coleen, I want you to look up, not down and good. Why don't you do you know around the world? Okay, so you're going to twist around the world as a combination. You can side center your body, go back to the opposite side, reach out just like you started there and come back to center. Then she's going to reverse that twist to the left hinge.

Now I'm going to help her. She's looking down. I want you to look up, get this side longer, longer, good. Now Center, fix those ribs. Good. Look left and breech. Close your ribs and sent her back out. Okay, that's plenty. You're going to put this far underneath you ready for your trees? Okay. All so she started with her, right? You can start with your right or your left. It really doesn't matter just as long as you start with something. All right, three extensions. One, two, three.

Go ahead and walk just to the ankle. Put your head on your leg. Now turn your leg out, calling and put your right. Your right leg. Line it with your right hip. It's falling in a little bit too much. Okay, and maybe hop your right hip forward. Do you want to get your hip placement correct before you move and now shoulders down. Alright. Ready? You're going to take you under leg back. Your other foot is flexed, walked down again.

You're just going to go to tabletop. Open up the chest, and now pull in. Bring yourself back up. Rock forward and let's see your back stretch. So you got your leg up there, but I want to see your back lifting. [inaudible] just a little less here. Good. All right, so you ready? Let's see that again. Your drop your head. Drop your shoulders.

Hold secret deep. Scooped up those shoulders. Lot of energy in there. All right, she's going to go back. She's got her foot connected to the strap so she doesn't fall and now she's going to walk down. She's using her powerhouse. She's trying to fill this up and that's where you want to be. So you need to work here a little bit more. Now come up, bring herself forward.

You're trying to keep those hips flat in squares. You're moving and forward. She goes and hall right here. Left. There it is. Okay, one more. Drop your head. Now if he'd like to go all the way back and stretch, she may. So another words, she's gonna first get into position. She'll walk down, she'll take her hands back behind her. She'll grab underneath and I'm going to have her do three circles, circling leg up, one hip circles to get a good kick on the up and get those ribs in. Sorry, I got in your way. They're reversed. And one to fill this in. And three. Now she's going to take both hands, reach for thigh curl or tinter chest and pull it, bring herself up.

Go ahead and take that leg out to side. Take your handle, square herself off. Take the leg as far back as you can, ideally behind your shoulder. Now get your c and if you need to have your right hip forward, do so, and it looks like you could [inaudible] get deeper into your seat and begin to round backwards. Okay? And now as you stop right there and then you're going to come up, pull the leg back more, keep it behind you, keep it behind you, keep it behind you, but keep those hips square. And now lift your back, get your squared box, and then cross the leg over and just, you're going to crossover and take your hands back. And she's just going to stretch a little treat after working so hard. Push this hip forward as you stretch. No, no, the other way. Yeah.

Square hips. Okay. She's ready for her other side. She's going to start with her trees. Left leg and three extensions. What? Two really tall. Three that, that's it. Beautiful. Drop your head, get into your seat and get those shoulder wings to drop.

Alright, you're ready. You're going to rock it back and you're in a walk down. I want to have your hips turned out. So again, turn this leg out from here. Squeeze. Yeah, you might have to move a little bit and then let's go ahead and come back up. Fall forward and go ahead and sit up tall. So what I'm seeing is your hips in particular are turning in.

Get to get that rotation in your hips to turn out. So that wrap. Alright. So keep your turnout and now around and rock back or walk down. And I want to shift you a little bit and then you're going to go ahead and lie all the way down and stretch back. Yup. Reach back. And I want you to come back up. So we did a little bit different this time.

Curl your chin to your chest around forward. Bring yourself up, sit up tall. She's going to do one more with the circles that this time hold underneath onto the side. Yes, just to the side. Or you can do the push up position and circle all in one. I'm out of the way. So now you can see two and get those ribs to stay together. Three and again, this is very advanced.

You have to have a strong back to do these kinds of things. And a reach for your thigh. Admit them if they don't work for you, obviously listen to your bodies forward and instead of tall, it's rocky. Pull it a little bit more and lift your back. Let's get you back into sitting. So lift your head up and stretch right here, Callie. That's it. Great. Now take your leg and move it to the side. You'll take the handlebar, get yourself square enough that you feel you're supported to go back, drop your head, rock back. Hey, and I'm going to grab her a little bit and then as she comes up, she's in that power house. Pull your leg behind you as you come forward.

That's it for forward for forward. Now she's ready to sit up tall first, get your position and then cross the leg over. Then square yourself once again and then stretch. That's it. Okay, she's going to get rid of her box and her pole, but she'll keep her pad and I'm having her do this because in real time when you're doing this, this is how long it takes to get rid of your box. Get rid of your pole, lift your head rest and put your pad on the headdress and lift your bar back up.

She stayed on two springs and now she's ready to get into position for a long stretch. So hand, foot, hand, foot, right into position. Alright, good. Long neck, a little bit longer. Now she's going to push away and Ramana really had us moving on. These you would really make you push out. Keep those things up and come right back in and really get yourself out there.

Now open your chest, get those shoulders to drop. Beautiful. Do One more back and whoa all the way over to the bar and now she's going to lower to her knees and get ready for her down stretch. So her feet now transition to the shoulder pads. Her hips will fall forward and she's going to breathe. Inhale on the back. Exhale, come in and really get those shoulders way back there and lift your powerhouse and again about three times.

Drop your head and now lift your head and open the chest all back. Way, way back. There it is. That's what we want. All right, one more time. Inhale, tight shoulders. Axial. Want to get those shoulders? Yeah. Oh, Ben. Yes. Beautiful. She's lifting okay. Into your up. Stretch onto your toes.

Head down. All right, let's shift you a little forward. That's a better position. Nice. See, she's got all right. Using your hips. She's ready to push away, lower into one straight line, and then open your chest. Coleen, lift your head a little bit. Open here. That's it. And then get back into position. All right, so she pushed out, but she almost went a little too far for her shoulders. So I'm holding her here because up here you should not move.

Use your legs and your hips and powerhouse. Now she can push a little bit further. Push up, push out, push out and lower your hips at the same time. Now open your chest and lift your head and you get your chest open more. Yes. Now I'm going to let go. That's what she needs to do next time. Drop your head. So don't push with the arms. Hips.

Stay on my hand out out a little bit further out. [inaudible] with the legs and the heels and then come back and that was it. Okay, go to Arabesque Elephant. So then she's already on her toes. I'm going to have her take one leg up behind her. So whichever leg you'd like to start with. Beautiful.

Let's try to square those hips though a little bit more. Drop your left hip, lift that left leg, get your c. So scoop those ribs and now out with the right up with the ribs, three counts sent out. Lift your leg, get that leg way up there too and out. And one, two, three and switch sides three times. Okay, she's got a beautiful extension, but get up into those ribs. So this is her. Excuse me. This is her working side out. This is where you'll feel it. Lift, lift right in here. Three and one, two, three. That's it. Now as you're pulling in, your leg should still be extending up and that say go to a flat foot for elephant on a flat foot and you'll do about five. Let's shift you forward though. Good. Get a good seat. And out you go.

And in two, three, let's see, not so much work here, but more of your toe lifting. So you get a good stretch. Excuse me. And tumor out soft to three. She's going to go back to two springs and she's going to get in position for her long back. So this is where her feet go against the shoulder pads and her chest is open and she's ready to go. So this is tough on the rest.

You got to have strong risks for this and you gotta be strong in general. All right, so she's gonna start by lowering down, bending the elbow in, not out. Push away. Keep the heels pushing in, lift your hips and then dragging it. Now this is the toughest part to open up the chest. Lift your head, Callie open. Now lower your hips. Skim your back against that bar. So go down, push up, lift your hips, crack a walnut between your shoulders and and in and lower. Use that right shoulder. One more time. Don't go too low.

Do what your body can do and then come in and open the chest. I'm going to pull you back now you're okay to reverse. Pushed you out lower. Don't okay on the wrist. Lower. Come in and lengthen and out. Lower it and open and out low and get that right shoulder back and that's it.

Sit on the bar. Okay. She was working hard there. Stay here. She's got tight shoulder, so that's really hard for her. That's good though. All right, so you're going to go to your arches for your tendon. Stretch your standing. So loop your thumbs around the bar for this loop. Your thumbs. Yeah, cause you don't want to fall off of here. All right. Her head is down. I'm spotting her. He, this one feels like you can do a somersault.

She's gonna push out with her legs, her powerhouse. She's trying to get her bottom and front of the bark. So ready. She's going to push away. Keep going, keep going. Keep going. That's it. Now try not to touch the bar as you come back in. Nice and easy. Nice and control all the way and she's going to do one more.

So that was two out. She goes and up and I think control, control it, control it, control it, control it and up and bend your knees and rest. You're allowed to take a rest and now are you. Would you like to do their side? Those are fun. Let's do a few or hubspot. You at first she was going to stand. Then she's going to take her inside hand or her right hand inside her leg.

Exactly. Keep weight on this foot. No, it doesn't have to be huge. Do what you can push out. Eventually. These can be bigger. I'm gonna pull you back a little bit. I want you to take some of that energy from your knee and relax. Yes. Now push out and pull up into your stomach to Walmart out.

Curl Your Chin and left. That's it. I'm going to have a rest. She'll switch legs and get into the right position. So her now, her right foot is kind of between two of the springs lined with your hip basically. Right hip, right leg and up and around in here, out and left and out. This such a little stronger left so I'm not spotting as much and lift. Beautiful. All right, go ahead and arrest once again and then I'll have her step off and let's go to your chest expansion. Oh, I'm sorry.

Let's go to your stomach massage and then we'll move on from there. So she's going to go to four springs or you can do three springs, whatever you started with, with for your foot work, you had four to stay on for round into your C. And I'm gonna have you move fairly quickly on these. Tuck your Chin a little bit more and out you go lower than now. Callie, lift her hips up more and stretch forward. We'll get those ribs back. So round mark three curl down here with your head. Four. That's it.

And Five I wanna grab Ya. Six up and over seven you feel that head over. So stretching eight up and over in a curve. Nine and 10. All right, she's gonna drop a spring. Move her hands back for her tall back. Knees don't go wider than your hips.

And Go ahead and turn your palms out a little bit more. Yes. So you're not torquing your wrist too. Now let me make your accent in three and I like a little rhythm when I'm working for, just keeps the flow moving and the energy in it. That's it. And that's where you find the end. Six it'll tell you seven and stay lifted in those ribs.

Eight add a little more accent. Yeah, go ahead. One more. And now she's going to drop a spring. She did 10 on 10 of H. Hands Up. I now bring those knees in. Now stretch out. So don't fall forward. Lean back, lean back. Now relax. Now come in and reach for my shoulder, but with your back lift, lift, lift and out.

And I'm going to come behind you. You're going to do the same thing. You're gonna come back in and I want you to really lift here. Okay? Tomorrow out. No shoulders, energy from the shoulders. Lift the hips and last one out and relax your elbows. Come back in. I'm going to grab you. I want you to use me to help lift you.

All right. You're ready. You're going to twist. You're going to drop your shoulders and twist to the right and come in. That's beautiful. Her heels are up. Her hips are even her shoulders are back. Well, her right shoulder could pull back a little bit more and out chest is open too. This is a great chest expansion exercise really gets you open there.

And that's enough. I'll give her a little stretch. If you'd like to stretch, just grab the bar and straighten her legs. And now she's ready to step off. And let's go ahead and go to um, your, you're gonna drop your head rest. You're going to grab your straps and get set up for your long straps. So you're going to take your long straps and then put them inside your strappy. So you're going to, if you have a grotto, there's a certain way to do this. You want to take the handle and the strap and loop your black strap between if you have balanced body, I think all you need to do is put your straps on your feet.

You need the longer straps basically. All right, so we're going to put those down. She's going to do some leg circles and frogs. So whatever you use for leg circle thing froze. What you're going to do first, she's going to lie down and I took her head rest down cause after this she's going to do her shorts by massage. So let's go ahead and put these on your feet and bend your knee and you're going to stretch out and do some frogs. [inaudible] to about five times. Get your back long. Three, four and one more and five and come back.

And now she could have used the short strap, so that's fine. But I just prefer that I want to take these off and then I'm going to put the straps on your feet for your shorts. Find the shot. I think just after all that work, I liked the idea of being able to get the full extension on those. Alright, so now we're going to adjust the straps for, for shorts by massage. So the strap goes inside the handlebar. So now the straps are shorter.

And also I like to emphasize that the straps are longer for frogs and circles and shorter for short span, right? Yeah. She's going to have to adjust them so they don't bump into her ankles. Roll yourself down and do your short. So you're going to extend out and lift your hips, float up and over. Bend your knees and roll, roll, roll and stretch.

I want your legs a little longer and then pull in and keep continuing down. Lift your hips, Colleen, up over bend and you can just go ahead and bring the heels with you. Unless you like that stretch, which I do, but we're all a little bit different. Control the over there. She don't just fly over your, you're always in control of these. Go ahead and get more extension next time. So out hips with your legs up and over. I'm gonna to have her do one more, Ben. So this one, I'm gonna have her leave her feet to rock her seat and stretch the legs.

I'm going to get those legs long, longer. So right down here, can you drop your tailbone mar that you're like straighter. There you go. Feel that it's a wonderful stretch and then come back down a little bit lower. So your tail bums down. Last one. You can do it however you like with the stretch or not out hips and legs though. Up Together. Beautiful up float over long, long arms.

Your arms are always stretching. That's far. Not Bend your knees. Don't touch the shoulder pads. Just to there. And then if you'd like to straighten your legs, you can or you can just bring the heels down and then bring yourself down. And really the way you dismount is you drop the straps behind your head by lifting your bottom up into the air. And then you would just not even use your hands.

You would just drop them off your feet. Okay. And then let's go ahead and sit up and step off and go to your chest expansion. So now I will go ahead and she's already on to spray. She's ready to go. She can take her handles, hooking her feet on the back. Don't fall back too much. You're gonna inhale, open up the chest.

Lean a little bit forward. Colleen. Look right. Center, left center. Exhale. Okay. So this time you're reversing that. You're an inhale, grow tall, up left center right center. And exhale. One more set. Inhale back look. Right Center, left center. Exhale. And last time. Inhale, lift the powerhouse. Look the left center right center. Exhale, move yourself forward. Get set up for your thigh. Stretch.

Now this you need to add a spring cause she is on three springs. Drop your chin to your chest, a little baby out there, and then you're going to hinge backwards. Keep Your Chin curled. You're going to keep your head down for the first set and she's going to go as far as she can. And then she's going to lift with the straps. Lift with the ribs in and the hips up. And now if you'd like to arch back, she can say she first, her head is down, Chin to chest. There you go. Weighted the head forward. Fall back.

Now open up your chest. Open the shoulders, drop that curl your chin, lift arms, lift the arms, lift the arms, let the straps pull you back up. That's it. Ready? One more time. I want to come a little bit lower so I can get a better position. And do you and she'll do one more with her head back. Exhale, open the chest, curl your chin, lift those arms, lift them up, up, up. That's it. So you've got a reign of horses. That's enough. All right, she was going to turn around. She still has her hands. I went to drop her spring.

She's going to go to one because now she's ready for her arms circle. All right, nice and strong. Three circles each way. Control it because now that it's very light, you've transitioned from three springs to only one, so you want to make sure and control by using that powerhouse. Now reverse the reverse is much harder. Exhale to really use those ribs in your bottom here. Three, you can come back down and now you're going to do one more into your shaving position. You have to lean into it. Bend the elbows to the base of the neck, way back here, and then exhale.

Lean a little bit forward more and really stretch those arms out out, out, and Walmart out. Open their arms, go to a hug. Inhale. Now she could have done her rowing series and don't think we did that today, but that's fine. This is part of the rowing series. When you're sitting and three now elbows in and curl up one and all the way down. Now your elbow should be on your ribs. They glue to the rhythm. They don't move. Now, get your ribs in though. Three. And that's enough. Let's go ahead and get rid of those straps and let's go to your snake and twist.

So for this, she is going to go, um, we're, we're going to stay on one spraying. You're pretty strong. All right, so hand on the shoulder, pad other hand on the end of the carriage, she is going to step on and make sure her foot is comfortable and supported. Her hips are pointing straight up. It's another type of breathing exercise she's going to inhale as she goes down. She's going to exhale and she drops the hips, opens the chest. Now lift from this side up. Good.

So the right leg is inside right now. Inhale now to start to exhale. Really dropped those hips. Oh, but half the chest, lengthening that spine and up. And last one in hand. Sorry, I'm going to have you twist this time. Drop the hips. Exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale and come back up. Good. Ramana called is wringing out a washcloth.

Inhale and exhale. You really get every last breath. I want to let you see. So I want to try to step back a little bit. All right, that's enough. Let's have you step off. I'm going to have her turn around in this one. You'll be able to see a little bit better. Hope.

So she again is on one spring hand, foot, hand, foot. That's okay. Yeah, and may I feel like, yeah, get a good stents that you got your toes on there and your heel. All right, so here hips are up. Now she's going to take a knife in here. Go straight down. You're not yet straight down with the hips. Ask Them. You're not twisting just yet. Do to just straight down and then I'll have her twist. Exhale. Exhale, exhale. Lift this left hip. There you go.

Now she's got her left leg over her right now. She's getting ready to look to the right and look over her shoulder axial. She's trying to pull that shoulder back while she pushes her hips forward. Drop Your Chin. Come back up one more time. Nice deep breath in. Exhale, going down as the tricky part and coming up is the strength.

Okay. Go ahead and step off. Add one spring. You're ready for corkscrews. Okay. How are you doing Colleen? Hanging in there. Okay. All right. She's going to start with her knees in her legs up and do just two regular ones with your hips down. Does warm up to the idea and I said no. She was holding on, but not tensing and keeping her back strong. Ideally keeping her hip still. Now you're going to add a jackknife.

Now you can go as big as you want or as little as you want, but stay in control. That's the main point and left, left up. Good. You notice how she didn't go too far back and right around and way up here. Now that I've got you and come back down and go to the right. Excuse me. That was your left Adelaide. Now let's get those toes up so use your seat more. Work more. Add. Bring yourself down. One more set.

What's wonderful is her elbows are staying down. She is not popping forward with those elbows way up here. Calling. Lift with your toes, point to the ceiling and come back down. Beautiful. You got one more around, around and left. Look at that. Beautiful. And now come back down. Good student.

All right. These are not simple exercises. Put your feet down and you're ready for balance. Control. All right, so she needs two hands with basis, one that you don't normally do at home, but you would do with instructor. Or if you're more versed with the exercise and you really know what you're doing, all right, because it's dangerous. You're intake. Take your legs up. Now she's going to try in that same position to get, just like she was in her corkscrew, so she needs to come up here. That's it. So she really has to work back here. You're going to take your, let's see your left leg and drop it down with the right leg reaches up.

Now when she does that, she should put her palm opposite hand on the shoulder rest. And then let's go ahead and switch sides. So she's going to scissor the legs, and as you said there, the other hand comes up. She's looking for the outside of the carriage with this leg lift and switch. Now she's going to dismount. Now you can just stop there and roll down, but since she's comfortable, she's gonna roll off. She's gonna air. Go into an air. Beske she's going to square her hips though.

Lea relevant. Now. As you go down, you're going to get yourself more centered. Roll onto the shoulder. Kick those legs way up here. Good. Good. Now I want you to come back down for a second and get your, get your hair from underneath your neck. Yeah. The ponytail isn't helping you. All right, so she's now back up. Yeah. You want to make sure I usually for something like this, have my hair on top of my head. All right, so opposite leg Creech reaching up. Yeah. If I let go, could you hold that?

That's it. Now control it. Let's slowly, slowly. God, she's good. Find your position. One Hand is in front. Find your balance. Pally a Relevate always in control. Slow and control. Get a good position. Don't just assume you're in it. Yes. All right. That's it.

Little adjustment and then roll yourself down. She's going to go into a tic talk and just moment, move back a little bit and get your hair out of the way and bring both knees in. And you can usually do these after corkscrews but we did it a little late. You're going to tick talk over, look the opposite way, but don't sacrifice this. Make sure those ribs are down. You've got that support in here. Now come back up.

So don't go for as far calling. Yeah, I like to actually keep my hips on the mat and then see how far I can go. [inaudible] pull it and I will give you better strength and more control later on. And, and okay, that's enough. Now let's go ahead and, um, let's have you do your semi-circle. I didn't have you do that. So move down towards me and exactly. You're gonna put your toes on the Bar, get your neck nice and long. Lower your hands and then move your head and shoulders a little less so you're more centered. Okay, that looks pretty good. Comfortable. All right, so she's gonna articulate down one vertebra at a time, dropped that hip, and then she's going to try to find the well with her bottom good.

And now keeping the arms nice and long. She's going to straighten the legs. Push out, push out, push out, and you get your footing and you're doing okay here. All right. Lift your hips all the way up and then bring herself back in and right away. Roll down. Bring those knees in a little bit. Good. Articulate. Try not to move the carriage at this point. At this stage. Now push out.

Keep going. Now why don't you go all the way back calling. Oh, even more. Push away. Good. Oh, your headset and come back in. Okay, let's just get your hands square. Okay, one more time. Little Creek Canyon cracking and lower and lower and keep that garish though, and then push out and all the way long. Lift the hips up and come back in. And I was just going to reverse and out and lower the ribs. Now don't worry.

[inaudible] the carriage. This is difficult. Don't move it. And why she dropped this hip. Now come in [inaudible] I lift your hips, bring herself four, pull up the hips. Go ahead and cheer more out. So a total of three each way out. Articulating down bend journeys and come on in.

I lift your hips up and she's got one more. Really sure. Ouch. And last one out and lower. That's it. Keep those hips centered. Square hold. I'm going to just drop it down a little bit and then she's going to to come in just so that she's even to turning one of her hips.

Good. I go ahead and reach for your ankles if you like. Grab on, give yourself a pull towards me. But as you do that, keep lifting your hips, squeezing your seat and closing those ribs both hands back simultaneously. Slide yourself back. Alrighty. And I've got the straps. I'm going to get them ready for you so that you are ready for your lungs. Find massage. So just like she had earlier, she adjusts the straps into the long spine position and then she's going to bring her knees into her chest and we're going to put these on her feet. So calling they are already and be careful cause they're clunky.

Make sure they're on your arches and do a couple frogs again and get into like the, the comfortability of it. And I'm going to move this box and do maybe one more and then she's going to get ready to go ahead and go in to her, her lungs, one which show I open the legs and the reach with the toes. All right, so she's gonna lift her hips. Now as you've come down, calling open the legs, but reach out. I want to give you that support. You lower, really use those legs to reach to the opposite side of the room open. Now the other thing is you don't want to pause up there. These are flowing. You're going to go up open and come right back down and way up there. You got to get up higher with those hips and up there you go.

Open and reach. Reach, reach with the legs, Walmart up, open reach. Come on down. You're going to reverse it. Control the down though, up and reach all the way. That's it. Tomorrow and reach, control that thing. Keep those arms stretching. That'll help you too. And I've got you. And Bend your knees and come on in. Okay. All right. If you'd like, you can do a stretch here by opening up the legs next time.

Otherwise you can step off and set up for your knee stretch series. So she's already on two springs. She's gonna just lift her bar and kneel onto her knees. So the beauty is she's at the tail end of her workout. Make sure your knees aren't wider than your hips. Drop your chin, get into a good c. Alright. Use your hips and legs. Push out.

And what? Eight Times drop your chin, mark colleagues. Three, four, five, six under seven and head up. Chest opens. So right into it to sit back. Mark three four. So you're stretching back. Five, six, seven, last one. And knees off. So she rounds, she shifts her weight forward and then she pulls in. She's a little too far back. Shift forward more three. Now control the end.

It's not with momentum. It's with the powerhouse. Let me see the powerhouse working. Seven, eight more control. Do two more. Nine try to do 10 and arrest. All right. You're going to add your two springs. You are ready to cool down on here, so we'll go back to the head wrestling up. You're going to lie back onto your back and you're going to walk that out.

So walking, running, oh, she goes walking for a 10, two, three, four, five. Now your hips have to square more. Six, seven, picture back. Yeah. You don't want to arch right in here and 10 now run quickly. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Come on and let's do your pelvic lift. Finer arches, her earlier hips, and now nice and easy. Extend out. That's it. Now you're cooling down.

Go ahead. Do about four more out. Now you're a little too high. Get those ribs down and just the hips up and three more out. Oh, and go ahead and just watch your hips. Make sure they're not wavering a little bit. Feel them and where you feel that here. Do one one, make sure that both sides of your ribs right and left, stay down.

That's better. Now, take your time and articulate to him. Have you stepped off and we'll finish there today. Okay. Nicely done. Thanks for joining us.

The Teacher's Corner - Playlist 3: Speaking with your Hands


Loved the challenge and the cool down was yummy!
Great spotting Adrianne. I loved all the assisting! Wish you were here while I didi this workout! :0)
Thank you Julia glad you loved the challenge and thank you Laura! I don't know where you live, but if your ever on the west coast we would love to see you!
Fantastic. Wow, beautiful execution and cuing.

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